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  3. itswhitneybitch

    Starting Today Solo!

    Hi Everyone! Today I am starting my whole 30 for the first time without my husband. Would love to hear some advice, comments, tips etc. for others who have experienced doing the whole30 by themselves. He is genuinely supportive of me, willing to go to farmer's markets and cook with me, eat my meals and etc. but was just wondering other peoples experiences and would love to connect further with this amazing community! Happy Whole 30! - Whitney
  4. SugarcubeOD

    Sunflower protein powder

    Nuts and seeds are meant to be limited so this would not be the best choice and smoothies/shakes are discouraged so again, not a great choice. You can find both items in this article and the official stance on them
  5. Samantha Ribeiro

    Sunflower protein powder

    So people are asking me if they can have sunflower protein powder shake? Its from protein extract from the sunflower seed raw. Or during whole30 should we just not have any powder meal?
  6. Day 6 and i'm still struggling with coffee. I miss my creamer!
  7. Thank you @Jihanna! Appreciate the feedback... good to know it's normal. How's the rest of the crew doing!? Day 3 here and things seem to be getting a bit better and I'm actually enjoying black coffee again. . Hope everyone's doing well.
  8. Jihanna

    Psychiatry meds

    I have to agree with this. Early in sobriety, regardless of what you're trying to leave behind, a plan this strict is not likely the best idea unless you live in a place that provides only Whole30 meals and restricts access to junk. It's also not a thing to jump into just after med changes (as Pandora mentioned) because time should be given for stabilization first. I'd definitely suggest anyone on meds or working through sobriety speak first with their doctor, therapist, or at least support group before starting this type of journey... and depending on situation, a gradual shift toward full compliance could be a great idea to help acclimate and avoid some of the anxiety that could be involved otherwise.
  9. Hello, all I'm not with you on your timeline here, but saw that there was some early nausea, which can definitely happen as your body is detoxing from everything that we leave out for Whole30. My first few days were pretty hellish, in fact, and one day in particular I spend in bed surviving on very little apart from pain meds and nausea meds... but getting past that was worth it, and the start of round 2 was much easier Good luck to you all!
  10. Pandora Black

    Psychiatry meds

    I’m bipolar and I was hospitalized during my first real attempt at a whole 30. But I wasn’t on enough antidepressants for me and I’d just had a med change before I began. Ultimately in the end when I finally was near to completing a round (I’m on day 27) my moods improved exponentially. Just make sure to get your starchy carbs in every day, and be prepared to adjust meds. One thing I’ll say is I’d never recommend this for early sobriety. I’m a former opioid addict, I could NEVER have done this earlier.
  11. FairyL0u

    Day Zero

    1. eggs and shroooms 2. chicken salad 3. pork chops w/leeks, more shrooms, bacon, green beans, b sprouts, etc..... hairdresser Bike - 10.5 miles, did run 7 miles yesterday and it was very sweaty 2 sleeps and a hotel sleep then holidays - SO EXCITED
  12. Pandora Black

    SchrodingersCat's Round 2 diary - starting 12 May 2019

    I feel you. I’m so sick of Whole 30 food right now. I literally cannot even look at an egg. I am sick of meat at every meal. I’m even a little sick of coconut. I’m looking forward to food freedom.
  13. Pandora Black

    Swapples and Beyond Meat

    Beyond meat is definitely not compliant, I wish. It’s not even very healthy tbh.
  14. I love y’all but I’m getting some gluten free grains for reintroduction. Sorry but for me, it IS about the pasta! Things that will stick: proper breakfast (though I cannot even look at an egg rn), the meal template in general and I’m not going back to drinking soda. I will not be reintroducing gluten or dairy.
  15. Pandora Black

    Pandora’s Whole 30 log

    I am getting my groceries ready for reintroduction. I will not be reintroducing gluten or dairy. But my food freedom will include gluten free oatmeal, pasta, and a loaf of bread (that costs $10!). I also have beans and rice in my pantry.
  16. I wonder if that’s what happened to my [email protected] He got what we thought was a stomach bug (and shoot, maybe it was) but it threw him off for about a day and a half. But he’s since bounced back. I agree with @CharGorman...maybe try cooking some veggies.
  17. Pandora Black

    Pandora’s Whole 30 log

    Day 26: I had egg salad for breakfast, yes by itself. I was so sick of eggs and whole 30 food, and I didn’t want to make a vegetable too. Lunch is pork chop and Brussels sprouts, dinner is marinated chicken and a baked potato with clarified butter.
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  19. Aliem999

    Allison's Whole 30 Log

    Day 27 (Sunday) Busy. Busy. Busy. Went to a concert after dinner. I really was not very hungry so I had some pretty light lunch and dinner. This has become sort of an autopilot, though I did wish I could have a slice of pizza Breakfast (8:30 AM): hash browns, eggs scrambled with spinach, onions, sausage and bell peppers, and strawberries Lunch (11:30 PM): Chicken sausage with Trader Joe's riced veggie mix and scrambled egg. I had the rest for dinner. Dinner (6:30 PM): Leftover "fried rice" and slaw
  20. We are starting this weekend. We'll do our shopping on Saturday and then, depending on meal prep, start on Sunday or Monday. July 4 might be tough (I mean, who doesn't love corn on the cob in summer?) but we are ready!
  21. SusanMarks

    Whole30 - Ready to get Healthy

    Awesome! I know the book will encourage and help a lot! And definitely add an extra 15 days or so to your Whole30 for reintroduction. The more you can begin to mentally prepare yourself for the additional days, the easier it will be to slide right into that process at the end of your Whole30 journey. You will have worked hard, stayed committed, and accomplished so much at the 30 day mark. Reintro will come alongside all your hard work and reinforce your best and healthiest food options for beyond Whole30. Here's an article if interested!
  22. Pandora Black

    What do you drink?

    Passionfruit La Croix is my favorite.
  23. Siegfried1980

    Whole30 - Ready to get Healthy

    Thank you, Susan. I did not do the reintroduction last time. I believe that is where I made a mistake. I actually celebrated after the 30-days by eating something non-compliant and too much of it. I will definitely read the book.
  24. SusanMarks

    Starting Today (6/24)

    Hey Char! I am not currently doing a Whole30 but love encouraging people who are!! Love that you came back to Whole30 for round 2! I noticed on another line of communication that you've got a great group of people currently doing one as well! Always good to connect with people during a round! Keeps the commitment level up and makes it more fun!
  25. CharGorman

    Starting Today (6/24)

    Hi Susan! Thank you... it's the second time I've done this, but the first time was many years ago. Just looking to get back on track with my health. How about you? Are you on a Whole30 now?
  26. SusanMarks

    18 lbs down!!

    @Tarxx99 congrats on completing your Whole30! It's totally normal to feel nervous when reaching the end of your Whole30! You've worked so hard to get to this point ~ Reintroduction plus reading Food Freedom Forever by Melissa Hartwig Urban will definitely help you more firmly establish and keep your great eating choices in play long term! Food Freedom Forever will give you skills and tools to know how to navigate well those moments where you say yes to treating yourself - Worth It Moments - and knowing when you need to say no and refrain. You've got a lot of great habits in place from doing Whole30. Just keep coming back to your why that lead you to start Whole30 and keep that goal in front of you to inspire and encourage your everyday decisions.
  27. Pandora Black

    Pandora’s Whole 30 log

    I can’t believe it’s day 26 and it’s almost over! Food freedom here I come!
  28. SusanMarks

    Starting Today (6/24)

    Way to go Char! Is this your first time or is this a multiple round for you?
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