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  2. You can totally do this! Take it one meal at a time and remind yourself why you're doing it!
  3. ladyshanny

    Not feeling the expected effects

    It's impossible to say if the ingredients in your medicine are affecting your reset. You have had results though so you can say that something is changing. The fact that chronic pain hasn't changed and is still affecting your sleep is not unusual. 22 days of eating protein, veggies and fat is unlikely to make a significant difference in serious pain conditions. Often inflammation is reduced over the 30 days which can help with some pain but it also very often takes longer and we find people that do have pain serious enough to disrupt sleep may need longer on the program. It's also possible that your pain isn't completely based in inflammation or auto-immune and if that's the case then Whole30 may not have a completely healing effect. If I were you I would keep at it, your clothes are fitting better and you are having some increased energy so you're heading in the right direction.
  4. ladyshanny

    Fresh butchered pig

    You'd want to check with the farm you bought the meat from. Smoking in general is fine but they will often cure the meat first and that usually involves sugar.
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  6. Rawrsala

    Starting April 15

    Hi all! I spoke way too son yesterday! I ended up having horrible flu-like symptoms. I stuck with it and i feel better today, but has anyone else had these? Happy day 8!
  7. Kimberly Hendershot

    Fresh butchered pig

    Hello I am brand new to Whole30 (Day 1). My husband recently purchased a half a pig. We just received it however I am uncertain if there is sugar or nitrates in any of the packages. They are just simply labeled "smoked bacon", or "breakfast links" etc. Does anyone know if smoking in general contains any whole30 no no's??? Thank You Kim H
  8. I feel so special that your husband said hi! Ugh, fruit flies are such a pain! Every now and then some will hatch in our collection pail that's in the kitchen. I just dump it into the compost bin and don't give it a second thought. I guess we've been lucky that we've never had a problem. Maybe add more brown material since the green stuff is what attracts them? I saw a tip about burying your veg scraps under the compost or under brown material to hide it from them. One person suggested wrapping the scraps in butcher paper or newspaper. Maybe that would work until the current crop of them have all hatched and flown away. The picking party and the food was a huge success but I feel like I've been though a storm. I walked 13K steps on Saturday! The weather was awful until mid afternoon but then it cleared up and we had a beautiful (but quite cool) night and a gorgeous full moon. We had our old tent set up there so we could just spend the night and we've decided that the time has come to retire it. It's 14 years old and it's been well used and well loved but it's worn out. It's a big, giant Kelty and their customer service is great; a couple of years ago they patched it up and re-waterproofed the seams but it still leaks and it's saggy and drippy. We have a newer one and like it but the old one has a giant vestibule that's really convenient in cruddy weather. My meals were crazy erratic all weekend and, of all things, I had a still-warm-from-the-oven nutella-stuffed croissant yesterday morning. It was a small one but still... So I'm feeling a little puffy but also feeling a little slimmer at the same time. Maybe the extra steps and hard work offset some of the off-roading I did. I'm very glad I had the foresight to have a breakfast and lunch prepared for today but now I need to go home and figure out what to do for the rest of the week. What I really want to do is curl up on the sofa with a kitty and rest up. I hope you had a wonderful weekend!
  9. Lorna from Canada

    W30 v2.1 - Day 4

    What an Easter weekend that was - cold, wet, non-stop rain, gray skies, freezing, awful, foggy, puddles everywhere - please Spring - where are you? We spent the weekend camping (we have an Airstream so, please don't picture us bailing water out of our sleeping bags!) and basically were trapped indoors. Luckily we had a new puzzle to do and lots of coffee and had been to market first thing Saturday morning so lots of good food too. It's our typical habit on a rainy or cold Saturday afternoon to have a nap - a nice long one. I was working away at the puzzle and noticed Hubs curled up with an afghan having himself a snoozefest and it got me to thinking - when was the last time I had a nap? If I discount jetlag (and I must), I realize that I haven't had a nap since I started my first W30 Jan 3. In fact, on the rare occasion when I have decided to have one, I haven't been able to fall asleep. This is really significant as I am a champion napper. Pre W30 I could not only nap in the afternoon for 60 to 90 minutes, it wouldn't have any impact on my sleep quality at night. And now I can't nap at all. I'd love to say I have a lot more energy but I haven't noticed any real Tiger Blood but, I think this is how my increased energy is showing up. Very cool!
  10. Hello! My hubby and I are on day one of our first whole 30! Together we suffer from a wide range of moderately disruptive health problems. We have both always been the kind of people who plan what restaurants were going to eat at on vacation, instead of activities, etc! We are ready to change the way we think about food and our health. Especially for the sake of our 2 year old son. We don't want to teach him the bad food habits we have adopted! Any words of encouragement, or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, y'all!
  11. Lorna from Canada

