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    A new month, a new year, and a new week! January 5th is my decided start date This is my first time doing the Whole30 and I am researching up a storm. I have given myself a few weeks to help clear my pantry, set up a routine exercise time 3-5 times a week, etc. I'm even using my local library (which I have never been to before) to check out Paleo cookbooks. I have anxiety and depression issues that I feel are greatly attributed to my diet. I really want to get healthy and see if what I eat will effect my mood as well as keep my body happy. Want an accountabilibuddy? Choose me! Choose me! Let's help each other! Anyone interested?
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    You guys, I'm going to have to do some research on this. It appears as though sometimes the sap is left alone, as with Coconut Aminos, and sometimes it's heated and crystallized to turn it into a sugar. Give me some time on this, okay? Best, Melissa
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    I told a friend of mine that I am doing the Whole30 and he got really excited and decided he was going to do it too. I was really happy - yay! Someone to do this with. But, for the past 10 days or so he has been telling me about how he is subsisting on white potatoes and fruit, how he is still going to have a glass of wine every night because he can't give it up, about all the times he has "cheated" by eating chocolate and sweets. I have tried to challenge him on these items explaining why the program encourages minimal intake of potatoes and fruit and no consumption of wine and sugar....but I have not told him that it has been driving me nuts, until now. Dealing with this has been even more difficult than my uncle waving the dessert tray under my nose trying to get me to eat something from it (he did not know I am doing the Whole30, so I don't hold it against him). I guess I really feel resentment toward my friend. It feels kind of like my achievements (100% clean for 12 days now) are being undercut by someone who thinks they are doing the Whole30 but really are not. At a time when I am questioning my resolve multiple times per day, I just can't handle dealing with them right now. So this morning, after the last "cheat" report, I tried to gently tell him that he didn't have to tell me every time he was not compliant. That I am there for him if he is fully committed to the program, but that it does not seem like it is the right time for him. That I am working hard to stay 100% with the program and it breaks down my resolve when I hear about all the chocolate and wine. I didn't really get a response and I think I hurt his feelings. Looking back I probably could have said things a little differently. I think my words were still coming from a place of resentment/jealousy. Has anyone else had this experience? Is there anything I could have done differently? Should I have not said anything and just continued to listen to him? What should I do now? I feel both angry and guilty now and I am having thoughts of masking those feelings with junk food. I won't but ugh...
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    You can do this, just remember that for some people, this sort of beverage pushes FOOD off their plate in the morning, which isn't a good thing. For your whole30 prioritize eating protein and vegetables, adding the coffee alongside as your fat source. ALSO, note that while chia seeds are permitted, they aren't encouraged. Check this out: Chia: Yes These “seeds” aren’t the same botanical family of seeds that we eliminate with grains and legumes, so that makes them fine to eat during your Whole30. Tip: Chia isn’t likely to cause you any serious trouble, but it’s not the omega-3 super-food it’s made out to be, either. We explain why in It Starts With Food, but in summary, chia should be treated like any other nut and consumed in limited quantities. - See more at: http://whole30.com/2013/06/the-official-can-i-have-guide-to-the-whole30/#sthash.s087c6N7.dpuf
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    I know, you're all so right! I have to learn that it's ok to treat myself to something once in a while. I guess a little part of me fears that it'll lead me to totally go off, but I don't think it will! I just have to be okay with it, like you all said.
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    I am also starting my first Whole30 January 5th!! I cannot wait, I have really let myself go the past couple of months with overindulgences in eating and drinking! And lately with the holidays it's gotten worse, drinking every night and eating way too much rich food! I'm not sleeping well, skin is itchy, pants too tight and just feel blah!!! Ready for this change, I just wish my husband was on board!!! I will need support to get through this but vow to myself I WILL see this through!!!! No quitting !!!
