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    Starting Oct 1

    Hi Folks! I am doing my 7th Whole30. Each time I learn something new during the re-introduction phase. We do the reset quarterly. I started the whole30 journey a year and a half ago with the first one completed April 2017. My husband and I do this together. His doctor suggested it at the same time my dietitian suggested it. I was suffering from anxiety, headaches, nausea, and extreme fatigue (that my primary doctor called normal for me). For me, my symptoms were because of certain foods that I was eating and the whole30 proved to me that I could feel good! And how I was feeling was not normal (which I knew). I also found that I cannot eat almond flour, cauliflower or coconut milk. I have lots some weight and inches but that is not why I am doing this. I want to feel good consistently! Looking better is a bonus! I do the slow slide (food freedom forever book triggers) back to feeling yucky between resets. Eat something I know will cause issues because it is super yummy. Feel okay. Repeat, until I hit a wall and end up exhausted headache anxiety. But I am getting better and making better choices more often. I love this forum and try to join a group each time for support!
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    Starting Oct 1

    Here on day 11 I re-discovered a place I love to eat. Zoe's Kitchen. When not on Whole30 I loooove their cauliflower rice bowl but the feta and tzatziki are offlimits for Whole30 of course. Zoe's has now included on their menu the items that are Whole30 compliant so today for a business lunch I had the Mediterranean Chicken, Grilled Vegetables and Potato Salad. It was amazing and I'm glad to have another option besides Chipotle for fast casual food!
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    Starting Oct 1

    It's possible. If you really want to be able to use coconut milk, try some different brands/different packaging types-- some people find that the guar gum in some brands bothers them, even though it is ok to have on whole30, and others find they react to something in canned coconut milk but are okay with brands that come in tetrapacks. If you're okay going without it, that is also fine, there are plenty of whole30 recipes that don't use it at all.
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    Starting October 8th!

    *wasn't the best
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    Starting October 8th!

    TMI: My bowels just had a rebellion and then I got a massive headache. So yeah. Day 3 is.... going. Food tastes great, but maybe upping the fat for the first meal was the best idea. Or my body is just reacting to the higher fiber in all the extra veggies. I'll see how I'm feeling in a few days. And I'll adjust accordingly. Feeling less hungry though!
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    There definitely is a method of doing it slowly, we call it the Slow Roll Reintro around here and you can read more about it here: https://whole30.com/2014/09/dear-melissa-slow-reintroduction-roll/
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    Starting October 8th!

    I would say you had a triumphant day! I hear you on the trips to the bathroom. But, I am drinking water. Disclosure: I did not drink water. Just didn't. Now, I do but only because I hooked myself up with a bluetooth water bottle that monitors how much I drink! Turns out I'm competitive and I want to meet that daily goal. If nothing else happens these 30 days, drinking water is going to help with a lot of things. This is Day 4 and I'm wondering if I'll wear out my George Forman grill . . . . When I start to think my meals might be becoming monotonous, I think of @kirkor and his Monomeal Mania Whole 30: 30 days of ground beef, zucchini and coconut oil, if I remember correctly. I'm grateful I wasn't in Hurricane Michael's path and that I can go to the store for fruit today.
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    Starting WHOLE30 Sept 10

    I’m so excited we did this! I am not really ready to reintroduce as the foods feel natural to me but I will so I know how I am impacted. I finally got my sleep sorted in the last few days. With the exception of having to take NyQuil because I got a cold I stayed completely compliant Muslim is clear and I have tons of energ! I did get on the scale and lost 9 lbs and one inch everywhere (except for my boobs. Lost three there because...boobs). But most importantly I’ve rediscovered my love of cooking and don’t feel like this was a “diet” at all. And i have the energy to cook after work. It feels more like an effort NOT to eat this way. I’m amazed that o don’t have cravings. Congrats to all.
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    Starting Oct 1

    Hi all! Day 10 already! I've been MIA from the forum - but I have checked in to read your posts from time to time. I had oral surgery last Wed so I had a few tough food days but I stayed compliant, though off template. The last few days I've felt better so I'm trying to refocus and be more true to the template and stay away from snacks. NSV - I have a long history of oral surgeries and then having serious complications afterwards, so my anxiety level was sky high before and after the procedure. I credit eating low inflammatory food to helping me heal and stay calm-ish - and maybe staving off the complications because so far, so good (knocking wood). We're 1/3 complete! Betsie
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    Re-Introducing Wine

