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  1. I couldn't wait to get up this morning to take my stats. I was 100% compliant these last 30 days. NOT EASY!!! The sugar detox was the worst part of it. I got through the haze of days 2-5 and then it was on to the races for me. I have, strike that, HAD a total of 72.4 pounds to lose going into this. .I felt completely out of control with my food and Whole30 was a last ditched effort for me to get it together already and make some REAL changes. No sugar at all. No baked goods, not even Heinz ketchup (love the Whole30 stuff!) and now I like my homemade mayo better than Hellman's. I don't even mis
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    I can’t help with a date but I will say this: you’re thinking of this (understandably) as a frightening thing because you are imagining it from you, now. But you will very quickly see that this is not some hideous punishment, but the single greatest act of self care you can show yourself. Your body will very quickly reward you for this. It’s so very, very worth it. That feeling will go a long way to replacing the crutch you currently get from those foods. Good luck.
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    Cyperus esculentus

    Thank you for your reply! I did in fact search for all name variants before posting my question, but I must have done something wrong, since there was no hit.
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  4. Good God, how did I let myself go so far off beaten path? Just 2 years ago I ran a half marathon. I am now heavier than I ever have been including pregnancy. I now have weird aches and pains that I cannot attribute to anything except extra weight and getting older. I have to make a change now. I just got back from vacation and saw full well how far I have let myself go. My lower belly now can rest on my upper thighs. My once loose tankani was supper tight. Even the one piece racing one piece is super snug. The once super confident happy person is gone. Though my boyfriend and my birthday are
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  5. The process pf making ghee involves cooking the butter until the milk solids separate, and the straining the milk solids off and discarding them. So it starts from milk, and has to list milk as an ingredient, but the most problematic parts of milk have been removed, which is why Whole30 allows it. If you were allergic to milk, you would probably still want to avoid it, but for most people it won't cause any issues.
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    Hint Water

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  7. I started my Whole30 on May 1, 2021. Finished today, May 30. I've decided to do a Whole60 so it continues... The first two weeks were rocky for me. I tracked with the symptoms given in my Day-to-Day and Whole30 books. At the two-week mark I decided to give up coffee. I had cut back from 4 cups in the morning to 2 cups and then 1 cup. I didn't enjoy it at all after I started the Whole30 and quit using half-and-half and stevia. So it was easy to cut back. Cutting it out completely was another story. I did it slowly but apparently not slowly enough. I had a headache the first day without coffee a
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  8. I am on day #29 and have had more hot flashes and night sweats during these 29 days, than I've had in the last 6 months. I love what @beejay10 wrote above! It makes sense to me
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  9. Finished my Whole60 today. I'll be adding some things back but for the most part my diet will remain the same. I feel good without flour, sugar and dairy. A lot of my symptoms went away, not all of them, but I'm not sure food was the source of those issues. I'll add back hummus and other beans, I might experiment with yogurt and a little cheese to see if I can tolerate some dairy. So I guess that's it. Sixty days - yay! It was a lonely journey. If I go back on the diet, I probably won't be doing the forum. Maybe it was just a quiet time of the year - not sure. But it was discouraging. I f
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