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    Contessa's Food Freedom

    Feeling listless on a Friday night. I made plans to enjoy a breezy patio dinner at a restaurant with my fella tonight, but in the end we canceled the reservations out of COVID concerns. Infection rates in our area seem to be really high, and I am not sure I can handle two hours in public without a mask on, even if it's outdoors. "Your 'Surge Capacity' is Depleted — It's Why You Feel Awful" This essay has been making the rounds in my social media circles, including a repost from W30's Melissa Urban. It resonates with me. I continue to find help in hearing (reading) other people's reflections of life in the time of COVID. What is happening with COVID has upended so many dependable aspects of life for us. Particularly here in the States. It continues to be a huge adjustment! The article talks about building and maintaining friendships, and on building a "resilience bank account." I hear a lot of us here on the forum thinking in these terms as well. Gold stars for my W30 pals as we continue to navigate this challenging time.
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    Take Advantage

    Yesterday was a real trial. Things began going downhill shortly before lunch...I had an urgent question to answer for a co-worker that required me to gather a yes or no answer from 9 other people. After an hour, I had only heard back from 3 people. I was annoyed because the task was given to me and because everyone is supposed to be on their computers (where email pops up) and should have had time to answer me. So I texted, and got several "I think so" answers. Then I had a Zoom with several other people, one of whom I thought was going to relieve me of some responsibilities, but turns out isn't. I have mixed feelings about that - I enjoy that aspect of my job, but there are other things I do that only my profession is licensed to do, so I was hoping to have more time for those things (and therefore do a better job.) So things were quite stressful during the late morning, early afternoon. I spent some time talking to myself to help me remember "I can't control other people's behavior only my own." I think I would have been ok if that had been the end of the day's stresses. However, a loved one texted me some upsetting information, but then wasn't answering my texts or phone call. I felt like i was being ignored. By this time, it was around 3:00 or so, and I still hadn't had anything to eat. But I wasn't hungry. I was so restless and distraught and unsettled...I was still in my pajamas and it was raining so I wasn't feeling like going for a walk or bike ride. I also had residual upsetment because of an issue during my hike on Sunday...I was feeling trapped at home. I went upstairs and began cleaning which helped a little. I was starting to feel hungry and beginning to feel a pull toward junk food, so I just didn't make anything. Then I started to convince myself that I deserved to order a pizza for dinner. I tugged and pulled mentally for a while, then decided to do an emotional release yoga before doing anything else. I cried through most of the hour session, and journaled during and afterward as suggested by the instructor. That helped tremendously, but I was still feeling that pizza was the answer. Before I headed downstairs to order, my loved one texted me back, then called. We resolved our issue (which I was only able to address calmly because of the yoga and journaling...). I finally decided that I would stick with the original plan of ham and broccoli, but discovered that my husband was making spaghetti and meat sauce. So I had zoodles and meat sauce. Somehow I got through all the feelings without sabotaging myself, not really on my own and with luck and good timing, but I still got through them. Day 8 Mood-6, energy-5, Pain-3 Still feeling a little beaten up from yesterday, plus I didn't sleep great. Lots of shoulder pain this morning. M1-I was so hungry this morning, so I made a breakfast favorite - sauteed banana with scrambled eggs and cinnamon and black coffee M2-yesterday's plan for lunch M3-My butcher box order is due today, and I would like to make Kulua pig for dinner. If not, last night's plan for ham and broccoli. Goals for today- Dress before lunch! early afternoon gym session yoga this evening
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    Dear wine, cheese, scale, sushi, pasta, pizza and dessert: I miss you all, I really do. But it's been 19 days without most of you (took me a while to quit you scale) and I walked through Whole Foods after an intense workout and barely twinged when I caught sight of most of you. I read labels - and noted that items I looked at were already turned to ingredients, which I imagined meant that another Whole30-er had come down the aisle ahead of me - and didn't buy anything non compliant. My clothes fit well this morning. Yes, I need to lose some fat, but removing the bloat and inflammation brought me down to a reasonable girth for my clothing. And I accomplished a ton of work and other errands today without dragging around as a result of poor food choices or the glass of wine that I likely would have had to celebrate my win today. So look. I am starting to realize that not only can I live without all of you, I can thrive. I guess this is what forming a new habit looks like. But don't worry, there will be times that I will want to hang out with all of you - especially the scale - I just want to be smart and meaningfully interact with you all on my terms, not yours. Love, Me. PS it is entirely possible that I will change my opinion on this immediately and without warning and tell you how much I miss and love you all.
