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  2. KaraS

    Starting July 8th and Preparing for All the Suck

    Guys I needed to read this article
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  4. Emma

    Whole 30 (July 2)

    Day Two - Here we go Meditate (Done, though it was a really short and lousy meditation) Eat Whole30 Practice I slept okay. My body is achy. It could be from shoveling yesterday or from sleeping weird or both. I have no zip this morning, but then I am just getting up. I slept fine and woke up on my own. Lots to get done today. I'm looking forward to my energy matching my plans. Off to drink my coffee and do some work.
  5. ebutz27

    Whole 30 (July 2)

    It Starts With Food was the first book written by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig. There are several Whole30 books out now!
  6. ashleyparik

    SchrodingersCat post-W30 diary!

    I sure hope you feel better soon. My husband had vertigo a few months ago, so I know how terrible it can be.
  7. ashleyparik

    Round 3.2 - Learning As I Go

    Hi Candace! We are so glad to have you here! One of my favorite things about the Whole30 is that it brings together like-minded people who are wanting to change their relationships with food. Kudos to you for coming back here and starting fresh again. I think it's great that you have realized what works for you and where you tend to fall short. The black and white rules of Whole30 do make it easy to follow, so I' glad to see you bring it back to the basics and follow the program exactly as written. I am planning on doing my next round in September, but there are a lot of people here who are doing a July Whole30 or who have just started within the last week. I hope you find some meaningful connections here. We are with you every step of the way, so please utilize this forum for accountability and support. You got this! -Ashley
  8. ashleyparik

    Saloni's Whole30 Log

    Best of luck today at the new job, and keep pushing forward with your progress!!
  9. ashleyparik

    Exercise & Whole30

    Hi there, and welcome! It is recommended that you eat a pre and post workout meal. For a pre-workout meal, try eating a small amount of fat or protein such as a handful of nuts, or a hard-boiled egg or two. You want to make sure you are sending your body a signal that it needs to prepare for activity. For a post-workout meal, you should focus on eating a meal sized portion of protein and some starch-based carbohydrates. An example of this would be chicken breast and sweet potatoes. Melissa Hartwig-Urban just made a post the other day about electrolytes. Here is what she recommends, and yes, they are Whole30 approved: Google: Lytecaps Otherwise, just make sure the tablets you're using contain compliant ingredients, and if you're unsure, please reach out and we can help you. I hope this helps!
  10. ShannonM816

    Exercise & Whole30

    This is the latest guidance about pre and post-workout meals: So, if you are running first thing in the morning, maybe try to have something before, it might just be a few bites. After your run, have a normal breakfast that meets the meal template, so protein, fat, and vegetables. (Download the meal template here: Since you know you lose weight easily, you'll need to be you eat enough. Don't forget to add a serving or two of fat at each meal, in addition to whatever oil you cook in, and you might need servings of starchy vegetables at two or even all three meals most days. Electrolyte tabs are allowed if all the ingredients in them are compliant. Check out the Whole30 Approved page, there used to be a brand or two listed there that are definitely okay, but there may be others that aren't listed there that are fine, just check the ingredients.
  11. ashleyparik

    Traces of soy oil

    Hi there! Yes, I totally agree with Jihanna, don't beat yourself up. I think it's great that you took the necessary precautions of making sure you were informed before eating out. Definitely keep moving forward with your planned Whole30, and your planned reintroduction. As Jihanna mentioned, not everything is related to food. You could have just woken up with a headache- that will happen occasionally. Make sure you're drinking plenty of water as well. Keep notes as to how you feel today and through out the rest of your Whole30 and reintroduction. The reintro will really tell you which foods have negative impacts on how you feel. Keep it up, and let us know if there's anything else we can do to help support you during your journey
  12. ashleyparik

    Can I have Vidatea teatox?

    I've heard that aloe can act as a laxative, but too much can cause further problems. I am not a medical professional, so please make sure to follow your doctors orders. I hope you feel better soon!
  13. ashleyparik

    Meal Planner - how to cut back on meat?

    Yes! Real Plans is great in that you can totally customize it by adding in your own recipes.
  14. ashleyparik

    Starting 7/22 -- that's today!

