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    Starting November 6, 2016

    That was a pretty gentle reaming... with an offer for some personalized advice (from a moderator, who spends her own time doing this to help others). I'm chiming in simply because I also struggle with binge eating and abusing food. My very first post on this forum was answered by a moderator saying "it isn't time to do a W30". I was livid. Turns out that moderator was wrong. BUT he was right about having to let go of food weighing/logging. Here is the thread if you are interested. Tracking food is no way to live. Eat real food. Eat to satiety. Eat lots of veggies. You can't go wrong. Use that mental energy and free time to do something positive. I've been there. Trust me, its better on the other side
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    Starting November 6, 2016

    Newbie: That's too bad that you considered Sugarcubes response as a lecture, as I did not. I usually find their responses helpful as they have been doing this program longer than we have. We have maybe read the book once, and honestly, that book is too big to remember every single component of the program. I don't know what type of work you do for your profession, but I have also found that something usually does get lost in electronic conversations, so although you may have interpreted her advice as a personal attack on you, I don't think it was intended as such. I think we also need to remember that the moderators also have lives to live and them being a "moderator" isn't a full-time job (maybe it is, but I don't think so), so when they are reviewing the forums and leaving feedback they are probably switching gears from their regular day to leave specific advice for a specific problem. Personally, I need gentle reminders about more things throughout my day, let alone Whole 30 reminders. The best results come from those that commit 100% to the program, and I'm sure our moderators just want the best results for all who start on this journey.
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    I'm guessing they're using it as some kind of supplement in place of a soy/grain based feed. If it's raw (& also sour) goat's milk then it's apparently good for their gut bacteria, and yes, it is thought to increase production. The proteins in goat's milk are more easily digestible than cow's milk so it could also be a way of increasing their calcium without compromising their gut? Personally I'd favour goat's milk over soy/corn/grain fed chickens every time.
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    You guys are not alone, I keep feeling like I am gaining but I am eating only three meals and drinking more water than I ever thought possible! I am hitting the gym more often- so I have to view that as a positive. I think we have to wait to full 30 days before we can say its been a success or not :). @Eruiel what day is this for you?
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    Whole30 in Germany

    Whole 30 in Germany - Day 5 is done Hello, my name is Inga and I am living in Germany. First, I want to beg your pardon, if I use words not in the right way, because I'm not an native english speaker. I started whole30 last saturday, so now is day 5 done ( it is 10:00 pm here). One year ago I changed my food to low carb and lost 44 lbs since then. There are about 20 to 30 lbs more I want to loose. My problem is, that I was still craving in the evening. In my "high carb time" it were potato chips and chocolate, then, when I changed to low carb, it were nuts and cheese. Maybe healthier then before, but I was impatient with that. I heard about whole30 from a collague. So I read the book and the remarks about the Leptin Resistence sounds very familiar to me. That was just my problem and I decided to start with the program. It is not so difficult, because of my low carb experience. I quit sugar one year before, I used sweeteers very seldom and I didn't eat grains and legumes since one year. But I ate much cheese and butter and cream. Now day 5 is done and since the first day I was not craving at all in the evening. I am satiated and happy. Good luck to everyone. Inga
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    Starting 11/10/16

    Hi Everyone, I thought I had it it figured out, but then I realized I had coffee I had made with Vanilla extract made with alcohol and I used my Fiber Supplement mixed in which had Dextrin (it's only ingredient) so I think this is my dry run day & tomorrow the 10th will end up being day one officially. I have given myself too many free passes and excuses in the past and that's not happening any more. So today I am doing official pantry revision & stock up. Planning the meals for the rest of the next couple weeks, so glad I have had the good sense to have a few days off to get it together. The first and possibly most challenging battle will be the Sugar Dragon, but if he shows up demanding things I will then find something else to do like a few push ups, squats or phone a friend/come see what's new in the threads. I have 2 other people starting the program with me thank goodness and my family is super-supportive. I have attached day one pic & my first Whole 30 Recipe of Ratatouille Chicken. Let's Roll! I want Food Freedom!! I have conquered so much in my life. This is the last stronghold of detrimental things I have given too much power over me that I must face up too with the same courage and bravery that I used to overcome so many other things. I am willing and able. I will win!! I'm will make that red dress sizzle much hotter very soon!!! I haven't weighed myself in a while, last time I was at Doctor's office it was 270-ish. I no longer care one bit about my scale weight, I just want to radiate on the outside who I am inside. I feel a sense of congrurrency with this program that is very different from past attempts at weight loss or dieting. That garbage is what got me here. Now I have the chance to break free and I will embrace it whole-heartedly. With Love To All, Sandy (a.k.a. already a winner)
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    therapy win

    This is really encouraging to me. I have anxiety and depression and have noticed that even only 9 days into Whole30, my anxiety has not been as noticeable. Thank you for sharing.
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    Starting November First!!