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    For dinner I marinated some chicken thighs in Coconut Aminos, a couple of pureed dates, garlic, ginger, smoked paprika, onion flakes, and ground lemon zest. Will serve with seasoned cauli rice and a cabbage/carrot/fennel slaw in raspberry vinaigrette.
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    Old and tired and sick and gray

    That is how my brother in law responds when you ask him how he’s doing...and I get it! I’m almost 68 and in good health and pretty good shape, but the aches and pains (that my friends claim are due to age) are creeping in. On that note I will lose many listeners because the younger crowd cannot relate, but I am joining this forum because I would love some like minded people in my world. I am very strong willed so I expect to succeed at my second Whole30, but continuing with healthy habits may be an issue. I am on day 16 and incredibly lazy and unmotivated...consequently pretty angry and frustrated! I am a people pleaser which serves me in two ways. It makes it pretty easy to follow the plan, even when it makes me grumpy, but it also makes it difficult, when I socialize, to say “No” to drinking and eating the wrong foods. I find little support for a plan that is designed to help deal with overall health rather than weight loss. Again, I reach out to this forum and hope to find others in the same boat.
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    Jenn's W30 - 8/15 - 9/13

    I missed yesterday, but I'm still on track! It's Day 8! Yesterday I did weights and this morning some intervals of running/walking. Have a nice weekend everyone!
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    Day 1 Hi.. wish me luck to keep up these posts. Today is day 1. I've done several Whole30's in the past, I would guess 3 successfully, maybe 4. I love the structure. I love the black and white. I need that. I need an easy no. Food Freedom sounds amazing, but I still struggle and each Whole30 helps me understand my strengths and weaknesses better. I'm mostly back at this because I want to be in control again. Whole30's give me control. I decided I was going to start this round when I ran out of my meal prepped breakfasts that had cheese in them. They ran out yesterday and I last night late I meal-prepped some compliant mini-quiches to ensure I started off well. But, otherwise I haven't prepared that well for this round. I have done one Whole30 since my boyfriend and I have been together and he was supportive. Now we live together and I will face my first Whole30 with someone else's food in the house. At this point I'm only loosely concerned about this, but there it is. Again, I like the black and white of the Whole30 program and I'm a rule-follower. I struggle normally staying away from his chips and bread and snacks, but I do think through a Whole30 I may miss it seeing it there, but seeing it won't be followed by an internal negotiation with myself and my ability to portion control. We just moved in together, so I thought starting out with a Whole30 would help me set a tone mentally for how I need to manage my nutrition in this environment. Overall I do a really bad job with eating when I socialize. I need to work on that. Thanks for listening. Here's to the next 30 days! Laura Starting weight 181.2lbs
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    I know this feeling too. @MadyVanilla had a good suggestion for a way to deal with the depression etc. Try to talk to someone outside of your house at least once a day. Have an open mind and look for meaningful conversation with everyone you meet. Neighbours were the best answer for me. I walk often with my dog, but also bring along dog treats for other people's dogs, which helped to meet a few new people in my neighbourhood and then led to conversation. You will often be standing on opposite sides of the street to talk, keeping social distancing guidelines but it's real in-person contact with other people. I believe that by making a conscious effort daily to get perspective from others brought me back from the brink. Ok that's being dramatic, but it did help me. A lot. With the nice weather coming it will be easier to enjoy time outside, even if it's only 2 hours a day. Hang in there.
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    My morning shock today was when I started my journal entry and noted that today is day 23. That means my last day is September 8. I had counted it to the 9th. Which meant re-intro on the 10th. But I planned for the 11th in light of work commitments. So now, I can technically have a reintroduce day on the 9th (wine, I think) followed by compliant days on 10th and 11th and re-intro (dairy) on the 12th. But I don’t think I’m going to do that. I have a brutal schedule through the afternoon of the 11th and taking in a happy hour (sans non compliant food) sounds amazing. Plus, I’m worried that I won’t feel great the day after reintroduction and I’d rather be off work. And maybe that means I stay compliant all week and then reintroduce on Fridays? That sounds somewhat appealing, especially if I reintroduce and can reincorporate some items back in. I still can’t believe I stuck to this for 23 days so far ...
