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  3. LO867

    Didn't kill anyone on Day 5

    I checked for the high oleic before I bought the Safflower oil. (I love having a smart phone handy!) Lesson learned with the EVOO. While I was making it, I wondered just how bad it could be!! I have compliant pickles in the fridge, so I'll have one even though it's kinda late. Those cramps are so strong they wake me up so I can rub my legs and take them for a walkabout. Disturbed sleep is the worst.
  4. SchrodingersCat

    Didn't kill anyone on Day 5

    I swear by pickles or pickle juice to avoid cramps! Or you can take a magnesium supplement - just avoid non-compliant ingredients! Curry cauli soup is the best! If you're making mayo, you have to use light tasting olive oil, or it is foul. Avocado oil is good too. Safflower should only be used if its high oleic, the regular stuff shouldn't be used at home and only consumed out if there's not choice, it's a low quality oil. Home made mayo beats jarred stuff hands down!!
  5. Success! This morning I woke up tired but happy. Crazzzzzy!! I happily avoided leg cramps last night, but I think I was close to cramping when I woke up. Maybe I didn't cramp because I ate some sesame seeds on top of a banana earlier in the day! What's your secret to beating those leg cramps? I drank a ton of water today, salted my food, and had a few sesame seeds. No room in my tummy for a banana today. Also, my dream life has been vivid these past two nights, and usually I don't remember my dreams at all. It's pretty fun! I was dragging much of the day today, but I'm tired of my leftovers...... so to pull myself out of the dumps I decided to make Curry Cauliflower Soup for dinner. I found the recipe on Pinterest in the Whole30 folder. Ooooo, that was perfect on this cold night. It's a keeper! Afterwards I made a batch of mayo, and it turned out so good!!! I used Safflower oil since it was on sale, and I had read that it has a very light flavor. Ummmmm, now I understand why people talk about just eating it with a spoon. I might just make my own mayo for the rest of my life!! My mayo history: I did the Whole30 four years ago, and tried making the mayonnaise about four times. I read all the tips and blogs and some people never have a problem, but mine never came out. Two days ago I tried again just to see what would happen, and it emulsified but I had made it with EVOO, and it tasted truly awful.... but I was encouraged since I finally made a halfway successful batch. Reluctantly, because I hate wasting food, I tossed the olive oil batch since I knew I'd never use it. I'm so glad I tried again with safflower oil! Yaaaayy! So glad I didn't get angry at my friends or my favorite grocery store checker today! Time to drag myself to bed here soon. LO
  6. kirbz

    Day 23. Very Frustrated

    I'm sure others will weigh in as well but my first reaction is that you aren't eating very much, particularly for breakfast. Do you feel full for 4-5 hours after you eat? The fact that you have a habit for snacks suggests that perhaps not? When eggs are your sole source of protein, you should eat as many as you can hold in one hand, which is usually 3-4 for most people. You also don't have any fat and pretty minimal vegetables for your breakfast. Could you perhaps add a soup (a nice creamy soup such as this one is a very palatable way for me to eat vegetables in the morning: and another egg to your breakfast? And perhaps some bacon or avocado as fat? Your lunch also looks a bit light (unless you're eating cups of carrot and celery sticks) and doesn't seem to have any fat. Are you working out? If you have high intensity and/or long workouts, you may also need additional mini meals to replace what you're losing during exercise. In addition, when you need to snack, it's best to have a mini meal or a combination of protein and fat rather than something like nuts. Think of it like a very small meal rather than a snack. I hope this helps! I know a lot of people come to Whole30 terrified of fats. But it really is so, so important for the energy and so many of the other benefits!
  7. Maria45

    Need Ideas - Not Hungry and Nauseous

    Carrie, Back to your original questions... I am on Day 4 and in the exact same position as you are. I lose my appetite during the day and foods look gross to me. I, too, am feeling nauseous. In fact, I sent out a post with the same issue and a nice woman named Melissa responded to me. You are not alone and I think that this is perfectly normal as your body adjusts! I'm finding that it helps to microwave leftovers for breakfast so that I don't have to take time to make a breakfast that I'm wishing I did not have to eat. Melissa suggested peppermint tea and ginger tea for the nauseous feelings. My mom made me parsley tea because she says that it helps with bloating. You did not mention bloating in your post, but I've been having that issue. Hope you feel better! Maria
  8. Jillspin

