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    More Veggies

    I never did Weight Watchers, but I can 100% understand how something like that can give you an aversion to salads. Lady in the next cube over keeps commenting how great WW is because she can have as many bananas as she wants since they're "free". And I was thinking, I know you said you don't have a lot of time for meal prep, but would you be able to roast a big bunch of veggies and have them in the fridge to just throw in meals? Just having them ready to go (reheating for a couple minutes is WAAAAAAY less work than cooking carrots from scratch when you just want to have dinner) might make it easier too.
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    First Whole 30 in the books

    I completed my first Whole 30 two days ago, and I feel great. During the month I was always 3-5 days behind what most people experienced, like the exhaustion, the reappearance of some arthritis pain, the absolute boredom with my meals, etc., but the last week or so I felt amazing. I wasn't hungry between meals, my workouts improved, and I was sleeping well. I lost 15 pounds, which is of course, exciting, but the best part is that my relationship with food completely changed. Doing this is 100% sustainable for me. I haven't really reintroduced anything yet, (with the exception of two pieces of non-compliant bacon on my salad), but am working on a plan and know that I could easily start another 30 days anytime. I frequently read this forum during my 30 days and found it helpful and inspiring, so I also wanted to thank this community.
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    There are great resources out there, such as Well Fed and Well Fed 2 the cookbooks by the the author of the blog www.meljoulwan.com. Also lots of people like Nom Nom Paleo and Stupid Easy Paleo. I would recommend the Well Fed books for simplicity and the sheer fact that almost every one of her recipes, while wonderfully flavorful, is made with no special ingredients so you can usually whip something up straight from the book without needing to go hunting for something quirky.
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    Today is my 31st day of my 4th Whole 30 and I can honestly say I had true success this time around. I didn't realize it at the time, but the past 3 times I haven't been entirely honest with myself. I didn't always trust the template, ate more fruit that I really needed, and continued to feed that sugar dragon rationalizing that fruit is a complaint food. Yes, I've lost weight and had good physical results the past 3 times, but each time I was counting down the days until I could have that glass of wine...the piece of chocolate...the "paleo" cookie because that's less "bad" than the real thing. This time around, I'm not sure what shifted for me. I followed the template to a T. I ate 3 meals per day at the upper end of the template. I didn't focus so much on the physical changes but rather the journey of healing my body after 2 really stressful years in grad school and then marathon training. And you know what? My sugar cravings are gone. I wasn't counting down the days until I could have a glass of wine, chocolate, or whatever other non-compliant food struck my interest. I didn't feel deprived and I had no problem saying no to non-compliant foods simply because I just wasn't interested in eating them. It's day 31 and normally I'd be adding half and half back into my coffee but I didn't this morning. This is a huge NSV for me! Now for the physical changes. I lost 6lbs in 30 days. I had been stuck fluctuating between the same 3-4 lbs for months and I was running and working out like crazy trying to get the scale to move. I lost a pant size in my first 10 days and am continuing to lean out. I fit back into a dress that I haven't been able to wear since 2012, which is a huge victory! I lost at least 1 inch off my waist (I feel a little bloated today so I will probably re-measure in a week or so, gotta love those female hormones some days). My skin is clear. My energy level is great. I'm not moody (most days). And generally, I sleep better but definitely still struggle in that area. I'm hoping that I'll continue to see improvement in my sleep as I stick with the template. I just want to encourage others that may not have had the experience that they wanted the first or second time around to stick with the program. Sometimes it takes more than one attempt and it is absolutely worth it! Each attempt allowed me to learn something new about myself and I think that's what helped me this time around.
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    Be careful with fruit & nut/nut butter combos -- they're often food without brakes for people, meaning that once they start eating them, they find it difficult to stop, making it easy to overeat them. They can also keep cravings for sweet things going strong. If you have that combo occasionally in the context of a template-based meal, it's not so bad, but if you find yourself having it instead of a meal, or having it when you're not really hungry but bored or angry or stressed out or tired, you might want to rethink it. Many people find that they really have to limit the nut butters, many won't even buy any during a Whole30 because they're prone to overeating them. As for the cherry butter, it's probably not just mashed up fresh cherries. It's probably cooked (like an apple butter or pumpkin butter), which concentrates the sweetness of the fruit, even if they don't add sugar. If you haven't opened it yet, I'd probably just set it aside until after your Whole30. There are just not many contexts within Whole30 where it's going to be a good option. If you were going to use it, it would probably be best as an ingredient in a sauce or salad dressing that could use a little bit of sweetness -- something like a barbecue sauce maybe.
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    Nicole R

