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    Starting whole30 6/1/18

    Just wanted to report here that I finished my Whole60 and I'm so proud of myself for doing a hard thing. My clothes are fitting better, went down a pants size, I have more energy for Saturday morning hiking, skin and hair on fleek, and gained a whole new set of eating habits. This has been so good for me. I weighed myself after the Whole60 was complete and I went down 23 pounds from June 2nd. This is the most I've ever lost before! I still have a long way to go, but Whole30 has taught me how to make progress towards my goal. I'm starting a month of reintroductions now, so I will still be eating Whole30 almost full-time. Thanks to everyone in this thread for the support over the past two months!
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    July Whole30!

    Finished my first ever successful Whole30! I am down 18 pounds and a pant size. More importantly, I am in control of my food for the first time ever, my mood is improved, my energy is SO much higher, and my skin is cleared up. I learned a few things too - my body loves fats and carbs in the morning! I'm full for the first 6 hours of my day instead of starving by 10 am. Counting calories (clearly) isn't as important as I thought it was. Fat is not the enemy, in fact, I think it's the secret weapon Brushing my teeth feels fresher than chewing gum. People don't notice or comment nearly as much as I thought they would about me not eating or eating my own food, and they are pretty respectful when I say "no thank you" (with the exception of my mother haha). Most importantly; the scale isn't the only measure of success.
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    My husband and I started on April 18th, and we have been doing the whole30 pretty consistently during the past almost 4 months, except for our "wedding day" when we finally had our official wedding ceremony and such to celebrate with the family. Total, I've lost about 22 pounds, and my husband has lost somewhere around 31. We're both feeling rather amazing. We plan to pretty much keep going for an undetermined amount of time. I know you're supposed to have goals that don't include the scale, and I've achieved my first one, which was fitting into my wedding dress. In fact, I had to have it taken in, which was a great feeling. Is anyone else in this for the long haul? It'd be nice to talk to others who have done this for a while
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    Dana M

    day 10-breaking out???

    I am on Day 10 of vegetarian Whole 30, doing fine, no major complaints. My main motivation was to figure out what was causing headaches and bloating. Out of the 10 days I have been on Whole 30 I have not had a headache for five of them so already I am happy that I have found out something! Also I am not waking up bloated in the mornings which I also love. What I don't love is how much my face is breaking out. What is with that?? It could be all the sugar I have consumed just oozing out of my face, but really--that is the only complaint I have. Any thoughts? Thanks!
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    Stomach Bug-What do I eat?

    Getting sick sucks whether or not you are in the midst of your first W30. I started my first during late winter when I have been prone to getting sick and I contemplated what I would do if it happened to me... luckily it did not. My opinion is this (and what I considered if I had come down with the bug)... Eat sensible food even if it is not fully compliant. A can of Campbell's chicken noodle soup is 'prolly better that a Hagen Daz binge. Some crackers with ginger ale to help get you over it might be what is needed...BUT ... get back on the W30 as soon as soon I feel better as a restart. I was not going to look on it failure but rather a pre-game scrimmage to the real thing. 10 days of understanding the concept to get a feel for it is still learned behavior... treat yourself well (sensibly) to get through the illness as long as I commit to it as soon as able. This is just my opinion of what I would have done if I had gotten sick.
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    If it's not listed in the ingredients then it's not in the item... Dry roasting does not use oil - it's possible that the manufacturer adds oil to the packaged nuts to give shine, boost flavor or some other random reason...
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    Day 18 and wanting to quit

