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    @Cmclean I'm so sorry to hear you're feeling so awful! Whole30 is hard but I don't think it's supposed to be that hard! I most definitely want for you to be able to find all the encouragement you need here on the forum. But I also think it's okay to say that maybe this isn't right for you. You shouldn't be miserable. Here's how I think about it. Whole30 is intended to be an experiment to find the best way of eating for your body. Perhaps your personal experiment is simply telling you that this is not the right food path for you... I know for me, personally, I quit my first Whole30 attempt. I didn't like doing that but it just wasn't the right thing for me at the time. The approach I was taking just was not right for me. And I was so unbelievably stressed trying to do the program during a time that was particularly difficult for me. It impacted my work and my relationships and I'm sure any benefit I would have gained from eating this way was outweighed by the ill-effects of stress. So I quit. And it was the right decision. It sounds like you're doing everything right. I certainly don't want to discourage you, but I don't think this program is supposed to be that hard. Whatever path you take, I wish you the very best!
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    Ah, yeah, the template could be phrased better.
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    I just checked the book and it says to choose one or more fat sources, so in reality a person could have up to that many calories and fat, not that they would want to.
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    Huh. Then the template needs to be clarified because it seems, from how it's phrased to indicate more than that.
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    Each meal should include 1-2 fat servings. So pick one or two of those, generally in addition to what you cook in, since that may be divided among multiple servings and often stays in the pan and isn't consumed. It's okay to occasionally have a little more or a little less, but in general, 1-2 servings is what you're aiming for.
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    I definitely want to go to a 90/10 as well but I want to lose that 100 lbs first. As long as I can manage it and not slide I'll be happy.
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    Look at what the template says you can have per meal. You can have ALL of the following per meal: 1/2 can coconut milk (I counted that as 7 oz) 1 avocado 1-2 thumbsizes of oils (I counted it as 2 tblsp) 1-2 thumbsizes of butter (ghee, etc) 1-2 open (heaping) handfuls shredded coconut (I counted this as 1 cup) 1-2 open (heaping) handfuls olives (I counted this as 1 cup) One closed handful nuts and seeds (I added this as 1/4 cup sunflower seeds) I plugged all of that into an app called chronometer and that is what I got.
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    So sorry to hear you are going. Hope you feel better soon.
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    Glad you explained that. It makes sense.
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    Best wishes to everyone who is (re)starting today! I'm on Day 17 and honestly struggling a little bit with not being able to "reward" myself with food. My fiance and I hiked over 20 miles in the last week, including 15 this weekend. On Sunday, our hike was a bit tougher than our usual (though not our hardest hike by any means) and I really wanted to be able to come home and eat a fabulous pizza or burger and ice cream. I felt like I deserved something amazing after working my body so hard. As much as I loved my first Whole30, I never got to a point where I felt like I didn't want those foods. I never got to a point where I truly changed my view on this concept. Because I do think it's okay to do that (particularly for me since I don't have any food sensitivities). I still generally like the idea of an 80/20 or 90/10 concept where I eat Paleo/Whole30-ish the vast majority of the time but then don't worry about it for times like this. I guess I'm starting to really think again about what life looks like after Whole30. And I still don't have an answer that sounds good to me for forever. That's hard. I'm making such a big change. I need this to transition into a permanent lifestyle... And that's really the hardest part of all of this!
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    @wp3 How are you coming up with 1700 calories from fat per meal? If I model 1-2 heaping handfuls of, say, olives as a can of olives, that's like 250-300 calories. If I call 2 thumb sized portions of olive oil as about 3 Tablespoons, that's about 350 calories....
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    So, I think whole30 is not for me and this will be my last day (18). I honestly have never felt worse in my life and feel on the verge of tears 24/7 and this is so bad for my kids . When mom is doing bad, everyone is and I don't want to put my kids or myself through this any longer.
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    @Cmclean, Don’t remember if I shared this suggestion with you before or not. It REALLY helped me to take a B50 or B100 supplement from the health food store. So sorry if I’m repeating myself. Trying to catch up on posts right now. Be blessed. You have my prayers! Do Be Encouraged, Dianne
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    So tomorrow I am restarting. Today has been a crazy day. I have done some food/veggie prep and managed to cut my finger on my food processor, and my 1 burner on my stove caught on fire because my brother didn't clean the bacon grease on it. I then realized that my oregano that I just bought was left at the house sitting job. So, I go to the store to get more and some things for my brother. I get there and realize I left a pot of veggies steaming on the stove and left my reading glasses at home so I couldn't read the spices. I get home and fix it. Get to the store and they were then sold out of what I was going to buy. I did manage to get some steamed asparagus, broccolini, zucchini, and made some radish and jicama tabbouli. I am going to make the meatloaf tomorrow morning with some sweet potatoes. @Cmclean I am sorry to hear that it is that hard for you. I am not sure if you are following the feed anymore. My first whole30 I did not have any energy as well. I never did get tiger blood. For me it was an indicator of how unhealthy my body had become because of food sensitivities and eating crap. So I knew I would have to do more than one whole 30. It was rough so I completely understand. I followed the food template but I needed to eat more than just 3 meals a day. I had weakened adrenals so I had to eat 4-5 meals a day or I didn't feel well. I can not eat really large meals at times so I would eat all that I could and if I was hungry I would eat again and that helped. I also posted all of my meal on the feed and was able to get help trouble shooting. Did you start posting what you were eating here https://forum.whole30.com/forum/19-troubleshooting-your-whole30/? I had other NSV that made it worth it for me. Anyway what ever you decide I wish you the best.
