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    I DID IT! I GREW A SCOBY! Even messing up and using a black tea with orange oil in it, this baby still grew in about 6 days! I'm going to let it thicken up a bit more before I move it into my big jar, but wow, I'm so excited! It literally appeared overnight. I checked on it yesterday and there was nothing but a little blob of something floating at one side, then today it's a beautiful milky film almost covering the whole top! I covered the jar with paper towel and put it in the top shelf of my kitchen cabinet to keep it dark and warm. YAY!
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    The crazy things people say

    My officemate insists that she and her husband can't do a Whole30 because her husband has high cholesterol (they also have high BP, sleep apnea, and weight issues). She then says she's switched to cooking with 100% margarine vs. butter because it has no cholesterol. *facepalm* Throwing her a bone, but unable to completely bite my tongue I suggest she try coconut oil, which doesn't have any cholesterol either. She says, "Oh we can't have that! It's all saturated fat and that's the bad stuff!" On the plus side, since we started Whole30, my parents have "come out of the closet" that they are eating paleo. My mom has lost 20 lbs and is at her lowest weight in 20+years (with more to lose) and my dad has lost 25 lbs. But then, they eat clean during the week and cheat a little on the weekends. I suggested a Whole30 challenge to boost their awesome results and my mom wants to lose an additional 10 pounds in short order. She said, "Oh, that's not sustainable. Too restrictive!" C'mon, mom!!! So frustrating.
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    The crazy things people say

    Actually, warm/flat coke or sprite/7 up is a very common thing to give after vomiting. I don't know the science behind it, but oddly enough it does seem to settle the stomach. I'm from the west coast, and my mom always used 7up; my Midwest in-laws swear by coke. I give my kids coconut water, to replace electrolytes. Kind of a more natural pedialyte.