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  2. Beets

    Whole 21

    Day 2 Yesterday was a bit wobbly but I made it. Don’t think I ate dinner but I had a couple small lamb burgers mid day, raw peppers. Some nuts on the beach, salami and a lot of coffee. Def not my best but I jumped into this on a whim totally unprepared, which has been my best way of doing it. When I plan I keep pushing it off “I’ll start Tuesday, no I’ll start next Tuesday.” I was looking at old pics of myself through my previous Whole 30s, the first of which I did five years ago. The good news about now is I’ve been doing a lot of Pilates and I’m strong underneath the extra layer. Anyway. Today I’ll do some shopping, cook up my ground pork and cabbage (staple) make some Sunshine Sauce (staple) and buy a bunch of salad stuff. I am super into smoked trout on a simple salad these days. It’ll be my go to. It’s gonna be crazy hot and usually that’s hard for me bc my kitchen is hot and I hate cooking. But I’ll just eat a lot of salad. I feel motivated. My boobs are going to shrink but it’s ok I want to feel good and not hide in pictures.
  3. SchrodingersCat

    SchrodingersCat post-W30 diary!

    Food freedom... means I'm having a glass or 2 of sparkling wine tonight because we're celebrating But it also means I came home and ate my pre-planned chicken casserole and NOT the pizza we walked past on the way home., and tomorrow is back to normal. Because that's food freedom!
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  5. I have all of the ingredients for gyros and tzatziki, too and I'll probably put them together this afternoon. I planned to do it on Sunday but the weekend got away from me. Saturday was farmer's market and grocery followed by two hours of weeding and picking vegetables (mostly weeding!) then I threw a bunch of vegetables and a pound of ground beef together to make what we call "Hamburger Helper". It involved tomatoes that we just picked but had little bo-bo's on them and needed to get used right away plus some other veggies that were getting tired. After that I got a couple of ferments going- a gallon of a slightly sweet spicy pickles (a couple of sprigs of stevia- and I think of it like using dates to mitigate the acid in a sauce so, in my mind it's compliant even though I know it's technically not) and three pints of hot banana peppers. Sunday my husband went back to the garden for more weeding and tomato support and I started cooking: chicken salad plus stock from the bones, baba ganoush with my very first eggplants, got some radishes fermenting with some coriander seeds and made a really nice crustless quick for my breakfasts with zucchini and coconut milk seasoned with rosemary and thyme. It's more custardy than what I usually make and I'm really enjoying it. That was the biggest cook-up I've had in a while and I was pretty well toasted after all of that. Your face wash and lotion sound amazing. I don't have mandarin but I do have sweet orange so I might try that combo in my lotion. I keep it unscented for my husband but I sometimes add some oils to it for me. Do you find much difference between the mandarin and the sweet orange? That sucks about getting a Staph infection from getting waxed. It always seems like anything on your face takes forever to heal, too. I wonder if a little dab of helichrysum between antibiotic doses might help? It supposed to be so good for skin and also anti-inflammatory. I've used it on rashes before and it does seem to calm things down. So glad to hear Spooky is doing so well. I think my sweet girl is winding down. She's still eating and drinking really well and behaving normally but yesterday she seemed to lose her balance a bit. I saw her wobble and have a hard time walking on two occasions but it only lasted a few seconds and then she was fine. I wasn't sleeping very well and was awake at 4 so I came downstairs to check on her. We had a nice little hug fest by moonlight so that was sweet. I think I might pick up some ice cream for her this afternoon; she's an ice cream fanatic and I figure a treat is in order. I'm pretty much feeding her and giving her broth whenever she asks (and it's often!) and a little ice cream at this point isn't going to hurt and, who knows, might help her gain a little weight?? Happy Gyro-ing!
  6. Emma

    Whole 30 (July 2)

    Day Fourteen - I made it, but not gracefully. I was a bit tired all day. My energy was low. i watched a whole bunch of tv. And I grazed! I kept going into the kitchen looking for something. I didn't know what, but just something. As a result I did eat two Rx bars which I don't think benefitted me in any way. I also took out leftovers and served myself up some big portions trying to stave off this weird seeking behavior. But the day is ending and I'm almost getting in bed. Breakfast: Medium squash and Eggs Lunch: Egg roll in a bowl (ground pork, broccoli slaw) and then another serving Dinner: Turkey meatballs, spinach salad, roasted cauliflower and broccoli I also did NOT practice again today. Ugh. Two days in a row. And I really did have good intentions. It's good to falter though because it gives me a chance to regroup and my plan is to regroup tomorrow. I rather need to because I leave early Wednesday morning to go camping for a couple nights and I still don't have food prepped for me or the kids. Not my chipperest entry, but that's okay. I'm still here plugging along.
  7. Emma

    Started June 26-- Day 14!