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    @GlowShannonGlow yayyyy! Glad to know you’re with me on Day 1! @wp3, good point!!
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    We really, really don't want people to obsess over macros or calorie counting. That's why it is listed the way it is. And you are free to mix and match fats. If you make a taco salad, for instance, and you add guacamole and olives and a few nuts for crunch, that is fine. If some meals have a little more fat and some a little less, that's fine. You want your meals to leave you feeling satisfied for 4-5 hours at a time, if you're getting in your vegetables and your protein and some fat at each meals, going 4-5 hours between meals without feeling like you're starving before you get your next meal, you've probably got everything about right.
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    So I took another look at the food template and decided to calculate the allowed fat per meal (yes, I realize I seem to be obsessed with this subject). It is way more fat than I realized. I had to guess at how much a "heaping handful" was so this is a rough guestimate, but it looks like people can eat up to 170 grams of fat per meal, which is almost 1700 calories. An entire bottle of Tessamae's ranch is 190 grams of fat, just as comparison. What makes it really confusing is how they have it separated into oils, coconut milk, shredded coconut, olives, etc. Who is going to eat like that? Why not just say you can have up to 170 grams of healthy fats and to try to get those fats from a variety of sources?
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    I am just starting today! So Day 1 here for me!!
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    THE BIG QUESTION... What Day of Whole30 are you on??? Inquiring minds want to know! Still Trucking! Dianne
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    Anyone else using Whole30 Day By Day?? A suggestion besides the book, take a B 50 or 100 Complex. Huge help! Gentle But Enthusiadtic Hugs! Dianne @Lisaarace
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    @Elizabeth33 are you on? Day One, Girl! Anyone else???? @Cmclean, I am soooo sorry I have to catch up on my reading and response to posts. But I hear ya! Have you tried adding a B50 or 100 Complex? It saved me my first time from MANY of your symptoms! Praying and cheering for you!!!! Really! Here We Go! Dianne
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    I will take some time and respond to other posts later. Just wanted to say, DAY ONE AND IM ON! I need accountability! Thanks. You guys rock! Dianne
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    So sorry things are so rough for you right now @Cmclean. I'm wondering if you just need more calories during the transition. The first time I did this diet I was ravenous and ate massive amounts of food. I thought this diet was going to cost me a fortune. Then about 3 weeks in I suddenly had no appetite and had to force myself to eat. This time I've just been using lots of fat each meal and it seems to be doing the same thing (except cheaper lol). My appetite is going down now on day 19 (which I think tells me that my body is starting to burn body fat). So I will cut back quite a bit on the fat I am eating so I can make sure I have enough of an appetite for 3 meals a day. The way I understand it there are 3 sources of energy :carbs, fats and protein. But I think protein is really hard for the body to convert to energy. You won't get much in terms of energy from the veggies you are eating either. I assume you are maxing on the two servings of fruit/potato for your carb source of energy? I am no expert, so a moderator can jump in if I'm giving bad advice, but you might want to increase the amount of fat you are consuming daily. And if that doesn't work eat more fruit than recommended. It would be better to do that than give up completely. You can always transition to less fruit and fat later once your body is more efficiently burning body fat. Just a thought.
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    Hey @Elizabeth33! I'm unfortunately still feeling so so done to the bone exhausted. Getting frustrated and down hearted as well, because I'm working harder than ever to follow the meal template exactly and doing everything I read that is supposed to fix it. I'm on day 17 and so sad this isn't working for me!! I thought about cheating today, but I think my relationship with food is now messed up! I think I'm going to feel so so guilty, and bad about myself if I ever eat something non complaint now! I have realized I'm not going to get tiger blood, but I wish I had as much energy as I did before. I have 3 toddlers! I'm a useless mom now, and I was hoping to have energy FOR them. I didn't even ever eat dessert or bread or soda or sugar in my coffee before either! Everyone else is doing SO good! You guys rock and we will.make it through :)) Good luck on your restart.
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    Hey @Hope4Overcomers, I am on day 13 and feeling terrific. Great mental clarity and I feel better than I have in years. I still have a long way to go, but I am feeling very optimistic about my future. It's my weekend and I went to see a movie and avoided getting the popcorn and slurpee I always used to get. Staying strong because I don't want to lose all this awesome progress. Thanks for asking!