    Here are a few thoughts that will hopefully be helpful to you! Sorry this is a lot! :-) First, if you're exercising, the program isn't really just three meals a day because you should be eating a pre- and post-workout mini meal. Were you aware of that? Here are the recommendations for pre- and post-workout meals: Pre-Workout Meal: This should be eaten 15-75 minutes before your workout and should be a small portion of protein and some fat. For me, I will generally do a hard boiled egg with a handful of coconut chips or some leftover chicken with mayo or guacamole. It's really just a few bites and signals your body to prepare for activity. My understanding is that you're basically telling your body that it's okay to burn fat because you're going to be feeding it. Post-Workout Meal: This should be right after exercise and is protein and a carb-dense vegetable (which is optional). I usually have a snack pack of compliant turkey breast and a few cubes of seasoned sweet potato. Both of these mini meals are in addition to whatever you normally have for your three meals. So yay, since you workout, it's not really just three meals! I also want to mention that fat is your friend! It's so, so important to this program and will be key in getting more energy!! According to the template, you should be eating one to two portions of fat with each meal (the fat you use to cook with doesn't count). Here are some good options for fats: oils (which I tend to eat in dressings), butters, coconut, coconut milk, olive, avocado. My go-to fats are ghee, mayo, guacamole, and coconut flakes. As for breakfast, here's one of my favorites. I like to spiralize a combination of regular and sweet potato, cook it up in a generous amount of ghee with salt, pepper, garlic, and onion seasoning. I then cook up a slice of bacon or two, cook three over-easy eggs in the leftover bacon fat and plop them right on top of the "hashbrowns" I made. Yum! And last thing... Be aware that nuts can be difficult for a lot of people. The recommendation is to eat only a closed handful of nuts every few days. So if your snacks regularly involve nuts or nut butters, you're over-eating them based on the recommendation. And since they're known to cause problems for a lot of people, they may be preventing you from achieving some of the benefits you're looking for!
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    Hi Ashley and TamMarie, I just finished a Whole60 (my first time). It was really worth it for me to go longer than 30 days. I feel like a new person. Clothes are fitting better, went down a pants size, more energy for Saturday morning exercise, and new eating habits. From start to finish, I lost 23 pounds, which is the most I've ever lost before. I'm now starting a month of reintroductions because I realize it's not possible for me to live a Whole365, but ultimately I'd like to keep eating this way as much as possible. Any advice on how to avoid slipping into old habits?
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    Hi Ashley, I am sort of in it for the long haul. This is my 5th whole30. I always end up slipping back to eating things that make me feel sick. Tired, headache, queasy, crabby. I just put quotes up all over my house and office. from the food freedom forever book....is it worth it? To really make me think about whatever it is that I am putting in my mouth. I am on day 17 of this whole30 and already feel much better. After about a week or two of the withdrawal headaches/fatigue (lots of naps) from vodka, sugar, and taking bites of my kids snacks (cookies, crackers..). I have also identified whole30 approved foods that make me feel sick, almond flour, and coconut milk. And I have found that I can't eat anything with grains in it, any gluten free bread or goodies. Congrats on your wedding dress! Sounds like you had scale specific goals. Do you have any other goals? I personally have put the scale in my house away as my clothes really are a true measure of how I am doing. And sometimes the scale doesn't move but your measurements do. I am back into pre-pregnancy clothes which is huge for me.
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    @pags98 and @____Emily____ Thank you both for your replies and support. I am going to look into the women's health section. Only one week left! We've got this.
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    You may want to reconsider the cramming - the worse your diet in the days leading up to the program the worse the suck of the first week or so is going to be. Why not put that bacon in the freezer?
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    Ending Day #2! (Good Night)

