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    If the ingredients apool1 listed above are correct, then, yes, the green tea itself, as long as you make sure they don't add syrup, is compliant. Be sure you find out the ingredients for the particular tea you are going to order. The tea listed in the first post was the Passion Tango Tea, and it is not compliant because of the candied fruit that has added sugar.
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    When you wonder about the Burts Bees lip balm you've just put on When you're willing to eat whatever protein is in the fridge for breakfast, including pulled pork and chicken burgers When you buy a copy of Whole30 for your acupuncturist
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    Hey everyone! My husband and I have our first Whole30 down and are continuing on because we feel amazing!!! Given how much our health and our lifestyle has changed as a result of eating this way, I thought it might be fun to start making a list of all the fun and funny things that make us successful. I'll start: You know you're doing a Whole30 when: you're making your own compliant mayo at 7:00 in the morning before work, in order to stay on-plan that day. (Which I happen to be doing right now. LOL)
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    When a 30 minute drive to Trader Joe's is worth it just for the riced cauliflower alone. When you don't mind paying $5.99 for 4 slices of compliant bacon. When Ghee makes you giddy! When you start researching restaurants that are Whole30 compliant and plan our your meals a month prior to traveling.
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    You spend 1/2 hour in the bacon aisle reading the ingredients and finally find one with no sugar in it and buy 4-6 packs, and the lady next to you thinks you are crazy because it's the most expensive one in the bunch.
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    ...when they have a section of the work refrigerator with stacked containers. ...when Google starts suggesting search terms with "Whole30" at the end. ...when they move down an aisle at the grocery store a few inches at a time, saying "Nope" as they go. ...when their coworkers know what "NSV" means and start offering suggestions of things they have noticed. ...when they make a face when they ask for an ingredients list and the server brings a nutrition info sheet instead. ...when they whisper their order to the bartender (and it's really just seltzer with a slice of lime).
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    One of my coworkers saw what I was eating for breakfast-- pan seared salmon with steamed string beans and green pimento olives-- and said "Oh, you must be on the 30 plan again, right?"
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    . . . they actually USE their spiralizer . . . they get 10 bags of unsweetened coconut flakes at a time--on Amazon--because the grocery store doesn't have flakes, or unsweetened.
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    More of a "been living Whole30 style" for long time observations-- New person at work asks where vending machines are. I've worked there 9 years. I couldnt answer with certainty. Turns out vending machines are by the elevator. Not the stairs, my usual mode of transport! And when mom asks why I use bank lobby instead of drive up. Banks have drive ups? Can I ride my bike through there? And, when Siri FINALLY figures out it is FODMAP not God map, polyols not polyps, and fructans not fry tans. She's like that unsupportive friend sometimes lol!!