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    anyone starting Sept 11???

    Thanks Shannon. I'm finding it difficult as we're doing the AIP...but more protein, fats and vegetables I'll incorporate! Thank you. Day 3 and still hanging in there. I'm going to bed super early and feeling rested! Today is surprisingly going well. I'm looking forward to Lasagna tonight! I also having training (half marathon training) so I'm a little nervous to see how that goes. Typically I would take a pre workout shake...but thats not compliant so we shall see!
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    anyone starting Sept 11???

    HI all, thanks @MegT90 for the cheery words! Made my day!. Day 2 for me (14 Sept). I've got headaches and some aches plus feel a little spaced out. I actually think I overate yesterday! I was "craving" sweet after dinner and had a tablespoon of pine nuts and 2 dried figs. I know that has to go cos I'm obviously feeding a sugar dragon in a W30 way. I definitely wasn't hungry! I did Melissa's trick of wanting/craving vs real hunger... as in could I eat steamed fish and broccoli now? Well heck no I wanted sugar sugar sugar and crunch crunch crunch - so figs n nuts it was. I'll work on it folks I promise. I wasn't hungry at all during the day which was nice. I have my par cooked veges (two containers of different ones) so it will be a mix and match day for me today. Hopefully the headaches will go soon. Even tho I'm feeling the physical stuff it is so good knowing that it is a healing process and a gift I'm giving myself. Anywho....let day 2 rock on!
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    Start date Tuesday September 5th

    Is anyone else dreaming about food? I dreamt about chocolate caramel cookies last night. I didn't eat any in the dream, but they seemed like they'd be really good!!!!!
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    anyone starting Sept 11???

    Day 3 is in the books, and dinner was challenging because we have to all eat at different times. But I made some coconut chicken curry that was pretty bomb-diggety (if I do say so myself) and portioned it out over rice for Daddy and Sissy and riced cauliflower for MiniMe and me, and we ate when we needed to. Sissy isn't a fan of curry, but she took one for the team yesterday. It's so motivating to read about everyone's struggles and achievements, and a couple of people have posted some nice meal ideas. I also love that we have everything from new moms to empty nesters and couch potatoes <raises hand> to marathon runners. My biggest issue is information overload. So many rules, so many things to read, and oh don't get me started on the shopping. I almost cried a couple of days ago as I sat in the aisle of the grocery store surrounded by cans of coconut milk and various soup stocks trying to read the teensie weensie writing and getting so frustrated. Why oh why is there so much added sugar, sulfites, etc?????? I finally found what I needed, but I came to the realization that I can never again send my husband to the store to pick something up for me. His head will explode. And I absolutely can't make my own stock because I'm totally grossed out by bones. I eat meat, but only boneless cuts. Watching someone eat ribs off the bone is thoroughly disgusting to me, so yeah ... no homemade chicken or beef stock is coming from this girl's kitchen! On the other hand, I'm finding that the homemade sauces, dips, and condiments are really quite tasty, and I enjoy making them. Here's to another day of healthy eating. Hopefully the tired bug will leave you alone. It hasn't caught up to me yet ... fingers crossed anyway. Stay strong!!
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    anyone starting Sept 11???

    Day 3 started out making paleo banana pancakes for my sons followed by a fried egg hamburger patty salad for me. I am slowly switching the kids over to paleo during my Whole30 so it will be easier to stay that way afterwards. Last night they all went through the Whole30 Cookbook picking out recipes I should make. Lunch is supposed to be Twice Baked Mexican Potatoes but I just realized we are out of ground beef. I may have to load the kids up and run to town real fast since they had their hearts set on that meal.... Yep, going to town. I hope all your days go smoothly!
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    Games night

    Last night our community had a games night. I ate before I went. Took a black currant with coconut milk to sip. I told all I could not indulge in the cookies etc. stuck to it had a little bit of watermelon. Proud that I could have a fun night and not cheat.
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    anyone starting Sept 11???

    I promise it gets easier. In my first round I took the book to bed every night because I just didn't feel I could wrap my head around any of it and I can remember the coconut milk aisle too! Shopping took an age! But as you go on you will find you start to know what brands you can have and what you can't and it all falls into place! I tried bone broth a few times but found it such a faff that we now just throw some veg and water in the slow cooker and strain it to have veg stock and we use that any time stock is called for - works great even if it doesn't have all the nutrients of a bone broth!
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    Cauliflower patties

    In things like this you really have to look at the ingredients. Putting cauliflower together with a whole bunch of nut flours & starches to make a "batter" would not be on for Whole30. If you are going to do something like shred zucchini and rice cauliflower and make them into patties, bound together with an egg then yes, that is a veggie "fritter" or egg foo yong type of thing. Don't go trying to make biscuits out of cauliflower.
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    anyone starting Sept 11???