    Day 23. Very Frustrated

    Breakfast every day is 2 scrambled eggs with peppers and onions fried in coconut oil and black coffee. Some days also 1/2 grapefruit. Lunch is grilled chicken 3oz from dinner leftovers, carrot and celery sticks, hard boiled egg and apple. Dinner. 5 oz chicken breast, broccoli, 3/4 cup mashed potatoes with coconut milk and clarified butter. If I need a snack, a few nuts about 15 total; almonds and cashews. If my sugar is low I will have 5 grapes. This is my typical day. I may substitute roasted butternut squash for the potatoes or a baked potato with clarified butter. I also have salad every dinner meal with whole30 homemade ranch dressing. Lettuce Tomato, carrots and peppers.
  9. Ann

    Ann’s Struggles+Successes

    With only a week to go, it feels like my resolve is waning. I'm feeling uninspired in the kitchen and my boring meals are reflecting that. Be glad that I'm not posting photos anymore. A gooey pizza with lots of cheese and a cold beer sounds so good (which is exactly what so abruptly ended my second round). And making things worse, my daughter, who is generally my biggest support, quit her Dryuary tonight. I guess she and her work team had an especially stressful day and they all went to happy hour. She texted this to me while I was in the grocery store trying to find some ready-to-eat compliant dinner. It was so tempting (especially after her text, and an unusually long commute home) to just grab a tray of sushi and a bottle of wine. But I didn't. New Seasons has a very nice deli counter, and I got some marinated tri-tip steak, some sort of cauliflower/olive dish that looked good, and sesame green beans. All of it compliant, except some canola oil in the steak and cauliflower dishes (which both also had olive oil, so hopefully the canola oil is a small amount). And I walked right on past the wine aisle. I'm sticking with it, but feeling pretty weak. It even occurred to me after I got home that I could run up to the corner store and buy just a little can of wine (they do have a very nice selection of canned wine ... LOL!). It just somehow sounds comforting to sit on the sofa with a glass of wine and the fire going, something mellow on TV while zoning out on my phone. But I'm SOOOOO close (we're all so close, right?) - I just need to manage one more week, or for now, just one more evening.
  10. Thanks, Melissa. I truly appreciate your help! You've given me a lot to think about and many things to try. I'm going to cut down on the onions, which seem to be a major problem in fodmap. Thanks for sending me the link! I am going to cut down on the eggs as well. I can rotate more proteins as you suggested. I'll try adding some salt to my food. Again, a lot of great suggestions to try.... Thank you! Maria
  11. kirbz

    Day 23. Very Frustrated

    I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing such frustration! In order to best help you figure out what might be going on, it will help for you to list out what you've been eating. Perhaps give us a rundown of a few days worth of meals, including portion sizes. Hopefully we can help you so you can have a great experience!
  12. kirbz

    Starting Jan 1, 2020

    @Liliona The gravy from this recipe is the best gravy I've ever had, Whole30 or not: I usually double the recipe so I have extras! :-)
  13. SchrodingersCat

    Starting Jan 1, 2020

    I find this with both arrowroot and tapioca starch, and I don't like it at all. I've had the best success with potato starch - Bob's Red Mill does one. It doesn't give that funky texture!
  14. I was excited to start the whole 30 jan 1. Reading about all the benefits gave me hope that I too would experience something positive. I have been whole 30 compliant for 23 days. It takes a lot of time and effort at the store reading labels and in the kitchen prepping meals. I am a type one diabetic 23 years and have had Crohn's disease for 9 years. Except for some stabilization of my blood sugar as most of my meals have negligible carbs and I am taking significantly less insulin, I felt horrible before and still feel horrible. I am starting to feel that this will turn out to be a big waste of my time and effort. I will do the reintroduction as per the book but am not sure I will notice anything as there has been absolutely no improvement in how I feel. I have previously tried gluten free for a year and dairy free about 8 months of the same year. That dietary change also made no difference in how I felt. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  15. enyaluna

    Whole30 (possibly Whole50) round 2!

