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    A WHOLE New Me

    Hey there! First, I want to share one of the worst things that's ever happened to me: 2 weeks ago, I had to cancel a job interview because I have no dress clothes that fit me and Amazon failed to stick to their guaranteed next day delivery. It's everyone's nightmare, the dreaded thing nobody would ever look forward to, and it happened. I'm SO lucky though. I'm 5'4, 240-something pounds and the most I've ever weighed. I eat horribly for the most part, I'm at least pre-diabetic if not fully type 2, and I can hardly bend down to tie my shoes. But 7 months ago at school, I met the most incredible girl in the world and she seems to prove more and more how much she cares about me. The crazy thing, to me, is that she's a model. She's gorgeous and has gorgeous friends and she's the complete opposite of most girls I've ever been close to. I don't have the slightest clue why a girl like her came and sat next to a guy like me the very first day of that class, but she did. Then she sat next to me every single class after that for 14 weeks, and last Saturday I got up at 7am to walk a 5K with her. She's one of the most positive and happiest people alive, and every second I've gotten to spend with her makes me feel the same way. She's also the least judgmental person I've ever met, and it's nice to know there are people like that in the world. It takes A LOT to get me to wake up very early, especially on the weekend, and usually "to exercise" is not the reason if I do. She did it somehow though, and she cares enough to keep walking with me and keep taking me out to eat better and help me. I took a "before" picture with her and I hope sometime in the next year we'll be able to take a great "after" picture. I've lost weight many times before and I have pictures to prove it and motivate me, but each time I gained more back. It almost seems impossible because I feel like I've tried everything, including very low carb ketogenic diets, but I need to start something again. Also, I'm studying networking and cybersecurity, and I'm very excited about the opportunities I could have working in the field, but I feel like I don't even deserve those opportunities. I don't feel the part. I want to be on the front lines defending a company or even our country's infrastructure from attackers, and I want to look the part as if it were the army or navy or air force or the marines. I don't look like I can move fast enough to make quick, touch decisions, nevermind THINK fast enough with absolutely no confidence. I know in this case weight has nothing to do with skills, but I'd still feel much better about it being in shape. I definitely have the motivation and the support, and now I need a jumpstart. WHOLE30 sounds perfect. I plan on starting on May 12th, which is Friday, despite knowing I'll be going to brunch or dinner for Mother's Day. See, the thing is, I know my issues are all inside my head, every single one of them. Every time I go out to eat, I tell myself to order a chicken breast with vegetables, but when I get there I order the whatever sounds good at the time. It's a matter of listening to my own thoughts and letting myself move on after ordering something healthy instead of missing out on something that would have tasted better. So what, I didn't get the pasta loaded with cheese and bacon and ham and alfredo sauce - big deal, I won't even miss it. Nobody needs any of that junk, at least I know I don't. Now I have to get the chicken and vegetables, because it's my only choice. The reality is there are probably plenty of whole foods on a restaurant menu, but they're slathered in mayonnaise or bbq sauce or something thick and rich and creamy. Behind every great recipe is a main source of protein that you just need to cook. We'll all survive if we eat to live. That's exactly what I need to start doing - living to eat instead of eating to live. I'm looking forward to beginning WHOLE30 and repeating it as many time as possible to help me reach my goal of a WHOLE new me. If you've gotten this far, thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope to read your story soon as well!
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    May 1 Start - Support