    First, make sure you size his meals for him -- if his palm is bigger than yours, his portion of protein will be bigger than yours, and the template mentions a range of servings, so he may need two palm-sized servings of protein, two portions of fat, or even more. You can also include starchy vegetables more. Most people do well with one fist-sized serving each day, but people who are active may need more than that. It's great to have leafy greens but salads are not always filling, so if you do send him with salad, mix heartier vegetables into it or include them on the side. If he does need to eat between meals, it's best to have protein, fat, and vegetables, or at least two of the three.
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    Cauliflower patties

    Really sounds like the same thing as cauliflower tortillas but by another name.
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    Alcohol Dependence

    I know that this topic is a little old, but I found that one of the most positive and unexpected side effects of my first Whole30 was that it made me take a good hard look at my relationship with alcohol. It also made me realize that so much of my social life depended on the addition of alcohol, and for the first week or two I mostly stayed home because I didn't know what to do with myself. My friends had stopped inviting me to things because they knew I wasn't drinking or eating out, which was tough to handle as well. I am on day 29, and I am so happy to have had these alcohol-free days to reassess my life. I've found enjoyment in hiking, going for walks, and cooking. I've been able to put myself into social situations without being drunk, and I'm still me. It's truly been one of the greatest parts of this experience for me. That being said, tomorrow is Day 30. I will no longer have the excuse of being Whole30 compliant to refuse drinks. I am going to drink, I know this, but I think I'm going to limit it to 1 night per week if possible.
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    So many dishes to wash

    Hi! I totally feel you on this. I don't even have a dishwasher, and I have a husband and two kids so you can imagine the amount of by-hand dishwashing I'm having to do. The hubs and I just agreed that whoever cooks doesn't have to wash. I hope that helps. I can handle dishes. I can handle cooking. I can't handle both. I work a full time job and am also a professional vocalist with rehearsals and things, so I just can't spend all of my time in the kitchen like that. So starting today, if I cook, he washes the dishes. If he cooks, I wash. I mostly do the cooking on this program, so BOOM, I just got out of doing dishes HA!! He's a sucker and doesn't even know it lol. My point is, I don't know if you have a significant other living with you or not, but if so, perhaps this could be an option to relieve you of some of that duty. GOOD LUCK!! This truly is more than strict healthy eating. It's a total life change that requires reorganization of all of our habits and priorities. One thing you can be sure of is that your body will thank you at the end of this, and nothing is more important than our health!!
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    anyone starting Sept 11???

    This is day 4 for me. I've been really tired, but sleeping better already. The big thing I've noticed is that today my knees stopped hurting while walking up and down the stairs! I've also noticed that when I have to do something, instead of sitting on the couch trying to think of ways to get out of it, I just get up and do it! (Laundry, I'm talking to you!) Good luck today everyone!
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    anyone starting Sept 11???

    Day 3! SO SO TIRED! I skipped the gym this morning. I am not sleeping a full 8hrs. And I'm feeling it. According to my fitbit out of the 7hrs 11 min of sleep, I was awake 54 min. UGH! I need to go to bed sooner. I'm hoping that the W30 will help me start sleeping through the night. I'm waking up less to pee. So that's a start. Last night's track workout went great. Did was interval training which I had been forgoing for the last month because of my hip/IT band issues. But Huzzah! No Pain last night! and none this morning! Usually I'd be limping. This weekend will be the next test, I have an 8-12 mile run. Haven't decided how far I will go yet. Mentally, I still feel like I'm in a bit of a haze and irritable. Partly it was the rain this morning, but every driver on the road was making me VERY ANGRY! Like Hulk status. WHY IS IT SO HARD FOR PEOPLE TO UNDERSTAND HOW DANGEROUS IT IS TO SLAM ON THE BRAKES IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FREEWAY?!?!?!! I don't care if you missed your exit! How's everyone doing??
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    anyone starting Sept 11???