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    Day 16, Tuesday September 1, 2020 Over half way! I've been remaining compliant but today is a difficult day. My sleep wasn't great last night, that's probably it. I'm feeling lots of cravings for anything sweet. I have been eating so much today, morning snacks (fruit, nuts, raisins & dates), and afternoon snacks (more fruit & nuts, plus some apple cider) in addition to my big meals. I'm feeling a bit hungrier than usual because of all the walking I'm doing, averaging over 17,000 steps for the past week, but I'm definitely eating more than I need to. It's just a blah feeling I have, and an old habit, to eat. I'm also feeling the drag of needing to be in the kitchen so much. What to cook? If it were only me it would be easy. Maybe I'll order pizza in or cook something from a box for the family tonight, and make myself something compliant, or eat my leftover spaghetti squash with meat and marinara sauce tonight. Whatever happens, I plan to stick with the plan. I'm coveting full time Tiger Blood...
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    Morning! I think it's Tuesday. I slept really well last night, even my Fitbit gave me a 90 - it's my first "Excellent" lol. Didn't think I would, because I went to bed crabby again, but hey, something had to give and apparently a good night's sleep was on the cards. Did not get on the elliptical last night, i just wasn't mentally in the zone. I'll get out there today though, plus my lunch walk with the doggo. Vertigo definitely seems to have faded into almost nothing, I'm at that stage where it's "is that vertigo, or am I just imagining it?" which is really nice. I'm actually glad that this time I've committed to a whole longer period, all my previous rounds have ended at 30 with a weigh in and then slowly bringing stuff back, but even though I might not have brought stuff back until day 45 or so, it was still "over" and my mental state had changed. I'd started snacking etc. I'm curious to see what a good solid longer period compliant will do. My birthday is at the end of the month, but with the lockdown (and the fact that I generally hate my birthday because it's usually shit) I plan on largely ignoring it, though that will be the temptation for wine. I'll deal with that when it comes, it's a whole month. A friend is sending us ice cream this week, it's part of UberEats "poor old Victoria" promo, people who don't live in lockdown can send people who do free B&Js ice cream. I'm going to thank her profusely and tuck it away for another day We're coming into some really nice weather, so I'm going to try and spend more time outside, even in my own yard where I don't need to mask up. Food for today - leftovers again, I have brisket, meatballs, and shredded duck. I could do an Asian style slaw (if one of my cabbages is ready) with the duck, hmm. Dinner will be decided once I go through the chest freezer
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    Take Advantage

    A quick note to say all is going well - wrapping up Day 6, dinner is cooking now. I don't like to miss more than one day of journaling, and I got up for an early breakfast and gym workout yesterday morning and never got on the computer. Five mile hike with the dog today (gorgeous day!) and plans to hit the mat soon after dinner for a good restorative session.
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    So I found this Italian antipasti blend in the international aisle and it just happened to be compliant, so I got it and it's delicious! Ingredients are Olive oil, hot chili peppers, carrots, eggplant, artichoke, peppers, dried tomatoes, mushrooms, salt and vinegar. But what I love most about it is the name, check it out:
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    Sunday! I realised last night that I hadn't had vertigo. It's like hiccups, you don't really notice it stop, you just realise sometime later that it's not there anymore. So we shall see if that keeps up, but day 18 appears to be the magic day! Low-key day today, yesterday was huge for the activity, and I want to work on my cross-stitch. I'll try and get out to the elliptical for 30 minutes. Food will be leftovers for lunch, I have duck and fennel salad. Also ended up having some leftover lamb because that duck leg was small! Plus olives. I really want to make sweet potato waffles (just SP and egg, I finally have a waffle maker!) but that might wait until I make burgers with waffle 'buns'... hmm. Tempting. To do that tonight, I'd have to duck out for rolls for the hubster... hmm.
