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    Blue Zen for Jen

    Whole 30 December Start

    I have had other aborted attempts at a Whole 30 start. So why not when I will be facing the Holidays as an extra challenge (at least if I stick to plan I can not gain weight over the month of December. I am really really finally ready to give an honest go at this Whole 30 beginning December 1st. Today was a test day with one or two items such as hot chocolate and milk in my coffee and herbal teas but I am ready to do whatever it takes to improve my health. I have various chronic issues with health -- Cancer Survivor (grateful to be 15 years post - Blood Cancer), hypothyroid, PCOS, and pre-dabetes also Anxiety / Depression. I am active somewhat regularly but just have not been able to get the food right. So the workouts running , mountain bicycling, walking/ hiking occasional swimming and spinning class and yoga class but mostly home yoga over past year also trying Fitocracy (calisthenics) and Barre workout ( a few classes) now home workout (very challenging) and core workouts including a really good workout with Yoga International online with a core yoga sequence about 45 minutes. I also tend towards chronic fatigue even though i push through 40 hour work week and commute and tend to stay on top of the exercise schedule sometimes falling off plan during the weekdays. So any help would be appreciated. so far I have about four or five how to do the Whole 30 books and a few Paleo cookbooks and just bought Practical Paleo book also. no questions yet. Hopefully tomorrow off to an ambitious start even with the Holidays to navigate through this month. I am so grateful for all the helpful online tools to get started and this community with experience and practical tips and guidelines. - Jen
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    Psyching up for a December W30!

    I feel like December Whole30 is an especially magical Whole30 - rock it, girlfriend!
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    @kirbz can you tell us a little more about your work travel? Are you going to a new city? What kind of accommodations? Are you given any sort of per diem to spend on your food? I really think there's a workable solution here. For example, there are so many "no cook" meals you can throw together in a hotel room if you at least have access to a grocery store and mini fridge. Happy to give some suggestions if this may work. This situation may require 20-30 minutes of prep each week, but thats it! This is going to be a little more difficult than most, but not undoable. The way I think about things is that life happens. There's always going to be a million reasons not to start making choices that are better for you. There will never be a perfect time to start.
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I started On October 27, and I’m sticking with it. This season can be intimidating, but I’ve found it worthwhile. Apple season has been a nice alternative to the sugar dragon. There are Thanksgiving favorites that I will avoid, but there are so many great foods to enjoy. Hope you all have a happy celebration with family and friends today. I have much to be thankful for, including better health!
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    Hi @ElizabethG! Welcome to the thread! Last December was my second W30 and even though I started a couple of days after the rest of the group, it didn't really matter. You'll be blazing the trail for us this time! I wound up turning that W30 into a W60 and really got a lot out of it. I'm not doing that this year and am pretty excited that I'll finish just in time for our wedding anniversary. Except for some beer/wine indulgences and more carb-dense veg than I really need, I haven't strayed too far too often so getting back on track should go pretty smoothly. I've been making homemade mayo for years and have it down to about two minutes and only dirtying my immersion blender. I left an egg sitting on the counter this morning so I can replenish my supply this afternoon. My Mom actually made homemade mayo when we were kids and everybody thought that was the weirdest thing ever! My husband is a major convert and don't even think about getting between him and the mayo if he's eating beets. I've never flavored my mayo and I think I need to branch out a bit. I've added curry powder to my chicken salad so I guess that's like using curry mayo but that's as close as I've come except for making salad dressing. I'll add a little red wine vinegar, salt, pepper, garlic powder and Italian herb blend to make creamy Italian dressing. If I'm not W30-ing I'll leave out the herbs and do the same thing with blue cheese (I don't have any problems with dairy except overconsumption and W30 has nipped that in the bud). I have some Thai basil cubes in the freezer. Oh! And some garlic scape pesto! I bet those would make a good combo. Thanks for the idea and that chicken looks delicious. I can't remember if I have compliant Dijon mustard or not so I'll have to check but I have everything else. My husband isn't a dark meat fan so I'll probably just cut up a whole chicken instead of just using the thighs. Nomnom's wonton meatballs that @LadyLisbette mentioned are really good too. If you haven't tried them you should. I think those meatballs and the chicken are going to be part of my cook-up this weekend. Tomato soup doesn't sound like a bad idea either since it was 17 degrees here this morning. I like to add some chopped, cooked kale and mini meatballs to make it a meal.
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    Starting tomorrow!