    Very small success

    I started eating clean on Monday, but officially started the Whole 30 today. So it's been four days of no gluten, dairy, etc. I'm doing this for a few reasons -- mainly though it's to counteract the weight gain and pain I've experienced since being in a car accident last May. Since cutting out these no-no things, I've slept better and my lower back doesn't hurt AT ALL. I walked for two hours on the boardwalk today. I'm hoping to jump-start weight loss too, on the 25 lbs I've gained since the accident -- plus, to conquer stress eating, which so far I have done.
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    Starting Monday April 4th

    Hey everyone, Day 2 is going well so far. I was expecting to feel much worse but maybe it just hasn't hit me yet and I'll be getting this feeling tomorrow. I thought as a good way for accountability and motivation I'd write down here why I'm doing the Whole30. I invite everyone else to do the same if you feel like it will help? 1) break off my addiction to sugar, what started as a dark chocolate square once in a while morphed to eating an entire bag of mini eggs in one sitting - just because (and on most days as well!) 2) better energy levels - I find it so hard to wake up in the morning, despite having a decent amount of sleep (clearly hour-wise but not quality-wise)! So I'd like to be able to wake up in the morning perkily. 3) find out if anything is causing my skin itchiness and morning sneezes! and I keep telling myself: it is only thirty days. You can do anything for thirty days. In the grand scheme of LIFE (and hopefully we have so many more years ahead!) 30 days is nothing. I have a potential obstacle tomorrow - a friend who moved to Australia is coming back for a few days and has invited us for dinner. It is a large group of people many who I do not know well and can't really explain this to. So I'm going to eat before I go, drop in to be social for a one-two hours and then head home. And have a glass of soda water and lime in my hand at all times!
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    More Veggies

    Yes, you do need more veggies, but you can bump up the servings little by little. And the sweet potato/potato counts too so you may not be as bad off as you think. You could slowly bump up the amount of brussels sprouts at mean 1, adding a a couple more at a time. Meal two - what if you add in some chopped celery and carrots in with the chicken and hot sauce? Or have carrot and celery sticks with the avo/guac? Add a salad on the side in meal 3, maybe throw in extra veg when you make the chili and that's a bunch more veg without a whole lot of extra work The plantain chips...are they in a bag from the store or homemade? If they're in a bag, that'd be a no-go even if all the ingredients are compliant because they're commercially prepared. And it'll probably be a lot easier to stop snacking if you're getting fuller meals during the day. Meals should last you 4-5 hours without feeling hungry. You can do it!
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    Kicking Off on March 7

    Congratulations everyone on finishing! I am sleeping so much better, have constant energy, and feeling really good overall! I also lost 10 lbs on this! I still have probably another 10 to go, but I know I will be able to do it with this new lifestyle. Even with the few foods I will add back in, my portions of those foods will be less.
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    April 1st!!

