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    My 15 year old daughter and I are starting today. This will be my 3rd round and her first. We're excited and I spent most of yesterday food prepping while she read through the PDFs and lists, etc. She actually approached me about doing this, so I'm along for moral support. I had a *very* off program summer so need to get back into better habits. We're both looking forward to it. Let me know if you're starting today too and we can check on one another and keep honest
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    Hi @Hope4Overcomers! I am on my 6th day today and feeling so much better than the first few days! I am pretty proud of myself actually after my crazy weekend. I went to a party on Saturday and brought my own food and didn't consume any alcohol. On Sunday I went out on a boat with friends and brought snacks for myself and when we had lunch I got a turkey burger with a salad and used hot sauce as dressing as I didn't know if any of the restaurant dressings were compliant. I feel like I have finally got over the hump of craving sugar and bread ect. and now crave all the good Whole 30 approved food I have been eating. By the way one of my favorite go to foods has been the curry chicken salad lettuce wraps from the Fast & Easy book. This book has been a life saver with working full time because the meals are so easy and quick to whip up. Hope everyone is doing well too! Stay strong Meg
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    I came across Mel Joulwan’s book Well Fed in a used book store. I bought it because I liked the layout and was totally surprised to find it based on Whole30/paleo lifestyle. What a treasure. Her Sunday cook ups with quantities for being well prepared for the week made my first Whole30 not only doable but actually fun. Keeping a good range of options always at the ready, made weekday meals quick, easy and fantastic. Yesterday, Day 1 was a disaster for me. Had an all-day board meeting for which I was nutritionally unprepared. The foods they provided were like a child’s birthday party. Bagels, cake, chips and candy, “seriously”? It was bad. I’m erasing that day. Today is day 1 for me.
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    Hi ladies! I started on August 1st. The first couple days were rough, but I’m on day 4 and feeling much better. I prepped a large amount of shredded chicken and have eaten so much of it in lettuce wraps, either with buffalo or the curry chicken salad in the fast & easy book. I’m trying to always keep my fridge stocked with options so that I don’t feel tempted to give up. So glad to have other people going through this at the same time!
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    @wp3 I read your post from your original thread... Wow, you have quite a journey ahead! I wish you the very, very best! May I offer one recommendation, based off of personal experience? Ditch the scale. Truly. Like you, I cheated and weighed myself during my first Whole30. Like you, I saw immediate weight loss. And I convinced myself that it wasn't changing the way I was eating. That I was just as committed to following the rules, recommendations, and meal template. But, truth be told, I did change the way I ate. I loved seeing the weight go down, so what big deal was it if I just skipped the fat portion of a meal here or there? I truly believe that my reluctance to eat fat (because I wanted to lose weight and because I loved seeing that number go down) prevented me from seeing some of the other NSVs I really and truly hoped to see. Maybe this won't be an issue for you, but it certainly was for me, even though I would have never admitted it at the time. Fat is such an integral part of the program. Becoming fat adapted will help you manager hunger and satiety and it will help you get energy! I see that energy is a big goal for you, so I strongly encourage you to trust in the program, follow the rules (including the one about not weighing yourself) and see how it goes for 30 days. Perhaps when you extend your program, you can add it back in but maybe try without it for 30 days. And don't avoid the fat because it's good for you! Anyway, I hope this doesn't come off as rude or judge-y! I wish you the absolute best!
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    And, in the spirit of sharing, I wanted to pass along my very favorite Whole30 recipe blogger (well, really, she's a paleo blogger but she has a whole section of her site dedicated to Whole30). Her recipes are AMAZING and are on regular rotation in my Whole30 meal planning. Here are some of my favorites from her: https://www.paleorunningmomma.com/twice-baked-potatoes-paleo-whole30-vegan/ (probably the. best. potatoes. in. the. whole. wide. world) https://www.paleorunningmomma.com/stuffed-acorn-squash-paleo-whole30/ (so so so so so good! I've made it at least four or five times) https://www.paleorunningmomma.com/citrus-grilled-shrimp-zoodles-paleo/ https://www.paleorunningmomma.com/chicken-brussels-sprouts-bacon-whole30-paleo/ Also, if you're on Instagram, check out the @Whole30Recipes Instagram feed! They have guest bloggers/chefs/nutritionists/cookbook authors/regular people take over each week and post recipes. They're all Whole30 approved.