    Wooohooo! Way to go! Way to be out and about and make all those good choices - especially wth the foods your friends were eating. I get it about not wanting it end.
  8. Amy_Michigan

    Amy's Whole 30 Log Starting July 15, 2019

    Day 0- Practice Day It is almost 2 AM and I can’t sleep. I went to bed at 10:30 and woke up at 11:30 to pee then woke up at 12:30 after having a very vivid nightmare. Now every time I start falling asleep my body wakes itself up like I’m in high school math or something. Other symptoms: After dinner I got some nausea and the second start of a bad headache so I took Tylenol right away. Nausea is gone now that I have fallen asleep twice in 1 hour increments. Just really really tired now. Today wasn’t even what I would call day 1 yet. I was doing a practice day before starting tomorrow because I had already had already broken rules at breakfast with a Kind Bar. Today I ate (after breakfast): Potato hash browns, butternut squash soup, a tuna patty with almond flour and lots of fat, frozen blueberries and strawberries. I will make sure I eat more tomorrow and eat full meals.
  9. Emma

    Saloni's Whole30 Log

    I have the cook book, but haven't opened it up yet. You're making me think I need to do so!!! I take Natural Calm and have been now for years. I like it a lot and I look forward to having it at bedtime. Weird that you're experiencing acidity this time. Any thoughts on what is causing it?
  10. Emma

    Allison's Whole 30 Log

    You should totally be proud of how this weekend went!!! Keep it up and you'll be able to slide right back into another Whole30! I wonder what it will be like in Vegas. I can totally imagine some great prime rib and veggies (cooked in butter) as options, but it's such a big and varied place and I only have memories from years ago. Kudos for your weekend!!
  11. SassySal

    Saloni's Whole30 Log

    Hi Emma, yes the carrot slaw is fantastic! It's in the recipe for Moroccan chicken in the Whole30 Cookbook. Today is Day 13. Yesterday I made North African skillet chicken and potato noodles! They were delish! I've been experiencing a lot of acidity this time around. I'm taking a compliant magnesium supplement and I think that's helping me with my digestion, mood and sleep. I had a bad skin breakout in early June and that's starting to clear up.
  12. Mariina

    Started June 26-- Day 14!

    Day 20: This previous weekend was Pride in my city, so I didn't have the time to come on here and update. Look who didn't cheat! It wasn't difficult to not cheat actually, I have been having an easy time saying no thanks and my friends have all been so nice to me and keep giving me props for sticking with it! They keep offering food and apologizing or feeling bad for eating around me and I'm always like "trust me you're fine, don't feel bad!" I don't want people to feel bad for MY choice to stay away from whatever they are having. Actually, I know I under-ate at points which wasn't the best but I brought snacks and bought a banana and apple chips at different points when I was hungry and couldn't find other compliant food... Better than nothing and better than cheating by eating the pizza and chimichangas my friends had! On Saturday I was telling people I was on Day 17, and on Sunday realized I was actually on Day 19 at that point which was awesome! It felt like I skipped a day and became one day closer to the reintroduction, which part of me doesn't want to come yet... who would have thought I'd ever say that?! So, now that it is Monday I've come back to reality and woke up, went grocery shopping and ran some errands, then meal prepped a bunch of food for a few hours! Breakfast: 3 eggs on top of lettuce, cooked in coconut oil, crushed tomatoes, Valentina's hot sauce, seasoning Lunch (late): Zucchini, cauliflower mixed with other veggies (pre-chopped, like cauliflower rice), ground turkey cooked in evoo, ghee, some strawberries with a little coconut cream Dinner (about to eat): Shrimp cooked in coconut oil on top of lettuce, seasoning, coconut milk as dressing
  13. Mariina

    Started June 26-- Day 14!