    Day 4 done!! How is everyone doing and feeling?? I was a bit dizzy the first day or two but feeling pretty good today!! I am starting to reduce my portions due to feeling full and realizing I will make it to my next meal!! My family (hubby, daughter, sister in law and niece) are all doing it with me and posting to an Instagram acct! crusinwhole30 if you want to follow our progression!! Let's do this!!!
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    I love things like this... not that your mom stresses you out but the things we learn on Whole30. Some people are not the people we share meals with... I like this NSV in your realizing that it's not necessary! Great!
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    First Timer

    My friend and I also started today. The hardest for me won't be the food but the wine!
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    Starting Saturday 5th March in UK

    This is me - pretty lousy photos thanks to my so called photographer hubby!! Day 1 on the left, Day 31 on the right. I am happy with progress so far. Next photos on Day 60.
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    Kicking Off on March 7

    Cheers to day 30! I am going to continue to stay compliant for a couple of days, but must admit I am looking forward to meeting a friend for a glass on wine on Thursday! That's my first planned reintroduction, then will slowly try out the other groups I've been missing. Grains, gluten or otherwise, can stay put. Sugar will as well, for a while. I feel too good to stop entirely.
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    Ann - I don't necessarily have any quick recipes up my sleeve that I can think of right now, but I do have a tip that I have been living by since I started my Whole30...always have cooked sweet potatoes on hand. No matter what form they are in (still whole, diced, mashed, spiralized). If I didn't plan well and all my pre-made meals are gone and I need a quick meal, I always seem to base it around my cooked sweet potatoes. - Split one open, add some cooked ground meat, some fresh made guacamole, diced tomatoes, steamed broccoli or whatever you fancy and make a stuffed potato for dinner. Hint: sweet potato and guacamole actually go together really well! - Sauté some meat in fat, toss in chopped onions and bell pepper, then add your diced sweet potatoes and some spices to get a quick hash on the table. - Make the shepherd's pie by sautéing up some ground meat and veggies, then adding the mashed sweet potato on top. Or plop spoonfuls of mashed sweet potato in a hot pan with some melted fat to make simple sweet potato fritters as a side dish. Actually, thinking about it I do have a quick meal idea for you (perfect with summer vegetables coming soon). Take some cooked diced meat, add diced cucumber, tomatoes, diced onions, either diced avocado or EVOO as your fat source, a splash of balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper, any other fresh herbs you'd like. Quick meal done. The protein salads in the book are always quick and easy. But I'll see if I can ponder up some more quick ideas to share
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    More Veggies

    This might help with the veggies - http://www.thekitchn.com/how-to-roast-any-vegetable-101221Obviously, there's more prep up front, but once you get them in the oven, there's very little "active" work to be done. Some veg that you've tried frozen and then microwaved and you didn't like, might turn out to be yummy roasted. I've even taken a bag of baby carrots, tossed them with oil and seasonings, and then thrown them in the oven. Oh, or a big bag of trimmed green beans.
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    More Veggies

    Try to give up the idea of snacks all together and focus on composing your meals to satisfy you for 4-5 hours. If you are so hungry you need to eat before your next meal have a mini meal that has at least 2 of the macros (I like to have a HB egg and some carrot sticks). How active are you? You might try replacing your meal 1 starchy veggie with non stachy veggies and see how that goes. You might need an adjustment for this but I find when I delay these until my later meals my energy is more even and I go longer before I need food again. I've been having Silky Ginger Zucchini Soup from Well Fed 2 at meal 1 to up my veggies in the morning. I'm not a big salad girl either, but I've found that if I make a skillet or chili type meal and plate it hot over mixed salad greens or baby spinach it's quite delicious and a good way to get more veggies in. Last night I made a skillet of sweet potato noodles, ground beef, and compliant pesto and dumped it on 2 big handfuls of salad greens. Was delicious and filling.
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    Kicking Off on March 7

    Excited to be here on day 30!
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    First Timer

    The first day was so difficult for me. I almost gave up, but when I thought of all of ailments that African-Americans are faced with, I kept pushing. I had one heck of a headache (didn't go away until this morning), but I pushed through my pain. I went to the gym and worked out an hour. Headed back to the gym after work for a workout and a class. Thanks for all of the encouragement.
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    Starting On March 28th!