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    Hi - My husband and I were 10 days in and doing well - i was trying to read as much of the Whole30 book each night as I had time to review and was so mad at myself when I read fresh peas were not allowed - not sure how I missed that we have eaten fresh peas on a few salads - so we started day one again today ! I would like to follow this group so I can get some support and ideas - I am yet to meet anyone who has heard of Whole30 where I live even tho I know a lot of people involved in health & fitness - Keto and fasting are the new popular trends in Melbourne and of course Paleo - so I've already come across a bit of skepticism in regards to what I'm trying to achieve by doing Whole30 - hoping to find some encouragement here!
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    I am starting August 6. Looking forward to it. Just got back from vacation and needed some motivation to get back to basics. Usually I eat Paleo style with intermittent fasting. Looking for something new to get back on track.
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    Greetings Comrades!! I so wish I could respond right now to each of you individually because you are all near and dear to my heart. But I can’t. We’re having a very rough time with a family members health and it’s been a time consumer. Foremost, I would love to welcome each and every new comer to our group that I’ve not gotten to reply to personally. Each and every one of us, no matter where we are on our journey, is vital to this group. Welcome one and all! Second, I apologize to anyone that’s tagged me and I’ve not yet responded. Simply haven’t been able to get to it all but it’s all important to me. Really. Third, a praise report. Even though I’ve been experiencing a family challenge I am Whole30 compliant. Yayyy me! Not as perfect of meals as I’d prefer but none the less on target on the Whole30 program and lifestyle. Let me tell you, that feels good!! I trust everyone will keep right up with your outstanding posting! It’s such an encouragement to me! Please do indeed be encouraged as I said, you so encourage me! Each and everyone of you rock and I feel so blessed to be a member of this awesome, awsome, group! Your Fan, Dianne
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    I am starting for my first time. Plan to spend all day today getting ready and prepping my protein and veggies for the week ! I am a newbie so will be on the forum a lot! In September I turn 60 so I’d like to get my act together for this part of my life once and for all.
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    For those struggling to escape the scale, evict it from your house, have a friend hold it at their house until your Whole30 is over or get them to put it in their car boot. A large part of the temptation is that it's there in your house. If you're struggling with too much cooking time, check out the Hot Plates listed here, it's the least prep and still tasty meals, perfect for week nights or to pad out your menu plans for the week. http://meljoulwan.com/2013/07/27/whole30-week-1-food-plan/ (scroll down to Hot Plates) I'll be finishing up the last of my two roast chickens https://nomnompaleo.com/post/26079656034/julia-childs-classic-roast-chicken so I'll soon be able to use the bones to make tasty chicken bone broth, which I use to make this fantastic soup http://meljoulwan.com/2012/11/05/silky-gingered-zucchini-soup/
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    Hello Diane and group, This is my first time on the official Whole30. I just finished my Day 1, and would like to join in your support group. A few months ago I had the IGg food sensitivity test done, and I am intolerant to all the things that Whole30 eliminates, plus eggs and a few other foods. I have spent that time trying to eliminate everything, but have had a hard time getting past the 10-14 days. So I am hoping for support and advice. I can get past the first few days of physical cravings, but then the mental triggers kick in and my resolve slips. Making it past those barriers would be huge. Thanks.
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    @Elizabeth33 Thank you so much for those links about eating Whole30 in the wilderness. That was super kind and thoughtful! Good news though! I removed any excuse to not eat Whole30 in the backcountry by purchasing a dehydrator. So, I'm just going to make my own Whole30-compliant backpacking meals and take those with me. I have plenty ideas for snacks, so that should be fine. I just didn't know how to make my three main meals work (when I'm camping, it's not a problem because I just cook a slightly simplified version of what I make at home; but when backpacking, without refrigeration and with weight being of concern, I just couldn't figure it out). But now I have! Yay! So thank you again! But I'm more committed than ever now that I've figured out a way around that hurdle.