    Thank you so much for this response!! I feel like I connect with it a lot. Yes I just told myself that I would go as much as I can without the allergy pills, because I also realized I don't want my body to be fully reliant on them anyways. And so far it's actually shown me I don't need them daily like how I had been taking them before!! But I agree, once it becomes miserable I definitely think it's worth it for me to take one, cause I'm not trying to sneeze 15x straight with watery itchy eyes! It's cool to hear that you did see changes in your allergies. It makes me believe that if I stick with a similar lifestyle after my program that maybe I too will eventually see those results. Not everything can be fixed in 30 days haha especially after years of consuming whatever is making it worse. I will remember that: the long run pays off!!
  14. masonjar87

    Starting July 8th and Preparing for All the Suck

    As someone just a few days ahead of the bunch, let me say YES, prepare for some hard cravings on Day 10!! I had a hard day just in general, and not being able to escape into chocolate or baked goods or even just a bowl of rice (I'm Asian, it's definitely comfort food!) made me even grumpier than I had been! I sorta caved and ate a small handful of blueberries as soon as I got home out of spite (and hunger, because it was 7:30 and I hadn't had dinner yet). I know it was against the spirit of the program but at least it was a Good Food...? LOL I say this not to scare anyone but to encourage you to keep up the good fight! We're gonna make it! P.S. I'm putting my meal/shopping template into a modifiable document in case anyone wants to use it. I hope to finish it tomorrow when I have some free time.
  15. I like this quote a lot, and have been reminding myself of it regularly. I see you read that website way more thoroughly than I did! I hope you get good results from the CBD oil, keep me posted. I'll be curious about the results, including if it helps curb or calm the worry wart ways...wouldn't that be great. My friend who has a lot of anxiety and trouble sleeping is loving the CBD capsules and sending all her friends to buy it, also. I feel a little jealous that it doesn't help me with sleep. The valerian root works, though, so I should go back to that. Of course, my best sleep aid is was over 100 again today = ( I'm impressed with the beautiful simplicity of your skin care routine, and salute you for giving yourself permission to try such minimalism, to such great results. I keep in the spectrum of minimalism out of necessity, too, on account of rosacea, which first flared up over 20 years ago. It was really liberating to discover (it took me 7 years to discover!!!), how much control I have with lifestyle choices. Those were my first steps on the road that led me to W30. As for that lotion, I've never blended ginger with ylang ylang before, but they are both so tropical, I'll bet that is divine. In fact, I have ginger in my stash but haven't used it yet. Last night I blended lavender/rosemary/mandarin for an oil face wash, and this morning doctored up some unscented Alba lotion with fractionated coconut oil and lavender/clove/fir needle/lemongrass. I'm having to be extremely gentle with my face care these days because I have been treating a really stubborn staph infection after getting a lip wax. Argh. The tech globbed some of the wax into the nostril opening (that was embarrassing) and the next day I had a little sore that wouldn't heal. I thought I had skin cancer! Of course I'm very glad to not have cancer, but this shit is creepy. It has spread up one side of my nose, and it's just hanging on, and hanging on, and won't go completely away. Once I thought it was gone and let up on the Rx antibiotic ointment, and it came baaaccckk. So, I'm being very careful because I don't want to inadvertently spread it even more. I'm dying to give my whole face a good scrub with a hot wash cloth. Those stuffed peppers sound so good. I'll have to try that some time - the grab-and-go has a lot of appeal. Hey, you're going to be up to your peepers in poblano peppers I am thawing out the bison to make gyros tomorrow morning!! And I'll get yogurt tomorrow night after work so I can make tzatziki later, too...can't wait to try your recipe - thank you! How is Maybelle? Spooky is hanging in there, and we wonder to what extent the CBD is helping. Today she is chipper, and has a clear, strong voice, AND I only had to mop the floor once instead of twice, so it was a good day. Sigh.
  16. Mariina

    Started June 26-- Day 14!

    Very true, thanks for the reminder that this can't always be the answer to ALL of our issues. I had gotten an allergy test where they give you a bunch of tiny scratches on your back and wait a while to see if any flare up, which they didn't.
  17. ShannonM816

    Day 6.

