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    I've taken a page out of your book, Holly, and have been lotioning my feet in the morning as an extra portion of self-love and care. Thanks for the reminder! Also, I'm feeling like a queen of delayed responses, but I forgot to congratulate you on getting comments at work - your focus and commitment are evident to others! Yay! That must be so gratifying! Like you, I haven't stepped on a scale to start this W30, so I'm not using it as a comparison. That is a first. I don't think I've weighed myself since the end of the last W30. I just know that looking at the numbers is not a good idea, and doesn't matter, really. My clothes, belt, and overall sense of self tell me everything I need to know. Freedom! The highlight of the day food-wise was discovering just how delicious the lemon garlic thicken is as a leftover - serious yum. Oh, and the Nutpods was really delicious in my coffee - I brewed decaf to be safe. But seriously, it's so expensive, it will have to be an occasional treat.
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    Hi everyone! @hollysmokes your bluegrass solstice sounds heavenly! Thanks also for keeping Rudolph Steiner on my radar. Is there a book you recommend? Maybe your sweet cat is getting better, hope that trend continues. What a lucky feline to have you making all that yummy food for her...if I'm her I'm thinking what's the point of being a domesticated animal if I can't let the mistress feed me chicken hearts I don't have to fight for? As for the amber goggles, yes, me too, fitting over glasses for extra glamour. Hubs is entertained. In the evening he prompts me to put them on, as in, let me see, and we both giggle. Geek love I suppose. It's hard to tell for sure, but I think they are working! I'm sleeping soundly, waking up early before the alarm, and feeling more or less rested. It would be better to get a couple more hours (8 or 9 instead of 6 or 7) but considering all the mayhem right now, I think I'm doin' alright! I'll take it. @Elizabeth33 good to "see" you again. Sinus infections are the worst! Are you using probiotics during the course of antibiotics? They may not be compliant, but since you would be using them as medicine, for your gut, if I were in your shoes, FWIW, I would cling to them like a life raft. During my first W30 I had to take antibiotics after a nasty tick bite and I forgot to use probiotics, and I got very sick. Now I know! You are really getting pummeled, and handling it all with grit and determination, it sounds like. Bravo! Also, sometimes numbness can be from a vitamin B deficiency, and one way to know is to add them and see if it goes away. Hope you'll be feeling better soon! As for the glasses, they fit right over the reading glasses, easy peasy! I finally got to town for a shopping run yesterday, and am all stocked up, ready to make the creamy dijon chicken, and eventually soup with meatballs....I was delighted to find NUTPODS! i was impressed that this area has them. Meanwhile, I've let go of creamy stuff in my cup, and not even drinking coffee anymore. But my nerves have settled down, and I'm feeling like a little compliant mid-W30 treat: so, later, coffee and nutpods with my breakfast! Woo hoo! Mel Joulwan posted a recipe for roasted carrot caraway soup https://www.paleorunningmomma.com/lemon-garlic-chicken-paleo-whole30/ ...that has really piqued my curiosity, and darned if I can find ground caraway anywhere! I have caraway seeds, but will have to add them to my online shopping list, along with a compliant champagne vinegar. That got me wondering, what are some of your favorite spices and flavor combos? Keep up the great work everyone! I'm grateful for your presence - it does help so much!