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  1. Bck2B6

    Profile Image Issues

    Is this still an issue? I have selected the facebook option but my profile pic hasn't loaded and when I try and upload a photo I get an error message. I have resized photos and attempted in two browsers and still get the same error.
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  2. I'm in the UK (Ireland) and brew with two CB jars of a similar size and and am using a number of my own SCOBYs along with the originals. In summer that quantity takes around 10days to brew IME, and in winter, with the jars wrapped with fleece to keep them warm & the temperature steady it takes at least 14 days. Unless you're using a heat tray (or you're in a little micro-climate, or down south!) I'd doubt your booch would be ready in 3 days. I'd let it brew for at least a week & then start taste testing... Mine will have a good froth/fizz as I'm bottling, and then it'll get really fizz
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