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    Happy day 11 everyone! I finally found time to post inbetween food shopping, prepping, cooking and cleaning. Feels like a lot of work, but so worth it! Once I got past the egg hump and experimented with more recipes I felt a lot happier. 2 days of sweet potato, mixed veg and sausage hash for breakie...so good. Tonight we made the stir fry from the Whole30 book and it was delish. I seem to be ok with salads for most lunches (with chicken, fish, or egg), as long as I keep dinners interesting. My boyfriend and I cook most things together, so the team effort does make things a bit easier at times. Sending out positive vibes as you all prep for day 12!
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    Starting Whole30 on July 25th!

    Day 4 was a tad hard. My hubby and I went shopping at the Walmart near a big college campus in town for some odds and ends. The amount of cheese balls, frozen pizza and beer was overwhelming to me! I don't even normally eat cheese balls or frozen pizza but I found myself wanting it. My dinner wasn't filling enough but I think it needed some starch like alexandrarowan said! As I laid in bed last night I tried to think of some NSVs. The reason I started whole30 is because I wanted to find something to help my pityosporum folliculitis (looks like acne but caused by yeast) . Before our wedding I had 2 rounds of multiple diflucan as well as a topical to apply to my problem areas (chest and back). It all came back on our honeymoon of course. Since starting the whole30 I've only had two blemishes on my chest which I consider a MAJOR NSV!! I'm hoping it keeps up. I'm interested to see what triggers it during the reintroduction phase. I've also noticing my eczema on my arms is clearing up!! Yay!!
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    Starting Whole30 on July 25th!

    Yes! Both the hubby and I are extremely thirsty and we drink lots of water. I have had dry mouth since Tuesday, yesterday wasn't so bad, but it was a rest day with no exercise.
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    Alicia C

    Start Date August 1, 2016

    I'm getting ready for August 1st - will be doing my shopping tomorrow - taking my list with me and then Sunday I will be prepping my meals for Monday. I work full time, so I will need to have my lunches all planned out for the week and ready to go. So glad there are all of us doing this together.
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    If the ingredients apool1 listed above are correct, then, yes, the green tea itself, as long as you make sure they don't add syrup, is compliant. Be sure you find out the ingredients for the particular tea you are going to order. The tea listed in the first post was the Passion Tango Tea, and it is not compliant because of the candied fruit that has added sugar.
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    Starting Whole30 on July 25th!

    Thanks for the ideas Carli! I am well versed in the cravings department having quit smoking several times! I know they will pass and it's not worth failing for something I know isn't going to help me and my well being.
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    Starting Whole30 on July 18

    Day 12 - I dreamed last night that a colleague was making chocolate chip cookies for some kids. I agonized through the whole process and finally reached in and took the last half a cookie - warm, gooey, chocolate dripping all over my fingers and running down my arms!!. Someone else offered me cheese but I calmly explained why I could not have dairy, then suddenly realized tiny piece of Cookie was full of sugar and wheat! I thought of cheating and not telling but decided to start over. What a relief when I woke up and knew I was still going strong! In my awake life I feel like Whole30 has taken over my whole life ..... I hardly have time for at-home chores other than shopping chopping cooking cleaning kitchen!!!!! This video of Melissa talking about stress is keeping me motivated: http://youtu.be/2gJO0xeBrnc. I see that even though eating this way can cause stress, the nonnutritious and possibly allergenic foods I would eat otherwise are a greater stress to my whole system. I think the video also helps only explain why so many of us are struggling about now, as our systems adjust. If you haven't seen it, its a good listen. Happy shopping chopping cooking everyone!
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    Starting July 10th!

    Fatima, I'm so proud of us for sticking to this! I've had many working lunches/dinners at restaurants this week, but have still stayed with the program. I'm anxious to get on the scale - even though I am not normally a scale person - I think it is because it is forbidden.... Michele
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    Well I restarted today. I had originally started on July 18th and I did so wonderfully for the first 5 days. Until the dreaded weekend. I blew it and I mean blew it. I have felt horrible all week because I thought I might as well just go back to doing Atkins but then I remembered how great I felt around day 4 of the W30 program so I am back at it again today. I am really tired because last night I drank 3 light beers with dinner and woke up miserable today. But I am not hungry. This morning I had paleo safe sugar free bacon (I found at sprouts.. yeah) 3 eggs, a cucumber and my gingerade kombucha. For lunch I am having a huge salad and some chicken breast. I have a chuck roast with onions, celery and small red potatoes for dinner. The hardest part for me is the alcohol. My husband and I drink usually every night after work so it is a tough habit to break. But I know I can do it, I lasted 5 days last week and after the 4th day it seemed easy. The great thing about this program is everyone is so uplifting and forgiving! We are all human and I get it we all make mistakes. But I want to prove to myself that I can do this for 30 days..... and hopefully even longer! So heres to starting over...
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    Gigi In NOLA

    Starting Whole30 on July 25th!

