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    Ji's Journey (W30 #1 - Jan 2019)

    Your original post speaks to me on a personal level, because I am also bipolar, ADD, and highly allergic to grass which is actually relevant to most of the food allergies I have also. I love reading this log. I’ve done a whole 30 in the past, but I like reading through this log and Im glad your dad is on board with eating the new food you are cooking! I also like that your kid ate the turkey patty and liked it.
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    Finding myself

    Hi, @Lainey18 -- hang in there, you'll get through these cravings. Do something nice for yourself, whether that's reading a favorite book or magazine, working on a hobby you love, pampering yourself with a bubble bath or your favorite lotion, or whatever works for you. Changing habits is not easy, but it is worth it, and you are worth the effort it takes to be healthier.