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    That Daily W30!

    Just wanted to give a shout out to the Whole 30 peeps who put together that Whole 30 Daily... I have to admit, I wasn't exactly thrilled that I had to pay a few bucks to sign up for that, but now I'm super glad I did! Those emails are awesome- They are chock full of great help, support and suggestions for your Whole 30, but also just great help for life in general! I've saved every one, and I have tons of links to cool sites, found some new books, great ideas...just a lot of good stuff in there. I'm not one to typically leave comments like this either... I don't like daily emails, I don't send companies messages on how much I love their product, etc...but I really look forward to getting these every morning! Smart thinking, guys. Really great! Thanks for the great encouragement and help with the W30 Daily! Totally worth that money after all! PS...what do I do when my W30 Daily ends? Is there a POST W30 Daily?
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    Hello everyone!! This will be my second time to start W30....but my first to finish it! I plan to start on January 1, 2015. I am currently planning meals and stocking up on items needed. I plan to do a lot of freezer meals to help me with lunches and dinners on days I really don't want to full out cook. I am really looking forward to this. I have also joined the FB page!!
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    Bacon Confusion...

    I broke down and bought a case of Pederson's special ordered from my local grocery store. Saved over a dollar per pack. I love bacon and it is probably the hardest thing for me to ever give up. Yes easier then coffee and chocolate.
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    Has anyone experienced this?

    Love your visual meadow lily!
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    There are so many other reasons in life other than whole30 for not drinking... Sigh Never was much of a social drinker, I always preferred chewing on calories....
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    Oncoming cold.....

    Bone broth!!!! Pop down to your butcher before your cold gets too bad and get some beef or pork bones (even some chicken racks if he has enough) and then swing by the grocery store and pick up some carrots, a couple onions, some celery and some fennel. Throw the bones and the roughly cut veggies into a large pot or slow cooker, fill with water, add S&P, huge hunks of ginger, some Apple Cider Vinegar and then put it on to come up to a simmer, back it off a bit and let it go overnight and for the next 3-5 days. Drink it straight up as often as you possibly can, replenishing the water as you take liquid off. Bone broth has all the amazing things in it that will help your body heal itself and it's warm, comforting and nutritious. Emergen-C is basically koolaid, you'll get as much Vitamin C eating a nice juicy orange as you will by drinking that chemical concoction. Sorry for the harsh words, but I was horribly upset when I realized what garbage Emergen C is and marketed as a health product. You can use a Neti pot for congestion, peppermint tea for the same, make yourself some ginger tea (sliced ginger in boiling water with some lemon juice or ACV. This Whole30 post is also awesome and I SWORE by the Tom Kha Gai that they link in it from Food Renegade, it is so simple and basically a mug of super-healing deliciousness! http://whole30.com/2011/02/stm-feed-a-cold/ Feel better soon!
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    Roll call: November Whole30s!

    I moved over to the December Whole 30 but am actually not doing it. I will join the site-wide January Whole 30 and am actually also going to start the Gold's Gym challenge that starts in January. December I am going to cut myself and my kids some slack as too much is going on. We still are 90% Paleo. See you all in January. I will check in at the reintro site.
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    Hi gang, I found this page titled 50 Freezable Whole30 Recipes: http://onceamonthmeals.com/50-freezable-whole30-recipes/ I haven't looked at every recipe but I'm gathering ideas. If you decide to use any of the recipes be sure to double check that all ingredients listed are compliant!
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    Life After Whole30 - Gluten Free

    It depends on yourself. After healing your gut reintroducing those foods again may have an affect. Like myself I stick to vegies spiralled with sauce for now.
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    Has anyone experienced this?