    That's very awesome of you! To have the strength to start over and not just quit. To recognize your own abilities. That is strength. Kudos
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    August 14th Start Date

    We did it!!! Day 31. Stayed food compliant yesterday even with the crazy conference schedule. Wasn't able to stay on target with veggies and W30 "plate" but managed to find carved turkey breast (only salt/pepper) for lunch. Added a banana and 2 skimpy pieces of romaine and a couple pieces of tomatoes (that's what they gave me - sandwich minus bread). Didn't exactly get dinner. We had a dinner meeting, but the "happy hour" went until after 7:30 (I drank Peligrino with lemon) so we opted out of the dinner to head home. I had my reserve RX bar on my drive home and hit the sack about 30 minutes after I made it to my house. Up at 4:30 today, out the door shortly and another long day. Congrats all!
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    Started today! Whole 60

    I was wondering if i could join your group. I am a bit techno challenged so, I hope I can find you again if you're willing to let me join in. I just finished my first Whole30 and would like to start again tomorrow because I have not shaken the sugar cravings entirely. I have not felt the "tiger blood" that I hear about and just really want to change my brain and thus my life. I am starting W30 again tomorrow as a friend is bring dinner over tonight and I feel I should eat it. I am not falling off the wagon entirely, however, but know there will be ingredients in her soup that are on the list of what not to eat. I have had problems with nuts, fruit, and sweet potatoes. I don't really have a support system here so wanted to reach out to you all for the support I am lacking here at home. It's not that my family and friends are unsupportive, it's just that I need someone to walk along side me on this journey. I like the taste of the food I eat that is W30 approved, in addition to the not measuring, weighing, and counting, that I am willing to eat this way, pretty much, the rest of my life. I struggle with times when I am on the go (which is pretty much Monday - Thursday) and don't have time to fix a meal. My weekends are consumed then with preparing for the next week. So, nuts and fruit are a quick go to when eating on the go, that i eat too much of that. I also have something called Intersticial cystitis (IC) where I can't/shouldn't eat anything that is acidic like lemon, lime, coffee, chocolate, msg, soy, nitrites, nitrates, tomatoes, just to name a few ingredients from the short list. So, finding recipes without these ingredients is a challenge. I am 51, work a full time job, have a hubby who is wonderful, and two almost grown young ladies. My goals: not step on the scale until the end of W30, sleep at least 6-7 hours per night (with IC, I am up in the night going to the bathroom so to sleep more than 3 hours straight would be a blessing), lose weight, exercise 3-5 times per week, feel good. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I look forward to starting the journey again.
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    August 7th Start Date

    Hi, Sara: With your mayo, you might just try keeping going past that curdled-looking phase. Keep drizzling in the finest thread of oil and blending slowly, and I bet your mayo comes together. As for other condiments, I am totally hooked on the "Sunshine Sauce" recipe in the Well Fed cookbook. Sunflower seed butter plus coconut milk, spices and vinegar. Absolutely scrumptious. I also find a simple red-wine-vinegar and olive oil plus some dried herbs, salt, and pepper is a perfect fit for most salads--very Italian restaurant or Greek diner. Those are my go-tos.
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    Starting 8/28 Excited

    8/28 starters, we're halfway there!! Happy day 15!
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    Started today, August 28, 2017

    I'm completing Day 14! It's going well. While I have experienced increased energy overall, I seem to get pretty tired around 6pm. I'm feeling generally more stable and patient, and my digestive system is nice and calm. Definitely looking forward to the "Tiger Blood" stage. =)
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    Let's Dooooo It!

    Started September 1st

    Yes...give it the 'whole 30' for results. The timeline is different for some. But it definitely improves life. If followed to the letter, it HAS to... starting with 30 days...But it...you...are worth the wait.
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    Netflix - What the Health

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    Started today, August 28, 2017

    Also, I'm staying hydrated. The rest part is tough between being self-employed and raising a 3 year old! =)
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    Started today, August 28, 2017

    Thanks, Maylin. Same here. I'm feeling well for the most part. Just a bit tired, but no more tired that usual! Keep up the good work!
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    I think that may be a little over-simplified in this particular case. A lot of vinegars will list the sulfites in the ingredients, but it's bracketed or in parenthesis, but those are naturally occurring. That's allowed. In the case of vinegars, just because the label says "Contains Sulfites" doesn't automatically exclude it. We would need a pic of the ingredients or an exact transcription of the ingredients in a post here to make a determination on a particular bottle. Here are some examples: Compliant: Balsamic vinegar of Modena (contains sulfites). Red Wine Vinegar, Grape Must. Contains Naturally Occurring Sulfites. Non-Compliant: Burgundy wine vinegar dilute with water to 5% acidity, sulphur dioxide