    Haven't fallen off the wagon yet! A lot of my meals have been quite similar lately so I apologize for any redundancy. I feel like I'm eating a lot more on this Whole30 than at my baseline, especially fats. While we're being completely honest, I often feel like I'm eating too much fat. Also, still waiting on that alleged tiger blood. Day 14 - Sunday M1 - Eggs x2 and the small amount of smoked salmon that was left in the fridge. M2 - After heading to TJ's and WF for my weekly grocery haul, I didn't make it home until around 2 PM and ended just having a bunch of (compliant) dry roasted cashews, and bites of the green beans that I was prepping. M3 - Eggs x2 scrambled in a little coconut milk, about 1/2 of a purple sweet potato, and some Veracha and about a tbsp of Tessemae's avocado ranch (it's very rich-- yikes! Definitely not for every day) for dipping! Day 15 - Monday M1 - For the week I made paleo egg bake (a base of purple sweet potato and brussels sprouts baked for ~20 minutes, then I added eggs scrambled in coconut milk mixed with mushrooms and arugula and baked it for another 30 minutes). It made a lot so I have enough to get me through the rest of next week. I had a piece of the egg bake, and later in the morning I had the most bitter sencha tea ever from my DAVIDsTEA sampler (not sure what I did to make it taste so vile?) M2 - Salad (mixed greens, spinach, cucumber, green beans, and ginger-sesame dressing) topped with cashews M3 - Smoked salmon and green beans Day 16 - Tuesday M1 - Same as day 15 M2 - Same as day 15 M3 - I had a clinical skills "practical" that went extremely well, and I received very good news regarding my USMLE practice test scores (I won't disclose the actual numbers but my score was well above the passing threshold), so I decided to do something special and make "sushi". It consisted of cucumber, avocado, and smoked salmon wrapped in nori and doctored up with some coconut aminos. The nori is the compliant kind from Sea Snax, btw. Day 17 - Wednesday M1 - More paleo egg bake with Salsa Autentica, and some pomegranate seeds on the side. M2 - I was going to be working at the free clinic again this week so I decided to do something higher in protein and fat as well as fiber. For lunch I made tuna wraps with cucumber and the last of the nori, then shortly before clinic I had a serving of cashews and pomegranate seeds. I was at a meeting that was catered by Jimmy Johns (one of my favorite chains) so the sandwiches were definitely tempting! I reminded myself that they're not going away and I can just go back any other time. M3 - I was kind of hungry when I arrived home around 9:30 PM and had some smoked salmon, green beans... and a handful of cashews. I bought them to put on my salad but they've definitely become a FWOB. Day 18 - Thursday M1 - Paleo egg bake with Salsa Autentica M2 - The last of my mixed greens/spinach/green bean/cucumber salad, and the last of my ginger-sesame dressing. That dressing lasted a while! I saved the cashews for later in the afternoon. M3 - Smoked salmon and the last of the green beans. I will probably make some tea after posting this. Tomorrow I'll be doing something different involving the container of spaghetti squash in my fridge! To drink: Plenty of water, my coffee with collagen and TJ's Simply Almond beverage, tea, and strawberry Waterloo! I also had a kombucha at one point.
  16. Everyone's different, but from my personal experience, and i would try out things in this order: I would try cutting back on the nuts/nut milk first. (Like, maybe 1 serving every third day or so.) Are most of your veggies cooked or raw? (Cooked can help with bloating, definitely cook cruciferous veggies, peeling veggies like zucchini) It's also possible that some foods in small-to-moderate amounts don't bother you, but you eventually reach a limit - I'm thinking of the eggs here specifically. Maybe try to rotate some proteins if there is anything else you like. If it's still a problem in a bit, you may want to look at avoiding high FODMAPS foods. For instance: (Onions, Cauliflower, Mushrooms, and Cashews all make this list.) (Also, there is no one list for FODMAPS - it seems like all the lists are a little bit different.) Also, some bloating is not uncommon early on as your body adjusts, but I'm sorry that you're feeling so miserable! Good luck. (About the salt - a lot of people on Whole30 need to make an effort to add salt to their food - cutting processed tends to change salt consumption quite a bit. And salt is necessary to help stay hydrated, which helps with bloating.) I also think it'd be worth giving the parsley tea a try, if that sounds good to you. Peppermint or ginger tea can also help with nausea.
  17. Thank you for helping me, Melissa. I am mostly eating chicken and eggs for my protein. For my fats, I'm eating green olives, avocadoes, and cashews. I am also using a little cashew milk or walnut milk in my coffee, so I may be heavy on nuts. I think that I've been eating a variety of vegetables. Here are the most common: mushrooms, onions, sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, leeks, tomatoes, zucchini, and cauliflower. I've been following the template with the hand size protein, vegetables surrounding it, and a fat. I will admit to eating a whole avocado instead of half. On the second night, I was so tired that I ate a banana and a pear for dinner, but that was an exception that I have not made before or since. You mentioned nuts and cruciferous vegetables causing bloating. Maybe those are my issues. I have been using a new Whole30 Approved Indian sauce called Malabar. I am drinking a ton of water and I don't use much salt. Most people salt their food when they have dinner at our home because we use so little of it. My mom thinks that parsley tea may help me. Thank you. Maria
  18. Yesterday
  19. Can you list out a few days of what you have been eating - specific meats/ veggies / fats and approximate portions as they relate to the meal template? But- Are you drinking enough water? Are you salting your food? Are you eating way more of something than you were before? Culprits of bloating can include: nuts, cruciferous vegetables, coconut products.
  20. SchrodingersCat