    Hi there, and welcome! I recommend keeping a food diary or journal. The Whole30 Day by Day is a great book to help you track all of your meals, your non-scale victories (NSV's), energy and sleep levels, etc. This way, you can go back and review what you've eaten each day and see how you've felt along the way. I hope this helps. Best of luck on your Whole30 journey!
  15. ashleyparik

    Starting 7/22!

    Best of luck, and please let us know how we can help support you!
  16. ashleyparik

    Starting 7/22!

    Welcome, and we are so glad to have you here! You should be getting all of the vitamins you need just by eating meat, fruits and veggies while on your Whole30. I am not a medical professional, however, so if you have any type of deficiency, please check with your doctor first. As always, doctors orders trump Whole30 rules. There are supplements out there that should be compliant, just make sure to check labels. You can always bring them here and we can help you review. Best of luck to you, and please let us know how else we can help support you!
  17. ashleyparik

    Protein Powder

    Hi there! I use Vital Protiens collagen peptides. Each serving contains 18 grams of protein and 20 grams of collagen, and is Whole30 approved. I use this in my coffee and/or tea every morning. Here is the link to their website: Most protein powder like whey, soy or pea contain off-limit ingredients, so you need to be careful when reading labels. I hope this helps!
  18. laura_juggles

    Protein Powder

    You're going to be more likely to find a compliant, unflavored collagen powder that will work. All depends on what you're wanting to do with it, though. Smoothies/shakes are not recommended.
  19. laura_juggles

    Edamame and French Bean

    Still in the pod, it does rather look like sugar snap peas, but you don't eat the edamame pod, only the beans inside.
  20. Amy_Michigan

    Amy's Whole 30 Log Starting July 15, 2019

    Day 7. I made to to day 7!! The rest should be easy, right? Just kidding! I know from experience that's not true. Last night I had some ankle pain and I woke up this morning with both ankle pain and wrist pain. So, not cool, but I'm still on my medication, so hopefully that will go away soon. I think I mentioned this in one of my posts- I have Lupus. So whenever I have any joint pains going on, I'm like hey- is that Lupus or something else? I have never had any serious debilitating issues. Just random aches and pains (and a rash before I started my medication). Usually when I get joint pains, I blame it on poor diet, too many inflammatory foods, sugar, etc. This time I'm not really sure what to blame it on. Maybe too much sun exposure since UV rays are a no-no and I'm supposed to cover up or wear high SPF sunscreen at all times. Kind of hard to prepare like that with 2 small kids running around, but I'll try harder to take precautions.
  21. lottabelle

    Exercise & Whole30

    Hi all, I have just started today and I am super confused on what I should and shouldn't be eating pre and post workout. So many articles telling me different things and some are conflicting. I tend to loose weight quite easily and I am concerned the Whole30 will not provide me with enough fuel to exercise. Can someone please tell me what I should be eating for breakfast after a 30 minute run and perhaps after a longer run. I generally run in the morning. Also, are we allowed electrolyte tablets? I was thinking for my longer runs. Many thanks.
  22. alvastarr

    Starting 7/22!

    I'm starting today too! We are on the same path. good luck!
  23. Just had meal one. Anyone use any apps for tracking this stuff?
  24. cdmrsfwb

    Meal Planner - how to cut back on meat?

    Thanks everyone for the tips! As for my initial question, I found out that you can add your own recipes to Real Plans and that there are a lot of vegetarian whole30 meals freely available elsewhere, so I'll just add those to my plan
  25. KareNicole

    Start Date 9/1/2019

    Thank you!
  26. ShannonM816


    You should work on making your breakfast meet the meal template as well. You're very heavy on fruit and fat and need at least one more egg, probably two, to meet the recommendation for protein, and of course, some vegetables. If you're staying satisfied 4-5 hours between meals, then you're probably eating enough. If not, then you may need more. If you've been eating enough, and drinking plenty of water, but you haven't been salting your food regularly, that's probably the main thing causing your headaches. Obviously if you're concerned, or if you up your salt intake and they continue, then you'd want to talk to your doctor to be sure there's not any other cause for them.
  27. SchrodingersCat

    SchrodingersCat post-W30 diary!

    Vertigo is absolutely vile today. REALLY bad.
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