    Hi everyone!!! Just checking in. With only 4 hours to go until I have to wake up for work in the morning, my energy levels decide to skyrocket! Go figure. :/ I've been pretty exhausted these last couple of days, which I know is normal, so I've been trying to just let it ride and get through it. I've had way more cravings and temptations this round than last round. I'm wondering if the "newness" of the program has worn off for me and now I'm fighting excuses to cut this one short. I keep reminding myself that I'm seeing and feeling the results of the program and that it would be a waste to quit now. Each morning that I wake up, I wake up proud that I made it through another day and that usually helps with keeping me on track. Anyway...that's my story for now. I'd better try and get some sleep or I really will want to "kill all the things!" Good luck everyone...week 1 down!
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    If your store carries them, they will be refrigerated, probably over in the produce section. If you want to try to make your own, it's a lot cheaper and not really hard. I like this Zingy Ginger Dressing. There are a bunch of different versions of ranch dressing that are Whole30 compliant, as well as vinaigrettes. Check meljoulwan.com and nomnompaleo.com for more ideas, or google Whole30 + whatever kind of dressing you want to make and see if there's not a recipe or two out there already.
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    April 1st!!

    Debr, I just followed you on instagram.
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    I started April 4 as well
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    Starting March 21. Anyone else?

    I am really feeling it! I am happier, sleeping better, not hungry between meals... I am really impressed with how this is going! I hope everyone else is doing well, too! Mary
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    Tom Denham

    Running & fuel

    1. Calories do not give you useful information. If you use calories to judge whether you are eating enough, you will make bad decisions. We give you a meal planning template based upon the size of your hands and proper meal composition to help you approach eating the proper amount. And we suggest adjustments. Use the meal template. 2. Maybe. Maybe not. It depends upon how hard you run or how long you keep your heart rate up. The idea with pre- and post-workout food is to consume it when your exercise is hard and to maybe skip it if your exercise is modest or not very challenging. Another important factor is whether you get hungry between meals. If you are getting hungry between meals and exercising only modestly, you may need pre- and/or post-workout food to make up for the extra energy burned. 3. The amount of food that you need to eat will vary a bit from day to day based upon sleep, activity levels, hormones, etc. You should never eat less than the meal template minimum and you may need to eat more. How much to eat http://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-meal-planning.pdf
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    Starting Monday April 4th

    Hi everyone! I'm starting Whole30 today too, I hope you don't mind if I tag along. :-) This will be my second Whole30, I did one mid Jan-Mid Feb and it made my boyfriend and I feel so great (and we lost some weight) that we decided to do it again! We're thinking of maybe doing the Whole30 every other month or two but still eating healthy in between. If you're worried about staying committed to this for the full 30 days, I was too but it turned out to be much easier than expected once I got a routine down. It is definitely helpful to pre-plan/make meals but we fell behind a lot on that last time but was still able to make it work on the fly. This time around we are going to try to be much more prepared. Since I don't do so great at cooking multiple meals in one go, I plan to cook Fridays-Sundays (since I have those three days off every week). Each meal I make for each day, I'll make enough for 2 more days for the following week. That way I can break up the meal prep between 3 days rather than all on one day. I think this will work much better for me. :-) I look forward to seeing what these 30 days brings and to struggle and conquer along with you all!
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    April 1st!!

    Hi All! I'm late to the party, but started my first Whole 30 on April 1st! I started transitioning into the Whole30 ways a week ago today by quitting my diet coke habit (hardest part for me by far) & lessening the milk/sweetener in my coffee each day! I also gradually started cutting grains & dairy from my meals. I think this has helped me have less harsh "symptoms" the first few days. As for a quick intro.....I'm originally from Kentucky & now live in New York. I'm getting married 5/28. My reason for doing the Whole30 isn't so much a last minute effort to lose a few pounds before the wedding but more about the fact that I KNOW I feel more confident in general when I'm taking excellent care of my body. I also have struggled with jumping from diet plan to diet plan & know I need a re-set to get back to the basics of sound nutritional food choices. The first few days haven't been as hard as I anticipated; however, I did struggle with some lethargy & nausea over the weekend. It's day four today, and I already feel much better! I look forward to sharing in this journey with you all!
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    TRICKED on day 27