    Good day today. Lots of energy. It was so nice to already have breakfast in the fridge ready to go. I went on a walk with my friend today. I felt a bit weak honestly, but I'm also very tired from getting my daughter into her own bed for the first time last night. I made pork chops for dinner, which were delicious. Tomorrow is my 4th wedding anniversary, and we're going to see guardians of the galaxy, so I'll need to bring something to eat probably. I need to plan that tomorrow. 1/3 done! Oh I totally had a dream about pizza last night...
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    Since starting eating the Whole30 way, many of my friends have asked questions, and for advice as they consider it too. Here's a getting started summary, based solely on my own experience. First, you are considering this for any number of reasons... for some it's the hope of weight-loss, for others, health issues such as allergies, inflammatory responses and other ailments that might be addressed by learning through the process which foods your body does not do well with. I can tell you that I don't think I have any allergies to foods and didn't have any digestive issues plaguing me. But I have terrible eating habits. I love healthy food, but also ate way too many snacks and foods that were just empty, very tasty, but empty calories. I have been successful with Weight Watchers in the past, several times. Get that? SEVERAL times. So, I was tired of the yo-yo weight issue I lived with as a result of not changing my HABITS, and that was my real motivator for trying the Whole30. I didn't want to count calories or points all my life, but understood that weight was a direct result of too many calories in and not enough burned off. What I didn't understand is the way a healthy body burns calories, and mine was way off wack from a lifetime of splurging and self-denial. The process is that the body goes first to sugars for fuel, and I had plenty of those coursing through my system! Some of it, it turns out, I wasn't responsible for, or even aware. It wasn't just the sweets I chose to eat, but I've learned that sugar is added to the craziest things you'd never dream of, and as a result, we ingest way more of it than we should, all day long. I wasn't choosing all of that, but it was going in my body every day! So, the short of it is, our body uses those sugars and leaves the rest of it, until needed. And the way I was eating, the rest was never needed, staying on as extra pounds unless I deprived myself for a period of time - in a DIET. After that time, of course, it would all come back because I was going back to eating the way I'd known for all my life. So, for ME, and for my husband Dan too, we lost weight just by eating compliant to the Whole30 Plan of healthy proteins, vegetables, healthy fats and some fruit three times a day, and being sure that we were not leaving the table hungry. I'm talking measurable, significant amounts of weight. Also, I lost some of the hip, knee and foot pain that was pretty much with me all the time. Is it just that the lower body mass was easier on my joints, or was I eating in a way that kept those areas inflamed? I don't know. But I know I'm eating compliant still most of the time, with small indulgences here and there, and I don't miss the weight OR the pains!! (lol) It's not a once and done, either. I was looking for something I can live with, forever. And I think I found it. Eating well, feeling satisfied, and never having to DIET again. It's a learning process of eating mindfully, sliding back into old habits, and bringing yourself into check again when you see it happening. I think of it as a re-structuring of a lifetime of habits and way of thinking about foods as "good or bad", or worse yet, yourself for eating them! I am still learning, and it will take many cycles before I can achieve what Whole30 calls "Food Freedom Forever", but I am closer now than I've ever been in my life, and I feel great too along the way! OK, some tips to make it easier: BUY these books and read them. They will HELP YOU on this journey. 1) 'It Starts with Food', 2) 'Whole30 - 30 Day Guide to TOTAL HEALTH and FOOD FREEDOM', and 3) 'Food Freedom Forever'. You CAN do this without the books, but they are great resources, and isn't your health worth a little investment? NO, I am not a spokesperson for them and I don't get any commission if you buy. Book #2 has a sample week's menu that I used as my base when I started new. It also has many recipes, some for some things I've never done before, like making my own mayonnaise! Participate in this Whole30 online forum. There are many there who are more experienced than me, who are very generous with their knowledge, get you through some tough moments, and, most of your questions have probably been asked and answered there. It's a great resource and source of support! PLAN your meals. Failure to plan = a "screw it" attitude when your belly is talking to you and you don't know what you are going to put on your plate. Consider utilizing a meal planner. I subscribed to RealPlans.com, which integrates with Whole30. This has a shopping list feature that is fantastic, tied to the menus selected for the upcoming week, has a supported facebook page/forum, and it lets me import my own favorite recipes too. PRE-COOK as much as you can, weekly or bi-weekly. This is especially important for those that really hate to cook. I don't hate it, but I hate to use my time cooking. Some, really HATE it. But we've got to eat. Might as well make it as easy on yourself as possible. You've got to have 3 good meals x 7 days/week... in my mind...forever, which means I wanted to learn as much from this first 30 days experience as possible. But only concern yourself about the next 30 days for now. Some of what you are eating for dinner can be in breakfast tomorrow, or lunch the next day, or a full meal that you cooked double or triple of and froze for dinners next week, or weeks from now! Cook large portions of protein, parcel them to servings, and freeze. You can change up the menu by serving them as part of another grouping of vegetables and whole different set of spices, and it won't have to be the same-old, same-old. Speaking of spices - there