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  1. jmcbn

    Profile Image Issues

    The profile pic & photo upload issue should now be resolved. The double, triple, quadruple posting etc are still being looked at... Thank you for your patience everyone!
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  2. jmcbn, you are most welcome to have whatever it is that I don't or won't eat. And now, I have a partner in crime, besides my sweet husband. You can show us around Ireland, eh? It would be nice to have a resident tour guide that we can pay with the food we'd rather not partake. That means, of course, you'll get a double portion. You good with that?
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  3. Both Scottish in origin The black and white pudding (not much different to sausage in all honesty - only the black contains blood) you can leave for me though
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  4. ShannonM816

    Pork rinds

    Sorry, due to the "no commercial chips, nothing deep fried" rule, pork rinds would not be compliant during your Whole30.
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