    I completely understand that you're angry and feeling horrible about what happened. But you already know from the 27 days before the unfortunate burger incident that Whole30 really works well for your RA. So it wasn't a defeat, just a setback. You already know how great you can feel once you get back on track. One thing you can do is call the restaurant. Tell them how sick the burger made you and ask for all of the ingredients in the patty and whether or not they use soy oils or corn oils for cooking. If you tell them how sick it made you, it might scare them into actually giving you the information you're looking for. You were thinking about continuing your Whole30 anyway. So just keep going. You can do it
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    First Timer

    You can do this. For me, the first 3 - 5 days are the most difficult. Good luck and don't get discouraged.
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    Starting Monday April 4th

    Good Morning everybody, I am starting a Whole90 today and I need your help to get through this. I have attempted many While30s in the past but only successfully completed one. I have decided to do the whole 90 in order to truly ingrain these habits into my lifestyle so I don't go bingeing on every off plan item I find again. I want to lose about 10 pounds, however other then that I want the morning energy, the craving-less dinners, and the general happiness I had after my first whole30. The hardest part for me is that my husband does not do the Whole30 so there are tempting snacks in the house, and after a long dreadful day at work the last thing I want to do is eat healthy. However, today is the day to change I am ready for this three month extravaganza.
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    Medical Weekly Weigh In?

    Yes, if it's medically necessary. If it's possible, you could have someone else check your weight and write it down without telling you what it is, and just let you know if there's a problem -- as long as you're doing well, you'd never know, but if it varied by whatever amount would be worrisome, you'd be able to know. Obviously, if you don't have someone around to help you with that, you have to do it yourself. Do be sure you've spoken to your doctors about the fact that you are making changes in how you're eating -- they may need to monitor everything in case they need to make changes to medications over the course of 30 days.
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    If you don't wanna make your own dressing, tessamae's has some. But be careful! Not all are compliant in that brand
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    Join A 2016 Whole9 Challenge!

    Loving this month-by-month journey and sharing it with all of you! Sleep month definitely had it's ups and downs and I learned a lot. Sugar definitely impacts my sleep...and my resting heart rate. I have far more control of my sleep patterns than I had imagined. It's given me confidence to manage stress in a similar fashion. Sometimes increasing my awareness of what my role is, has helped. Like with sleep...I found a routine that worked before bed. Today I had numerous tasks and employers wanting my services all at once (I freelance & telecommute). I had a moment of panic (the old thought process "how am I going to get all this done")but realized I only needed to do one thing at a time. Tackled & completed the first thing (a big project building a website), then went outside for a walk. It was easy to finish that one project when I knew that when I finished I was going for a walk and not onto the next thing. Tomorrow is another day...and more will get done...but for the moment, think I'll go look and see if I can see the Northern Lights from my house tonight. Wishing you all a stress free weekend!
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    Starting February 15, 2016

    Thanks you guys for the much needed support! Today was day 48 and we had to attend another party. I went straight for the salad, the chicken tikka pieces, as well as the beef kabobs. I wasn't even interested in the rice or wherever the other dishes were I didn't even look. But whet really threw me off was when they were serving the cake, I actually slightly wanted a piece! I was a bit surprised since that hasn't happened to me this whole time. But for a split second, I wondered what the cake tasted like but then wiped the thought away and said to myself what was I thinking! I guess there's still some major learning I've got left to do about my eating habits. Did you hear that Melissa Hartwig is going to release a book in October I think called Food Freedom Forever? I dunno if I'm gonna get one right now. I think I'll wait and see what the reviews will be like. Are any of you thinking about buying it? Hope everyone's weekend is going well. And tomorrow's prep day! Super busy!
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    Day 20 - Headache