    Hi all, I am starting my first Whole30 tomorrow. I've done all the shopping, I've done a little prep, and I'm ready to go. I am worried about the withdrawals that I'm sure to experience (esp. from giving up sugar), but mostly I'm staying positive. A couple of weeks ago I was dreading the thought of giving up all my food crutches and having to just eat fruit and veg, meat and fish etc for 2 weeks, until it hit me that our challenge is to eat a multitude of beautiful, fresh foods--I mean, first world problems or what?! There are people in the world that are dying from starvation and we get to eat a bounty of good foods--I'll remind myself of this when I feel weak Lucy
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    Dana M

    Starting Black Friday

    Good luck--you won't regret it! I am doing my 2nd round starting Black Friday as well. I did Round 1 in July-August and was really disciplined since then and I tell you what--I have lost 21 pounds and the almost daily headaches I was hoping to get under control are pretty much gone. Yesterday I ate soy, dairy, wheat and sugar and guess what--I feel like crap today. Headaches, body aches, stuffy nose, was up at 2am with a pounding headache, crappy sleep, nightmares. If I ever EVER needed confirmation that those four food groups are the devil to me, yesterday was it! So today--back on the Whole30 wagon. It's not hard once you start feeling good. Yesterday (thanksgiving) was sort of an experiment--I have been really disciplined about what I introduced back in so I kind of wanted to see if little bits of those foods made that much of a difference and they really did. So now I know (like I didn't before...) Really--good luck--you'll feel great and be so pleased with yourself!
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    Starting January 6 2019

    Hi, I know my start date may be far away... but with the holidays around the corner and big events I need to attend... I will be turning 30 next March and I figured (after seeing someone I know complete the Whole30) that I should give it a try for a couple of reasons. 1. Whole30 and I’m turning 30. What better way to start off the next decade taking care of my self 2. I have 33 food intolerances (with allergy tests to complete next week) would be nice to get a handle on everything. 3. I have a low immune system, exhausted and other health problems (physical and mental)....so I am hoping figuring out what works best for my body will help me get energy, quality sleep and so on.
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    https://www.facebook.com/groups/2308892962676726/about/ - please note, that this forum and the admins are the best source of info for all your questions. The facebook group is more an everyday-chatter type thing
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    Starting Tomorrow!

    This is my second Whole30. Last time - several years ago - I only made it about 17 days, pretty much because I was just winging it. This time I am committed to going the full 30 days, and so I have spent a few days getting ready, organizing my pantry, gathering recipes. Today I had a couple of the foods that I knew I would miss, but I did not overindulge. I tried had my coffee black today, and I didn’t mind it at all. I’m ready for this reset, which I plan to use as a springboard into a Paleo lifestyle. i look forward to actively participating in this forum!
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    Azul Marino

    Starting Tomorrow!

    Congratulations!!! I've just finished my Whole30... and this forum has been my constant company and lifesaver Whole30 has been for me a great self discovering journey Here my most used links: - https://whole30.com/2014/01/perfect-whole30 - https://whole30.com/2014/06/really-start-whole30 (I restarted three times... it was my learning first week) - https://whole30.com/2015/01/rules-recommendations (I always laugh at the beginning with the title banner... and deep breath at the end) - https://whole30.com/2018/02/dear-melissa-perfect-whole30/ and my favorite forum: - So... Enjoy your adventure!!!
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    I did my 2nd W30 last December, and it was really empowering to get through the season in a state of high health! That was a first for me, a recovering cookie monster. I've had a good year, but still working on Food Freedom. Looking forward to reducing inflammation, and feeling better in my hips and feet (I'm thinking it's arthritis).
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    Laura P.

    Psyching up for a December W30!

    @LadyLisbette @kirbz I did my 1st round back in Jan 2015...and fell off afterwards pretty hard. So this time around, my intention is about self care and self worth, re-frame my thoughts and re-wire my brain...adopt a new life style @ 60 ... never too late right? Snapping my fingers because it's that simple! Eager to read about new tips, recipes etc...the one thing I remember for sure is that I was NEVER HUNGRY, and that I HAD FUN COOKING! (even for 1 person...maybe my cat will enjoy left overs if any) Let's do this!
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    Laura P.

    Psyching up for a December W30!

    I decided this am to do it in Dec...glad to join!
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    Psyching up for a December W30!