    Day 4 - Here we are! I expected to wake up to "Kill All the Things", but luckily, I got a good night's sleep (although, weird and vivid dreams) and woke up feeling okay. Had to eat my breakfast later than planned due to a meeting and my lunch that I usually take at 1 p.m. will have to be at noon due to afternoon meetings. I hope I'm not famished by the afternoon because I'm not on my usual eating schedule. Had to make some adjustments for some of my planned meals and I'm a bit concerned about the weekend, but I think I'll be okay. It will be my first social outings and having to avoid alcohol. I think I'm good with food...it's the alcohol I'm concerned with. But, I'm committing to being compliant for 30 days!! I'll be looking into some other breakfast options as well. I don't mind the avocados and eggs everyday, but will be looking at other vegetables to add in besides spinach, mushrooms and onions. I may make some frittatas this weekend and pack them to go, so I can just heat up when I get to work and then top with a 1/2 of avocado. Lunch today is the protein salad with chicken in lettuce cups. I added compliant mayo, onions, celery, grapes and toasted almonds. I'm looking forward to eating it! Dinner will be baked salmon with pesto and a side of mashed sweet potatoes. Hope everyone has a fantastic day 4 and doesn't want to kill all the things.
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    Starting Whole30 on July 25th!

    I don't know if it helps but I find it useful to remind myself exactly what will happen to my body if I cave in to the craving, rather than focusing on the craving and how much its consuming me. It is challenging but not impossible. Someone visited our office today and bought a box of beautiful looking Italian chocolates and my friend that is on holiday in Italy has been texting me about all the Italian food she's been eating - pizza, cheese, pasta, more pizza and cheese. But then I remind myself how bloated and groggy they make me! Stick with it - day 5 means you're a 6th of the way there already!!
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    Starting Whole30 on July 18

    Hi all! Double digits now! Like VickiLee51 says, let's not drop out now due to loss of interest. It's a little quiet here, so I hope everyone is still here! Keep the faith and look forward to continuing to feel better inside and out. At the end of day 10, we're 1/3 of the way done! Woo hoo! I'm feeling clearer and more energetic than I have felt in a long time. Pre-W30 I had a couple of really stressful and busy months at work and home and while I tried hard to keep to my program, I know I wasn't as good as I could have been and I was just worn down and a bit burned out. I feel like I've been in recovery for the last few weeks as things have calmed down and I've refocused on my own health and nutrition. I walk 3 miles every morning, but plan to add in some more exercise starting next week now that I feel stronger again. Update on my husband's Whole 7 He's on day 4 and hasn't died! He hasn't been perfect - I sent him to the store to get avocados and bananas and he admitted to having a candy bar on the way home: "but it was dark chocolate" - MILKY WAY Dark! - ugh, sigh...anyway...then we went to dinner last night and his meal was all good except he had the mashed vs roasted potatoes, so I'm sure there was some dairy in there, but close enough. His heartburn has been better and he actually fixed some eggs and bacon for breakfast today - HUGE because he's been a faster during the day, then a binger during the evenings. I keep explaining the point of eating 3 real meals. Maybe something is sticking?? Our dinner last night reminded me of a good tip - when eating out, seek out Farm-to-table restaurants in your area. You can Google them easily. They typically have much healthier food and menus to start with and they don't blink at weird requests for changes as they are used to working with people with a variety of dietary needs. I live in the middle of nowhere, yet we do have a few excellent local places that offer local ingredients and fresh, scratch cooking - so much cleaner and much better preparations - and it tastes WAY better than your typical chain restaurant food. Stay the course! Betsie
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    Hi ms62060 - the pre-WO is a recommendation but we have lots of people that choose to work out fasted and that's fine if you feel that you are performing fine that way. Post WO is also a recommendation but it comes very strongly suggested as that is where all your recovery and performance improvement is going to come. Good job there! And your fruit story makes me chuckle....because that's about the short of it for so many people. Eat more fruit = more false hunger/cravings/snacking. If you still want to enjoy fruits, make them an accent to a meal (berries in a salad, pineapple in a stirfry etc). Always with a meal and probably no earlier than your second meal, if even that. The sugar in fruit in the morning, even when eaten with a meal, can cause issues especially once your body is more finely tuned. You're waking from a fast and then sending sugar in which can wreak havoc. I'm happy for you that you made the connection!
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    First whole30 starting July 11, 2016!

    Hi! I am also waiting for the magical turn as well. I still feel as I have felt for most of whole30 although I noticed my pants aren't quite fitting and I no longer look like I am 4-5 months pregnant (that was a constant problem for me before the whole30). I am sleeping way better at night which is good. I am also in your same boat for the pre and post work out meals. I have been struggling with my workouts the past couple of weeks and added a pre/post meal and it has helped a bit. My problem is that I often wake up at 4:30AM to work out and that is hard enough as it is but to think about having to add in a quick&small meal beforehand makes it harder. I definitely am incorporating a postWO meal to help with recovery and have noticed that that helps. I also noticed that I had started to eat a lot of fruit about midway through week 2 and I started snacking more. They were always compliant snacks but a snack none the less that usually wasn't necessary. I have made a point to stop eating fruit and to only eat when I am hungry (no snacking!!) to see if that helps my results. I am hoping it does! Happy to be over halfway through this experience. I have greatly enjoyed it and am hoping I can maintain this way of eating 90% of the time. One thing I really don't miss is hangovers from alcohol.
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    AIP necessary?