    @socalmama - sorry, no. These "oatmeal" concoctions are not Whole30 compliant. It's the effort of recreating non compliant items (oatmeal) using compliant ingredients. Really, you should just be eating protein, veggies and fats. Stay away from these paleofied concoctions. Sorry!
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    Not burning fat

    Hey @rootytooty - It's really impossible to comment without knowing what exactly you are eating. Can you list out what you have eaten over the last 3-4 days giving specifics on portion sizes, veg types, snacks, water intake, activity levels etc? That way we'd be better placed to help you troubleshoot. If you're still needing to snack 18 days in it's likely the composition of your meals need some tweaking in order to get you through that 4-5hr window and allow your body to start tapping into it's fat stores for fuel.
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    Starting November First!!

    Well it's 12:15 on the day after...Talk about stress! Anyone else doing any stress-induced, grief-induced eating? This is not the place for a political discussion, but this is the first time I have been tempted to eat when I wasn't hungry. I just downed a handful of salted cashews. We had a good, hearty breakfast -- salmon cakes, scrambled eggs with spinach, grapefruit. Lunch will be bratwurst, mashed potatoes, sauerkraut and a vegetable not yet determined. Dinner will be baked salmon, baked potato and green beans with mushrooms and onions. My other coping plans for today, besides healthy, pre-planned food, are working on a jigsaw puzzle, yoga/meditation, some drawing or coloring, maybe a walk if it doesn't rain. I am limiting my computer time and avoiding FB! I feel lucky to be retired. I can choose to have a laid back day and not have to get into heavy discussions today. I hope today finds all of you in control and eating compliant foods. One of the best things we can do for ourselves is clean eating.
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    Just wanted to update that I am feeling better today. I slept like a rock last night (very rare for me) and had the luxury of sleeping in a bit which I took advantage of. I also indulged my autistic brain in a good bit of special interest study (nerves arising from the brain and cervical spinal cord and especially those that innervate the facial muscles) and that helped. I really like that the Whole30 is helping with easily throwing together a healthy meal. I had chicken pan fried with zatar and roasted broccoli and olives and an apple with a little almond butter and it felt to good to be able to pull that together even while feeling terrible. Previously I either would not have eaten or would have had a pint of ice cream or a couple pieces of cheese bread if I was feeling like that. Proud. NSV for sure! Especially because getting better about meal prep and planning was one of my pre Whole30 goals! Still taking it a bit easy today. Thank you all for your support. Good things to you.
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    October 17th Start

    Last night was so stressful here in the US that a drink was ALL that I wanted. But, I held on. Too close to the end to start over now! I'm looking forward to reintroduction. I think I will do a combination of slow and fast, I guess that's medium??? I do think I will eat Whole30 90% of the time on a regular basis as I have grown to enjoy this way of eating. But there will times when I want something off plan and I want to have the freedom to choose to do so. Thanksgiving is coming up and we always go to my partner's family's house. Because it isn't MY family and I am not cooking, there is really no emotional connection in any of the food. It is pretty much the same food every year and it won't be hard to stick close to the plan, while not entirely on plan. I'm not a big sweets eater, so passing on dessert is normal for me. I know that the prolly biggest draw for me will be the candied yams and that is about as sweet as I will get. I may make my own sweet potato pie at home for the family. A peach cobbler is prolly the only other dessert I like and I do recall eating an entire 11 by 9 pan once in less than 3 days BY MYSELF...so no, I won't be making it! Still no tiger blood, but I rarely sleep more than 4 hours at a time at night, so no surprise there. Girlfriend says I'm losing weight, I think my tummy might be SLIGHTLY flatter, but we will see! Looking forward to glass of wine! I'm actually more of a whiskey or white wine gal, but I will try a pinoit noir first. Almost there, ladies!
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    Starting November 6, 2016

