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    What is the consensus on balsamic vinegar? It's listed as okay - but sulfites are on the banned list. Some of them show nothing in the ingredients list but still warn "contains sulfites". There are no added sugars so I thought I was safe. Clarification is welcome =) EDIT: <doh> found another thread w/answer - so okay if not added ingredient
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    Hey Jahx! I am in Naples woot woot hey neighbor! I totally agree with you though on all of it, at first I obsessed about buying the best of the best and it made the Whole30 miserable. I buy most of my good from Costco and a little from Publix. I do the best I can and I really looked deep into our budget and there is just not room, at least not right now.. We are saving to buy a new car and I want to either have a huge down payment or enough to buy it outright. No car= no work=no money for food. Priorities! So please, new people, don't feel bullied or pressured by others to always buy the absolute best, buy what you can afford and keep an eye out for sales. Some people here can afford the best of the best, but some of us can not, I figure I am doing good just getting off the processed merry go round, so please be careful with your words because it can be a turn off and drive some people away, it almost drove me away..
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    Honestly, in my experience and as always your mileage may vary, the key to keeping the grocery bill down is simply this. Stop obsessing over the word "Organic". By and large, if you are embarking on a Whole 30, your eating habits previously were fairly awful. You have already been been exposing yourself to the worst foods/chemicals you could. Frozen vegetables are fine. Beef that isn't labeled "Grass Fed", or "Pastured" also won't cause your heart to spontaneously stop. Embrace that simple concept, and the Whole 30 is actually *significantly* less expensive than the current diets of those for whom it does the most good. Is grass fed, pastured, "certified" meat and produce healthier than the standard found at your local supermarket? Sure. I won't argue that point. Is it something you should stress over with your Whole 30? No. The Whole 30 is a large enough change in ones habits that adding an additional stress is unnecessary. I had a friend whom I introduced to the Whole 30 actually give up half way through because she couldn't find the meat and produce locally, and was having to drive an hour and a half to do her grocery shopping. I tried to explain/convince her that it wasn't necessary, and she kept referring me back to these boards, and how she *needed* these things to make the whole 30 work. We are talking about a single mom, who works two jobs. Adding 3 hours of drive time to her week... it was just too much. Maybe she wasn't committed enough. Maybe if she saw more people advocating plain old supermarket beef/chicken/eggs and frozen vegetables, she would have just stopped by Wal-Mart where she normally shops, and she could have completed the Whole 30, and made those healthy changes. I love the Whole 30, it changed my life (Sadly it wasn't permanent, I fell back into old habits and am starting another whole 30 sept 1st), and these boards are an absolute wealth of information, and the people here are just wonderfully supportive. That being said, I think sometimes we focus a little too narrowly on the minutiae, and forget about the overall benefits and goals the Whole 30 is helping us to achieve.