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    Hi there, First, keep hanging in there: you're just over the half-way mark. Read this article for a some further perspective. On the snacks, a couple thoughts. - The need to snack can be an indication that your earlier meals aren't big enough. For best results, you want to create meals that fit the recommended template, in sufficient portions to satiate you for 4-5 hours. - Until you get there, if you are genuinely hungry in between meals (litmus test: you could eat something bland like steamed fish and broccoli), the recommended snack is a mini-meal containing protein, veg, and fat. It would help to get a sense of a few more details to further help you. Can you post 2-3 days' worth of a typical food log, including nightly hours of sleep, exercise routine, and daily water consumption? Folks here may be able to provide suggested tweaks that can help you. p.s. You can get notifications when people respond to your post by selecting Follow this topic in the top right, and then choosing your desired options.
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    Hi there, I am so not a "forum" person, hopefully this works and I get notified if there are responses... Well, like the title says, this is my first time doing the Whole30 and i'm feeling just slightly doubtful. The reason: wouldn't have minded some weight loss by now, haven't noticed "boundless energy!". I am of course content about the fact that I am not chowing down on some organic chips and a handful of cookies within my day, and that I am consuming an amount of vegetables that I am happy about, more balanced meals and all that - peace of mind. But yeah. -- the concerns I stated above. What I think I could do to improve: I am snacking sometimes. Apples with almond butter, and a hefty amount of almond butter. I know that snacking is not what Whole30 is about. I've also had dehydrated bananas (don't worry, that was the only ingredient) and seaweed snacks. SO -- you are all probably forum aficionados -- would you say you quite often come across people that haven't gotten to weight loss or boundless energy on Day 17, but they do indeed get those lovely benefits later on? Thanks so much for your time, thought i'd give this a try :-) ~Minty
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    Thank you MeadowLily, i'll believe your statement "yes to all if the above", and am officially some percentage less discouraged! Yeah..snacking is a hard one. But I'd like for the remaining days (I may go longer than 30 days too...I want to see these proposed benefits!) to be as best they can be, so will make an effort to lessen any snacking. And decrease snacking either way, Whole30 or not!
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    Love that photo. Yes to all of the above. If you can give up the nut butters, seaweed snacks, dehydrated bananas for the next 13 days and replace them with your vegetables, you'll feel better.
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    I got Ketostix in my stocking!
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    Confession: I hate eggs! :-(

    I love eggs, but for some reason I can rarely eat them in the morning. I don't know why, but most days I just don't want them first thing (at least not paleo style, I love eggs if they are on a sandwhich but obviously that is not allowed). However, I find by lunch time they become much more appealing. Have you tried them at different times of day?
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    Starting January 12th!

    I will begin Whole30 for the first time 1/12/15 because I'm on vacation until 1/5/15 and need that next week to get prepped for the program. I'm 58 years old and have a sweet tooth that needs to be controlled. Forget growing old gracefully, I'm fighting back like a warrior! Already have a good workout routine and just need to maintain good eating habits with a good accountability partner because that is usually the reason I fail! Join me!
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    It's true that everything we eat and drink can either make us more or less healthy. However. For most people, food is so much more than nutrition - it's celebration, memories, community. For me, the key is making a conscious decision and enjoying whatever it is that I'm doing. What I don't want to do is mindlessly eat the tortilla chips at the Mexican restaurant just because they're there, because that's not a conscious choice and I'm not really enjoying them (and I know they won't make me feel great). What I do want to do is enjoy a slice or two of the homemade sourdough given to me, or savor a glass of red wine I love, or eat my granddad's cornbread dressing, even if those things are clearly not ideal from a nutrition standpoint. I make a conscious choice to have as much of them as will satisfy me (which is less and less the longer I continue eating this way); I don't let it mean "well, my day is shot so I may as well order pizza," and don't tell myself I'm a horrible person because I ate bread. You make the choice, you enjoy that choice, and you get right back on with your mostly-Whole30 life till the next really worth-it occasion comes along. Having a date or a cupcake or whatever it is for you does not mean that your hard work is ruined. It means you're learning to balance taking care of yourself nutritionally with not stressing out about small deviations from an overall big-picture plan.