    @Newbie23 - we don't delete posts. It makes the forum difficult to follow and the delete would have to be done manually by a moderator and since all the mods are volunteers, we don't offer that service. That all said, you might want to take a little step back for a bit and come back and read the responses when you are not in a heightened emotional state. There really is nothing here for you to "defend". No one was attacking you personally and various people have read the post in question and believe that perhaps you are reading emotion into the post that isn't there. We recommend to folks 100% of the time that they take the "don't weigh or measure your food" seriously. It's not actually against the rules, just a strong recommendation. I've included a few examples where we have given everyone the same general guidance that you were given. None of it is rude, mean or meant as an attack. I've included it so that you can maybe read it and understand that the information that you were given was what is given to everyone. The moderators who volunteer here are passionate about the program and after helping thousands of people through it, we know what you may not yet know and that is that these trackers/apps are designed with useless information as targets and that they don't give you valuable information about yourself and in many cases can be obsessive and cause the person to respect the app more than they are respecting themselves. To be fair to your initial inquiry, the way that you used the tracker is valid. It is one of the only reasons that Melissa says is an acceptable use. To check once and make sure that you are not vastly under-eating. What we encourage though, is that you take that information that you learned alongside what you learned from listening to your body and you move forward with yourself in charge, not an app. I know it can be hard/scary to trust your hunger signals after years of mistreating them but humans are resilient and it does not take long to get back to a position of knowing real hunger vs emotional hunger/cravings. The template is the minimum that you eat at any time. Then you look at your day, your week, your month, your exercise, your current health and you examine how you feel and make decisions based on that data. Finally, please understand that again, we are all volunteers, most of us taking time away from our jobs to come and help people through the process. We wouldn't waste our time if the only goal was to pick on unsuspecting, vulnerable Whole30-ers. None of us are petty or mean spirited so please know that even if you may have read "reaming" in the response, it wasn't posted with that intent. The written word is difficult to decipher emotion in and if you add to it that some people are not highly emotional people, what you read is sometimes all there is. It's not a chastising, just a discussion. I'm truly sorry you were so upset by the response, I hope you can take it in perspective and understand that we only ever spend our time commenting out of a desire for members to get the best possible results from their efforts.
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    Day 18!! I feel better today, body image wise, not as bloated and I continue to feel more positive and motivated to exercise. In fact I have my bag packed and may get to go tonight which will be three straight days (I only get about 30 minutes in- so not excessive, but I am going and that feels good!). Didn't get much sleep last night but that was mainly because of the election...I was too engrossed! Over the last few days I have doubled my water intake- which at first seemed impossible- I think it is helping my gut. My skin hasn't improved yet, I actually have two small breakouts- ugh, I hate adult acne. I think my patience is improved, it that is a thing? I don't seem to get as frustrated as normal. Food: Breakfast: Homemade turkey sausage with onions and peppers cooked in olive oil, sliced sweet potatoes (baked previously in olive oil), 1 avocado, extra diced sweet peppers. 1 banana and few green grapes. Coffee and LOTS OF WATER Lunch: Homemade turkey sausage with onions and peppers cooked in olive oil, acorn squash, 1 sliced tomato, few green olives and an apple. LOTS OF WATER Dinner: Apple Turkey Sausage 1.5, acorn squash, broccoli, apple and kombucha. Maybe a 1-2 tsp almond butter. LOTS OF WATER HAPPY WEDNESDAY!
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    October 17th Start

