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    April Whole 30 2020

    I have been thinking about doing another round of Whole 30 and with all that is going on in the world right now I realized now is the perfect time to spend time working and rebuilding my relationship with food and myself. I hope others will join me on this journey!
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    Like an Onion

    So, I've gone back and looked ... and I've had 28 days that were not W30 compliant. 4 weeks of my life ~ gone. I can't think of any food I've had that was "worth" how I'm feeling right now: fat depressed fatigued angry disorganized ugly embarrassed The great news is: I know how to turn this around - and quickly. Monday seems like a good day to start journaling again. These past weeks, with everything going on in the world ... our lives completely changed ~ and in some ways, probably forever ... I have numbed myself to all of it with foods that wreak havoc on my body and mind. That time has passed for me. I am better than this, and I deserve better than this. Tomorrow is a new day. I'll be getting back to work (at home) after having over a week off for "spring break". My husband returns to work tomorrow, as well. The kids are still home, and don't start their e-learning plan for another week - but I have to get back to some sense of normalcy around here. Our new normal, I guess. It does not include diet Dr. Pepper (!) (WTF!) or corn chips, or candy bars. I hope anyone out there reading is doing okay ... doing well. This is certainly not the time to sit around and eat junk. If you, too, need a reset - let's do it together.
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    I’d love to hear your opinion about doing this during quarantine! I am highly considering joining the worldwide Whole30 on April 13 but I have to say I am super nervous. My biggest two fears are (1) the grocery stores will not have exactly what I want and will throw me off plan and (2) I’ve had such high anxiety levels that adding a Whole30 might make a bad situation even more stressful. Do you have any input as far as your experience with these? It looks like you’ve been doing great!! You’ve knocked out the hardest part!!
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    April Whole 30 2020

    Yes yes yes! I am excited to start another W30 tomorrow. I think that the structure of the W30 will help to restore a sense of control in a world that is currently spiraling out of same.
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    Like an Onion

    1 DAY of compliant food today ~ black coffee, sparkling water, and: GV frozen butter chicken meal, homemade "steak fries" in the air fryer w/ unsweetened ketchup (4) small chicken breasts w/ buffalo ranch, an apple tiny can of V8 --- What a crazy time to try to eat W30. Thankfully I already have several things in my house that are ok to eat, but ... this is interesting. Not like I have a stockpile of frozen meals ~ that would have been a pretty smart thing to do. But I stopped buying mass quantities of them when I sadly had to admit that they weren't doing fantastic things for my IBS. Hey, I'm happy to have one day done & already feel much more clear-headed. So much in life is a day at a time now. I'll take it.
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    Greg's Log, notes on progress. 3/1/2020

    Day 30!!!!!!!! OK, skipped a couple days in this journal that nobody will read. Here we are. Last day. Rather dreading getting on the scales. A voice in my head is saying I'm going to be angry and disappointed as I stare in disbelief at 1.5 lbs weight loss. Could happen. Still not thin as a rail. But hey people I'm 65. I've struggled the last few days wanting something to brighten up my meals. Last night, post-dinner, an apple and a banana and a few hazelnuts. Felt like I was cheating royally. Dinner was difficult because both my wife and I were busy with other things and didn't cook and prep like normal. Scrounged by on some leftover mashed potatoes, nothing off plan in them, mixed with an egg and asparagus slices. Pan fried this. Cooked up some cauliflower. Gnawed on some chicken. Hungry later, and then the fruit--which I really didn't ever eat much of because of blood sugar spiking and insulin release which led to carb cravings. But it seemed OK, about an hour after dinner. I had a big slip the other night. First off, a big fuck you to the finger-wagging rule hounds. This is my experiment and not yours, so I'm calling the slip "early feedback." A problema that has added some challenge to this is my wife is not on board, and her diet includes various grains, chocolate, non-wheat pasta, and shit like baked crust made with almond flour and other alternative flours which she spreads jam on and stuff. So having that wagged in my face has been rough at times. She has a severe allergy to any form of authority, so I think just having rules in the room that I happened to be following triggered a rebellions middle finger in her, as if she needed to demonstrate that she by God was not going be held accountable, and not only that she was going to defy the thing. So the other night she made soup. Started out just potatoes and asparagus, leaks and onions and mushrooms. She tossed in a coffee creamer of unsweetened soy milk, very thick and concentrated. Didn't ask. So I'm fucking starving, it's about 8:15 at night, I had no alternative dishes to yank out of the refrigerator, so I took the soup and ate it. It was delicious. And, right after eating, my head felt stuffed up. I was exhausted. My thinking was muddled. I attribute this to the effect of the soy milk. So that shit is off my diet plan. Don't need that again. I did have a quarter tsp. of Tamari soy sauce twice this month (another big fuck you to the shaming rule hounds who would put me in stocks in the public square for ths), and it did not have any negative effect. Fermented is the difference I suspect plus the very small quantity. I am worried about re-entry. I don't want to jump right back on the train and start up with the chocolate, peanuts, etc. I've been so clear headed and felt so good. So perhaps I'll build a structure, like Tues. and Thurs. is open to allow a few things to be reintroduced. The soy was a good test--it wasn't mixed in with other off plan things so it was clear that my body didn't like it. Basta! Finito! Done. We're on quarantine or I'd take a 30 mile bike ride today, though it is rather damp and could rain.
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    Amy's Log for 2020