are many good sources online for mixing up new combinations to keep your tastebuds VERY happy. I'm loving this part. I rely on what I call "skillet meals" a lot - I love bringing raw or pre-cooked proteins and veg's, even fruit sometimes, together in layers in a pan on the stove, cooking in a healthy fat. I never get tired of them, and Dan loves them too. Fritattas, started on the stove and finished up with the eggs on top and browning under the broiler - YUM!!!! This recipe is SO versatile - anything goes!! TRY NEW FOODS that you thought you didn't like. Be open-minded. Once you start eating un-processed foods, you will be surprised at what fills you up, and what tastes good together, and you want to have as much variety of healthy, satisfying foods as you can get your hands on, so you won't ever get hungry or bored. PLAN your meals... and don't think of them as breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are meal #1, #2 & #3, and all foods are good at every hour of the day, not only the way you've been thinking of them your whole life. Yes, even salmon (for me anyway)... great left-over in an egg frittata first thing in the morning! Don't give in and snack while on the Whole30 - just don't do it. Eat to fullness at each meal, and you won't. Plan and serve foods that you like at each meal, and you won't. Try not to snack AFTER the 30 days too - keep that bad habit from coming back. Let your body work to process in a balanced nourishment cycle rather than peaks and valleys of too much/too little food intake. Staples in my pantry - reading labels to be sure anything packaged, canned or bottled is compliant to Whole30: Coconut Aminos Chicken and Beef Broth Coconut Oil Olive Oil Coconut Milk Sweet Potatoes Russet Potatoes Canned Sliced Potatoes Shredded frozen Potatoes Unsweetened Apple Sauce Canned Diced Tomatoes Salsa Canned Tuna Vinegars Nuts! (Yum!! Great, & healthy in recipes!) Vegetables of all kinds - fresh when possible, canned and frozen also though! Spiralized vegs - yes - it makes a difference - these are GREAT sauteed in a skillet! Riced Cauliflower - I've bought mine frozen from Whole Foods - usually 10-12 bags at a time, because I'm not there often. Onions Mushrooms Peppers Avocados (didn't know just how much I loved these!! Yum!!) Eggs Spinach (fresh baby spinach - great nutrients and cook down from a big pile into tasty bites in your meal - I use it in fritattas, always) Squashes Turnip Poultry, Pork, Beef, Fish, Frozen Shrimp Some becomes smoked and shredded, some cooked fast in pressure cooker, some cooked in slow cookers, some pre-assembled in patties, often with portions frozen for many, MANY future meals. Bananas Grapes Clementines Melons Berries Apples, and any other fruit in season!! Have an open mind. This is not a punishment, but a gift that you are giving to yourself. Anything worth having takes a little work, and so does this - at first. Until it becomes second nature. If you are doing the Whole30 - it is only 30 days, and you can do THAT, right? Of course you can! Embrace it, and decide later whether you have learned anything useful about foods and your body, then use what you've learned to work towards a lifetime of good eating that keeps you healthy. Hope this helps. Good luck my friends!
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    Today is Day 31 for me. I'm a somewhat sedentary woman in her mid-50s who has tried every diet, fad or otherwise, under the sun. For some reason, I avoided the Whole30 for years. In all seriousness, I think it was the black coffee requirement--even Atkins allowed cream! But I'd been struggling with a few extra pounds after the holidays and realized last month that I was zigzagging from diet to diet even worse than usual. I realized I needed a reset that would break the addiction to counting (points, carbs, calories, etc.), to sugar, and to the scale. Friends had tried the Whole30 and had lasting results, so I finally decided to give it a try. I eat fairly healthy to being with. Really, the most difficult part was going to be staying off the scale and allowing myself to just eat good food without obsessing about numbers. About midway through, I felt my clothes getting tighter. It was pretty much right on the timeline, but I started to panic. I posted here and got good advice. Looking back, I think the issue was too many starchy carbs versus not enough fat. But I'm glad I overdid it on the starchy carbs for awhile. I'd been mostly very low-carb, and I hadn't had squash or a sweet potato in forever. It was such a relief to just eat them guilt-free. Predictably, once I got over the novelty, I was able to cut down on the amounts and be perfectly satisfied. I had plenty of NSVs. The most significant was that my hayfever has nearly disappeared. We're in the worst of the season right now, and I haven't taken a single pill. I'm a little sneezy, but it's perfectly tolerable and still less than when I'm taking my full dose of allergy meds. I also have been sleeping better, and my moods are more even. Tiger blood? Not quite, But I used to feel very sleepy during my very long, very congested commute home, and that is no longer an issue, which is huge. I'm very aware now of how much junk this "healthy eater" was consuming--I hadn't considered that my turkey on whole-wheat bagel thin lunches were filled with sugar til I started reading labels. Honestly, the thought of a cold sandwich for lunch now is totally unappealing anyway. As an added bonus, I started making exercise a priority. I'm hitting 5,000 steps every day and working with weights three times a week. Hardly Olympic training, but that's from doing pretty much nothing but sitting at a desk and driving to work or to my kids' many activities. And yes, I had scale/inches victories, too: I lost 2.5 pounds, 1 inch off my waist, 1.5 inches off my hips, and 1 inch off my thighs (which normally don't change no matter how much I weigh!). I'm about to start the 10-day reintro, although I'm not craving anything (how is this possible?). I suspect I'll end up being mostly Whole30-ish from here on out. The benefits are just too great to leave the lifestyle behind. Good luck to all!
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    Miranda E