    AIP day one tomorrow 8 April 19

    Hey @Pipi @mywholelife___ @Photog7 For some reason I am not being notified that you tagged me - sorry for the delayed response. Well, after noshing my way through a giant tub of baba ganoush that was laced with chickpeas over my first 7 days (I read the label but am blaming jet lag for not seeing the word right up front - erg), I abandoned W30 v2 last week. I went to a work event in the US and ate all the things - made myself thoroughly ill then restarted on Friday April 19th so, here I am on Day 4 of W30 v2.1. One thing that I am aware of after 2 EATT events (both work related where no expense is spared on food) - I eat beautifully on W30 but, the minute I give myself permission to go off, I go off like a crazy person. In one day I ate 2 peanut laced, chocolate covered energy bars + 2 HUGE chocolate cupcakes + a giant serving of creme brule. Basically, I go so far off the rails that I have a 20 car pile up behind me. This last time last week was really interesting because I felt like I was both really aware of my behaviour and some of the drivers behind it while it was happening - didn't stop it mind you - I guess that's next. I felt TERRIBLE afterwards and for days. So glad to be restarting a W30 within 24hours of derailing. I have never been one to do moderation well but this needs to be figured out if FFF is to happen. On to Day 4 - so far it's been fried food heavy (we were house bound most of the weekend due to heavy rain) so my goal tis week is to lighten it up. If nothing else, I get tired of cleaning the stove top I find the W30 dietary restrictions very calming - I think there's a giant link between general anxiety and my derailed eating. Hmmm. Hope you guys are all doing well. You'll be further ahead than me now but that's quite okay - I'll muddle along.
  12. Hi, I am on day 22 of whole30, I will say that my clothes are fitting better, energy may be a little better, but not noticeably improved. I did not have any GI issues before starting, but definitely back/neck/joint pain which has had zero improvements. My sleep also has always been terrible waking up every 1-3hrs, mostly due to back pain, but not always and this hasn't had any improvements at all. I have been very dedicated to following the rules and eating clean foods including organic meats/fresh veggies, but eat egglands best eggs (but not eating eggs daily). I have zero sugar and read ingredients on everything I use/cook. I am on daily multivitamins/calciums per doctors order for absorption issues, these vitamins do have xylitol, fructose, hydrogenated highly refined soybean oil, stearic acid (vegetable), magnesium sterate (vegetable, and sucralose in micro amounts as well as cbd oil (pure hemp oil). These are prescribed therefore I didn't give them up, in the experienced whole30 people out there is this really enough to make me feel really no results? Thanks for your time, Mel
  13. ShannonM816


    Olive oil, whether it's evoo or light olive oil, is fine, so the Rao's is fine. Many cooking sprays contain soy lecithin, if your PAM spray contains that, it would not be okay to use because of the soy.
  14. I am not able to get my iron and vitamin D levels to a healthy norm despite the amount of supplements I am taking. I believe my poor gut health is the reason for this. I am hoping this 30 day cleanse will create positive and life changing results for my poor eating habits so I can start fresh again. I am not one to do a 7 day meal plan without any restrictions and I love food so much...ALL OF IT, so I can't imagine surviving 30 DAYS... and it WILL be a miracle if I make it through. After reading the start of the book, "The Whole30" (I'm on Part 1) I am already pumped, motivated and actually feel like I CAN do this!!! I am starting April 25, 2019. Wish me luck!
  15. Ilana46720


    Hi everyone! I am starting whole 30 tomorrow 4/22! I’m so nervous. I am a horrible eater. But I’m truly looking forward to the challenge and feeling great! Just to clarify, - Can I use PAM extra virgin Olivia oil? - is Raos homemade sauce whole 30 compliant? All of the ingredients are compliant, however they say “Olive oil” and not extra Virgin Olive oil. Does it matter? thanks!
  16. Hello, I have been following the whole30 for 47 days now and have gradually been working towards the AIP diet. I gave up eggs four weeks ago, nightshades/seeds two weeks ago, nuts two days ago and will now be giving up coffee. I have Hashimoto's and was experiencing extreme fatigue, body pain, swollen lymph nodes, and a rash on my hands an mouth. I noticed an improvement in my energy, pain, and mouth rash after a few weeks on the whole30. Unfortunately my hand rash has gotten worse and my dermatologist said it looks like psoriasis and fungal infection. The lymph nodes in my neck have not gone down, and I am not sure what these are related to. I still experience the fatigue and pain after physical strain, so the underlying problem is still present, but fortunately decreased. I have also been removing household and personal products with possible chemical triggers. I am hoping the AIP diet will help with the rash, exercise intolerance, and maybe even the lymph nodes. I am wondering if anyone here has had skin problems get worse on the Whole30 while other symptoms improved and if there could be a dietary reason for this (Something lacking? Increase of something?) I am also wondering if anyone has any experiences with chronic swollen lymph nodes and the Whole30 that they could share. And if you started the AIP after the Whole30, was it helpful? Thank you!
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  18. KTH1010

    Starting my Whole30 Monday

    I'll join you! Really excited to start another round.
  19. ladyshanny

    MCT Powder

    Sorry, no. The corn ingredient puts it off-plan for Whole30.
  20. bartajordan

    MCT Powder

    I use this MCT Oil Powder from the brand Quest Nutrition as a milk/cream substitute in my coffee. Not sure if this is Whole30 compliant. I've attached the ingredients list. Can someone assist me with this?
  21. bartajordan

    Starting May 1!