    @Amy_Michigan ~ please check in when you can. Reading through your recent posts reminded me, I was sick for about 2 weeks of March, also. I'm finally over it, I guess ... I still have a feeling of fluid in one ear especially, sometimes both. That is a symptom that comes and goes even when I'm not sick, and is dependent on what I am eating. Anyway - I'd like to know how your family is doing, if you have a few minutes to post. Take care.
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    Meli's log

    Day 26 B - coffee w/ nut milk; carrot-coconut soup; cold roast chicken; sauerkraut L - zucchini noodles w/ cold roast chicken, compliant tomato sauce, Moroccan olives & 1 hardboiled egg; sauerkraut; squash soup afternoon coffee w/ nut milk D - vegetable soup w/ chicken; zucchini noodles w/ tomato sauce, roasted eggplant, parsley, scallions & Moroccan olives; cucumber Time is flying! Can't believe it's been almost 30 days. The last week has been very stressful, with everything that's been going on in the world as well as major life changes, but I'm proud of sticking to the plan regardless. Despite not sleeping well, my energy has been good. I've had no desire to do any emotional eating, which is amazing given it's such a deeply-ingrained stress response for me. I also find that when I stick to 3 meals a day I get to anticipate my next meal, and it becomes more of a pleasurable event. I prefer this to grazing. For a long time the thought of limiting myself to 3 meals a day triggered a fear/scarcity response in me which would lead me to binge. Now I've learned that if I reassure myself that I can always eat more, I relax, and this has been so helpful in regaining my hunger / fullness cues. Having gone on my first diet at age 8 I'd been dieting, or in a binge/restrict cycle, for 30 years. This is the first time I feel like I'm eating in a more balanced, healthy way. I'm still restricting foods but I'm not restricting portion sizes and this is at least a step forward for me. Another change I'm noticing is that my desire to lose weight has sort of fallen away. I will not be stepping on a scale at the end of my whole30. The number on the scale is irrelevant because I feel so much better. Not to mention that it's a number that tends to fluctuate a lot anyways and that's normal and healthy. That leads me to ask myself what is more important: being as thin as I can possibly be or feeling healthy? About 8 years ago I was able to reach my desired weight through intense food restriction and exercise and, looking back on it, not only was I unhappy at that time but I was also depleting my body of nourishment, which set me up for some health issues down the road. I'm finally starting to feel better now, almost a decade later. A definite NSV. Should also note: the only things I'm really excited to re-introduce are BEANS and LENTILS! I can't wait to eat beans again
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    Whole 30 for Lent