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    : Help me break up with my scale 11 September 2014 - 10:36 AM There is a scale inside your head that is harder to jettison than the one you stand on to abuse yourself with your perceived failures. We all do this weird, abusive crap to ourselves in some form or another, whether it be body shaming ourselves or picking away at our inadequacies as parents, friends, lovers and on and on and on. It is the unhelpful idea that there is some Platonic ideal that we should be holding ourselves up to, a perfect version of you, if you will. This is the greatest bunch of bulls*&t ever sold and it is a bestseller baby. You know those signs in the mall that say "you are here"? Well, here is where we all are and its ok. There is no greener grass on the other side of losing weight or that boob job you've been planning, or finally fitting into a size 2. Because you and I will still be right here with ourselves. So that's where we need to reset the mind, around the crazy, frantic attempt to chisel off the outer layer of ourselves to reveal some perfect structure beneath. The only thing under this carapace is muscle and bone and if you chisel off the stuff on the surface that you hate so much you will fall apart. Oh the humanity. I feel you, I really do. I don't weigh myself on a scale anymore, but I do weigh myself against other people I think have got things more figured out than me. I weigh myself against the image I think I should project over the truth of who I am. All I can offer you is my mall sign and the moment I take each time I feel that twinge of self-loathing to remind myself that I am here and here is ok. Best of luck and good times rolling, Rose
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    I am planning on starting my very first Whole 30 on 1/1. I was going to do this earlier this year or in 2013 (I can't remember), but I never even started. The most I've done is a paleo challenge at the crossfit box I was part of and then I think I only lasted 20 or 26 days. However, I saw amazing results and loved how I felt. So it doesn't make a ton of sense to me why I went back to eating junk. It makes less sense to me as to why it's been so difficult to get back on track. I stopped going to Crossfit in August and haven't really exercised much since then. But I've been reading "It Starts With Food" and after having to buy a size bigger pair of jeans - I'm ready. I'm nervous because I'm going through a break up right now. He doesn't think I should do Whole 30, says it's too restrictive and it will be too hard. So this is the level of support at home I will be dealing with. I've been trying to get out and walk my dog more, and be a little more consistent with running. Running is not as enjoyable with this extra weight though. Plus, depression and more frequent migraines just make the motivation that much more difficult to come by. I have signed up for a 15k on January 11th. My anxiety about this isn't the distance (I've run a completely untrained half marathon before), it's the hot chocolate that will be served. It's the Hot Chocolate 15K. So, not really Whole 30 compliant. I'm also hoping to get back to Crossfit on 1/1. I'm ready to leave this mess of myself in 2014 and make 2015 my happiest and healthiest year yet! Any and all support is welcomed!
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    I'm starting on the 5th as well. I could start on the 2nd, but I want the weekend to shop/cook/prepare because I'm not going to have any time before then. I did a successful 30 last March. Got about 2/3 of the way through a second go-round in July, but the sugar dragon got the better of me. I'm going into this one trying to re-work my relationship with food - I veer into sugar junkie territory if I am not careful. What has changed since my last attempt? I'm working out regularly (mostly early AM before work) - which is going to work for and against me I'm sure. My depression and anxiety are also better controlled right now, I'm hoping that helps. About me: by nature, I'm an all-or-nothing kind of person, so I have found that I really connect with the restrictiveness of the plan - meaning that I don't do moderation very well. The idea that yes/no questions require far less active thought than maybe/how much/sometimes really resonates for me. I also work full-time and live alone, so finding time-savers is a huge thing for me (cooking in bulk and freezing in individual portions, for example).
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    Veggies at Breakfast

    I particularly adore grated/shredded sweet potato and/or rutabaga fried up in a hot skillet with a little onion, chili powder, salt and Hungarian Paprika. Any spices you like will work. Coconut oil is my favorite fat to cook it in. Often I add in some meat/chicken too, and a couple of handfuls of baby spinach near the end. Top with an egg or two.