    Well it's hard to tell what your portion sizes are for meals 2 and 3 but it looks like you might not be eating enough. Eggs when they are your only source of protein should be at least as many as you can hold without dropping them in your hand. For most women that is 3-4. Have you changed anything recently? Are your meals lasting you 4-5 hours? How is your sleep, stress, and activity? Note: I've moved this to the troubleshooting section of the forum where it is likely to get more attention than here in the Join the Whole30 section.
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    I should add that I also changed my exercise habits since I mentioned that I was working out like crazy prior to this Whole 30. I've still remained very active (CrossFit 4-5 days per week and the occasional 3-5 mile run), but there wasn't that need to push or punish myself because of my weight or food choices. If I needed the extra rest day, I listened to my body instead of pushing it and causing extra stress. On my runs, instead of pushing for milage, I ran as far as I wanted and just enjoyed my experience.
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    So, last night, I got home late and was heating up the pre-made food i'd prepped for dinner this week. I had a sweet potato, but i ran out of ghee the other night and i just haven't had the time to make more. It's been a busy week. So... i was trying to decide how to incorporate a fat into my meal and thought... well... let me just try this. I grabbed my coconut oil from the fridge, carved out a thumb sized piece of it, and tucked it into my hot sweet potato. I figured if it was gross, i'd just eat it anyway and consider it a lesson learned. OH. MY. GOD. I thought sweet potatoes with ghee were amazing. BUT WOWWWWW! The slight coconut flavor and the sweet potato flavor mixed together to become something absolutely HEAVENLY. I had to stop myself from going and getting another sweet potato just so i could eat more of it. If you haven't tried it... do. WOW. Just thought I'd share.
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    Grocery store "fast food"

    This isn't really a dinner idea, more of a snack idea, but you know how they make those "to go" cups of peanut butter? Maybe you could create a Whole30 version of those using sunflower butter and small reusable containers. Then you could just grab that and some veggies or fruit to dip into it and be ready.
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    Pre and post workout

    Pre WO should be protein & fat. I'd go with a HB egg, or even some egg salad made with the homemade mayo. I also workout first thing in the morning, and I tended to feel sluggish eating first, so I just skipped it. Post WO should be lean protein and high carb veg (no fruit), so I eat a small piece of grilled chicken breast, and some mashed sweet potato. This should be within 15-30 after you finish your WO. I keep it in a small container with me if I run far from home and eat it right after I finish running. If I run close to home, I eat it at home. Then shower, change and make breakfast. I hope this helps! You can check out some of the posts in the Whole 30 for Athletes forum as well!
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    Georgia Kaye

    Stupid question about fat...

    Thanks to both moderators for the quick replies. For breakfast, I'm usually eating three eggs with a slice of prosciutto and some veggies, I cook the eggs and prosciutto in olive oil. Sometimes I make hash browns, and the cooking fat definitely stays with those. I eat breakfast around 7 or 7:30, depending on what time I get up, and lunch is usually around 12:30 or so, never before noon. I'm not hungry before lunch, so feel like I'm ok. Dinner is at 7, and while I'm good and hungry by then, I'm not snacking at all. I can't seem to wrap my brain around the fact that I should be eating fat in addition to cooking fat and the natural fats in the foods. I add clarified butter to my veggies at dinner, and half an avocado along with some olive oil in my salad for lunch, so am following the template there. The no added fat at breakfast is really the only thing I'm not doing exactly by the template.
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    Just finished my 3rd W30 and I've done my reintros a bit differently each time. When I did dairy after my first one, i did it by eating dairy once a day for a week. It was something different each day. Didn't go well, much to my disappointment and I didn't know which dairy thing did it. Now I'm doing a day once a week where I test something specific for all three meals. So this weekend I ate yogurt, which is a food I've liked and yay - no bad reaction! So I'm only reintroducing foods (as opposed to whole groups) I'd like to bring back as occasional food but really taking my time about it. So it doesn't feel at all like off-roading, I feel like I'm in control, and I'm getting good information about food that interests me.
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    Loving all of your posts! I'm on day 23 and looking forward to reintroduction. Not even sure yet if I'm going to change my diet much at all if any. I am looking forward to a class of wine with dinner every once in a while though. ☺️
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    Tom Denham

    Coconut butter?