    It would be interesting to know exactly what you're eating. Portion sizes of everything and also water consumption? I'm on day 23 and feeling great. But I'm making sure to have lots of veggies. For example here's what I've eaten today: Breakfast: Apricot, Basil, Spinach Meatballs (3.5 of them - about golfball size each), 8 Sweet Potato "Spears" - about 1/2 a sweet potato, a handful of cherries. Lunch: ~4oz of Eye Round Roast Beef I made myself, on top of 2 cups of field greens, with about 1/8 cup of cashews, half a tomato, 4 cubes of pineapple and some Avocado Oil dressing. Also had a small tub of Smashed Avocado from Good Foods. Dinner - Very excited for this as I made a Zucchini Lasagna that I'll have some salad with and some cherries with almond butter.
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    Hi guys! I'm also starting Whole30 on Wednesday. Hopefully, we have more people here to support each other! It's really hard for me to do it by myself. I live with my husband and he's not going to do it with me. Also, I smoke weed regularly, so that's another thing that I will have to change while doing the W30 and I'm soooo worried I won't be able to.
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    I'm in no way discouraging you from trying it. As Dallas & Melissa say in the book this whole thing is an experiment on YOU. That's something I've taken to heart. It will be great to watch your journey as we each do what's right for our bodies/lifestyles. My plan is that over time I'll do whole30s a few times a year to have the rigidity and then allow myself to eat off-plan for periods of time while maintaining a mostly whole30 diet. So, in a way I'll be on board at the same time as your whole365.
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    Start: Aug 1 / Goal: 100 lbs in 1 year

    My wife and I are on day 22 of our Whole30. We plan on continuing the lifestyle as much as possible while allowing ourselves to enjoy life and food freedom. It's interesting. I started the plan and she begrudgingly joined me. Now she's the one that really wants to continue. We will be doing our food reintroductions, because for us this was about finding dietary triggers more than losing weight. But we've definitely slayed our sugar dragon (even while eating Sweet Potatoes and Fruit). We have enjoyed the extra energy, better sleep and focus. The weight loss has been a nice addition. Make sure to read Melissa's posts about not doing Whole365 etc. It definitely has the potential to set yourself up for failure. As a reformed cheat meal/cheat day/cheat weekend person myself I've found that the rigid nature of a true Whole30 has been extraordinarily helpful to keep myself mindful of making food choices, not food reactions or responding to food habits.
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    Start: Aug 1 / Goal: 100 lbs in 1 year