    Good [email protected]! It looks like you're an early bird, too. And possible on Eastern time? Volunteering at a cooking school sounds like a hoot and duck fat roasted potatoes sound decadent and delicious! I just got access to Restaurant Depot (it's like Costco for restaurants) and I bet they have duck fat. I'm going to go check it out and put those potatoes on our Christmas menu. Since I'll be W30-ing for Christmas (we all are) I'm trying to plan a more elaborate and indulgent menu than usual. Cinnamon and chili powder sounds like a great combo; I've been on a kick with Mel Joulwan's Lebanese spice blend and this weekend I'm going to mix up some poultry seasoning. I love it but I always thought it had a bunch of highly questionable ingredients in it. I found out it's just rosemary, sage, marjoram, thyme and a couple of other things. Mark Sisson sent out a recipe for "dressing" that's just riced cauli, carrots, onions, celery and poultry seasoning and I though it sounded pretty tasty but I wondered about the poultry seasoning. Now I know! It looks like everybody here (so far) has W30 experience. It'll be fun to hear about it. Welcome @tinman57 and thank you @LadyLisbette for It reminds me of @MeadowLily 's "She thought she could so she did".
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    Psyching up for a December W30!

    Hey @kirbz! Even though I didn't really start posting until last year, I lurked around the forums for months and recognize your name. Glad to have you join the party! @Worldismyoyster what prepping are you doing? Aside from stocking a few things in my pantry, I've been making sure I used compliant ingredients in the big batch things I've recently cooked so I would have some things in the freezer for nights I don't feel like cooking. I also finished up some locally cured country ham that I'm sure has added sugar in it even though I haven't been able to confirm it.
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    Hi everyone! I've started prep etc. I usually do W30 in Jan/ Feb so this is my first December. I'm considering a w60 this year - did a 45 last time. Looking forward! I have a decent shopping list/ menu from previous rounds so gotta dig those out
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    Psyching up for a December W30!

    Hi All! This is also my second December W30, which I find really empowering as well. I started this past Sunday, and have made it through the first 3 days well. Made sure to have delicious recipes planned for Week 1 to make things easier. @hollysmokes I am with you on keeping the mayo train going! Since my first W30, I have never gone back to store bought, and have played around with all kinds of mayo flavors. Do you have a favorite? Right now I've been adding lots of fresh herbs into mine, which makes everything taste like the Holidays! I want to recommend this mustard chicken recipe from the Whole Smiths (my favorite place to search for new ideas): https://www.thewholesmiths.com/2018/08/26/creamy-mustard-chicken-spinach/ It was hands down one of the best things I've eaten in a while, super easy, and I will definitely be making it again next week.
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    Psyching up for a December W30!

    Thanks @ShannonM816 I always wondered how everybody did that! Here I am! I'm getting geared up for our Saturday start: restocked my coconut aminos that was almost empty, made sure I have plenty of oil to keep the mayo supply going, made beef bone broth, have some compliant tuna on hand in case of lunch un-prepare-ed-ness emergencies and took advantage of a super sale my meat guy was having so I'll pick up a bunch of good quality meat this weekend- hah! on Saturday, actually. Nice to meet you, World is Your Oyster! I'm afraid I'm non-FB-er as well but it's nice to keep in touch here so the Marvelous Mods can keep us in line
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    Psyching up for a December W30!

    @LadyLisbette, it might help if you tag her so she can find this thread more easily -- just type the @ symbol, no space, and then start typing the name. When you see the right person, click/tap their name, and they're tagged, meaning they should get a notification and link to where they've been tagged, like this: @hollysmokes
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    Started on Saturday, 11/24

    Saw a couple other people starting right after Thanksgiving. I know moving into December holiday events won't be easy, so glad to see some others starting at this time, too. Here we go...
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    Carditone is this ok?

    These look okay. If Whole30 is a big change from the way you've been eating, especially if you've been eating a lot of restaurant foods or premade foods or other high sodium foods, it may also cause your blood pressure to get lower, so definitely keep in touch with your doctor, or if you're checking your own bp daily keep doing that.
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    Starting in December

    I purchased the Whole30 book some months back. This past Friday, I purchased the planner which got me looking for my book. After discussing it with my husband I decided to plan and prepare now and start in December. I have have so many sensitivities, I don’t really know what’s causing them. I heard many good things about Whole30 and we’re hoping it will help when we start trying for a baby again.
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    i'm in for Dec1!
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    Thanks so much, Ladyshanny!