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  3. Louisiana, of course! Your new flats with the zebra-print detail sound gorgeous, nothing like a new pair of shoes. I got a new pair of (used) shoes at the thrift store next to our work place, and I'm stoked, they're Merrills, and I wore them for the second half of the day - very comfy. I'm on my feet all day, so I'm glad to have a new pair that will be good for that. My Costco has organic blueberries, and a nice big 18 oz package! Our sausage artist came in today with some more, frozen, and he confirmed the exact same ingredients you mentioned, sans the cream. Yummm. He uses a Kitchen Aid with a grinder as you described you had used before your dedicated grinder. He said he'll also bring me some of his breakfast sausage. He's an adorable, sympathetic character. Ha ha, my husband just asked me to tell you he said hi. This is very unusual = ) Hope you enjoyed the Greek food after your super long day! I'm beat from today, too, but I know that a good night of sleep will refresh me. I need to understand what my compost needs...I have flies, more and more all the time. I added boiling water, thinking it wasn't wet enough, but today was an all time fly-mess...and I was too tired to do anything about it. Any suggestions? As hot as it is getting, our house stays nice and cool - a big relief!
  4. Doctor's orders always trump whole30 rules -- you were prescribed that medication by a doctor, therefore you didn't break any rules taking it.
  5. justalittledash

    Starting March 6 for Lent

    Lent is done with the start of the Triduum! Is anyone fasting tomorrow or starting reintroduction, or waiting until Saturday or Sunday?
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  7. kirbz

    Hiking breakfasts

    Hmmm... that sounds like a difficult one! Some other portable, easy options might be: Tuna/chicken/salmon packets Meat sticks (like Chomps) Coconut butter packets Olive packets Dried fruit You could make your own kale chips or something if you want vegetables If you do have access to boiling water, there are a number of freeze-dried backpacking meals you could take. Unfortunately, they are expensive. Elements Broccoli Cinnamon Pork ( Elements Dill Chicken Avocado ( Elements Coconut Mango Chicken ( Wild Zora Paleo Meals to Go Mountain Beef Stew ( Wild Zora Paleo Meals to Go Caldera Chicken Curry ( Wild Zora Paleo Meals to Summit Savory Chicken ( Heather's Choice Dark Chocolate Chili ( Also, with access to hot water, you could do something like freeze-dried eggs and potatoes, which would be cheaper. I know I've seen compliant options for both eggs and potatoes. You could even take some ghee to add some fat and freshness to those potatoes (ghee does not need to be refrigerated (at least not the ghee that I buy))!
  8. Hello, as the title indicates, I THOUGHT I was on Day 24. I was SO proud of myself for not cheating and for sticking with it. Then it came to my attention that my medication that i have been taking four times a day has sugar in it. What?!?!?! Back story: I was having digestive issues for a few months, was prescribed questran (4 times per day), and was taking religiously as it was the only thing that was helping. My colleague suggested I try The Whole30 thinking my issues might be diet related. I did some research and decided this was for me! I found it odd that i was not experiencing the symptoms as outlined in the what to expect calendar (no sugar cravings etc). Then my son questioned whether or not the medication had sweetener... Yes, it does. It contains sucrose. I am frustrated and unsure what to do at this point. I was doing SO well, really sticking with the program. I have a biochemistry background and understand the science behind the program and why if you cheat, you need to begin over. At this point, have I even been on the program? Does anything I've done even count? I would say I need to start over, but I will be on this medication for an indefinite amount of time. Does this mean I just need to find a different program as this one may not be for me? I'd like to hear your thoughts. Thanks!!
  9. SchrodingersCat

    SchrodingersCat doing the thing diary!