    @jolong I am nervous about Thanksgiving as well. We plan to stay home where we can cook a compliant meal, as opposed to eating with relatives and not knowing what's what. So that's good at least. The two issues I am concerned about is the wine - which will be the first item on my reintroduction - and the apple crumb pie for dessert. I've already decided NOT to have it topped with vanilla ice cream (points for me!) but I will still be facing having both the gluten AND sugar at the same time. Since I am adding the alcohol to the beginning of my reintroduction, I will not be able to finish it before the holiday. I'm pretty sure I won't have had the gluten reintro by that time. However, after reading the books - now making my way through Food Freedom Forever - and even if it takes me off schedule, I've decided that the pie will be one of those things that are sooooo worth it! I will savor each bite - making it last as long as I can - and deal with whatever afterwards. I plan then to get back on to the reintroduction as scheduled the next day. It will be interesting to see what happens!
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    I made ratatouille from the whole30 book and added shrimp and tons of spices Mrs Dash and Italian seasoning Yummm! Have leftovers for lunch!
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    I had this Butter Chicken made in the slow cooker! Super easy and super awesome! You'll be able to eat it for like 3 days!
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    Thank you, @saraip for the support and @ShannonM816 for the advice! I think the food log is a good idea. I'll keep you posted on my progress! The good news is, besides my skin, I have experienced a lot of awesome benefits from the Whole30 and I'm so happy I did it!
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    Thanks Jennifer! I needed that You're right. I am not giving up....I can do this!
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    Day 16! I think it's mostly overwhelm from my extra responsibilities right now. Just tired today. I think the Whole30 is helping in other ways like my skin is slowly but surely clearing up on my whole body and I am having fewer headaches and more even energy. I also don't fall into a despair pit if I have to wait to eat. I think it's just hard not to expect that the Whole30 will cure everything ^_~ My plan is to keep going after 30 days if I still don't feel done. Sometimes my system is slow and I know this. I also may drop nightshades at that point to see if that is the culprit. I do feel like I'm going in a positive direction generally. Just having an off day. Thanks for the empathy and support!
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    Gabriela! Make sure you keep going you've gone too far too turn back! I BELIEVE IN YOU. I'm gonna eat an extra serving of greens tomorrow in honor of your continued efforts! Go you! Xoxo
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    Spatchcock it! Take a pair of kitchen scissors and cut the spine out of a chicken. Wipe the whole chicken off with some paper towel (inside and out). Place the chicken "inside-side" down onto a stoneware or baking sheet. Press firmly between the breasts so the breastbone cracks/breaks.....this causes the whole chicken to lay flat. Drizzle with avocado oil, sprinkle with salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, parsley, cumin, chili powder (just a bit of each). Bake at 435F for about 75 minutes or until the meat thermometer is correct.
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    Put a bunch of snapper in a ziploc bag with lime juice mixed with cumin, garlic, paprika, parsley, salt & pepper. Let it sit for about 90 minutes and then grilled it for 2 minutes on each side. Side of steamed green beans and kale slaw w/ homemade mayo-based dressing.
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    I haven't tried the green one - but I used the blue container for collagen from Vital Proteins and it's tasteless. I really like it and I have less joint pain and my skin is awesome right now.
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    Meadowlily, I've been away for some time, but I have been inspired by your writing for going on 2 years now. I say that I've been away, but I just turned 60 and stopped checking in on the forum. I too eat more fruit and less fat than I did during and immediately after my 30 days - and I have been thinking about cutting back on coffee. So - here's what I wanted to say.... think about writing a book about your journey. You have a lot of material right here and a good editor could help you pull something wonderful out of it. I'd buy that book.
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    Starting November 6, 2016

    This is our day 3. How is everyone doing? I've had 2 good days and a good start for today. I'm not feeling better but I feel no worse.
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    Sugar Dragon Keeps Getting Me at 3

    You really shouldn't be feeling this way by day17..... if you'd like to check you're on the right track feel free to list out a few days worth of your food, giving specifics on portion sizes, activity levels, water intake etc and we can take a look to see if you can make any tweaks to help with your energy levels. Are you drinking the recommended half an ounce of water per pound of body weight daily? Salting your food? Getting enough fat at each meal? All of these play a role in your energy levels.
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    Tigers and Turtles - 2016

    Hi Everyone The counting backwards works wonderfully well, I am not sure what will happen when I get to the number 1. Doesn't matter at the moment things are going well and I am feeling better. Sounds like everyone is motoring along--why talk of a January 30 when we haven't planned the Christmas party yet. Maybe we should call it something else, since backward works for me, what about a Spring Break? Will try to show up more often, have had a huge number of things happening, nothing major but it all takes time and energy and I am so over high winds, rain and cold. (Wouldn't believe I live in the South Pacific would you?)
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    I think these are all great ideas. I'd add hot tea and hot lemon water. I think if you need some medication, it's okay to take it. I know one of my daily medications has corn in the inactive ingredients. During my first Whole30, I went to a compound pharmacy to get a quote and it was crazy expensive and wasn't covered under my insurance. But I need it and I take it daily. I started my new job today! I did a lot of planning and food prep so hopefully the week will go smoothly. Work outs will be tough this week, so I may only get 3 days in. Meal 1: 2 egg frittata muffins, avocado, black coffee (I wasn't hungry.) Meal 2: 2 salmon cakes with Awesome sauce, green salad, olive oil dressing, olives, apple http://meljoulwan.com/2014/11/10/oven-fried-salmon-cakes/ I can't find a link to the awesome sauce recipe, but it's in Well Fed 2 and tastes SO good on the salmon cakes. It's a mixture of mayo, kickass ketchup, and seasonings. Meal 3: 3 cracklin' chicken thighs, cauli mash (I didn't add fat to this, but chicken was cooked in ghee and cauli mash has coconut oil and coconut milk in it.) Tomorrow is a super busy day with day 2 at new job and activities with my kids all afternoon and evening. I have food prepped for all of us, so that's taken care of. Happy Day 15!
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    Stacey Kolinsky

    Completed Whole30 Today!

