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    Hello! I’m wanting to start whole 30, but am currently struggling with committing to it. My plan is to begin Monday the 28th.
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    Hi! I have started today. Feeling nervous but excited. It is my day off today so I have done a lot of meal prep for the week which should keep me on track! Be great to keep in touch and support one another !
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    OK, folks! I'm back, I'm prepped, and I'm ready to go!! I hope this thread gets going... we're doing this tomorrow, and I need all the help/motivation/support I can get! Let's DO this. I want to hear from everyone on this thread tomorrow. Sweet dreams!!! Anissa
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    lactose intolerant

    Your understanding is right. When your body does not tolerate dairy, your body builds up a mucosal lining to protect your gut from the damage. when you do a whole30, that lining is unnecessary and sluffs off. If you go back to eating dairy and you find you're having problems, then it's likely you ALWAYS had problems with it but that your body built up that mechanism to help protect itself. You have two choices in that case... you can honor that your body is telling you it doesn't want dairy, or you can eat dairy consistently until that lining builds back up.
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    That's great, Irishboy! Love it when it all works out. Day 3 is in the books. I'm feeling good. Worked out with a personal trainer today (good friend of mine), and went shopping for a few home gym things b/t clients. I love her and she's teaching me great stuff, but I won't do it forever. Just need to get a solid foundation for lifting and strength training. I've really only ever run before this, and I know I need to do more with strength, especially as I age. Plus, I just don't have it in me to train for a marathon anymore. Love all the food I'm eating. No more meal prep or cleaning them normal, honestly, with all of Joe's dietary restrictions. It does get expensive, though. Which is frustrating. Why is the most healthy food to put into our bodies also the most expensive?? It makes it almost inaccessible to those on a budget, or who don't prioritize it (although that's not always true.) Anyway, rant over. Still not sleeping amazing, though I rarely do. So hard.to turn my head off at night. But hopefully that will come. I definitely feel less "puffy", especially since coming back from vacation and all the eating/drinking shenanigans that went on there. Lol Glad to be getting back on track and looking forward to a very busy (work mostly) yet smooth Whole 30 weekend. Hope everyone is doing well in their first week. Would love to hear how everyone's making out! G'night!!
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    Dr. Jamie

    TigerNuts flour, raw snacks, etc

    Thank you LadyShanny! I will only use it where your recipes call for almond flour. Thank you!
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    Good morning, Irishboy! Your omelette sounds delicious. Isn't that always the way?! Lol I'm sure you'll be fine on the 9th. Hell....we'll be 1/2 way through by that point. I feel like it gets easier once you have a little more time invested to say no to temptations. Good luck at work today & hopefully they have some good choices at dinner. How's everyone else doing on here?? Welcome to Day 2, folks!!
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    Thanks! I got some honey smoked turkey breast without nitrates. I'll try fruit juice tonight.
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    Love this!! Isn't it great and greatly freeing to FEEL the difference??!! My day 30 was Sept. 10 and I'm continuing as close to W30 as reasonable for me. (Ex: now I eat ketchup sometimes, breakfast sausage sometimes, I don't order anything with cheese but if cheese comes on it I don't made a big fuss, red wine now and again.) And just now I'm starting to notice my portions have been too big. I'm actually satisfied with about 75 - 80% of the amount of food I've been eating since mid-August. During W30, I made my plate and ate the whole thing regardless. It was A LOT of food! Now I'm actually in touch enough to know I can stop before the plate is empty because I'm satisfied. HUGE STRIDES!! Congratulations! I can see a noticeable difference in both photos!!
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    Congrats! I completely relate to the food-with-no-brakes comment. Beware, bad habits sort of want to creep back in - each day is a little victory in itself! Also. I notice a difference in the sideways picture. Your belly looks different, it's not the same curve. Slightly flatter, not as round. Not a huge difference indeed, but there it is - those 10lbs have to show somewhere!
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    Hi Sewdarncrafty, I'd love to start next Mon, the 21st. Well, "love" is a strong word. I know already that I need an accountability partner to stay on Whole30. I will just treat this Whole30, my third, as my initial one. I just bought an InstaPot, so will be experimenting with that. The reason I'm heading back to Whole30 I'm just hitting the carbs too heavy!
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    When to Restart the Whole30?