    Definitely start with just a Whole30, especially if it's very much of a change from how you're currently eating. One thing I'd suggest is to do a Whole30, just the regular one, but check out the egg- and nightshade-free shopping list, and concentrate on having mostly the stuff that isn't grayed out, and limit the grayed out stuff as much as seems reasonable to you. So, maybe don't cut out eggs completely, but don't have them every day for the next 30 days. Or, if your very favorite spices are ones that are pepper-based like chili powder or paprika, if you have that occasionally, not a problem, but maybe don't have every dish all week be spiced that way, start trying out different spices and flavorings. The point isn't to leave those foods out completely, but just to start making sure you try new and different foods now, so that if you do end up having to cut them out, it won't seem so overwhelming. If you think you may ultimately do an AIP Whole30 in the future, you don't want all the recipes you try now to be bell pepper and potato heavy, and then you have to cut those out and you're back to square one finding new favorites. Make sense?
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    When you wonder about the Burts Bees lip balm you've just put on When you're willing to eat whatever protein is in the fridge for breakfast, including pulled pork and chicken burgers When you buy a copy of Whole30 for your acupuncturist
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    Hey everyone! My husband and I have our first Whole30 down and are continuing on because we feel amazing!!! Given how much our health and our lifestyle has changed as a result of eating this way, I thought it might be fun to start making a list of all the fun and funny things that make us successful. I'll start: You know you're doing a Whole30 when: you're making your own compliant mayo at 7:00 in the morning before work, in order to stay on-plan that day. (Which I happen to be doing right now. LOL)
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    When a 30 minute drive to Trader Joe's is worth it just for the riced cauliflower alone. When you don't mind paying $5.99 for 4 slices of compliant bacon. When Ghee makes you giddy! When you start researching restaurants that are Whole30 compliant and plan our your meals a month prior to traveling.
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    Leigh Anne

    Starting May 9

    I was away last week, "riding my own bike" out in the world. There was a little panic at first, and fears that I would revert to my old ways of eating. Since I was not cooking and could only choose from what was prepared, there were meals that had very few Whole30 options. I knew this going in, and had finished reintroductions, so just planned to do my best and try not to lose ground. It went pretty well. I was able to avoid most dairy, but I had some wheat, and my joints are a little achy. It's not terrible, but I am looking forward to getting back to better eating. The Well Fed cookbooks are what I'm using this week. They're full of good stuff!
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    You spend 1/2 hour in the bacon aisle reading the ingredients and finally find one with no sugar in it and buy 4-6 packs, and the lady next to you thinks you are crazy because it's the most expensive one in the bunch.
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    ...when they have a section of the work refrigerator with stacked containers. ...when Google starts suggesting search terms with "Whole30" at the end. ...when they move down an aisle at the grocery store a few inches at a time, saying "Nope" as they go. ...when their coworkers know what "NSV" means and start offering suggestions of things they have noticed. ...when they make a face when they ask for an ingredients list and the server brings a nutrition info sheet instead. ...when they whisper their order to the bartender (and it's really just seltzer with a slice of lime).
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    One of my coworkers saw what I was eating for breakfast-- pan seared salmon with steamed string beans and green pimento olives-- and said "Oh, you must be on the 30 plan again, right?"
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    . . . they actually USE their spiralizer . . . they get 10 bags of unsweetened coconut flakes at a time--on Amazon--because the grocery store doesn't have flakes, or unsweetened.
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    More of a "been living Whole30 style" for long time observations-- New person at work asks where vending machines are. I've worked there 9 years. I couldnt answer with certainty. Turns out vending machines are by the elevator. Not the stairs, my usual mode of transport! And when mom asks why I use bank lobby instead of drive up. Banks have drive ups? Can I ride my bike through there? And, when Siri FINALLY figures out it is FODMAP not God map, polyols not polyps, and fructans not fry tans. She's like that unsupportive friend sometimes lol!!
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    Tom Denham

    Sodium erythorbate

    I am going to make an executive decision here and say yes you can eat bacon that includes sodium erythorbate, but you should not. It is basically a preservative with some similarities to ascorbic acid or vitamin C. However, some people are sensitive to it and it may cause problems similar to those caused by sulphites. See http://www.livestrong.com/article/340989-sodium-erythorbate-side-effects/. The problems with sulphites are so pervasive and well documented that anything including them are banned during a Whole30. The evidence against sodium erythorbate is mixed enough that banning it is probably too cautious. But hear me people! This is not an endorsement. I will not eat bacon with this particular preservative and you should not either. However, you are an adult. If you want to take chances with your health and the quality of your Whole30 experience, you can eat this ingredient.