    What do your meals look like? People are often surprised at how much food they can and should eat on whole30. Remember that each meal should have 1-2 palm-sized portions of protein, or if eggs are your only protein, as many whole eggs as you can hold in one hand, so probably 3-4. Then add one or two servings of fat from the options listed on the meal template, generally in addition to any oil you cooked in, so you might have some mayo or ranch to dip your veggies in, and some olives. Finally, add at least one cup of vegetables, but really aim for 2-3 cups. The template says to fill your plate up with vegetables. If you want fruit, add a small handful with a meal. Most people find they feel best if they have at least one fist-sized serving of starchy vegetable each day, like potato, sweet potato, other root vegetables like beets or carrots or turnips or parsnips, or winter squashes like butternut or acorn squash, or plantains. Some people need more than this, some do fine with less, but this is a good amount to start with. Meal template can be downloaded here:
  18. Laura of The Great White North

    Starting July 8th and Preparing for All the Suck

    We made it through Day 8 everybody! The day by day guide says that this week cravings are supposed to be worse than last week so I'm trying to keep that in the forefront of my mind in order to not trip into one. I made one of my favorite meals tonight - buffalo chicken spaghetti squash. I found it a while ago and I'm so glad I did. Also, thank you to all of you who talked about the chorizo and sweet potato hash. I made that for breakfast and it's very good! I wish you all a successful Day 9!
  19. ShannonM816

    Ulima Hydrating Electrolyte power

    Rebaudioside A is a sweetener, so no. (Source: I think there's one or two options listed on the Whole30 Approved page: and there may be some other options as well. For some people coconut water, possibly with a tiny bit of salt, helps. Google whole30 electrolytes and you should find some past discussions here in the forum.
  20. Jihanna

    SchrodingersCat post-W30 diary!

    I wish I could give multiple reactions on this, and include a few that aren't actually part of the options... Really, though... I'm cheering for you, and slowly trying to map out what my continuing journey looks like, too... so it's interesting to read yours
  21. EmileeGibson2014

    Day 6.

    It is day 6 of my Whole30. I start ultrasound school tomorrow and have had a long day. Right now I want to be in bed but have to stay up (with help from my husband) to meal prep. I have wondered today why I am even continuing at this point!!! I have craved more and been hungrier than ever today and feel like I am getting over it..
  22. EmileeGibson2014

    Day 6.

    It is day 6 of my Whole30. I start ultrasound school tomorrow and have had a long day. Right now I want to be in bed but have to stay up (with help from my husband) to meal prep. I have wondered today why I am even continuing at this point!!! I have craved more and been hungrier than ever today and feel like I am getting over it..
  23. Yesterday
  24. Marienoel

    Starting July 1 - Anyone want to join me?

    Thank you Mandie. I started adding more fat, even if it is drinking two tablespoons of coconut oil, and I am eating more at one meal. I was a grazer and not used to eating big meals. It has helped quite a bit. Thank you. Marie
  25. SchrodingersCat

    Why Sear Then Bake?

    It seals the juices in. If you bake from raw, the juices tend to leak into the pan and you end up with a drier result.
  26. SchrodingersCat

    SchrodingersCat post-W30 diary!

    Day 2 of "Dammit, Schrod, stop eating like a bloody teenager whose been left home alone for the week with an unlimited food budget" Meal 1: 2 Prosciutto, egg, mushroom and capsicum bites with spicy kraut Meal 2: Beef "stoup" with cauli rice Meal 3: Chicken and veggie casserole cooked in the slow cooker because I'm a grown-up who has plans after work and instead of making an excuse to grab something takeaway or suboptimal I used my not-inexpensive but completely underutilised slow cooker to ensure that there is something tasty and convenient to come home to. I really need to get on some exercise too. I'm in that horrible "I'm too unfit to do what I used to do (taekwondo and running) but am at a loss to know what to do to get back to the level of fitness I need to be to do what I used to do". Plus I have bad knees and tendonitis in my elbow. I'd do aqua aerobics but it's such a time killer, by the time I get there, change, do the class, shower, change, come home, shower properly, it's a 2 hour commitment, minimum.
  27. I am a competitive power lifter who trains at 430am. Can i use this powder during my workouts? I don't see any sugar or things not approved byt wanted to check.
  28. ShannonM816

    Women’s probiotic

    Both of these look okay.
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