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  1. NEW WHOLE30 RULES: CHIPS AND COCONUT AMINOS 27 March, 2017 From Whole30 headmistress Melissa Hartwig, who works really hard to make the program both effective and easy to follow It’s been a long time since I’ve issued any changes to the Whole30 rules; the last was in 2014, when we brought back the white potato. Making a rule change is a really big deal; it’s a huge communication effort to share the new information with millions of people worldwide and update all of our books and resources. But food manufacturers continue to create grain-free,
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  2. This is just something you have to decide to change. There's nothing that says breakfast has to be eggs or other "breakfast" food, it can be leftovers, or soups, or fish, or meatballs, with whatever vegetables you prefer. Here's one thread of non-egg breakfasts: And if you google Whole30 no egg breakfast or something along those lines, you can find other discussions as well.
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