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  2. cclay62

    May newbie

    Hello, My name is Cyndi, I am beginning my healing journey on May 1st. I will be reaching out and asking questions , if I am unable to find it on my own. I explained to my husband why I am doing this 30 days. So tired of having mysterious food reactions and not being able to pinpoint what has caused it. I expect I will have struggles, but support system is in place and I am reading the book. Preparing myself mentally.
  3. ultrarunnergirl

    I’m sick....

    Gargling with hot salty water should also really help.
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  5. ladyshanny

    Substitute For Gum

    Interestingly, the gum chewing could be contributing to both heartburn and nausea and possibly to the headaches (not sure if you have actual migraine or are just using it as a common term for severe headache). Gum creates a constant chewing motion which can aggravate facial, skull and neck muscles causing headaches. Also when you chew gum, you send the signal to your digestive system that food is coming so it turns on the stomach acids etc and then no food comes. Most gum also includes artificial sweeteners which can also upset the stomach and cause headaches with overuse. May be very interesting for you to see what happens over the 30 days!
  6. I'm with you on the not-sleeping-well front; I've been sleeping terribly lately. I slept a (very) little better last night and woke up with tiger blood! I stopped my CBD experiment because (1) it didn't really seem to help, (2) I hate the swamp water taste/texture of it and (3) I was trying to save it to help combat kitty inflammation. Well, I was putting too much stuff in her food so she quit eating it but now I think it was that first steroid that wasn't the compounded one that turned her off. After seeing some more info on it, I decided to try again last night. I did a little more than before and did it a little earlier instead of right before bedtime. I still woke up several times but in a more dream-like state and have been really on it today! I remember the last time I felt this tiger blood-ish was during my first experiment with the CBD for sleep so maybe there's something there. I had a partial hysterectomy when I was 34 so I can't tell if my bitch-on-wheels moods are due to menopause or just me! Sleep is a definite factor, though. You'll rock the grill! Are you used to cooking with natural gas/propane? I always had natural gas in Louisiana but we're on propane here (except when they forget to come fill our tank and we run out on Thanksgiving Day!!). If I'm cooking something greasy/drippy like a juicy burger or something with a generous strip of fat, I try to keep a cooler side and a hotter side so when it starts to flame up on the hotter side, I can move it over to the cooler side and let the flames die down. When we use the basket for veggies, I keep the burners under the basket on medium-ish and the one off to the side higher for indirect heat. Starting with something small and lean like skewers is a great way to start. We've charred more than a couple of things due to inattention and just went with the "burnt is a flavor, too" theory! If you want some tips and recipes, I like Good for you for prevailing against the crap food! For some reason I was hungry mid-morning today and had sushi thoughts that just wouldn't stop. I caved but I didn't get any with Krab because it's full of junk and I didn't use the soy sauce. Then my Siberian co-worker gave me a taste of this amazing dish his Mom made with layers of fish and beets, onions and dill- sounds odd but it was amazing and beautiful. I want to find out what's in it but it looked pretty compliant so I don't feel too bad about my sushi snack and now I'm full enough not to also eat the lunch I brought (which is what I would have done in the past). And I am off to, hopefully, buy tomato and pepper plants since I didn't get seeds started. Everything else I can still start from seed, though, so I'm trying not to kick myself.
  7. Grace A


    Amazing tips from kirbz! I always encourage new Whole30ers to stick to information and recipes from the Whole30 website and social media pages. Those are always reliable!
  8. kirbz


    Honestly, when I don't have leftovers, I have scrambled eggs, bacon, and soup. I originally hated eggs when I first started Whole30 but that changed over time for some reason. Partially, I think i was trying to make them fancy and I just can't do that in the morning. So, I go with four eggs scrambled in ghee (or leftover bacon fat if I'm having bacon) with a splash of coconut milk, bacon (sometimes) and one of the three soups listed below. I make them in large batches, put them in mason jars, and freeze them. So I just pull one out the night before and then warm it up in the morning. Voila! Fast and easy. Here are the three soups I rotate (listed in order of my favorites): Golden Cauliflower Soup: Silky Gingered Zucchini Soup: Roasted Carrot Caraway Soup:
  9. Kelli70


    Funny you mention breakfast, because that is where I am struggling to plan. I usually have a couple pieces of ww toast with peanut butter, a piece of fruit and a cup of peanut butter. It's been hard trying to revamp it and come up with something quick and easy. I don't want to spend a lot of time making breakfast. I am going to pick up some of the frozen Whole 30 meals from Walmart as a back-up until I have adjusted.
  10. True Primal

    Trader Joes Chile Lime Seasoning

    In this case I think it's more about green-washing. "Silicon dioxide" sounds scary and "rice concentrate" sounds... ok if you're into rice.
  11. kirbz