    I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to reply and do some more research on this. I greatly appreciate it! I will go ahead and give it a shot to see! Thank you again!!!
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    Starting Oct 1

    Hi all! I 'm Val and I just joined! I started my Whole30 on October 1st as well! Little bit about me, I have lost approx. 60 pounds so far on my own, but still have another 20 to go, I started this program because there was a part of me that knew I had some issues yet to be resolved with food. I not-so-jokingly refer to my sinuses as that of "an Old English Bulldog," and when I picked up the book it was either Whole30 or sinus surgery. I thought I'd try the food option. I mostly eat pretty healthy, but coming from Wisconsin, cheese isn't just a food group--it's a way of life lol! A part of me knew that whenever I ate dairy or other foods my sinuses would get exponentially worse. So there was a big ol' strike two for starting the Whole30. Finally, I've had Lupus since I was 12. It's mostly mild, but growing up with it I've heard horror stories about people with Lupus and have always been conscious of it ever since. Met with my Doc back in February and he confirmed that it's in remission now! But, again, I always am looking to improve and get better, and I'd like to see what being on Whole30 could do in terms of fixing that. So! 1, 2, 3 strikes for doing Whole30! I started on Monday, and to tell the truth I actually feel great! The ranch dip recipe is the new love of my life and I've been enjoying a delish loaded cauliflower soup recipe that I made with W30 compliant bacon and coconut milk...SO good! I feel like the bottom is going to drop out from under me though, that I'm going to wake up tomorrow feeling like I got beat with a baseball bat. But who knows? I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing, and hopefully things continue to get better. :-)
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    Workout Supplements

    Are you talking about BCAAs? I can't speak to whether they are needed at all. I don't use them and don't really understand them... However, I recall someone here on the Whole30 forum once recommending the Xtend unflavored BCAAs. From what I can tell, they appear to be Whole30 compliant. They do not contain any added sugars or soy lecithin (which I guess many BCAAs have). Apparently the taste is pretty gnarly though... Here is the thread I am refering to: https://forum.whole30.com/topic/53422-early-morning-workout-foods/?tab=comments#comment-488064.
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    The first thing you might try is not ever having fruit between meals, only with a full template meal. So in the evening, if you want to eat, have a hard boiled egg, or some leftovers that include protein, fat, and maybe some vegetables. If you don't really want those things, you're probably not actually hungry, so don't eat, go find something else to do that will keep your brain and your hands busy for a little while -- work on a hobby, do some laundry, organize your closet, go for a walk, read a book, work on a puzzle, take a bubble bath, or just go to bed early.
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    I am also suffering from headache where I never had headache before (Whole 30). I am on day 15. Dull headache always there (started day 3) and it spikes to pretty miserable. I thought it was the sugar (lack of) at first based on the description of "the hangover" in Whole 30 Guide. Now thinking... it's something MISSING from my diet. Could that be?? Other than that - I'm loving the food, not feeling deprived, no need for snacking (unless I plan it pre- post- workout). I looked at what lhowe wrote for food - I'm similar with food (breakfast usually sweet potato egg and saute kale, zoodles or roast veggies, lots of recipes from Whole 30 Cookbook and Guide (yum!), all home made with compliant ingredients). I'm tired of the headache - feels like a perpetual hangover! Miserable!!
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    When I wrote the original post of my experience as of Day 29, I was upbeat and happy, and glad to share my "success story". Then I read the reply by Tom Denham, a Moderator for the Whole30 program. If I had written a response yesterday, it would have been a short two word reply, but I decided to think about it and sleep on it. I did both and here is my reply to Tom and to others. Tom, you are implying that I did not complete the Whole 30 program and that I failed because I chose to weigh myself during the 30 days. You couldn't be more wrong....and you can't take that achievement away from me. I was 100% faithful to the food rules...let me repeat, 100% faithful. And for doing that, I was rewarded with many positive changes, physically and mentally. Tom, if you had read my post with an open-heart, you would realize how wrong your statement was when you said that I let the scale guide my behavior...if that was true, I would have stopped the program on Day 7 or 8 when I stopped losing any more weight. But I didn't stop because of all the other positive things that where happening, as I outlined in my original post. You may think I was not fully engaged in the program and you are free to have that opinion...but I felt fully engaged and reaped positive rewards for my efforts. The only negative experience I had during the past 30 days was reading Tom's reply which felt shaming and pious.
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    Starting Oct 1

    i've been feeling great EXCEPT for two days in a row when i ate food i cooked with coconut milk. perhaps its not working out for my system?