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    Sugar & tea

    Remember the whole 30 is all about cleaning your system out completely. That little bit of dairy could be causing you inflammation and you won't know it until you completely eliminate it. As for sugar - any added sugars (sweetners) will keep you wanting more. So you are basically setting yourself up for sugar cravings all whole 30 long. Which quite frankly gets tiresome.
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    Serious Food Boredom

    Don't forget about new ways of cooking your vegetables! I love vegetables roasted, especially yams. I roast my yams at 400 for an hour to an hour and a half (depending on the size), and only take them out when they're oozing all over the pan. The sugar in them has started to carmelize, and it's to-die-for delicious, especially with a sprinkle of cinnamon on top. I also make a mean roasted broccoli with garlic, basil, and lemon zest. It's an Ina Garten recipe, but the original is non-Whole30 so I won't link it here (although easily modifiable). And when all else fails, buy a really nice cut of meat, like a filet mignon, to remind yourself how good healthy food can taste. I know it's expensive, and certainly doesn't fit as a regular part of many people's budget, but how much is your health worth?
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    @Kim.C @Maggie Morgue and I were wanting to start one too!
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    Hi all, I'm going to start a FB group for those who are interested! Let me know your Facebook name, I'll search and add you I'm excited to start sharing recipes, tips, and ideas! This is going to be great. Kim
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    @maggie morgue, I agree. A Facebook group would be easier for me. I post a lot of meal ideas on my feed, so I'd now have somewhere to share them instead of bugging all my regular friends I'd be down to join! I'll search for you and add you.
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    I am starting on Jan. 1 also. I am going to use December to plan. This will be my 1st time doing W30 and I plan to follow the FODMAP version. I really want to turn this into a new whole life lifestyle for me. I want it to be a life long change in my eating habits. I already know how much going off of gluten can change ones life, it has helped me with night sweats, hot flashes, joint/muscle/bone pains, minimized my rosecea and helped me wake up with much less congestion. Once off gluten I was able to notice dairy also contributed to my congestion and brought about some of my migraines. I haven't managed to stay off gluten for more than a few weeks and dairy a week, but I have to keep those foods out of my life. Gluten free is much easier than dairy free for me. I love cheese and milk. I just need to plan better until it becomes second nature. I also have IBS-D, which doesn't seem to be from the gluten or dairy from what I can tell. From past experimentation my main concern is not enough starch in my diet. I have found gluten free breads, crackers and white rice help to keep my IBS in control. I think being more strict with my FODMAPs will help minimize the starch needed or at least I hope so. My only other main concern is fat content as too much fat flares it up as well. Plus I have no gallbladder. I have dieted in the past eating more healthy foods and I prefer it but it has always made my IBS worse, but I wasn't watching FODMAPs then so hopefully that will make the difference. I do know that going low FODMAP with starches works for me but not sure about without the starches. Of course I also need to lose some weight and that is another reason I want to do this but it's more for my health. My mind set is going to be to focus on what I can have and not what I can't and I don't want to try and replace all the junk I remove but I just want to eat clean. I'm looking forward to this and think it can become just what I need. Rhonda
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    Me! Me! I have done two Whole30's in the past, and felt amazing both times. However, lately I feel like life has gotten the best of me and being busy has been an excuse for not eating well or working out. I am going to do my best to get back on track and do pretty strict Paleo for the next few weeks (most likely with the exception of Christmas day) and then go full-on Whole30 on January 1st! Actually, I am hoping to do a Whole45, which will take me right up to Valentine's Day. Even longer, if I still feel good and want to continue it. I am getting married in March, work full-time, am in grad school - I noticed a big difference with managing stress while I was Whole30ing before, and want to be proactive about the craziness that is about to become my life this spring! I'm nervous this time around because, since my last Whole30, I have started Crossfitting and have been relying on protein powders for post-WOD refuel. It's easy and convenient, but obviously out for Whole30. Any suggestions about an alternative? My first Whole30 would have been a disaster without a group of ladies I met on this board - we formed a Facebook group and held each other accountable, checked in daily, shared recipes, etc. It was a LIFESAVER since I didn't have a real-life buddy to do it with. Anyone interested? -Kim