    May 1 Start - Support

    @gobebeth On the whole30recipe instagram account they have a recipe for salt & vinegar potatoes. They are SO good with steak and caesar salad. Cut up your potatoes. Add about 1c vinegar to the water with 1tbsp of salt. Bring to boil. Boil 10 minutes. Drain and let cool. Toss with salt, pepper & oil. Bake at 425 for 25-30 minutes (depends how crispy you like your potatoes). Toss with 2 tbsp of vinegar when they are done.
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    No hangover yet

    It may hit you later; it may not really hit you at all depending on what your diet was like pre-Whole30. No one really follows the timeline precisely to the day. It's more of a "lots of people have said they have sugar hangovers days 2-3. A few say 3-4 and that one guy had a sugar hangover on day 12, so we're going to put days 2-3 in the timeline."
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    smoked salmon at Aldi

    Thank you! I don't know why I hadn't thought to check Aldi, but I'm going to go look in my NJ Aldi store for some compliant salmon!
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    Good morning all, I am glad that my misery has your company! Today is day 4. I have had a headache ranging from slightly annoying to I cannot pick my head up off the couch since day 2. I feel like I am in a constant fog and that life is "blurry". My meals have been filling enough but I ate cashews at 8pm last night because I was sitting in front of the TV. Two weeks ago, it would have been ice cream, so this is progress. But I was NOT hungry and ate them anyway. I am now sick of eggs for breakfast. I did scour the Pintrest pages last night for a non-egg breakfast and failed. Anyone have any good ideas? My goal for today is survival; 3 meals, a snack if I need it. I keep telling myself, "I can do this. It is just 30 days." But today - it feels hard. thanks for reading my rant. I feel better just getting it out there.
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    I know that Whole30 generally doesn't class non-prescription supplements as part of the "doctor's orders" exemption, but I think that if it's required in addition to a prescription injection you get that it would be allowed. Just try to find one with as few off-plan ingredients as possible. It's not likely that you'll be waking up in the middle of the night to go have more calcium tablets to get your sugar fix. If your supplement has sugar as the only non-compliant ingredient, that would be better than one that contains gluten or soy.
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    Yes, I have osteopenia & the injection I get for it every 6 M requires to to take calcium with vitamin D. I normally take chewable calcium but it contained sugar. It didn't even cross my mind that there would be additives in the tablet form
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    Please take a look at this recent thread, including this post: And do yourself a big favor and concentrate on delicious Whole Foods during your Whole30 and avoid both the fake cashew "cheese" and the nut overload and attem[TA to recreate off-plan foods. You'll feel better and see better results.
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    May 1 Start - Support

    http://loubiesandlulu.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/LL_Whole-30-Shopping-List.pdf Try the coconut chicken tenders on here! They are AMAZING! I just made them and YUM. Could be fun to do with another person, too, since you will dip the tenders in all the different ingredients!
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    Start Date Dilemma