    Hi and welcome to Whole30! I was definitely a bit overwhelmed when I first started, but here are a few tips that might help! General Tips Keep your meals simple. Grilled steak, grilled asparagus and a blob of mayo. Eggs with some frozen vegetables scrambled in there. A pan sheet meal with chicken and root vegetables. Understand the Meal Template. I'm surprised by how many people have never seen or heard of it when they start. You can find it here: Let me know if you have any questions about it! Start thinking of breakfast as just another meal. If you can get over the concept that breakfast has to be breakfast-y foods, a whole new world will open up! And leftovers for breakfast is super fast and convenient. One of my favorite breakfast meals is now leftover BBQ chicken, steamed carrots, and guacamole. If you have the financial means, buy some pre-made sauces and dips. Tessemae's, The New Primal, Primal Kitchen, and Yais Thai have some amazing products. Check out the @Whole30Approved Instagram feed for lots of Whole30 approved products you can buy. Always, always, always, always, always read your labels and your ingredient lists. It's worth the few extra seconds for you to be empowered to be mindful of and know what's in the things you eat! As for recipes, I totally understand your struggle! There are so, so many people out there who try to take advantage of Whole30 popularity and brand their recipes that way even though they aren't! But there are lots of reliable sources, so here are a few of my favorites. I still encourage you to read and know what's in the things you're making, but these guys are reliable for their Whole30 meals. You can also check out the @Whole30Recipes Instagram feed for more recipes and featured bloggers (all of these folks have been featured many times). Reliable, Whole30 Food Bloggers I wish you the very best of luck! This program really is amazing and I hope you achieve the results you're looking for!
  12. ladyshanny

    Starting April 11 -- Tomorrow!!!

    Starchy veggies: yam, sweet potato, winter squash (zuke is summer squash so not a starch), potatoes, carrots, rutabaga, turnip, beets etc.
  13. haleywoodworth

    Starting April 11 -- Tomorrow!!!

    What constitutes as starchy carbs? I consider myself fairly active (3 weight lifting sessions per week and 3-4 sessions of cardio). I'm a healthy weight but wouldn't mind uncovering a little bit of muscle during my Whole30. I am on day 12 and find myself having trouble staying full without potato at each meal. I am eating probably 60% sweet potato and 40% yellow potato. I am eating 2 servings of fruit per day (oranges, apples, grapes, strawberries). I purchased some zucchini last night wondering if that was a starchy carb? Any ideas would be appreciated!! I want to do this right but I also don't want to be starving.
  14. She gained weight! YAY!! Hopefully this puts your husband's mind at ease that she will not meet her demise when you are out of town. Oh my, yes, trust the program, just look at your life saving results! I should take this queue (cue?) and sip my bone broth every night before bed as is my plan, but I'm not back in the habit yet. Good stuff! I know home-made is best, but I brought home a case of organic chicken bone broth from Costco, and there's an open carton in the fridge. You have a lot of action on the horizon! The crawfish boil sounds mightily tempting, but don't they do that pretty regularly, or is that a seasonal event? Garden time sounds very appealing, too...I'm sorely wanting to do the same. I'm taking a little breather from the fast and busy week with a half day off this morning before an afternoon meeting, and then home for the latter part of the day, so I'm planning to take on house cleaning like a Tasmanian devil. Zoom zoom. Tiger blood be with me. I'm so glad I read your post before doing my errands, because when I went to get my new grill, I bought a veg basket that sounds like yours. Thanks for the tip!! I haven't connected the propane yet, but spent part of last evening reading the owner's manual, and looking forward to getting started. I think I'll start with some basics, but I'm excited to thread some chicken satay onto skewers, and all kinds of other skewery delights...chili lime shrimp, Greek-ish things (lamb for me, beef for hubs), bison burgers all come to mind. Yum. The copious warning graphics and text in the manual did their job humbling me to be careful and conservative, but I'll get over my scaredy-cat jitters, I think, after my first go. Age 52 with my first grill - I am a late bloomer in so many ways. Pork and coleslaw sounds good - I brought home some sesame ginger slaw from our local sandwich place, and we'll have that tonight with Asian chicken and the leftover scalloped potatoes from Easter. Sometimes I can make errands day chill and enjoyable - when I can take my time. Yesterday was a dead rush because I squeezed in two home visits, one as a hospice massage provider, one as a neighbor looking in on a sick daughter, so I was happy to do both, but pressed for time and a little stressed, plus in the contrails of the morning's rare menopausal bitch-on-wheels bad mood (I haven't been sleeping well, that didn't help). Perfect storm for poor choices...anyway, I had a good morning meal, but I stubbornly ignored when I got hungry again while making my stops. I shouldn't have done that, but I prevailed when I was surrounded by tempting "old way of life" crap food that I might have abused myself with in earlier days. Champion! Today I begin again with self respect and momentum. Sigh! Off for a little hike up and down our winding road. Sweet day to you!
  15. haleywoodworth

    Starting April 14 (2019)