    Lunch was tuna salad and celery. Dinner was braised beef ribs with steamed vegetables Momma is here so there is Cheese and chocolate and hot cross buns in the house.....
  10. sunshine9185

    Starting April 15

    I would say try sweet potatoes as a sub for the russets as a start. They have more nutrients in them. As for the large portions, it depends on your activity level as to your caloric needs. You shouldn't be starving!
  11. sunshine9185

    Starting April 15

    I'm on my second one and am not feeling nearly as badly as I did on my first. I was on a much more Whole 30 like diet between the two than before my first one despite the occasional donut. So I'd say if you're used to elimination diets or your diet has been somewhat like the Whole 30 recently, that's probably why you're not feeling anything. And even on my first one, I didn't want to kill all the things :).
  12. Can someone in the Whole30 office please help?!?! Ok... there's so many different types of yeast, and a million more forum boards to have to try and search through... Could this here please be a post where someone in the Whole30 Office can post a list/spreadsheet of what types of yeast are and are not okay/up to us to decide on using? pretty please?! we all know Nutritional yeast is fine... But I recently came across a ranch dressing and everything is compliant but just plain ole "yeast" is in the ingredients list and I cant find a forum post for just yeast. I also cant find a straight up "yes or no" forum that tells you if yeast extract is compliant or not. Everything when searching "yeast" is all nutritional yeast, extract, or yeast infection posts in the forum. Its getting really confusing and hard to scroll through post after post; page after page. Please and thank you!
  13. Suzanne-SATx

    Starting April 1

    DAY 19 - Not very good at journaling, but this needs to be released. Please bear with me or move on if you're uncomfortable with rants and emotions. Sorry - So I'm making progress, starting to get a feel for this Tiger Blood idea, feeling pretty good about my accomplishments. But then I had to download the photos from my phone to my computer for something unrelated, and *wham* right in the face - there's my "before" photos, on my 27" monitor. I am totally deflated by the reality of my current condition, and how far I've let myself go, and how far the journey is to get back to my ideal self...ugh. Before Whole30, I would throw my hands up, get rebellious and just eat whatever I wanted tonight to make myself feel better, happy, like I don't care what anyone thinks... blah, blah, and all those other lies we tell ourselves to cope with the hurt. Now, I have goals and hopes and plans that require me to stay the course. But, oh, the shame is like a heavy wet blanket of cold rejection and self-hate. I know this isn't "hard," but sometimes it really is difficult. (I'M NOT CRYING, MY EYEBALLS ARE SWEATING! *sniff*)
  14. ThatBlondeGirl

    Is sugar making me anxious?

    Hello! I completed my first Whole 30 last week and decided to very slowly try reintroducing foods. I love love love sugar, did I tell you I love sugar? I am 100% an addict. I believe the 30 days may be the longest I have ever gone without a sugary treat or any added sugar to foods. I decided after the 30 days I would eat some Starburst jelly beans (MY FAV!!!), I was very disappointed when I realized they weren't as mouth watering as they were before Whole 30. WOOHOO! Guess what? I ate them anyway, not as many as I would have 2 months ago - only about a 1/2 a cup. This was last Friday evening. I woke up the next morning feeling fine, ate a high protein breakfast, went for a pedicure, then went to a restaurant with a friend where I could not eat anything but fruit. I also had a Lara bar. We were sitting there chatting and I starting feel terribly anxious, nauseous, jittery and dizzy. My friend drove me home and I bounced back in about 4+ hours, but it was very unexpected. Fast forward to last night, I ate Cadbury chocolate eggs - the small ones. I had a one serving small bag. Again, not flavorful and not worth it. I woke up this morning feeling fine, by noon I was super anxious, feeling like I had taken No-Doze (those pills we used to take to help us stay up to study), my mind was racing, I could not chill out. I have anxiety and I have panic attacks. I have been on anti-depressants for 25 years. The Whole 30 has cleared the cob webs out of my head and helped with my daily anxiety. Was this a sugar side effect? Has anyone else ever experienced this? Thank you!!!
  15. kirbz

    Whole30 Day 30! YES!

    Congratulations! Congrats in general and congrats on expanding your horizons and trying new things too! Hopefully that was fun! I love that part about Whole30! I started my legumes reintroduction with hummus! If you buy a good, quality hummus, there shouldn't be any part of it that isn't Whole30 compliant beyond the garbanzo beans! I dipped my chicken shawarma in it and enjoyed it heartily!
  16. I started my Whole30 (first time) on April 1st. I am someone who LOVES sugar - pretty much anything with sugar. On the first day, I had a bit of a headache (no sweet coffee drink) but that was all. I keep reviewing the timeline to see what to expect and I did have one day where I was SOOOO tired I could hardly function (and didn't really) - other than that, I haven't had to deal with any of the stuff from the timeline. This also means that here I am, well into day 18 and not feeling any sort of tiger blood. I have read the posts about how this period is different for everyone and I may never actually feel any of it...which is disappointing to say the least. My question is - am I a miracle of science or am I doing this wrong? I really, honestly do not feel any different than when I started. I have noticed a few NSV things for myself (sleeping more soundly maybe, and clearer skin despite being on my period) but I'm feeling very disillusioned with this right now... So, am I doing this wrong?
  17. mywholelife___