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    Hi everyone. Hope you don't mind me jumping in. I have been on and off Whole30 for a while as means to control stress, anxiety and bad eating habits. On the latter, I am 70% a healthy eater, cook all my meals but the other 30% is binging under stress and eating way too much sugar, my drug of choice! I am still battling for total food freedom but have absolutely made progress with the guard rails that W30 provides. I would like company as I try to use all my lessons learned to keep improving and finding the right balance. My lessons learned thus far are not substituting plates of fruit for sugar or overdoing the sweet potato and carb-heavy veg to compensate. And keeping my beak out of the nuts as they really upset my stomach. One thing to say, another thing to do. Anyway, wishing you all a great start and day!
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    Bad news: I already caved and weighed myself mod edit to remove scale discussion - choosing to break the rules is up to you but we don't host those discussions. This not weighing thing is going to be hard.
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    Just finished getting caught up on the posts. Glad nicpadua followed me here! I love seeing the recipe suggestions. Definitely going to check those out. I am one of those people who needs to keep it simple in the kitchen but I also worry I might get bored with my food as this goes on. Going to keep my eye out for all those simple but tasty recipes.
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    Hello everyone. I’m starting my 2nd round tomorrow, 8/4. Completed my first 30 in May. I felt great, then It all went a little sideways with four really fabulous events with travel and family and food, need I say more? Looking forward to sharing this journey with all of you and feeling great again.
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    Hi Everybody!! I’ve got a lot of posts on here to catch up on and I’m excited to do so! Welcome to everyone! I couldn’t be more thrilled we’re all together in this healthy journey. If you live in the eastern states we’ve already begun if you’re like me in Mountain Standard Time, we’re almost there. I’m so excited and I need this so badly! Some of you started on earlier dates and you’re leading the pack. Welcome again one and all. I’ll be posting more over the weekend. Lets rock and roll!! Be encouraged!! Dianne
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    Hi guys, I’m new here, and I also came from the other group! I started on July, 31st but already failed. So I’ll start again tomorrow!
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    Great! Welcome @wp3! We're hoping to rally a large, active group to help each other get through this! :-) We're really happy to have you. I plan to start tomorrow. How are your first few days going?
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    So this is day 0 for us. I haven't really said anything about myself so I will now. I completed my successful one into 2013. Since then I have tried to do other ones but have fallen off. Here are my reasons for doing this I am now in a critical stage of inflammation and all of my old injuries in my shoulders elbows and wrists activate it and I am in pain Health issues: high cholesterol, gastritis, enlarged liver, and Leakey gut I have eczema food and environment and pet allergies. Food sensitivities are garlic, onions, tomatoes, dairy, wheat/gluten and some citrus. So I will be excluding night shade veggies. Sleep issues falling and staying asleep. I can definitely lose some weight as well but I am not concerned about that at this point. My problem is I prep all the food and then don’t eat it. I am a bona fide fast food junkie. I love going to breakfast and reading. That is my current vice and sugar. My NSV goals are to Get a better handle on the sugar dragon No going to fast food and reading Eat all meals that are home cooked (only if invited out to eat go to a restaurant.) Keep kitchen clean after cooking Doing my PT every day, and whenever possible walking & stretching into my week. What are my Temptations Breakfast at fast food and a gossip magazine. Pizza and chocolate chip cookie night on Saturday with kids club Walking by all the pastries in the back on my job Saturdays and Sundays Oops something happened to my food or not enough time to food prep My mantra will be “This too will pass” and “this isn’t, hard fighting _________is hard” from Mellissa and Dallas. I have been trying to restart the whole 30 on and off several years really. If/then. I don’t have anything planned for special occasions for Aug. If I am tempted to go out for breakfast to eat and read a magazine then review my reasons why then make sure I have enough protein and fat in my meal. Read helpful excerpts from the