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    Affording Whole30 on a Budget

    I don't have children, but I have been living paycheck to paycheck the last year on a very strict food budget. I did one Whole30 during that time, and I just started a second. A couple tips that really helped me after my first whole30 grocery store trip told me this wasn't sustainable financially. 1. Prioritize the foods that you are going to splurge on and stick to it. I only buy a handful of items organically or at Whole Foods, (Avocado Oil, nut butters, rotisserie chicken when I'm in a pinch, 6 packs organic eggs for mayo) and that's it. Everything else is bought at my discount grocery store. 2. Do you have an Aldi near you? I love Aldi, so many vegetables and meats, and some of it is even organic, and it's so incredibly inexpensive. As a single person, I spend $30-$40 every two weeks on groceries and I make meals that my coworkers are jealous of. 3. Don't buy organic if it's not in your budget to do so. I might get yelled at for saying this but hear me out. My boyfriend, his family, and several of my friends are constantly telling me how important it is to eat organically, and to keep the dirty dozen in mind when I'm shopping. My response is to ask them if they are willing to pay my grocery bill. Until I make more money, buying organic fruits and vegetables, and grassfed organic meats is simply not in the budget. I don't pay for much beyond rent, food, utilities and gas so there isn't much wiggle room for me either. I understand the importance of organic and prioritize it where I feel comforable but beyond that I'm buying the cheapest meats and produce, and I don't feel bad about it. Eating regular chicken or beef is 10x better than eating processed junk. Even the whole30 shopping list says those things are fine, just that it isn't preferred. At the end of the day, you have to be okay with the fact that it isn't going to be perfect. But that doesn't mean you aren't going to experience the positive effects of eating healthy, and isn't that what's most important? I know I'm not cooking for a family but I can understand living paycheck to paycheck and being frustrated when something that is necessary, like food, is making you exceed your budget.
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    The crazy things people say

    My boss: "Why in earth are you eating Paleo?" While giving me "you have an eating disorder" eyes. This despite the fact I sit next to her, she knows I'm gluten intolerant, and she sees me eating my lunch nearly every single day and didn't realise it was paleo until I mentioned going to a paleo café...
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    You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...

    You tell people to bulletproof their tea because you have no milk in the house.
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    I've had all the lymph nodes in my left arm removed and was getting mild lymphoedema. the hospital fitted me with a really tight sleeve to wear. My daughter goes "Oh mum, it's making your hand swell up, it looks a lot fatter". I swear my first thought was "Yeah - that's the hand i use to measure my protein and fat"
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    Couple more I'm finding: 1. You always have a mason jar of coconut milk in the fridge 2. Farmer's market vendors save stuff for you 3. You are constantly running out of chili powder, paprika, and cumin. (I showed my spices to my father in law yesterday and he said 'Its like a SPICE LIBRARY!' This filled me with glee.
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    Okay, one more. This one is true of me right now! You know someone is doing a Whole 30 when their refrigerator is so full of stuff that they can't actually see the light in their refrigerator come on because the broccoli, zucchini, cauliflower, and huge head of butter lettuce block the light. I have NO ROOM in my fridge right now. Granted, the door is full of non-W30 condiments, etc. but 85-90% of it is compliant. Wow...
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    when..... It requires a backpack to transport their lunch to work!!
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    This thread kicks booty! I laughed out loud more than once. (The "gets mad when sees paleo pancakes marked as Whole30 approved" was my favorite.) Maybe me and Melissa Joulwan need to make a video called "Sh*t Whole30 girls say." Melissa
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    I faced the same thing with a few different people. I had one girlfriend who actually chose to not come over to visit if I wasn't drinking with her. I told her I was FINE with her having a few drinks, and that I would even put my Pellegrino in a wine glass if it helped her feel comfortable, but she said she'd just wait until I could have a few drinks with her. Now that I'm "riding my own bicycle", I think when she does come over, I will fill a wine bottle with appropriately-colored iced tea and just pretend I'm drinking to make her feel better (she drinks mixed drinks, not wine).