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    Oh my gosh! I get a "flyer" every week that shows ACTUAL PHOTOS that some gal goes and takes of all the sale items in Costco. And I sit at my computer at work and imagine some alternate life I have whereby I need a caesar salad kit for 12 people or a prawn tray that would feed 6 people or 4" of sliced roast beef deli meat or 20# of potatoes. And then I bring it home and we eat it. All of it. Because we don't want it to go bad. When we move next week Costco will not be close enough to be regular anymore and I am more than good with that. Because instead of shopping for our actual life of a married couple who should be watching what we eat, I keep shopping for this imaginary life of abundance and cheer and then we eat it all and now we need to go shopping for our real life of needing new pants.