book. This isn’t hard, cravings leave in 3-5 mins. And remember I truly am the one in charge, not my cravings, would I let my an infant eat cookies and drink Diet Coke? T I am waking by non compliant food at work (on Sat & Sun I work at a place that has several restaurants and they have the best desserts ie salted chocolate chip cookies, French pastries, buffet etc.) Then I think of my reasons why and keep walking by. Eat down in the closed restaurant so I am not by the food. If while working the kids movie event I get pizza, chocolate, etc on my hands then wipe it off with a napkin. I need to get into the habit of this in my life instead of licking my fingers. This has definitely been the cause for me to have to restart. Also make sure I have compliant snacks so if I am hungry I have something to eat If I need to grab a bite to eat because I didn’t bring enough food then find a compliant place to go. Ie no hormones lettuce wrap burger at Carl’s Jr., salad bar at Ralph’s with can of tune or salad at another non-fast food restaurant, etc. side note take extra food for the day (compliant canned tuna or chicken, some extra veggies sticks, fruit, nuts, RX bar for severe emergencies only) f invited out to lunch then scope out the menu before hand for compliant foods. Let the person know what I am doing as well. If invited for dinner then find out what’s on the menu and offer to bring something compliant. Make them aware of my allergies. If nothing compliant then bring my own meal and explain why to do that. 3 emergency meals Ground chicken, veggies cooked on hand Shredded chicken, mixed greens, avocado, and small amount of fruit or sweet potato Canned chicken or Tuna What are yours? I am also going to go to the other threads and invite them to join our group
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    @TracyOKeeffe You're welcome! Let us know how you like the potatoes! I hope you like them as much as I do! :-)
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    @jeslight I totally get you on keeping the recipes simple. When I first tried Whole30, I signed up for a meal planning service and tried to plot out all my meals using awesome recipes but it got way too complicated and time consuming. I honestly found that I was most successful when I just cooked up very simple meals (at least during the week; I do use the fun, awesome recipes on weekends). A burger patty with mayo, lettuce, avocado, dill pickle spears and a small side salad. Or chicken cooked up in oil with a huge side of carrots, broccoli, and guacamole. Just simple stuff! How is your Whole30 going so far?
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    I think I'm going to join you guys as well! I've done one very successful Whole30 in the past (and several failed ones since then) so this is more about getting back to the healthiest way I know how to eat than to experiment with food allergies. I absolutely loved the results I achieved in my first round and want to have those in my life again because I've completely reverted back to very, very bad eating habits in the nearly-year since I did my Whole30. My primary reason for doing this is general health. I'm "only" 32 and I want to be able to do all the things I love for many, many, many years to come! I love the outdoors (backpacking, hiking, mountain biking, paddleboarding, climbing) and I can't imagine a life without those things. I want to be that 70-year old lady out on the hiking trail someday, totally killing it. So I'm here to eat the healthiest way I know. However, I'll be completely frank that I may not finish the entire 30 days because I am allowing myself an out if a two-night backpacking opportunity comes up. I haven't figured out how to do a Whole30 while backpacking for two nights (meaning I need at least six meals, plus lots of snacks). As of now, I have one compliant backpacking meal and I'm not eating that for three days straight. Come mid-September, I should have four more meal options so I could make it work then, but not yet. I look forward to doing this journey with a group! Let's do this! :-)
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    Starting whole30 6/1/18

    Just wanted to report here that I finished my Whole60 and I'm so proud of myself for doing a hard thing. My clothes are fitting better, went down a pants size, I have more energy for Saturday morning hiking, skin and hair on fleek, and gained a whole new set of eating habits. This has been so good for me. I weighed myself after the Whole60 was complete and I went down 23 pounds from June 2nd. This is the most I've ever lost before! I still have a long way to go, but Whole30 has taught me how to make progress towards my goal. I'm starting a month of reintroductions now, so I will still be eating Whole30 almost full-time. Thanks to everyone in this thread for the support over the past two months!