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    Like an Onion

    Day 2 yesterday: 8/28/20 -- The day was fine & compliant. It was our anniversary - married 21 years - and he was out of town for work. Not the first time & won't be the last ... so, no big deal. @MadyVanilla ~ I'm sorry, I haven't been venturing out to explore other people's logs or any other discussions here. Have you not completed a Whole 30 yet? I think getting that full 30 days in at some point, when the time is right can really be a life-changing experience. It was for me, anyway. But I also think that this way of eating is just the best human diet that makes sense - and what I mean is, the things that are eliminated are simply not the best human choices. Every thing that has been eliminated is gone for a reason. So "lightening the load" on your body - even one day at a time - can certainly be beneficial, as well. I'm glad you agree. Too many people get stuck in an all or nothing mentality.
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    Day 12, Friday August 28, 2020 I haven't posted in a few days (I tried on Day 10 but my computer gave out as I was submitting my reply) but I've stayed on Whole 30. My meals have been same old, same old, and I'm ok with that. Cravings: this afternoon I was a bit rushed for lunch, and rather than prepare a meal what I really wanted was to grab a quick bowl of cereal. I'm glad I didn't. I made a salad and felt much better than if I'd had cereal with milk, which was my standard rushed lunch for years. With the cooler weather lately I've been walking a lot, and I went to the gym today too. I've noticed that my appetite has increased a bit. Yay - I get to eat even more food! Today I cheated and weighed myself at the gym. I debated weighing in, but decided to go for it because the InBody pod scans more than just weight. I wanted to know if I had lost any fat weight. As it turns out, I lost some fat and gained some muscle. Not bad for just under 4 weeks. My personal trainer has been telling me for years to stop thinking about losing weight, rather consider losing fat and gaining muscle. I guess I'm a slow learner LOL! I am pleased with the new numbers, and credit the wholesome food I'm eating on Whole30 plus my new intentional walking, aiming for 15,000+ steps most days. I don't plan to weigh in again until after Day 30. I'm finding it fairly easy to remain compliant. I have a selection of meals that I like and can make quickly, and my family has been eating more Whole30 meals too, they just don't know it. This evening H has gone out for errands and a fast food dinner, I had no trouble saying no that I didn't want to go along. Occasionally I miss the junky stuff, but I get over it. Sleep: I've been sleeping better, my FitBit Sleep Score was 80+ (Good) for the past four nights. It may be W30 or maybe the extra exercise, or a combo of both. I had chocolate a couple of days ago! It was in an Rx bar, oh it was a nice treat. No sugar, just egg whites, fruit, nuts and chocolate wrapped up in 209 calories. It was a special treat for myself after spending fifteen minutes walking up and down a toboggan hill in the city. Totally planned. I won't make these things a habit, but it did feel good to have a 'bar' that was tasty and good for me too. Plan for the weekend: I am out of frozen meals, so make some W30 single serve meals to stash away in the freezer. I also need to focus on Whole30 a bit more, and plan out some more meals/groceries. I may not be able to withstand cravings if I don't have any compliant food on hand.
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    Saturday! It's a lovely day, I'm just waiting for the sun to dry off the grass so I can mow. I was going to clear out some of my non-producers in my veggie patch today, but when I looked yesterday, my late bloomers are coming through and I have baby cauliflowers and oodles of brussel sprouts! Yay! After mowing, I will take the dog for a big walk (might even sneak out past the 1 hour limit *GASP*. Then I'm going to get the Weber going and spatchcock a chicken for dinner - might even do 2, so there's leftover, though the fridge is leftover central right now - brisket (3 meals, maybe 4), lamb steak (1 meal) chicken thigh (1 meal), tenderloin and root veg mash (1 meal)... hmm, maybe I don't need that second chook after all. It's such a lovely day, this is the first day I really wish I could have a drink, not even for the alcohol but it feels like that kind of day, so once all is taken care of, i'm going to make myself a pitcher of virgin Mojitos (no sugar) and sit in the yard in a lawn chair with a book.