    From one sugar addict to another, let me give you some advice on that end: Do not quit sugar using fruit and sweet potato. Quit it using bacon, avocado, Whole30 mayo, steak, eggs - basically fat and protein. If you are going to eat a little extra of something for a bit to quit sugar, this is what you "overeat". Eating sweet potato and fruit just hits that craving and it is soooo much harder and longer to get through. I know, because I've done it both ways! Yes, it will suck more at first, but the suck will no last as long. It is hard to be 15 days in and STILL be craving sugar like it is day 4 because you're using fruit and starches to feed the dragon instead of telling it to shut up with fat and protein. So, eat your carbs at times when you are most definitely NOT craving. It is really worth the short amount of suck, I promise you. Also, I hope you take the no weighing rule very seriously. It is truly life changing to stop weighing yourself and helps change the way you see both food and your body. I'll be looking forward to your posts!!
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    Added sugar is ok, as long as that is the only non-whole30 thing in addition to the item you're reintroducing. You should still try to avoid carraggeenan, sulfites, and msg, but sugar is not likely to cause the same kinds of reactions that legumes or dairy are likely to cause. Sugar may leave you craving more sweets, and it can affect your mood, but if you have your soy latte and find it causes gas or bloating or other digestive issues, that's probably the soy, not the sugar. Some people do have a completely separate sugar reintroduction day and avoid it in their other reintroductions, but it can definitely be difficult to find options with no sugar. I would not treat the fake sugars, like splenda, equal, or others, like this -- they do cause digestive issues for many people, so if you think you'll want to use them going forward, I would try to do them as separate reintroductions to get a feel for how they might affect you.
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    Okay... ya, lets simplify things a bit First, the eating within an hour of waking thing is to get your hormones in balance. The fact that you eat a preworkout and post workout is plenty of food within that hour to indicate to your body that you're up (along with working out). Maybe move your breakfast to 4-5 hours before your lunch so you're not going so long before lunch and not jamming food in there at the crack of dawn. Do you only eat eggs as protein or do you also eat meat and fish? If you only eat eggs then yes, you'll be eating a lot of eggs but we've had people do the whole program on just eggs. If you DO eat other sources of protein then mix it up... the recommendations are protein and fat before workout and lean protein and starch after... no requirement to make that all eggs and sweet potato. As for the afternoon runs, you could try not doing the preworkout if you feel that your last meal would be sufficiently timed... preworkout is basically a signal to your body that it can burn fuel because more is incoming so if your meal was close, then that might work. We definitely recommend post workout after anything strenuous but that's just a couple bites of the lean protein and starch - within about 30-45 min you could eat your dinner... Does that help a bit?
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    I've been "riding my own bike" for about 3 years now...here's what it means to me personally. I try to keep all the food I make for myself whole30 approved. On any given week, that means breakfast, lunch and dinner M-F. Then if something unexpected comes up - an unplanned work lunch, or a dinner at my sister's I can do the best I can to stick to the foods I know work best for me, and just get right back to my routine easily. Basically, I try to eat W30 90% of the time. But I'm not actually keeping track of anything.. As far as knowing when foods are "worth it", you have to first know how they will affect you. I'll use this example - I know that dairy makes my face break out for a few days. On a random week in May, I might crave ice cream, think about what I have going on, and determine if having a few breakouts on my face will bother me. If not, I'll have the ice cream and deal with the consequences. Alternatively, if I am craving ice cream the week before my wedding, even though I REEEALLY want it, I will skip it because having a breakout before that very special day will cause me so much stress. I just know this about myself. So I'm always evaluating the consequences, and if I want to deal with them. If I have something important coming up where I want to look and feel my best, I'll probably say those foods that make me feel bad are not worth it more. Does that make sense? It takes a while to figure all that out, and it's okay to have your own "rules" in your food freedom and while riding your own bike. Personally, I am an abstainer, and I am a crappy moderator. Yes and No, black and white work really well for me, so having a few of my own rules in my food freedom actually makes me less stressed out and feel more in control!
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    @Advocado I'm curious if after a while you have a different understanding of the 'is it worth it' mentality. My 'journey' with this wasn't quick, and I sometimes think people that feel like they've abruptly changed their entire life are in a honeymoon period and haven't landed back into their real lives yet. It is hard. It took me 3 years of gradual, gradual changes to feel like I truly operate, mostly unemotionally and without stress, with an 'is it worth it' mindset. I can tell you what it looks like now, though the first year was not much like this at all! It was eating like I did before the Whole 30 and feeling guilty. Now, 3ish years after I started this thing, when we go out to a 'nice' place, I'll just choose things that I know are minimally troublesome, though they might certainly still have added sugar, soy, legumes, etc., and I have no problem simply asking for 'no dairy' (that's the worst for me, I don't even enjoy the expensive meal because my sinuses are stuffed up and my throat is itchy as soon as I eat it). I don't ask the server specifics, I just generally steer away from things that are likely going to make me feel like garbage later. But I might still have a glass of wine or two, and I might still feel like garbage the next day sometimes. It doesn't send me crashing wildly into failure land. It reminds me why I love feeling mostly good most of the time, and why I really want to eat cabbage and eggs and every day for breakfast. I didn't get 'rid' of less healthy things permanently. Today I ate a melted chocolate out of my delivery van's cupholder, and I was so very, very low blood sugar that it was 110% worth it, and I was very, very excited to get home and eat shredded chicken with avocado, greens, and mustard, cold out of the fridge. I drink about 2% of the alcohol I used to, and don't miss it at all. I don't plan my less healthy foods, I just don't think about food as much as I used to. My general habits and choices have changed. My 'comfort foods' are the things I always have on hand that I can rely on to make me feel good, well fed.
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    Don't over think this.

    thanks so much for this post! I am on my first whole30 ever (or whole100 if I have my way) and have started to stress out a little bit today. I was actually upset with myself for having 3 pieces of fruit and cashew butter on two different occasions. did I stick to the rules? yes. could my food choices have been better? yes. did I drink diet coke and have cookies for breakfast like I did a week ago? nope. so that is success. I don't want to get discouraged and worry about how I can cook my veggies/meat/whatever.