    Kirkor, that is one of the most sharp and astute statements.... You have accurately assessed the situation and turned this into our advantage. We can barricade the mind against sugar, gluten or anything we set our will to. If children are highly allergic to peanuts we can make a clean sweep of the house. The family does not cross the threshold of danger for the child. Our mind can create any barrior it wants for the house we live in...our body. The Sugar Barricade...you're a genius.
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    Thanks so much! Just gotta go three more days, and then I've officially done my first whole30! Can't wait to report back in the other forum!
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    Alcohol - judgement free zone

    Why do you think things get weird when you're not drinking?Not to put words in his mouth, but from a sales/networking perspective I can see where he's coming from. If you're the only one not drinking, that fact can become a point of conversation, and then that distracts from what you really want to be talking about. Or you could be seen as the 'odd man out' which is bad for establishing repor. Or the client could feel that you are judging them for indulging, and therefore they might either feel hurt and/or guilty, and either way that could result in them closing off vs. opening up.
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    Trapped in a square box of a body

    Haha.. Your pants got bigger? Love that! Lucky you. Some of us went thru major bloating in the beginning, and did not feel the pants shrinking... Keep up your good work and remember, one day at the time!
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    WELCOME. I will hopefully be starting afer the holidays. Doing my research and planning. Good luck and can't wait to see more posts from you.
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    Snacking - Is it important not to?

    Along with all of the above thoughts, please keep in mind that Whole30 is not about white-knuckling your way through hunger between meals. What we don't want you to do is that thing we in our society call "snacking" - which is mostly just a way of saying "you don't really get to eat, but if you're not virtuous enough to handle the hunger you can have a small amount of this nasty thing which won't fill you up and will make you feel worse about yourself." Snacking ain't your friend. If you're hungry between meals, eat another meal. Really. Just eat. We do want you to aim in the direction of three full meals per day, because it's best for your hormones. If you're not there yet, that's OK. Eat. Also, depending on where you are in your cycle, your body may ask for more or less food. Example: I eat six extremely full meals in the days before my period. Then as my cycle begins, my body has to be convinced to eat more than two meals per day. That's just me, but many women report changes in hunger level depending on where we are in our cycles. We've been taught that this is just self-indulgent, but really we just need to eat lots and lots of food before our periods. You might also look at your activity levels - if you are very active, you'll need to eat more, and include a pre-workout meal of protein and fat plus a post-workout meal of protein an carbs. Also if you're nursing you're going to basically eat your fridge every day. I hope you're seeing a theme here: eat. Food is good.
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    Tom Denham Whole9 Moderator/First Whole30 May 2010 Moderators 5437 posts LocationAlpharetta, Georgia, USA Posted 02 August 2012 - 12:36 PM Grazing or eating lots of meals distorts the natural rhythms of your hormones. The ideal for them to work is to space meals 4 to 5 hours apart. So the focus on this approach is three main meals with pre- and post-workout meals and snacks as needed. We don't want you to be hungry during a Whole30 and you can eat a snack if you are hungry, but it is best if you eat substantial meals 3, maybe 4 times per day and don't need snacks.The ideal of a snack is a mini-meal - protein, fat, and veggies. Not a piece of fruit or some carrots. The purpose of eating is to give your body nutrition. A piece of fruit can be part of a meal, but it does not supply enough nutrition to serve as a meal itself. Once your body adjusts to eating this way, hunger is less frequent and easier to manage. I needed to eat 5 to 6 meals per day when I started doing this in 2010, but now I find 3 meals a day satisfying most days. I even find it easy to go 6 or 7 hours without eating when I am fitting in a yoga class and need to fast 4 to 5 hours before class.
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    I faced the same thing with a few different people. I had one girlfriend who actually chose to not come over to visit if I wasn't drinking with her. I told her I was FINE with her having a few drinks, and that I would even put my Pellegrino in a wine glass if it helped her feel comfortable, but she said she'd just wait until I could have a few drinks with her. Now that I'm "riding my own bicycle", I think when she does come over, I will fill a wine bottle with appropriately-colored iced tea and just pretend I'm drinking to make her feel better (she drinks mixed drinks, not wine).