    Sorry you're feeling this way! I do wonder if the binging could be because you're limiting during other meals? Do you eat a meal template breakfast within an hour of waking and then another one 5-6 hours later? Are you going an exceptionally long time between your last meal and the one you binge on? Other things I wonder... do you live alone or with people who are sharing the food resource? if you are living with others, is there a chance that you're 'resource guarding' by eating 'your share'? If this could be the case, then pack up the other servings into containers that the other people in your household know are off limits and then you know consciously and subconsciously that the resource is safe. If you live alone, could you try asking 'present you' to be kind to 'future you' and not eat it all because future you will really thank you when they have lunch the next day. Other mind tricks: 'I can make this EVERY DAY if I want to', 'if I need to get up at 3am and eat because I'm hungry, I'm an adult who will do just that'. I realize that binging is very complex and can't be solved with words on a page but hopefully this will help and I would be interested in the answers to how you're eating the rest of the day to see if that is leading into you 'binging' because you're actually just starving and your body needs the nourishment.
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    @Tiara1234 I'm the same way - I can binge on some good food, and do it more easily than I can with junk! Home-cooked meal that's absolutely yummy? Seconds, please! Man, only a spoonful left in the dish? That's not even enough to put away... I eat it now, instead! Yes, I totally get it. I know the justifications, and I know the icky feeling that comes afterward because even good food does us wrong when we cram in too much. I found that a few things helped me to work on this habit... 1. I often drink peppermint tea during dinner. This is usually two bags of peppermint herbal tea steeped in about 12-14 ounces water (and obviously without anything to sweeten it). If straight-up herbal tea isn't your thing, you could always do one bag peppermint and one bag black or oolong, and the water ratio is variable (you might like yours stronger or weaker than I like mine). Peppermint works as a mild appetite suppressant, so drinking this while I'm eating tends to help my body step on the brakes. 2. I eat slowly and cut up my food ahead of time. Despite what my husband says about "good manners", I go ahead and cut up all of my food (if applicable) and spread it out on my plate, so it looks like there's more than there is. This allows me to put less on a plate and convince my brain that it's more, before I even get started. I eat slowly so my body can really process and acknowledge what I'm eating, and how much of it, instead of just barreling through and eating 2-3 plates before my body can scream that it's full. 3. Sometimes I'll purposefully eat half a meal now, and save half for a little later. If we've made something I know I tend to binge on, or at least want to binge on (even if I've been stopping myself lately), I'll go ahead and force myself to stop halfway through what I've put on my plate (the first serving!) and set that aside. I sit at the table, talk with my family while they eat, and then determine shortly (15-30 minutes later) whether or not I'm actually hungry enough to eat the rest of my dinner or if I just want to eat because it tastes good and is already on my plate -- if the latter, I cover the plate and put it in the fridge for a snack (or meal) later in the day. 4. If I've eaten recently and know I probably shouldn't be hungry, but I see something I can justify eating (like a veggie tray), I'll grab enough to make a mini-meal (think a boiled egg or small scoop of chicken salad and a handful of celery sticks) and pair it up with a very small serving of coffee (I'll make that a decaf if it's late in the day) or hot tea. If I can't wrap my brain around the idea of a mini-meal, then I know I'm not actually hungry and should probably skip the "snack" altogether, especially if it's one of the things I know I'm liable to overeat. Hopefully something in there might help or give you an idea of how to approach your situation
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    Lots of Energy but Dark Circles?

    Hi, I know this was a bit ago but maybe I can help someone w/ the same issues reading this. I have hereditary dark circles and have been doing a lot of eliminations and experiments to see what makes them better. Of course, sleep is often cited as a factor, and another way to reduce eye strain is to have blue light blocking glasses if you're on screens for periods of time. Another factor, at least for me is meat intake. When I did keto and was eating a LOT of meat, my circles went crazy dark. I looked so sleep deprived despite getting 7-9 hrs on point. I noticed a lot of people posting their meal plans have meat/eggs at every meal, and I know whole30 makes it hard because some vegan proteins are off rules. But finding higher quality meat can help too. (i.e. Pastured). I personally don't see the point of having eggs if they aren't good source because the chickens were most likely fed corn or soy. I've been filling in some protein on my meat-free meals with coconut, almonds olives, tahini. It's probably not as much protein as most are used to, but I pile the veggies high and was eating meat just a few times a week before starting. I think the dark circles also has to do with liver detox so it could also be a "it gets worse before it gets better" scenario from flushing out processed ingredients through the blood/liver.
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    Day 28 - Depressed and Fat

    Sometimes, even tho we have weight to lose, our bodies prioritize other healing over dropping pounds. It can be disheartening to have done the entire program and not have visible results but I honestly encourage you to find other results... is your skin better? Your sleep better? Cravings diminished? How's the depression and anxiety? One thing that you might also consider is that stress hormones can impact your ability to lose weight and if you've been stressing this entire time about losing xx pounds, you could be actually working against your own body chemistry. Stay the course, eat three template meals a day and believe that choosing health will make you healthy... Also, on that note, if you have been under-eating in an attempt to hack the program and restricting to count calories, it's VERY likely that you've done yourself a disservice... when you restrict calories and food, you put your body into survival mode and it does not drop weight when it thinks you're in a famine. If you would like to know more about whether this could be what's going on, feel free to list out a few example days of what you've been eating including portions etc... and we can have a look and see. I know it seems counter intuitive to eat more to lose weight but you want your body feeling safe and nourished so it knows that sufficient food is coming again every 4-6 hours...
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    Day 28 - Depressed and Fat

    I am super super super new to this but I do know something about anxiety and depression. Whole30, for me, is meant to help me those two things. I think your anxiety towards weight loss is potentially causing you to keep on weight if you have found you didn't lose weight. Instead of using that as a guide, let me ask you this - do you feel better? Did you prove to yourself that you can tackle something that requires commitment, dedication and an understanding of your own body and needs? I can answer that second one for you because you are on day 29 - yes, yes you did and it looks like you have kids so kudos on the double whammy. all you need to know is that you got your health in a better spot. If it does not result in weight loss and you actually do need to medically lose weight then your next step is a doctor and explain what you have done to try to adjust your health. Chances are the doctor would not have supplied any medical modifications until your food intake was adjusted anyways so you eliminated a step 1. My husband has sleep apnea brought on by weight gain, he did Whole 30 and while it helped other things it was not successful in weight loss or sleep apnea however, the doctor praised his health and set him up with the sleep study which then resulted in the fact that all were connected. One very quick surgery later on his nose and boom he actually lost weight and is sleeping like a baby. You could try fasting but again - whole 30 is meant to make you feel good regardless of weight loss so you need to focus on how you feel internally and the badass-ness you've accomplished!
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    What to Expect Calendar (Symptoms)