    Guess who's back? Round 3 Day 1 on 28 January

    OK, food prep plan for this weekend: Meals for lunches and easy dinners: Sri Lankan Beef and Coconut Curry with cauli and broc rice Chicken Pot Pie soup Laksa chicken and veg with cauli rice and/or zoodles Lots of roasted veggie medley for easy sides Whole roasted cauliflower Condiments: Basil and sundried tomato pesto Chimmichurri Mayo Lemon and tahini dressing Breakfasts (aka meal 1): Hard boiled eggs Green thai curry salmon patties It's a long weekend so I can use Monday for a full day of cooking. If I can sort out lunches for 3 weeks, I'll put myself in a great position. I realised, too, that it is Febfast approaching and a bunch of people at work are doing it. It will make it easier to bow out of drinking at social occasions and the like!
  21. Liliona

    Starting Jan 1, 2020

    I just wanted to say, I made gravy last night with the broth from my pot roast, using 4T of arrowroot flour and 2T of water (I'd read that you have to double what you'd do with cornstarch). It did thicken and it tastes good, but it's's almost "stretchy" - as in you lift the ladle out of the pan and it stretches a bit like the slime kids play with. When you mix it into your food it loses that and is fine. I don't know how else to describe it. LOL Next time I'll try tapioca flour and see if it's more like corn starch.
  22. W30CoachAmyLouton

    Joy of Food

    Congratulations on making it to day 23 with fewer food cravings! Your post immediately made me think of Melissa Urban's Whole30 email that came this morning. Maybe you've already read it, but if you haven't, I recommend it for some day 23 insight! (this link seems glitchy- if it doesn't open, copy and paste and it will get you there!) As far as special meals with friends, is it the food you're craving or the conversation and community? If you're not sure about eating at a friend's house or a restaurant and still staying compliant, can you host and serve a yummy Whole30 meal? (There are a MILLION recipes online and in the Whole30 and W30 approved cookbooks ), or, can you meet friends at Chipotle for a casual get together where everyone can get what they like? Also, looking forward, I cannot recommend Food Freedom Forever enough! Amazing chocolate chip cookies can be part of YOUR food freedom once you've figured out which foods work for you, and in what quantities at what times. And, as you said, those feelings are wrapped up in bigger emotions and habits and yearnings. You can learn so much about what works for you and what foods are "worth it" by doing a methodical reintroduction and by incorporating the ideas of food freedom into your life. You are giving yourself a wonderful gift by taking the time for this "self experiment" and time to reflect on your habits around food. You sound incredibly insightful and motivated. You have this!
  23. Hello. I am very overweight. I have no desire to eat anything, food looks gross to me, I'm nauseous, and EXTREMELY bloated. Do I have to eat 3 meals a day or can I eat 2? Any tips on dealing with the bloating in my stomach? (This is very strange to me because I was doing Paleo before this so I was not expecting as much of a change.)
  24. nikkitalks

    Joy of Food

    I’m on Day 23 of my second Whole 30 (first being 7 years ago). It’s been a very different experience this time around, I’ve had far fewer cravings but also have yet to experience “tiger blood.” The thing I’ve noticed most is that while I’m not craving food itself, I really miss the “joy” of food - looking forward to a special meal with friends, or the satisfaction of the texture of an amazing chocolate chip cookie. I guess it’s a good thing to recognize that those feelings are as much of an addiction as the actual sugar, but harder to know how to transition the emotions over the longer term to continue the healthier eating.
  25. I'll be finishing up my first Whole30 on the 2/1, and leaving for a trip on 2/5. Any tips as I'm traveling? I am nervous about reintroducing and being on the go. Any tips are appreciated!
  26. kirbz

    2nd Time Around Starting Dec 27th

    Congratulations to all of us for making this happen! My Day 30 is also on Saturday and I will be extending for another four days and then I have a work dinner at my favorite restaurant so I will be indulging in my favorite burger and sweet potatoes of all time. I then plan to try a "Whole Foods February" and see how that makes me feel. I've always been Whole 30 or eating Lucky Charms and Mac n Cheese. I've never tried anything in between. So I'm going to see how I do just eating cleanly but not restricting things I know don't bother me like lentils and hummus and white rice.
  27. slc_melissa

    The Republic of Tea

    Yes. I'm assuming the ingredient you had the question about was the natural flavor? For the purpose of the program, natural flavors are allowed.
  28. Ghosthiker Linda

    Day 10 and feeling great!

    Today is day 25. I have stuck to the plan like crazy but I am so bloated all the time that by the end of the day I look 5 months pregnant. Does anyone else have this problem? Now I am studying FODMAP foods and realize EVERYTHING I have been eating is high FODMAP's. This is terrible. Please give me some insight.
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