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    Starting Tomorrow!

    Hello Everyone! My name is Sherry and I live in rural/isolated bush Alaska but have access to the allowable foods in the Whole 30 program. I am starting my Whole 30 journey tomorrow. I have been reading the Whole 30 book during my vacation this past week and discussing it with husband and sister. We believe it will assist me in not only improving my health but also give me a true understanding of what I am putting in my body and how individual food groups/items affect me. I have done well this past year doing lazy Keto and have lost 32 pounds but it is not a sustainable way of eating. It is also not healthy therefore, I have committed to not start another diet but to actually improve the way I eat while also learning how certain things affect me. I have done my prep and I am ready to begin! Please wish me luck as I have quite a few things that I will need to get accustomed to not having over the next 30 days! I am really looking forward to the reintroduction phase as I believe that is where the real value of this program will come into play for me.
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    Started on Saturday, 11/24

    Saw a couple other people starting right after Thanksgiving. I know moving into December holiday events won't be easy, so glad to see some others starting at this time, too. Here we go...
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    Carditone is this ok?

    These look okay. If Whole30 is a big change from the way you've been eating, especially if you've been eating a lot of restaurant foods or premade foods or other high sodium foods, it may also cause your blood pressure to get lower, so definitely keep in touch with your doctor, or if you're checking your own bp daily keep doing that.
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    Starting tomorrow!

    Hi all, I am starting my first Whole30 tomorrow. I've done all the shopping, I've done a little prep, and I'm ready to go. I am worried about the withdrawals that I'm sure to experience (esp. from giving up sugar), but mostly I'm staying positive. A couple of weeks ago I was dreading the thought of giving up all my food crutches and having to just eat fruit and veg, meat and fish etc for 2 weeks, until it hit me that our challenge is to eat a multitude of beautiful, fresh foods--I mean, first world problems or what?! There are people in the world that are dying from starvation and we get to eat a bounty of good foods--I'll remind myself of this when I feel weak Lucy
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    Starting tomorrow!

    I am starting today, just did a round in October, and am ready for another. I still have a lot of things to figure out as far as food allergies and sugar demons.Only have 1 party, at my elderly mom's house. Hal are family is either gluten free or paleo and one niece is on a whole 60 so shouldnt be hard on the menu for that day
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    Starting tomorrow!

    I'm starting mine tomorrow (Sunday)! After a few days of absolute indulgence, I'm so ready for this!
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    Dana M

    Starting Black Friday

    Good luck--you won't regret it! I am doing my 2nd round starting Black Friday as well. I did Round 1 in July-August and was really disciplined since then and I tell you what--I have lost 21 pounds and the almost daily headaches I was hoping to get under control are pretty much gone. Yesterday I ate soy, dairy, wheat and sugar and guess what--I feel like crap today. Headaches, body aches, stuffy nose, was up at 2am with a pounding headache, crappy sleep, nightmares. If I ever EVER needed confirmation that those four food groups are the devil to me, yesterday was it! So today--back on the Whole30 wagon. It's not hard once you start feeling good. Yesterday (thanksgiving) was sort of an experiment--I have been really disciplined about what I introduced back in so I kind of wanted to see if little bits of those foods made that much of a difference and they really did. So now I know (like I didn't before...) Really--good luck--you'll feel great and be so pleased with yourself!
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    Renee Lee

    Approved Sweeteners

    You can do whatever you want while not on a W30, but under zero circumstances do I believe that soda of any variety makes you anything but LESS healthy. Your call though! Personally, I can't stand the taste of it anymore. Sickeningly sweet