    I started on April 14th as well! How are you finding it?
  16. SugarcubeOD

    Trader Joes Chile Lime Seasoning

    It's used as a flow agent to keep spices and spice mixtures from clumping. If they'd used silicon dioxide which some do, then it's fine but you can't get an organic rating using silicone so some companies use rice. Not sure if this is the case here or not as I don't know if this is organic but it's some info for you
  17. haleywoodworth


    Definitely felt overwhelmed! I am on day 12 of my first round and what I've found is that keeping it simple is best and slowly introducing new things when you're ready. I have leftovers for breakfast, a chicken/bell pepper/onion/spinach scrambled in coconut oil with (compliant) salsa and a piece of fruit for lunch and some sort of potato/sweet potato, meat, a veggie and some fruit and nuts for supper. Especially in week 1 I say keep the recipes simple to foods you enjoy and save the experimenting with new things for week 2 or when you get bored! That made it so much easier for me. One meal at a time, good luck!
  18. Kelli70

    Substitute For Gum

    Thank you! I have been reading up on some items to use. However, I am not a fan of apple-cider vinegar unless it's used with other ingredients to highly offset the taste. I have tried the baking soda, and it did not go well. I am not a huge fan of ginger. I will try the mint leaves and fennel seeds next. I am hoping that the changes in my diet will alleviate the heartburn and nausea. I do suffer from migraines so the main reason for the nausea is due to the migraine medicine. I am putting high hopes that there is some miracle food issue that once removed from my diet will take care of the migraines. (Wishful thinking, I know!)
  19. Kelli70


    So I am starting Whole 30 May 1 for the first time. Did anyone else feel overwhelmed with all the information when they first started? I keep reading up on it and finding recipes. I get frustrated because I find "whole 30" recipes that really aren't because they contain dairy or some other non-compliant ingredient. I have downloaded the pantry list, priority foods list and the off-limits list. Any other tips anyone can provide would definitely be appreciated!
  20. True Primal

    Trader Joes Chile Lime Seasoning

    I was wondering what the heck "rice concentrate" is. It's seemingly a product from a single company:
  21. Hey guys! My name is Megan and I’m about to start soon. Before I pick a start date I really would like to know if anyone has any recommendations on where to shop that has almost all/all of the ingredients needed for this life change. I have a very busy life and don’t have time to go to four stores to get every item needed. Not to mention that I’m a beginner cook as well! Please help! Thanks, Meg
  22. haleywoodworth

    Starting April 15

    Day 12 for me! Feeling pretty good. I have a routine down and am sticking to a few simple meals. I have experimented a bit and tried some new foods which has been pretty successful! I don't have much of a problem not snacking but I am still eating a lot of starchy vegetables and large portions. I do weight lift 3-4 times per week and do light cardio about 3-4 times per week. I'm assuming that is considered fairly active? Which is why my portion sizes are so large? Hoping so anyway! I'm not feeling too challenged by the Whole30 right now. We have a friend coming to town next week so I'm a little nervous to eat out if that is what they want to do. I am feeling like I've learned a lot and I've had a bit of Tiger Blood here and there but I'm wanting to start eating the way I'm planning to eat going forward! I want a little ketchup and light salad dressing and cheese in my life!!!! (in moderation) I want to stick to the next 18 days but I can see myself getting a little bored. How is everyone else doing????
  23. AnnaCampbell

    Weak During Workout

    Thanks. This will surely help me as well.
  24. AnnaCampbell

    coconut cream

    It last 2-3 days.
  25. Eva Zu Beck

    Too much meat!

    Its probably in your head, you are not gaining weight. Take some deep breaths and you will feel better, also its going to take 7-8 days to get used to it. Best of luck
  26. Loyal Leslie

    Starting over May 1st

    I’m going to recommit to my Whole30 on May 1st. I originally started April 15 but lack of planning and really understanding the program have hindered me. I’ve been sorta clean in the meantime but I know I am going to have to plan my meals because when I have nothing prepared at home it makes it easy to cheat and grab a non compliant meal. I’ve not had any fast food other than Chipotle and one desperate lunch at Chick-fil-A so that is a plus for me. I’m actually planning a grocery trip Sunday and plan on prepping for the whole month if possible and freezing a lot of my meals. I not ready yet but I’ll get there.
  27. aimeedanger

    Does it Matter Which Foods are reintroduced first?

    I didn't quite understand how reintroduction was supposed to work the first time I did whole 30. I would reintroduce a food and then, if nothing bad happened, I would keep eating it. By the time I reintroduced gluten, I was already eating all of the other things, and to be honest my stomach was starting to get back to its old tricks (bloating, stomach hurt to be touched, gassy, diarrhea THEN constipation) although mildly enough that I couldn't be certain it wasn't because of increased exercise or getting my period. When I first reintroduced gluten, I hopped in the car about 10 minutes after I finished eating and about 20 minutes after I finished eating I was nodding off so bad I had to pull over and nap! The stomach pain, constipation, and bloating got significantly worse over the next day, but because I had all the other stuff in my diet I could never be certain that it was the gluten and not the gluten AND dairy AND wine. That is not a mistake I will make this time.
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