    My name is Jordan and I'm starting Whole30 on May 1st! I am beyond thrilled for this food journey. I decided to start whole30 (with the push of my awesome mother ) after struggling with digestive issues for the last year. Little did I know that there are SO many MORE benefits to Whole30, and I can't wait to experience them and feel great!
  22. Lorna from Canada

    SchrodingersCat doing the thing diary!

    No Momma here so nothing non-compliant to eat in my house. Day 3 of W30 v2.1 - I shall be on the look out for errant legumes... Hoppy Easter - hope you enjoyed a lovely autumn weekend. Cold rain here - ugh. We snugged up in our Airstream and put together a jigsaw puzzle. Peace Schrod!
  23. My wife and I started whole 30 about a year ago. We were _very_ rigorous about it the 1st 6 mos. 2nd 6 mos not so rigourous but still much less sugar than we previously ate, and still no wheat/gluten and generally much lower refined carb levels. We really liked the 2 eggs for breakfast (and sweet potatoes) plan, but I worried about the cholesterol. Also, generally our meat intake was higher that it had been (although the majority was not beef). However, science rules, so we had an NMR lipo screen done and we both came back with significantly higher cholesterol, TC about 15% higher. That's a lot. That's a lot for a multiple year increase, it's really a lot for just 1 year. I'm still sorting through the data to figure out how bad the news really is, since the expanded range of data you get on an NMR lipo is going to take me a while to get through and understand. So, trust, but verified. Eating the extra eggs (and extra meat really) is not a "don't worry about it", sort of thing. Go have your cholesterol tested, and track it. We're going to drop the eggs and I'll report back in 6 mos, and we'll see what happens...
  24. Lorna from Canada

    W30 v2.1 - Day 3

    I guess that, because I didn't stray far or often from my W30 rules after my first one, this time around is easier automatically. However, I have noticed a few things: After the great "chickpeas in babganoush" fiasco (7 days of W30 v2.0 wiped out), I went to Saratoga Springs, NY for a work event and managed to EATT including 2 glasses of wine both nights. I was already hyperanxious about the events that were swirling around me at this work event (it was crazy and someone ended up quitting in a dramatic fashion!), I figured a little wine couldn't hurt. Interestingly, it wasn't that great of an experience. I returned home to Hubs for our first non-jet lag evening together in 11 weeks and we shared a bottle of wine - last wine for 30 days since I was starting my W30 on Friday. What's interesting to me is how much I craved wine on that 4th evening - like, totally wanted it and was ready to throw in the towel on my 2nd W30 so I could have a glass. I had to do some significant soul searching (and recall of what a wine-free life has felt like and what wine does to me at 3AM!) - but YIKES. Holy Bat-mother - that was as intense a craving as I have had since Day 1 of W30 on January 3. I know wine is addictive and I don't use it as a medicator (okay, maybe a little in Saratoga Springs...) but, wow - that was intense. I persevered - put some ice in my extra large compliant almond milk and powered through. The next evenng was considerably better. I'll be fine here on forward but - wow. The other interesting thing is that it is Easter and the shops are filled with treats. My colleague gave us all a giant bag of Lindt chocolate treats as we were leaving Sartoga Springs - including a large, gold foil wrapped bunny. Nada. No urge or inclination whatsoever. I left my bag for the hotel cleaning staff wishing them a Hoppy Easter and left without a second look back. Living sugar free is amazing. Okay - that's it. Day 3 is underway and I am feeling back to what I now consider my new normal after suffering from the EATT craziness in NY - gut pain, constipation, heartburn - I attribute it to dairy (so much cheese!) and soy - 2 things I didn't reintroduce after my last W30 because I just knew it wasn't going to be good. Here's to successful label reading (erg) and full, satisfying meals!
  25. Rawrsala

    Starting April 15

    I'm on day 7 now and I'm feeling pretty good! Day 4 was the hardest for me. Like REALLY bad. All i wanted was a sweet snack while my husband and I snuggled watching tv-- but I didn't cave! I've been eating sweet potatoes more so than any other potatoes. They are healthier for you and i LOVE basically all versions of white potatoes, so I figure breaking that habit is a good idea too! I have a wedding to go to on Day 20, which is going to be the hardest day I'm assuming. I feel good about my body right now though! I've always been extremely hard on myself about my appearance-- whether I've been 115 lbs or 150 lbs. I'm at the high end right now and I feel SO much less bloated. I've been doing an exercise program in conjunction with the Whole30. I've found that having some sort of food prepped is the only way I've survived this past week lol How is everyone else doing?
  26. ShannonM816

    I’m sick....

    There are throat coat or sore throat teas, they might help. My grocery store carries at least one brand of them, and I think the local health food store has some others.
  27. Loyal Leslie

    I’m sick....

    I know honey is “sugar” but my voice is gone and I’m exhausted with nothing else working to soothe my throat. I am expected to sing for Easter. Give me something I can use for my throat that is compliant please. If not I’m going to have to grab a bag of ricola cough drops and pour honey in my hot tea like I did before so I can make it through the day
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