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    So many dishes to wash

    Hi! I totally feel you on this. I don't even have a dishwasher, and I have a husband and two kids so you can imagine the amount of by-hand dishwashing I'm having to do. The hubs and I just agreed that whoever cooks doesn't have to wash. I hope that helps. I can handle dishes. I can handle cooking. I can't handle both. I work a full time job and am also a professional vocalist with rehearsals and things, so I just can't spend all of my time in the kitchen like that. So starting today, if I cook, he washes the dishes. If he cooks, I wash. I mostly do the cooking on this program, so BOOM, I just got out of doing dishes HA!! He's a sucker and doesn't even know it lol. My point is, I don't know if you have a significant other living with you or not, but if so, perhaps this could be an option to relieve you of some of that duty. GOOD LUCK!! This truly is more than strict healthy eating. It's a total life change that requires reorganization of all of our habits and priorities. One thing you can be sure of is that your body will thank you at the end of this, and nothing is more important than our health!!