    This is completely ridiculous and has nothing to do with you... dont' take it on, don't own it. Your COMPANY is what she should be wanting at her shower, not you stuffing your face with everything available on the table... I mean honestly... is she going to police your plate? Just bring your own meal or eat first and eat straight after and if it becomes an ordeal, tell her that you would appreciate her support while you strive to become healthy and figure out how foods affect your body... seriously...
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    May 1 Start - Support

    Day 10 already! Wow! I'm in a little bit of a rut with food, so I'm gonna try to change it up this weekend. But I feel pretty good! This morning I put on my pants and realized I had to go a notch down on my belt?!? I was very surprised. I must just be less bloated! This weekend I have a date and they are going to come over and we're going to cook dinner, so I'm hunting around for interesting but not crazy recipes...
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    Many of the veterans also don't always go completely back to Whole30, depending on what our issues are. For me personally, it's been over 4 years and we mostly eat Whole30 every day. When/if I do find myself going beserk on cheezies or sneak-eating chocolate (yep, 38 years old, still sneak-eat), then I go back to what I know works for me. And that is mostly Whole30 but we don't worry about things like wine in dijon or sugar in ketchup. We go right back to the template though and properly compose meals, do food prep, prioritize our lives so that we aren't so pushed away from what we know is how we feel best. Falling into sugar, alcohol, fats (chips etc) is pretty common. I don't think there would be many people here who can tell you that after X-# of Whole30's that they never, ever falter. More than likely what you'd hear is that the falters are much smaller and shorter lived. That eventually what used to be you eating an entire tray of brownies a couple times a week turns into once a week turns into a brownie once a week turns into a brownie from time to time. And most of the time even that last brownie from time to time seems like an enormous diversion from what you know your body wants/likes/needs. Does that make any sense? Sorry, coffee pot busted, no bueno, barely coherent.
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    I'm on day 27! ugh of 37 :-( ! Thanks to that stupid C-word mistake on Day 7. (damn you carrageeeenaaaan!) I would have been ready to think about re-introduction right about now, so I'm trying to imagine what that one worth it day 31 food would have been for me, and I can't think of anything but alcohol! HAHA! I promise you, I am not a heavy drinker. Not even a moderate drinker. I think I've just been to a lot of parties and events during my W30 (three this past weekend alone!) so that's probably where the craving is coming from. Also, I just moved into a home with a lovely deck I haven't been able to relax out there with a glass of wine in 27 days! Having said that, I absolutely love the way I feel and do not plan to throw away all of these non scale victories. NSV's ROCK!! Who's that girl in the mirror glowin like a damn pixie?!? :-) I love how my body just seems to WORK now. If you're doing this and you're in your 20s chances are you have no idea what it's like to have joint pain. I was once like you, taking my supple joints for granted! Wish I had known sooner how changing my diet would make that inflammation disappear. My initial reason for doing this was weight loss. yes my clothes started to fit better within the first week but the fat on my stomach that I was hoping would magically melt away is JUST STARTING starting to budge. But my limbs are slimmer and more defined, I'm stronger, faster, and my pants are baggier. Also, I feel like i'm...shrinking in circumference maybe?? LOL Tanks that used to stop short are now covering my stomach. So SOMETHING is happening. *shrug* My body is just weird. Belly fat is hard. I know I need to jog more and hit a few more zumba classes to combat it. So yeah right now the only thing I'm MISSING is alcohol. I would drink a glass of wine with no thought to it and gladly deal with the consequences. Sure, I'd love a cookie or ice cream or something but I would definitely think about it and think about it first. I just can't wait to find out what food group was causing problems. i hope I can eat beans because falafel and hummus. I'm positive dairy is no good for me. I love cheese, but I can live with that. If soy is the culprit, that's gonna suuuuuck! (Sadly, I suspect it might be ughhh!). So yeah, day 27. I'm in a groove. I'm glad I just jumped in and did this on a random day in April. Friday Apr 14th. That doesn't even make any sense!
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    Hey everyone! I started my whole30 today. I did whole30 in February and managed to stay pretty much whole30 since but have had a massive week long event at work and my schedule has been ruined so now I back on it today. Actually really looking forward to it as I felt so good on the last one. To all you newcomers, it is totally worth following the program as per the book. The science behind what it is trying to get you to achieve, mentally and physically, won't work if you try to take short cuts and make your own rules. As the book says...it's only 30 days! You CAN do it!!!
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    Day 17 and NO Results!!