    The calendar is just a general guideline. Some people follow it exactly, some not at all, and some follow parts of it bit not all of it. Eliminating some items before you start can make a difference in the symptoms you feel or put you a little ahead of the timeline.
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    Usually a Functional Medicine Practitioner would be more likely to gravitate towards knowing diet is an integral part of one's health (and not just in the 'food pyramid, don't eat fast food' kind of way). You might see if you can find a Whole30 Coach in your area and ask them if they have a recommendation? They may not but they would be the ones in your community that would have a great knowledge of Whole30 and possibly already be making connections to other folks that see the value in a program like this also. You can click on the Coaches button at the top of the screen and then search by your geographical location.
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    What to Expect Calendar (Symptoms)

    Agreed...but I also found the expectations "calendar" pretty funny, in a slightly snarky dark way. It made me laugh and also a bit comforted knowing that other folks have struggles at different times in this journey. The explanations of why I might experience these things was also very helpful. It's an individual journey, but it can be a supportive shared experience too. Thanks all - cheers!
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    @Fernsk there's no hard and fast rule, so just whatever makes sense to you, I guess. Think about how you'd use these things in a typical meal -- if you're having bread, and you'd mostly just want a piece or two at the end of the meal to sop up the last bit of sauces on a plate, you might just have slightly less of everything so you wouldn't be too stuffed to have the bread. If you serve something over rice, even though rice is not a vegetable, for the average person, it's kind of taking the place of vegetables, so instead of having your food over cauli rice or over a potato, you have it over rice. Just try to eat these things the way you normally would want to have them and do the best you can to build your meal around that.
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    What to Expect Calendar (Symptoms)

    jmcbn, If you someone finds themselves behind the timeline by a number of days in some cases, might this suggest that their system may be more 'messed up' and in need of a longer than Whole30?
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    If you're looking for the Timeline http://whole30.com/2013/08/revised-timeline/
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    What to Expect Calendar (Symptoms)

    Can I just comment here that not everyone follows the timeline so if you're NOT experiencing the listed 'symptoms' you're not necessarily doing it wrong - also sometimes the expectation actually brings it on, which isn't always the best thing Comparison is the thief of joy - enjoy your OWN journey!!
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    Whole30 Sample Reintroduction Schedule

    That's what I thought! Just realllllly missing my bacon.
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    Grape skin - This is why red wine is red and there are actually a lot of people allergic to a protein in the skin called LTP, some people have a reaction to the fermentation of the skins only, others have trouble with grapes too (some fruit juices contain a splash of grape juice). Tannins - Also found in grape skin but most people have tasted them in black tea. Histamine & Tyramine - Found in aged and fermented foods, red wine is usually fermented for longer. Alcohol - Often dismissed, if the red wine you drink is higher in alcohol than the white, it may just be the alcohol.
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    I'm not sure why the order is different in the book and on the website, but it really doesn't matter what order you use, the important part is to go back to whole30 eating for at least two days between different categories of foods, more if you have a reaction that lingers for more than two days. The point of reintroducing foods is to help you decide what foods you want to include in your regular diet going forward. If you love cheese and are okay with not feeling great after you eat it, it may be worth it to you to have it sometimes. Whole30's position is that none of the foods that you've left out for the last 30 days are ever truly good for you, whether you have a noticeable reaction to them or not -- but it's also understood that food is not always simply fuel, that there are emotional and cultural influences on what we eat, and that we are not always going to only eat healthy stuff 100% of the time. If you haven't read it before, I suggest you look for the three part series on the whole30 blog titled, Dear Melissa: What do you eat? It's a good explanation of how she has discovered which foods are worth it to her and which aren't.
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    You can actually reintroduce dairy and sugar together if you want. Here's a quote from the reintroduction article: Also, have you read the Slow Roll Reintroduction article?
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    The point is to test things as isolated from each other as possible. On the flip side if you have an extreme reaction to something you might want to add more than 2 days of compliance before you introduce something again to ensure you are feeling as good as you were when you started. You really want the best data possible so you can make well informed decisions in your post Whole30 world. Also for many that don't have immediate reactions there can be a build up over time reaction. Take me for example. I had no obvious physical issues to anything I introduced (except when I've accidentally had soy - makes me angry). However I know that if I were to put gluten back in my diet on a regular basis I would start feeling foggy in the afternoons again. I also have found out that eating non-gluten grains regularly makes me feel pudgy and sluggish after a while. Knowing these things helps me decide if something I might eat is worth it or not.