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    My Whole30 Results

    After observing my husband complete the W30 challenge last summer and my own meager results at losing some weight using methods that worked well in my younger years, I decided to give my own W30 challenge a go. Today is day 34. My goals were to lose at least 10 lbs, see how I do without any caffeine, kick my insomnia and other sleep issues, and hopefully lower my cholesterol. After my farewell tour through cookies and other junk the week before I began, my starting weight was 161-162 (a tad higher than usual) and my last cholesterol test 6 months ago came in at 250 total cholesterol. I’ve floated around 220-240 for more than a decade. I take no meds and have no chronic conditions other than the cholesterol battle. I just turned age 50. My Results: Won back my sleep. I started sleeping without interruption on day 6. I lost 10 lbs and my cholesterol labs on day 29 came in at 210. I am off caffeine about 98% of the time - more on that below. I am extremely pleased and motivated to continue on. My Experience during the 30 days did not track too close to the typical W30 calendar. I did think about food I was missing, but otherwise, no rage, only minor lethargy a couple days, and no tiger blood. I also experienced a lot of gut discomfort the entire time for which I finally started probiotic pills on day 27 and all is well again in that dept. Before W30, my morning caffeine choice was a Coke Zero. One per week day, sometimes 2 on the weekends. For W30 I tried to switch to unsweetened tea, but could not handle the bitter taste. So I ditched the caffeine. And it really was not that hard to do. My relationship with food improved as well. I realized that I eat out of boredom and habit/ritual, ie popcorn every night in front of the TV whether I’m actually hungry or not. Those habits are broken now and that feels great. I’m in control of the food. Reintro phase: Its 4th of July weekend so I have tried a few things nonW30. I had a small portion of rice which ended up feeling like I had swallowed a tennis ball. The next day, I had cookies and ice cream and a couple hours later, literally lost my cookies. One second I felt normal, the next I was in the bathroom on my knees. And then I felt fine again. I’ve tried drinking a couple Cokes (not diet), as well as a Sonic frozen cherry lime aid, and none of it is really good anymore. It doesn’t quench my thirst and leaves my mouth coated in a gloppy, syrupy sweet taste. I think I’m done with those. Continuing W30: I’ve had to find products that are compliant and help me stay on track. Shout outs go to Lara bars, the compliant ones, Tessie Mae salad dressings — and I’ve got their ketchup and bbq sauce to try as well, and Barney Butter bare smooth almond butter. Also, Snap Kitchen has W30 prepared meals which helped when we went to my inlaws over Father’s Day weekend. For water options, just found the Crisp flavored bottled waters and like those a lot. Good luck on your own path. It’s totally worth the effort.
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    @CJD.Sign ooooo you are a strong one! I know I won't be able to resist the Halloween candy, I can tell ya that right now! I'll try not to get carried away tho!
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    Hi! I'm next month, you know the candy month! Hope you do well!! I'm here if you need encouragement! Hugs, CJ This will be my 3rd Whole30. Stats that have improved: My "bad" cholesterol went down from 178 in Feb, to 80 in August! My A1C went down from 6.7 to 6.6! My weight went down from 287 to 258 since Feb! I am no longer on 2 blood pressure pills and my bp is around 116/62! The Dr's, heart, GP, & Pain, are all impressed and very happy we have made this lifestyle choice. My next (3rd) Whole30 starts Oct 1. I am doing them Quarterly. Hubby is doing them Bi-Yearly. It is difficult, but we are managing. My kids are on another program, but they are clearly doing well, also!
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    Hey Coloradoans! I'm up in Estes Park. Is anyone doing #SeptemberWhole30 ? This is my 7th or 8th Whole30, kinda lost track. I'm 2 year post-partum and still having trouble losing the weight and getting moving.
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    Laura C.

    Newbie, starting Sept 3!

    I’m starting today, with excitement and trepidation at the same time. I really want to succeed at this so I’ve joined this forum for support and accountability. I’m your age as well with lots of lbs to lose and hopefully some aches and pains too along the way! Looking forward to this adventure for all of us!
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    Non-scale victories!

    I just finished my first round of Whole 30! I probably have lost weight or at least inches, because my clothes fit better, but I'm not going to weigh myself this time- I don't want to forget about my other benefits! Before I started this, I was six weeks post emergency surgery for a ruptured ectopic pregnancy. I was anemic, anxious, and depressed. I woke up about four times every night and couldn't sleep at all without melatonin. I was dealing with a case of tendonitis/tennis elbow/golfer's elbow which was keeping me from doing my job well (I am a cellist and cello teacher). I was exhausted all the time and couldn't get anything done I wanted or needed to. Walking a mile was a huge effort. And in addition, I was stress eating junk food all the time. Now, I sleep through the night, my mood is much better and more stable, I go running three times a week, my playing injury is much more under control, I haven't had my blood tested but I don't feel anemic- I have lots of energy, good color in my face, etc. I don't like junky food as much, and don't usually get hungry between meals. I have a much better relationship with food and don't usually eat because I'm stressed or bored. Plus, my skin looks great, and clothes that didn't used to button button now!
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    Hello! First Timer 5 days in!

