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    Hi @1of3isme, fruit is wonderful, and you should keep eating it! The one point that W30 makes is that eating fruit on its own can lead to a spike in blood sugar, or even sugar cravings in many people. With that in mind, eating fruit as a part of a meal is great, and can add flavor and/or texture to your dish. For example, I love adding fruit to salads, and there are some delicious recipes out their that incorporate things like apples and pears to hashes. Only you will know for yourself how much of any kind of food is too much. I don't get sugar cravings from eating fruit on it's own, however, it's never a good snack idea for me because it doesn't solve my hunger the way protein and fat does. Good luck!
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    Who's starting 1/1?

    Day 8 - won and done. A good day, had a BAS for lunch _and_ dinner...added chicken to the evening bowl. Mario and I turned 3# ground beef, 3/4# sugar free bacon, eggs, finely chopped 'shrooms and onions into two large pans of baked meatballs! Teamwork! He needs easy & quick breakfasts, so this will get him going in the wee hours. I used the NomNomPaleo recipe for Big-O Bacon burgers, added 3 eggs, and the meatballs came out great. Mario goes to see his diabetes doctor on Monday- curious to see what comes of it. His numbers have been very good - he's only needed insulin twice this week! Hooo-RAH! Praying hard that these changes lead to (dare I say it???) complete elimination of meds... Time will tell. Okay, HawkeyeE was looking for the recipe for Bacon/chicken liver pate - here you go! I did not add the mushrooms. I put the finished product in a glass bowl, smoothed the top, and poured melted duck fat over to seal. Ghee would also work very well for that. Liver Pâté with Mushroom and Bacon Ingredients 3 slices bacon, cut into 3-4 pieces each 1 medium onion, chopped 3 cloves garlic, crushed 1 lb chicken livers 1 c sliced mushrooms (optional) ¼ c. broth for simmering (bone broth) 2 tbsp freshly chopped thyme (or 1 teas dried) 1 bay leaf ¼ to ½ tsp. of salt 2 tbsp fresh parsley, chopped Instructions Pan fry the bacon for 2-3 minutes. Add onion and sauté for about 5 minutes more until onion is soft. Add the garlic and chicken livers, and sauté until the liver is no longer pink. Add the mushrooms, broth, thyme, bay leaf, and salt. Allow all of that to simmer for 15 minutes uncovered. Remove mixture from the pan. Discard the bay leaf. Add fresh parsley and purée with an immersion blender or food processor. Refrigerate or freeze individual portions.
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    Hi Everyone! I just started today and I am a little scared. I have a coffee, dark chocolate, and green tea addiction. I have found that I have chronic congestion, which I have read can actually be caused by green tea and dairy. I am most afraid of the caffeine withdrawal - lol! I did love my food tonight though - salmon with avocado, sauteed brussel sprouts, onions, kale, spinach, broccoli, and acorn squash. I did eat half of a baked acorn squash though - is that okay? I am not sure if that is too much squash in one meal. I really need the support since I know this is going to be tough.
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    Seconding @ElizabethG - I don't get sugar cravings from fruit, especially not when I eat it the Whole30 recommended way (with a protein and/or as part of a larger meal) but if I have it on it's own, it tends to just make me hungrier after. Apple alone is good, but I'll be hungry again in 30 minutes to an hour. Apple + prosciutto or banana + nut butter, etc is a really satisfying snack to tide me over between meals if I need it. I eat about 1 or 2 fruits per day, and again, just never a piece of fruit on it's own. Fruit helps keep me regular too, particularly apples it seems, so I get where you're coming from!
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    Jenna's Whole30#1 log

    The cravings will get easier as you get further in! Have you tried the iced (unsweetened) black tea at Starbucks? It is good with lemon, or the passion fruit one is good too. You could also try Kombucha!
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    You don't seem to have a lot of fat in those meals. Just cut out some of the fruit and add more veggies. Also, check and make sure you're drinking enough water (roughly 1/2 oz per lb bodyweight).
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    Sweet potato cranberry cakes