    AIP day one tomorrow 8 April 19

    Hi Claire, Well done you for reaching out for the support, we are all here for you I love hearing how you have seen improvements already in just the 9 days ... imagine how you will be feeling at Day 30 and beyond once you work out what was causing the issues in the first place! If you are wanting to cut down on eggs there are many 'Egg Free Whole30 Breakfast Ideas' that you can search for in google. I personally don't worry too much about the eggs ... I think that if eggs is the worst part of the 'diet' then we're doing okay You got this!! x
  18. ladyshanny


    Haha, oh no! The ones the original poster was asking about was just coffee beans in the ingredients. So somehow they magically made coffee beans taste caramelly!
  19. ladyshanny

    Whole30 Day 30! YES!

    Well done, you should be so proud! I personally love black beans - you could do a refried black bean, those are always so good!
  20. ladyshanny

    Crock pot freezer meals

    I don't personally find that potatoes come out very nice after freezing. Coconut milk tends to separate in a weird way after freezing also.
  21. haleywoodworth

    Starting April 15

    I started my first round April 14th as well! I definitely felt the hangover and "what have I done!" on day one. But other than giving up coffee (can't drink without milk or sugar) it hasn't been too bad. I just caved and had my first snack, a cashew Larabar. I am intolerant to almonds so that is the only one that works for me. Also living in Canada there are less buy-able Whole30 products! I did find a compliant caesar dressing but I'm not too sure about it yet... I'm worried I'm eating too many potatoes. They are the only thing that seems to make me feel full. Sweet and white. I am eating very large portions but like I said I had my first snack today.. anyone else worry about too many potatoes or too large of portions? Excited to join this for support! Doing this one on my own.
  22. trafficjamdreaming

    Starting April 1

    Hey Everyone Happy 18th Day! I was super excited that I woke up on my own 5 min before my alarm went off. I felt super energetic and ready to start my day! Yesterday, I had my cravings spike but I think it was because I did an intense strength workout. I think I'll begin adding in a post workout snack to my meal plan to make sure I'm eating enough throughout the day. I've been doing my best to stay away from too many fruits because my sugar dragon has a tendency to get out of control. Continuing to feel amazing energy and my stress levels have definitely normalized. @Fit4Me I appreciate the words of encouragement and I know you will get to Tiger Blood any day now! Keep up the awesome work Have a great day everyone!
  23. Looking for ideas to make crock pot freezer meals during my whole30 experience. Are there any foods that I would NOT want to freeze before cooking? Any ideas or recipes would be greatly appreciated!
  24. LA confusion! Sadly, I've never been further west than Taos, NM so the only LA's I've ever been to are Lower Alabama and Louisiana! I'm going to Louisiana for graduation festivities and I get to wear my new red ballerine flats! I got a little creative with them and have a zebra-print suede inset on the heel. They're awesome! And so comfortable. I was so excited that they fit and I didn't have to return and reorder. I'm ready to order my Oura ring, too but they're making it overly complex and I'm having issues. Ugh! Why can't people do their jobs and do them right the first time?! It makes me crazy! It sounds like you are well-prepared for your long work days; good for you! Isn't it wonderful to have a good stockpile? Brats are actually seasoned pretty simply. Salt and pepper (most use white pepper but I don't like it so I use black- I don't care that there are little black flecks), nutmeg, marjoram (I think), garlic and I include the traditional cream but I don't think most people do. I've done it both ways and I think the cream takes it from "really good" to "great". I had some in my freezer when I did that W60 and I had to keep reminding myself that they were off limits. Those are the only sausages I make that are non-compliant but dairy doesn't give me any problems and cream is almost all butter fat anyway (plus it's not very much) so I'll eat them occasionally when I'm riding my own bike. You could definitely make them into sliders and just omit the cream. I use pork but see no reason why your ground chicken wouldn't work just as well. I've got my to-do list, of course, and am pretty much on schedule but I had a bit of a monkey wrench thrown into it today. I'm probably going to have to work until 6 or 630 this evening instead of flying out of here at my usual 3 PM. I'm "scheduled" to prep a bunch of chicken legs tonight and I don't know if I'll be up to such a tedious job after a long day. I had the bright idea to make chicken lollipops, knowing that I would probably regret it at some point but I'm a glutton for punishment. I'm thinking that it might be a good night to pick up some Greek food for dinner. We have rain and a cool front coming through so enjoy your first taste of summer!
  25. HipHopandWhole30

    Whole30 Day 30! YES!