    Restarting is always your decision. I would say, your body doesn't know whether you ate something on purpose or accidentally, it just knows it got something that clearly doesn't agree with it. If you don't want to commit to restarting right now, keep going, and when you get closer to day 30, think about whether you might be okay with adding nine days so you have 30 straight compliant days. When you get further in, you may feel like adding more days is not a big deal. As for eating out, what I would say is that you are totally worthy of getting foods that will not make you sick. Learn to speak up. You can (and should) be nice about it, but you can be assertive and also nice. Stop the guy before he puts your food on, and remind him to clean the grill well. Or ask if he can do yours first to avoid cross-contamination. If you notice something wrong, say something. And then tip well, that goes a long way to offsetting anything the waitstaff may have grumbled about. When you're going to be dining out with others, suggest places you know work for you, or call beforehand and ask what you can order, or if worst comes to worst, eat before you go and just have salad 9r a cup of coffee while you enjoy everyone's company.
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    When to Restart the Whole30?

    I'm sure one of our moderators will chime in...but I would restart for sure! You committed to the process of a 30-day reset. You didn't mean to have something off plan, so you know you got this! It can only help! This happened to me when I ate some sundried tomatoes that i realized after had sulfites. I restarted. I want the full benefits of every bit of research I do. I also have a disease that i manage and it was important to me to the program as intended to reap the rewards forever. Hope this helps
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    Starting October 1

    Only YOU know how YOU feel ....There aren’t many things in life where everyone has the same reaction. Not everything works for everyone. But a lot of those people it “doesn’t work” for haven’t tried it either. Go with what you know. You put in the work and you are reaping the rewards. We really change up everything in our house based on a recipe we love or want to try. Pork tenderloin is a grilling staple in our house but we cook with many different compliant rubs or sauces. So even if we are eating the same protein it’s never the same. Hope this helps!
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    Starting October 1

    Hi, @Yepa! Just to let you know, the daily emails no longer exist. Instead, there is a Whole30 Day By Day book, which has daily tips and room for journaling.
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    Hot flashes worse?

    I experienced the same thing in the first week or 2. I'm 55. But they were not full heat, drenching hot flashes like in the past that are mostly over with. These felt to be about 40-50% of the intensity of those and much shorter duration. I'm on day 28 now and I haven't noticed them at all lately. I don't have any science to back it up, but I think that "detox" is a good way to put it!
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    Zucchini Taco Boats

    I LOVE anything taco related. I could eat it every day of the week haha. This is my go-to recipe for taco boats which we cook at least once a week. I like to top them with salsa or avocado. Taco Boats Ingredients: 1 Zucchini, with ends cut off and cut lengthwise. 1/2 pound ground beef 1 tablespoon taco seasoning Olive oil Directions: 1. Preheat oven to 400 F. 2. Scoop out insides of zucchini halves, making boats. 3. Place zucchini boats face down (hole down) on a baking sheet drizzled with olive oil. 4. Cook for 30 minutes. 5. While zucchini is cooking, brown ground beef in a skillet on the stove with taco seasoning. 6. Remove boats from oven and flip over. Fill with taco meat and place in the oven for 5 minutes. 7. Remove and top with whatever you'd like. I prefer salsa and avocado. I hope you all enjoy it! -Miranda wellnessbymiranda.com @WellnessByMiranda [email protected]
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    Need Ideas - Not Hungry and Nauseous