    Sweet potato "toast" is sliced sweet potato and is definitely permitted on Whole30. If you, personally, have a very strong association to conventional toast where you think that putting toppings on a slice of sweet potato is a gateway food for you, then sure, you should exclude it. Latkes are also permitted for the program as they are baked or pan fried vegetables. We understand that some people may find that they are better off leaving them off and that's fine but they are also not considered SWYPO. I appreciate your passion surrounding the program and of course we want folks to read things with a critical mind. We also appreciate polite and respectful discourse but please also understand that answers coming from Whole30 Moderators, Administrators and Coaches is generally not going to be "false information".
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    Who's starting 1/1?

    Day 7 has gone well so far. It was my first day back to work so I made sure to eat a full breakfast (eggs, coffee, fruit & veggies) and pack a good lunch (ground beef, sweet potato, & a carrot). I didn't eat the catered breakfast and lunch that we always have on the first day back after winter break but I enjoyed not having to stand in line with 100 other employees waiting to get food. I am looking forward to dinner tonight: roasted chicken, onions & butternut squash. Yum!! I had a lot of energy today and am feeling much better than I did over the weekend. On Day 5 I had tummy trouble and slept 10 hours. Cheers to finishing up our first week!!
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    NZ Robin

    Who's starting 1/1?

    Kelly Voss you are marrying the right mother in law! What a treat to have someone else cook a compliant meal for you. The woman is a saint. Starting day 8 here in New Zealand. So far so good. Mornings are headachey. I suspect that is due to a bit of dehydration over night. I’m not sleeping particularly well, but that has been normal for me over the last 20 years (I’ll turn 60 in March). The cause is also normal, hot flushes. Their duration is, however not normal. Usually they pass after about half an hour. These are quite persistent. I’m also getting them during the day (not the norm). Hope this is a side affect of sugar withdrawal. On the very up side I have a very happy (though blissfully non-compliant) husband. He loves the food, but most of all he loves my doing all of the cooking. Last night he had a mint chocolate after dinner. Later I had my first food dream. I’d accidentally eaten a mint chocolate (how does one “accidentally “ eat chocolate?). I distinctly remember the taste. My only thought was “ Welcome to Day 1: round two”.
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    It's a mix of chili pepper, lime, and salt. At my grocery store, I think it's in the produce section for some reason? But my grocery store shelves stuff in ways that I don't always understand, so that may not be the norm. It looks like it's actually a brand, and their website has a store locator: https://www.tajin.com/ -- so maybe you can see if anyplace near you carries it.
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    January 2 Start Date! Anyone else?

    Today(day 4) my lunch was so tasty it almost felt like a crime. Tomatoes with avocado, olive oil ,a light squees from a lemon, salt and pepper with a plain 2 egg omelette on the side. So simple soooo good.
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    Who's starting 1/1?

    @NZ Robin if you have an immersion or stick blender, it makes mayo super easy to make. No letting the egg get to room temperature, no drizzling the oil, just put all ingredients in a tall container just wide enough for the blender to get to the bottom (a pint-size wide mouth mason jar works well) and blend. Here's a more detailed explanation: https://thehealthyfoodie.com/fail-proof-home-made-paleo-mayo-whole30-compliant/
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    Who's starting 1/1?

    I am starting Jan 1 and am so excited to have this focus for the new year. I need a serious reset of my relationship with food! Last summer I was diagnosed with SIBO and cleaned up my eating as well as treating with antibiotics. But in the fall I had a hip replacement (Oct) and then a knee replacement (Nov) and boy did I go off the rails with food and wine! You know - like when you think you deserve it? Anyway, I am getting back my mobility and am ready to enjoy real food well prepared. Looking forward to learning and participating here on the forum!
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    Compliant Packaged Hash Browns?

    Cascadian Farms is a good choice. It's just frozen potato shreds. http://www.cascadianfarm.com/products/frozen-potatoes/hash-browns