    Thank you so much! And a big Congrats to you as well!! Yes, I have noticed that food tastes much better these days and that is another perk of being on the program. Fruit is very sweet at times and I love my veggies everyday!! I am really loving the way this program makes me feel! I feel invigorated Thanks for the support and reply!
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    Tigers and Turtles - 2016

    Had to sneak back on for a second to say...ME TOO...but I didn't pick it. I let my sponsors design the character right down to the name, but the girl who did the name this year had this brilliant idea to look up a random fairy name generator. Granted, I'm not exactly a fairy in this game, but that was close and it came up with so many clever options. Since I know you like games too, and having multiple characters, I had to share that tip. Also, I need to beg right now that anyone who does check in on our page this weekend turns a blind eye to any conversation around an alleged Midnight Ice Cream Toast. Pictures prove nothing. You never saw, you never heard. Let's talk about January instead. I can't wait to see Vozelle in purple hair but am stuck where I can't view that yet. Argh!!!
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    I'll be cruising by my thread as I tool along. When you reach a fork in the road, take it. I've reached my fork in the road. My dieting philosophy is behind me on these pages. I look back and clearly see how long it's taken to get it out of my system. Whew. I've always been interested in herbs and essential oils. I'm making my own combinations. It's been a long trail back to my spiritual roots. Spiritual health is turning loose of your body's hold over you. The only one who learns is the one doing all of the hard work. You have to break yourself down to build yourself back UP again. No one can do it for you. Spiritual connection takes the fear out and allows recovery and healing to come in. It's the capstone. The finishing stone on your entire structure. You innermost being and body. Spiritual connection sets the captive free.
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    What sayings help to keep you on track?

    If you're tired of starting over, stop quitting. Two step method for success: Step One: Start. Step Two:Keep going.
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    First Whole30 Down!