    @Sharon90 Unfortunately, the suggestion of toast wouldn't be in line with Whole30 rules, because we're not to recreate any baked goods (even with entirely compliant ingredients -- and the linked recipe calls for all-purpose flour, wheat flour, honey, and vanilla extract, all of which are not compliant). Yogurt is possible on Whole30, but it's probably easier to make a compliant one than it is to find one in the store. Eating is important, I agree, and not eating will lead to deeper problems... but if the original poster (or anyone else struggling with this kind of an issue) intends to follow Whole30, they'll definitely need to make sure to keep the rules of the program in mind, so any suggestions we make for them should also do that. I'm sorry if that sounds harsh, it's not intended to be -- I just believe it's important to support each other within the rules of the program that brought us to this forum
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    Ezekiel Wrap ReIntro

    What are the ingredients for the ones you're thinking of using? The ones I'm seeing have wheat, so gluten, and they have lentils and soybeans, so legumes, and some other grains. So those wouldn't work. But if you've got some that have different ingredients, they might work, just look at the ingredients and see what's in them.
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    A skeptic is convinced!

    My doctor asked me to do a Whole30 to try to solve a number of health concerns. I work in the food industry and was highly skeptical of a diet that eliminates whole grains and legumes. But I have tried so many diets and techniques and I kept gaining weight and suffering from migraines, so I agreed to do this. Today is my last day and I just got off the scale - down 14 pounds! And I haven’t had a migraine in 30 days, after having them weekly for the past two years. I miss legumes but I also wonder if they contribute to my health issues. I will pay special attention to this food group on reintroduction. Today I will savor the happiness and health I am feeling. I can’t wait to go back to my doctor and talk about what’s next. I have a feeling there will be more Whole30s in my future, and I’m totally ok with that!
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    Delectable!!! First time I have tried sliced radishes before....thanks whole30!
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    Back Acne

    Completed Whole 30 in March and have stuck to the program 90% of April one of the biggest changes I noticed..for years I have horrible ugly back acne this week I noticed that it has completely cleared up. I can now feel just a little less self conscious in a swimsuit this summer
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    Tired after sugar

    I'm not sure specifically why this happens but my guess is that because your body isn't used to processing that amount of added sugars anymore, it has to ramp up the systems to do so. Or maybe that happens to everyone but after Whole30 we realize how much energy we have and the people that are using sugar for energy are using it over and over for short term spikes which create deep drops afterwards.
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    Kirbz's Whole30 Log

    Day 11: Monday, September 25 Meal 1: three over-easy eggs pan-cooked in avocado oil; oven roasted garlic cabbage; remaining 2/3 GT’s Hibiscus Ginger kombucha Exercise: 30-minute walk over my lunch break Meal 2: one can Wild Planet tuna with mayo, chopped onion, chopped bell pepper, chopped cilantro, lime, and ground pepper; served over a bed of raw spinach Pre-Workout Meal: 2 hard-boiled eggs Exercise: 50-minute, 3.54 mile trail run (five minute warmup, ten repeats of 3:00 min jogging and 1:15 min walking, ten minute cooldown) Post-Workout Meal: snack pack of compliant turkey (I’m trying to do without the post-workout carbs as I’m overweight but I’ll monitor how I feel without them as I increase my exercise in the coming weeks) Meal 3: baked salmon with Spice Cave Sea spices; brussel sprouts pan-cooked in ghee; butternut squash pan-cooked in avocado oil Water Intake: ~130oz Thoughts/Reflections: This is starting to feel somewhat normal and routine. Honestly, I don’t have any specific feelings about today. It kinda just felt like life. On a happy note, my fiancé said today that he wants to try Whole30 when I’m done! That makes me so very happy as I want both of us to be 70 years old and happy and healthy and enjoying all the outdoors things we love! He doesn’t typically put much stock into eating well so I was surprised but so, so happy!
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    As far as I'm concerned, it's not bread or wine once it's consecrated...it's the Sacred Body and Blood of our Savior.