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    Take Advantage

    And things are starting to get easier, no cravings at all...today has been extremely busy with work. I typically journal in the morning, but I'm just getting a chance to do it now in the late afternoon (instead of going for a walk!) Yesterday was compliant, I just didn't get to go for a bike ride because of work. It's ramp-up week at work, next week will be easier. Day 4 Mood-7, Energy-7, Pain-1 M1-leftover ground beef and zoodles M2-onion and mushrooms sauteed in ghee with compliant ham on cassava tortillas M3-I don't even know. I'm still full and satisfied from lunch. Let's go with chicken tenders in a compliant sauce with cauliflower rice. And spinach, to add some greens. I was planning to take the dog on a long walk, that might still happen. Yoga, of course. I'm going to breakfast with family in the morning, then to the gym afterward, so that should help me accomplish my goals for the week.
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    I look forward to your forthcoming Whole 30 cookbook. This sounds tasty, colorful, and nourishing! Wow!
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    Thank you!! Thursday (Blursday, lol) We're having some really nice weather over the next couple of days, which is a double edged sword. On one hand YAY SUN! On the other, boo not being allowed to go for a hike or a beach walk. At least I can mow the lawn on Saturday, it's way too high but it's been too wet to do it. Slept REALLY well again last night, I love my W30 sleeps, they're the best. Last night's dinner was as written but without the fries - my fish man gave me HUGE pieces of salmon so the chips were not needed to fill the plate. LOVED the cucumber salad - just thinly slices cucumber with a coconut yogurt, garlic, fresh mint, lemon juice and black pepper dressing. It will be such a good summer salad. Today's food - the never ending brisket and broccolini (yesterday was brisket and brussel sprouts because I ate all the broccolini lol) Dinner - I have a whole beef filet that I got on super sale, I'm going to rub it in something delicious and serve it thin sliced and medium rare with green peppercorn sauce and sides that are yet to be determined. I know hubster will want duck fat potatoes, for sure. I currently don't have a grill/BBQ and I've decided I want/need one coming into the better weather. Currently browsing for one, thinking I want a Weber Q - I want something with a lid and a temp control, but that's small enough to fit on the area outside my back door. I would grill SO much - I have griddle pans for my stovetop but it smokes out the house and spits fat.
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    Good suggestion. I have been buying Spindthrift sparkling water and I use it in the afternoon when I get a bit of a slump after drinking several bottles of water. I think part of the problem is that there is no "reward food" on the program. I know that's actually the point - we are supposed to eat when we are hungry and not be driven by compunction/cravings/hormones/emotions, but a little reward can go a long way. Someone had suggested kombucha and I read Melissa's article on it and I don't think I want to go there. It's like we are breaking down our system of eating/drinking and after a lifetime of developing these habits, this is really hard. I'm not sure that 30 days is enough time to "break" all of the habits. But I'm committed and one of my Dailies on Habitica is that I eat compliant, so I anticipate that I will stay compliant but will be frustrated several days. I think tonight I am going to workout and hit Whole Foods. Just getting some different foods in here will help, I hope. 13 days to go until reintroduction....
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    Wow. Today has been hard. My husband is out of town, which I thought would help me to stick with the program since he wouldn’t be wanting to go out. Instead, I’m lonely. He’s been gone since early Friday and all I want is to either order food off program or to hit a bar. A glass of wine. Perhaps some great food from restaurant week. And all of my food is chicken. So tired of chicken. I had a pork loin in the freezer but it has sugar. Insert heavy sigh. Lesson. Have varied food choices pre made. Or at least some compliant meats in the freezer. Ugh. Guess I’m headed to Whole Foods tomorrow. And it’s worth the effort, I get it. Just a tough night - grateful that I can vent here.
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    Just here to say that a "6 hour slow roasted brisket in pomegranate and pecan marinade, with a pistachio mint gremolata" sounds phenomenal. You're on a cooking hot streak!
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    Anyone else notice that Waze now shows you on the map where you can buy Reeses? Yup, it's there and you don't even have to ask for that con to appear, it's just there. So, after a disappointing dinner tonight, seeing that icon made me want a Reeses Peanut Butter cup and a class of sauvignon blanc. A very cold one in a stemmed wine glass. Yes, I'm obsessing. So, I need to figure out why. I was looking forward to dinner. I was meeting someone that I hadn't seen since March (or earlier) and he has always been a bit of a mentor and a good person to talk about views of life. With my husband out of town, I was looking forward to catching up and the companionship. It didn't happen. He talked at least 85% of the time, telling me long stories about interactions with clients and such. Two hours later I was grateful to leave and was frankly, disappointed that he asked nothing about me or my life. No, I don't think I would have had a better time had I been drinking - I think that he was just in a mood and wanted to talk about that, without regard to asking about myself or my world in COVID. Yes, I think my feelings were hurt a little but more so, I was disappointed in the interaction being lacking - recognizing that we are all in a weird social space these days. On the way home, the road was closed for an accident. Insert heavy sigh. Insert Waze imagery of Reeses. I miss wine. I miss treats from time to time. I miss what I did normally. But it's day 14, and I am almost over the halfway mark, so throwing that progress away would just be disappointing. So, I am eating some cashews and grapes. Yes, probably a little emotional snacking, but it's on program and its what I need tonight. Tomorrow is another day.....