    Absolutely, Monica! I'll try to explain it to the best of my ability. Background: I've been struggling with clinical depression (not associated to a particular event) since roughly age 7 (now 30). When I was that age, I didn't really know how to deal with what I was feeling, so I wrote in my journal (this was the 90s, so it was covered in hearts and flowers and had a little lock on it) and ate. And ate. I went from being a slender 2nd grader to a plump 3rd grader. I'm not sure if my parents noticed when an entire box of Gushers would go missing, but I learned to hide it better, sometimes just mixing EVEN MORE sugar into a handful of maple syrup. As I grew older, and became very ashamed of my weight, I dieted and exercised with mixed results, but I always ended up drowning my sorrows in a pint of Ben & Jerry's, an entire bag of chips, or an entire blueberry pie. Sugar (processed sugar, complex carbohydrates) was my crutch. Whenever I felt bad, I'd just push it away into the back of my mind until I could stop at a gas station on the way home and buy ice cream/chips/candy/whatever. Then, Whole30... no more processed sugar. No more chips, ice cream, candy. My food crutch was gone, and I couldn't even substitute alcohol. I was forced to face my depression, really look it in the eye, for the first time in 23 years. Now, rather than pushing negative feelings to the back of my mind so that they can be satiated with sugar later, I look at the feeling and examine why I'm feeling that way and what I can do to fix it. Here are some things I ask myself: What exactly am I feeling? What happened to make me feel this way? Did my ego take a hit in some way? What can I do to repair that without insulting others? Is a perceived shortcoming of my own involved? Is that shortcoming real? Can I do something about it? Does worrying or feeling bad about it actually help the situation? Who else is involved? What can I respectfully say to someone else involved to help resolve the situation? Do I need space? Would a hug help? How about a walk, or some music? What is the solution? What time/day will I implement the solution, if not right away? What resources will I need to implement the solution? This is just a quick list off the top of my head. Not everything here will apply to every situation, but being in the habit of tackling things in the moment helps SO MUCH, and I don't feel compelled to eat. Formulating a plan with specifics reduces anxiety in a big way. I hope this helps. Please let me know if you need more!
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    I like this one because of how many times I have looked at someone who is well established with a habit that I would like to have and thought "I wish I was like that." I see how it could be really empowering to remind yourself that you are setting a good example by sticking to building your new, healthy habit! Plus, you're working hard toward that goal so you deserve to feel proud of that!
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    I know this may not be as kind as what has been previously posted. I quit smoking over 15 years ago and visited a support board. One of the times I liked smoking was while driving. A fellow quitter described what it was like sitting at a stop light and seeing another driver next to her puffing away. Instead of envying the other driver and wishing she could have one, her response as she sat at the light with no cigarette was "you wish you were me". I think that sometimes in the grocery store when I look at carts with the processed foods I used to eat and mine filled with the non-processed basics of fresh foods. It's not so much that I'm better than anyone else. More it's that the carts of others remind me that I have choices and that I'm not suffering because of them.
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    Yes, I am going to be done with my Whole 30 by the time I travel, by air, from NY to Utah. I'd definitely rather eat clean protein bars than the typical crap commonly available in airports (fast food burger places, Starbucks, gross airport pizza, convenience market with chips/sodas and candy). In general, as a person who doesn't eat meat, my options are already limited. And there's only so much I can jam into my carry-on before I worry about getting a backache from the weight, not to mention that lots of the stuff I typically eat wouldn't fare very well if left out for hours and hours, even if TSA would allow me to bring it (tins of tuna/sardines packed in olive oil, mayonnaise, coconut cream, pan seared salmon filets, koimo and traditional sweet potatoes, boiled eggs). I've tried bringing a jar of almond butter and apple sauce through security in the past and have been made to toss them both, so there goes the coconut cream, tins of fish, and mayo, which are similar in consistency to what I've been required to discard. And old warm boiled eggs or pan-seared salmon sitting out all day for a five hour flight plus two plus hours of wait time in the airport plus whatever delays might happen doesn't sound too appetizing. Cut up fruits and veggies and baked potatoes only go so far when there's little protein or fat to pair them with, and I try to limit nuts, as advised by the w30 recommendations. Same concepts go for hiking. While there's no TSA to limit what I take into Zion National Park, I don't think anything that contains prepared egg, mayonnaise or cooked fish will be a good idea to cart around in 115*F weather for 8-10 hours. Even tins of fish, while they wouldn't spoil, sure wouldn't be so wonderful to carry around all day with me on the hike back to the parking lot. And again, limiting nuts is a personal choice, and just relying on cut up fruits and veggies is a bit limiting as far as providing energy for strenuous activities. So, eating a higher quality "clean" protein bar is a much more attractive choice to me than nothing at all or something I might get sick from. I'd be more afraid of the diarrhea (and dehydration that comes with it) from eating spoiled food than from the concerns with eating an "emergency" protein bar. Anyhow, the original post wasn't meant to be a message asking for permission, comment or judgement. It was just an announcement that there was a limited time sale going on regarding a w30 compliant product. Take it or leave it.
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    RX Bar Discount! (limited time)

    Is it my imagination or does the self-righteousness/snark get a little thick when the subject of packaged bars come up? Yes, people need to understand that they shouldn't be eating these bars regularly on a Whole30. And yes, Whole30ers need to be prodded to define "emergency" more narrowly. But the original poster is talking about air travel, which is one of the emergency examples that is often used on these boards ("stuck on the tarmac for hours"). Who hasn't had a flight delayed, rerouted, etc.? I don't think there's anything wrong with planning for an emergency. I always thought it was a good thing to be prepared for life's unexpected challenges. And sometimes a compliant bar might make the most sense for someone's situation. That is all.
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    You've started a really wonderful conversation here that many of us needed to revisit! Thank you for that. I'd like to add that a six pound weight loss on W30 is more than likely a six pound fat loss. If you've done crash diets in the past and lost 6-10 pounds in a week, likely very little of that was fat and mostly water, perhaps even muscle mass. Remember that the scale doesn't tell us what, exactly, we've lost; and it certainly doesn't promise that whatever we've lost will stay off. However, with W30, you're setting yourself up for sustainable fat loss. Trust that over your past experiences with crash diets and whatever your monkey mind is telling you about the number on the scale. So very true. And, the marketing world wants you to believe you can get thin fast. However, it's much more invested in making sure that even if you lose weight fast you'll always get fat again so you keep coming back for more of their paid weight loss schemes that don't work. Seriously. They literally set us up to fail in order to maximize their profit. It's a vicious cycle orchestrated by greed. Let's not forget that. Ever. And keeping that in mind, we have to shift all of our expectations. We've been fed a pack of lies, and if we continue to believe effective weight loss looks like the yo-yo model (without the return back up), then we're complicit in the lies and destruction. Instead, let's explode those faulty expectations and dive into the new model of the W30 that puts our lives and health back into our own hands. Release the fear and embrace the revolution!