    Hi there! Looking for a committed co-pilot to have regular contact with. If I talk about it any more to my husband he will kill me! He doesn’t get that sugar is a drug and I’m going through major detox. It’s all I think about now but I’m doing it and I know it will come easier fairly soon. Anyway, I post but get no replies so wondering if anyone would partner with me?! Sometimes I just need to commiserate sooner than message board replies come. Thanks in advance!
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    This is the official guidance on kombucha: https://whole30.com/2016/08/kombucha/
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    Day 18 and wanting to quit

    Not liking vegetables is something you'll just have to work on. Be open to trying different ones, prepared in different ways, and see if you can't find some that work for you. I like sauteed zucchini or yellow squash or roasted broccoli, or sometimes I put a big handful or two of baby spinach in the blender with three eggs plus salt and pepper, blend it all, and cook like scrambled eggs. I don't like the texture of cooked spinach, but done this way I don't notice it. Some other possibilities: http://www.realfoodwithdana.com/the-breakfast-salad-whole30-paleo/ https://nomnompaleo.com/post/104615214153/sunnyside-salad-crispy-fried-eggs-on-greens https://crazytogether.com/easy-delicious-breakfast-saved-whole-30/ http://paleomg.com/jicama-apple-slaw/
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    Where are my Colorado colleges? Hope you are still on track... it will be 3 weeks for me tomorrow. I think I might have unknowingly slipped in a small way last week, but not going to let it get me down... my relationship with food has changed in a good way and might go beyond the 30 day anniversary. This eating-good-food-diet is not really all that difficult... just different from previous habits, habits that are changing -frank.
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    http://whole30.com/2014/06/really-start-whole30/ An article about starting over or not.
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    Talk to me about whole30 + cycling

    I did my hard bike ride last night, still 100' and windy. WooHoo legs are back! That was day 11 for me and I felt great! Plenty of energy the whole time. I ate a good lunch, chicken, carrots, half a sweet potato with ghee and a plum. Then I had a coconut water before the ride and one during. I rode hard hills for 2 1/2 hours and felt strong, even at the end. It was the best ride since starting w30.
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    Canned Chicken/Modified Food Starch/MSG

    Walmart GV Premium canned chicken (there are two GV varieties, be sure to get the Premium) at my local Walmart Superstore: ingrdients listed = chicken breast, water, salt. No, it's not organic. But it's certainly compliant AND is fairly inexpensive @ $1.38/ can. I have some cans stashed at home in my emergency food storage and at work for when I simply do not have a protein ready to eat for lunch.
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    Canned Chicken/Modified Food Starch/MSG

    FYI, just found that Trader Joe's canned Premium Chunk White Chicken lists chicken and water as the only ingredients (note they have another version packed in broth-says so on the front of the can--READ THOSE LABELS).
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    Tina R

    Canned Chicken/Modified Food Starch/MSG

    You can get compliant canned chicken from http://www.pleasanthillgrain.com/canned_meat_canned_chicken_canned_turkey_canned_beef.aspx. The ingredients are chicken and salt. They don't even add water.
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    I don't think modified food starch is the same as MSG, but I do think it is something to avoid during a Whole30. A lot of modified food starch is made from corn, wheat, or potatoes. And if you spend a little time reading about modified food starch, you have to ask yourself what is wrong that a vendor puts it in canned chicken. There is nothing natural about injecting chicken with potato starch before canning it. Yuck. Canned chicken with fully acceptable ingredients is not common, but I have found it at ordinary grocery stores once or twice. But I agree with ninadude... cook a whole chicken and eat off of it for a week. Here is a recipe I use that can be adapted to cooking a chicken in an ordinary pot: http://www.wholelifeeating.com/2011/08/pulled-chicken-with-fresh-tomatoes/ And here are two articles about modified food starch you might want to read... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modified_starch http://blog.bobsredmill.com/featured-articles/modified-food-starch-demystified/
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    Tom Denham

    Canned tuna

    It is an okay additive. Here is an article you might be interested in reading: http://www.livestrong.com/article/549169-is-there-any-danger-in-using-sodium-acid-pyrophosphate-in-food-mixes/ I find tuna with olive oil and salt at regular grocery stores. I have not seen this ingredient before.