    Eat it with a spoon when you want to strengthen your sugar and ice cream cravings. Seriously, eating it with a spoon is all I have ever done. The last time I had some in my house was about 4 years ago.
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    Pre/Post-Workout Meal Suggestions?

    I'm posting again, since it seems there were a bunch of unanswered questions on this thread. PRE-WORKOUT, you want a small portion of protein and fat. minimal carbs, because the goal here is just to signal to the body that it is ok to start burning fat, not give the body easy carbs that it will use instead. When you start to become more flexible in what energy you use for exercise (the body fat vs. carbs you just ate) you will find endurance and performance improve dramatically, even if you don't need to use fat/lose weight. This recommendation is for everyone. POST-WORKOUT, you want a larger portion (1/2 palm to a palm) of protein, and optionally something carby (and glucose filled), like sweet potato, and minimal fat. This is intended to restore muscle glycogen and build new tissue in the window right after your workout when muscles are primed and particularly receptive to taking it up. This helps recovery as well. As Tom mentioned, if you feel good with just protein, that's ok. Glycogen will get restored as the day goes on and you eat your meals, but some people feel A LOT better if they get a hit of carbs right then. Rule of thumb would be: if you are trying to lose weight and feel good without post-WO carbs, then skip them. If you are trying to maintain or gain weight/and or you need carbs post-WO to feel good, then eat those. Always eat the protein. oh and the reason for low fat postWO is to get these foods digested as quickly as possible. Fat slows digestion, which is usually good, but not in this case.
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    Running has taken a dive, Day 16

    The problem with a larabar as a pre-wo snack is that it gives you a pretty big hit of sugar to fuel your workout on which delays becoming more fat adapted. You want to force your body to use your fat stores as energy until you absolutely need them (running in your anerobic/lactic zones). I run 4-5 days a week. If I can allow for an hour or more between eating and running I will just eat a normal meal 1 without starchy veggies (like kale, eggs, bacon). If I need to get out sooner I just have eggs and maybe some bacon. I then make sure I incorporate starchy veggies in my next meal. I personally haven't been doing a post-wo snack mostly because all I can think about immediately after a run is getting in the shower.
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    Running has taken a dive, Day 16

    to add to Tom's excellent advice: the best snack for pre-workout is protein and fat. I always have a hardboiled egg, but some people will have a spoonful of coconut or other nut butter, or a small handful of nuts, that sort of thing. Post-workout you want protein and carbs, but little fat (fat slows digestion, and you want to get protein into your muscles super quick), so the chicken breast alongside some sweet potato would be a classic choice, or a can of tuna packed in water with some carrot sticks, maybe?
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    Tom Denham

    Running has taken a dive, Day 16

    You need to make sure you eat starchy veggies every day if you are running. You don't have to eat them immediately before or after a run, but include them in some meal every day - sweet potatoes, butternut squash, parsnips, carrots, beets, turnips, plantains, yucca, etc. It is normal to suffer in running performance for 2 or 3 weeks after beginning a Whole30, but as you become fat-adapted, your performance should improve. Because you are not eating processed carbs or grains, you need the energy from vegetable sources of carbs. You should never eat a larabar ever and certainly not as a pre-workout snack. The only excuse for eating a larabar is in an emergency when you would otherwise go hungry. Chicken breast is okay as a pre-workout snack, but better as part of a post-workout meal.
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    Slw, what phone are you on?
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    I did all of that...but I log onto Whole9 using my Facebook account, and the app won't accept that username and password.