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    Life and routine as I knew it changed dramatically on Friday, March 13, 2020 as it did for most everyone when suddenly schools and businesses were closed in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. I was visiting my endocrinologist that day when the call closing school came to me. My weight at that visit was the heaviest that I had ever weighed at 214lbs. As I sat at home day in and day out with my special needs son, I realized that I had two choices. I could either eat myself into oblivion due to sheer boredom or I could use this gift of time productively to make some life changes. I decided it was time to re-evaluate my habits and begin a journey to a healthier me. I had turned 50 in January and was officially old and obese. You name it as far as diets or programs went and I had tried it. NOTHING worked!!! I had been diagnosed with two different auto-immune disorders and my metabolism seemed to be at a complete standstill. I did not think I would ever be able to lose weight again. Then one afternoon on my daily drive just to get my son out of the house, I was listening to the radio when the host started to share his personal journey with Whole30. Something just clicked and I thought why not try one more time even though it probably won't work since nothing else has. I immediately came home and ordered every book I could get my hands on from Amazon. Once the books arrived, I could not read them fast enough. This program really began to speak to me and resonate in the deepest parts of me that had felt like a failure and had become hopeless. I set my start date for my first Whole30 for March 27, 2020. I prepped my kitchen, myself and my family for what was about to take place over the next 30 days. I used the Day by Day guide to help me stay on track and continued to read, research and meal plan throughout the 30 days. The first week was hard, the second seemed to get better and by the third week I was feeling so much better physically. The taste of real food seemed to improve so much as my system cleared itself of all the toxins and yuck that I had been filling it with for so long. As I approached the end of my Whole30, I made the decision to extend it into more of a Whole45 because I wanted to be completely clear of all the effects of my poor eating habits for years. When I returned for another doctors visit at 40 days into my Whole45, my doctor was astonished that I had lost 15lbs. Honestly so was I!!! I knew I was feeling better and noted several great NSVs but had not weighed myself since I knew the doctors visit was coming up. I was eating lots of food. Lots of good, delicious and nutritious food and was still losing weight and feeling wonderful. How could this be?? Obviously there was something to this Whole30 program. It has now been four months since I began my Whole30 journey. Now I can say that I am working on true "Food Freedom". I also began to channel my newfound energy into exercise and physical fitness training in May. According to my last doctors visit two weeks ago, I am officially down 30lbs and 25 inches over my whole body. However the weight loss is not the most important aspect of this journey. I have found myself again. The self that I thought was gone forever. The person who feels confident in her own skin and who has energy and stamina. I wake up daily more refreshed and ready to exercise and face the day than I did 20 years ago. My clothes are falling off which is funny especially since I haven't been able to go shopping during quarantine. I'm now walking at least 3 miles a day, weight and flexibility training and can see major muscle changes and definition. Let's just say my husband is enjoying all my new energy and confidence as well! Melissa - I cannot thank you enough for all you have put into the Whole30 program. It has been a game changer and a LIFE SAVER for me. I was on my way to a heart attack and major health issues before starting on this journey. I still have 40lbs to lose to be at the weight my doctors think is best, but for the first time in forever I honestly believe that this goal is achievable because you have given me the tools and knowledge I need to succeed. I do not have to count calories, buy pills or special foods. I get to enjoy eating real food that is delicious and still lose weight and inches. Whole30 has changed my life!!!! The attached pictures were taken 60 days apart and approximately 20 lbs down. I was shocked by the difference as I have never done before and after comparison pictures where you could actually tell a difference before. Again - THANK YOU Whole30!!