    Shouting from the rooftops; Day 30 on Whole30! So proud of myself! I started the first day of Spring and today is Day 30! I'm adjusting to a new job at a new company and it's very stressful at the moment, so I am proud of myself for seeing this through! My first Whole30 was January 2015 and I recall the amazing success that was and wanted to get back to health. This go around I dug deep to escape food boredom and tried NEW recipes and ingredients I hadn't used before. That really added to my experience. It's also so empowering in general to try new things, to work for something/ research something. Tomorrow I will have a glass of wine after boxing class with coworkers. Woop woop! Monday is legumes, so if anyone has any recommendations for me - please share. All I can think about for Monday is peanut butter. I know the journey to food freedom is going to be a long, hard one but I am worth it. Reading Food Freedom Forever right now. Wish me luck!
  26. LadyLisbette

    Starting April 7th for "spring cleaning!"

    Looks yummy! Is that a plate of sliced pears with mint? Very nice. Your dishes are very pretty, too. I thought of your sausage patties today when i made one of my favorites. I amended it from a recipe I saw somewhere, and it's so easy, and so simple: 2 lbs. ground chicken (you can use pork) 1 grated apple 2 tsp salt. 1-2 Tbsp cinnamon, to taste (I've added cardamom to this blend, too) Mix thoroughly, and shape into sliders, and bake in a 350-375 degree oven for about 20 minutes or until it reaches 165 degrees with an insta-read thermometer. (I've tried to pan sautee these, but the sugar in the apple makes it get kind of burned, so baking is best, I find) Today I used 3 lbs of ground chicken thighs (I special order this from the good meat market in town) and two apples. I now have lots of food on hand! I also went food shopping so I have plenty of greens, French green beans and broccoli, as well as a fresh batch of mayo. I'm in good shape! Hope everyone else is doing well!
  27. I'll bet the extra exercise is giving you a boost, sure thing! Plus, you are pretty much totally on-program, right? You're entitled to Tiger Blood! Happy "Friday!"...did your stuff arrive? Do the magic red ballerine flats fit? Your tale makes me appreciate our well, and that someone else already put it in, etc...but the filter thing is still not solved - and I am learning things the circuitous, or otherwise hard way, as is my custom = ) Too tedious to recount for you here, but the summary is that I think the local hardware store guy sold me a housing and filter that don't go together, and I think the plumber missed it. I'm still wrestling with it. If I'm right, I'm going to get an honorary plumbing certificate. Meanwhile, I'm equally disappointed in the 2nd plumber, but I still like him more, so won't mind hiring him again, and if I'm right about the above, I'll give him a raft of shit about it. Today was a day of moving at the speed of light... ...beginning with a giganto batch of chicken sausage patties. I think when you mentioned that you were congenitally not capable of making small batches of food, something clicked in my brain, and I said, "make more". I used 3 lbs, something I have never done, but just like a double batch is just as easy as a single, a triple batch is just as easy, too! So I am swimming in chicken sausage, and still have the hash in the freezer. I'm RICH I tell you! And the bratwurst was seriously delicious. I can't wait to get more...of course I have to know what's in it. What extra stuff if any do you put in yours? Your nephew's wedding is in L.A.? You'll have to face a slightly north-easterly direction and wave hello!! The rest of the week I'll be at the store 9-7 to cover for a staffer, but I am ready with great lunches! It's going to get up to 90 in the next couple of days, for the first time this season, so I think I'll be wearing summer-appropriate clothes. Trying to embrace it. Meanwhile I'm in that place where I couldn't have lost any weight yet, but I feel good, so that's not the worst frame of mind for the first summer outfit, right?
  28. cupkayke

    Starting April 22

    I'll be starting Monday as well! Best of luck to you!
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