    Warning: tough love ahead. IGNORING the scale and all numbers for 30 days will do you more good in the long run than any weight loss. Nourishing yourself with healthy meals and re-learning what it's like to honor your body's needs will do you more good in the long run than weight loss. Doing a survey of what other people lost is putting your focus on something meaningless--numbers on a scale. If you want the most benefits from your Whole30, you'll forget about weight and weight loss for 30 days.
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    Tigers and Turtles - 2016

    I've been lurking lately. More probably could be labeled sulking in despair/disgust with myself. The bad news is, when they switched me over from field work to "office" (it's a seacan, but it is my office, lol), I lost all my daily exercise. I went from walking 5-10 miles daily to...nothing. Didn't change my habit of coming home and piling up in the chair to read, being exhausted at the end of the day. A few weeks ago I noticed my old friend back trouble coming back so went to a standing desk. Knew I had let things slide a bit since the holidays but was really brought home to me when my stepdaughter came to visit and many pictures were taken, followed by a weekend visit to my daughter and grand daughter where... many pictures were taken. Plus, I was outrun by a 3 year old girl. Repeatedly. Staring reality in the face as I go through all the photos, trying once again to find one where I don't look like a blob, I have been down in the dumps. Have been eating healthy since I came back, which was another reality check as I had to go through the timeline once again. Day 2 of healthy week nearly took me out. Made it through that week but now am focused on the fitness and shape aspect. I still have functions coming up in June and August and DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT want to be bigger than the whales we are going to try to be watching on our cruise in August. So I have decided to jump in whole hog (so to speak) and have joined a 30 day fitness challenge which starts tomorrow. They have a support group administered by the lady who does the fitness routine, which involves latin dance (this ought to be interesting, I have danced 2 times in my life and one was the waltz at my wedding). I had to take measurements and before pictures today. SO not fun. SO fighting the urge to go eat a box of anything. SO afraid I will still look the same way after 30 days of the hard work I am committed to putting in. In the meantime, I have done my prep work. My cabinets are full of good food. My freezer is full of frozen pre-prepped veggies. My lovely chicken soup is simmering on the stove. My workout clothes are clean and ready. Now, if I can just get up out of my pity party and get on with it, I will be ok.
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    Tigers and Turtles - 2016

    Hi all. Happy Belated, @Crimsann, hang in there, @misslindy, and good for you, @vozelle!! I've just had a week of playing zookeeper and feeding my sugar/grain dragon. I'm holding on to Crimsann's symmetry of Monday and May 1st being the same day, and preparing myself for a return to sanity. It started a few weeks ago with the reintro of (yes, bad idea written ALL over it...) tortilla chips. I rationalized that the guac and salsa were healthy and compliant. Didn't see then that it would backfire this badly. Now that I've had a couple of days of sugar and bread, I can say with certainty that I feel MUCH worse while indulging in these foods. Stomach troubles are back in spades, and blood sugar is bouncing all over the place. Was it worth it? No. No. No. At least I have a freezer full of compliant meals to fall back on--not officially a 30, but very close to it. My Food Freedom has just gotten a bit more clear about what it doesn't include. I knew this before, but apparently had to prove it out. I'd like to try some paleo banana blueberry bread, to add a breakfast option. Will wait a while now to do that. How is everyone else doing? We're missing a few lately...
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    I woke my Sugar Dragon

    I'm speaking in general, but you don't need to start over again. Extended Whole 30's don't really fix it when you're finished.The off and on again approach...Whole 30's mixed with binge eating or just minor/major off-roading inbetween is not Food Freedom Forever. It's boxing yourself into a corner. It creates more black and white thinking about food. Whole 30 or Not. All in/on target or falling back into old habits. After watching others do this for years now, I am convinced that the original constructs of a Whole 30 are optimum, in every way. Elimination protocol of 30 days, a Reintro of about 10 days or longer and done. Next. Immediately create a plan you can live with for the rest of your life. Your personal decisions will be liberating. Maybe you like eating the same lunch every single day, some do. Some like eating the same food 3X aday, that wouldn't work for me but you choose, you decide. Read FFF, you'll find ideas for putting your positive food management plan together. My plan is consistent but it has leeway. I can eat full fat plain greek yogurt or cottage cheese, legumes, even some non gmo grains in whole form, fish, fish, fish, proteins of every kind, nuts, fruits and vegetables. What I can't do is eat is deliberately engineered to be craved candy or donuts or bakery items or white sugar, white flour, white pasta. These things cause an immediate uptick in my blood sugar even in small amounts. I don't eat them. I don't touch artificial sweetners or soda pops. No fast food or ice cream. I have enough leeway that I don't ever feel deprived. I eat everything with a protein. Fruit, vegetables, everything is paired with protein. That's my Rx for blood sugar control. It works for me. Starting over and over again will not make it any easier on Day 61 or Day 91 when you're done. FFF = not doing a Whole 30 Forever. It's going to take work to find your way. I'm consistent but that's my way. The sooner you can find your way the easier this will be. Create something consistent for awhile until you get your footing back. After an elimination protocol, there is an adjustment period. You're used to reading every label. Find your wiggle room and branch out. You can always prune yourself back before it goes sideways.
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    A humbling NSV.

    Tuesday, April 4. Its Day 23 of my W30. I received unexpected news! A long, painful saga of my life is coming to a close. Ohh MYYYY!!!! I started thinking about the end of the day. I wanted to celebrate. I wanted to go out to dinner or have a nice dinner at home. I wanted to dance! Cheer! Sing! Dance naked under the moonlight...er, wait, its NH and there's still snow on the ground. Raincheck. I wanted sit with my BF and share a fabulous meal, to sip an exotic beverage and wonder about what comes next, and bask in the goodness of it all. Right. Whole 30. Can't drink. There have been several times this month when I've been REALLY tempted to go off plan. But I haven't. I don't want to let my W30 buddy down. And then, it's time to leave the office. One of my colleague comes by my desk and gifts me two very hard to find craft beers. 2 beers that I have wanted to try but haven't -- the beers are only sold at the brewery in some back country hollow 2 hours from my house, are only 10 hours a week, and once they are sold out, they are sold out. Purchasing these beers means making a long drive, standing in line, and hoping for the best. And here they are in my hands. I eagerly texted my BF. "I've got beer!!" "Yay!!" he texted back. I placed the beers in my cooler and drove home. Perhaps I'm done with W30. I made it just over 3 weeks. Perhaps I should pack it in and try again after Easter. This is just too good. Too much of a big deal to walk away from. If I start on Easter Monday, I can finish before Memorial Day. I want to go home and ENJOY this!!! I want to sip these exotic gifts and happily share my impressions of them with my generous colleague. And, I realize. It's not the alcohol per se that I'm craving. Yes, I've enjoyed the may different flavors of this or that. Sure, I've enjoyed the intoxicating effects. But what I want is MORE. I want the celebration. I want the adventure of trying something new, the exoticness of sampling something difficult to find. I want the camaraderie of sharing the experience. This has been my downfall. Too many of my personal indulgences have been because I wanted to celebrate something to its fullest. But I have health and fitness goals that I want to achieve, short term and long. To get there, I need to find a different way to live in the moment. It's taken me way too long to realize this. WAY. TOO. LONG. But now I know. When my BF came home, we danced around the kitchen, giggled, laughed, and goofed around. We relished a dinner of sashimi made from the fresh fish I bought on the way home. BF poured himself a spot of whiskey, I enjoyed my seltzer with lemon wedges. As Melissa wrote in "It Starts With Food" the half-slice of pizza on Day 23 isn't going to be worth starting over. Whether the half slice of pizza is a shared can of beer is irrelevant. Wednesday, April 24. Its Day 24 of my Whole 30. I have proven to myself that have the strength to walk away.
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    A humbling NSV.

    Such an impactful testimony to the power we have in our everyday choices! Thanks for sharing. So cool how you were able to figure out it wasn't worth it to start over. Nice!
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    This is correct. I would hesitate to make any statement about "all organic balsamic...." organic just means they didn't put pesticides on the grapes, not that they didn't add the sulfites during processing of the final product. Always read the labels.
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    Day 29 -- Newbies hang in there!

    Well done I loved reading your NSV's and i'm sure other newbies will find them inspirational and to 'hang in there!' I am really hoping to have a separation from the scale... what does that number mean anyway?! Congratulations!