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    Nope... not unless you're having feelings of anxiousness if you couldn't put it on something or you're shooting it straight out of a shot glass or fancy wine glass... Flavorful things that you like are great! Keep doing you!
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    Ah I forgot about that. 9 days isn't bad either! May the tiger blood be with you!
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    Starting February 13th

    Working on my plan and trying to learn all I can.
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    If it continues, maybe talk to a doctor to find out how to treat it. Other than an allergic reaction to something, there's nothing that should be causing this.
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    Turned off from food

    Are you seeing someone to help with the ED? You may want to touch base with them, or with another trusted doctor or counselor type person in your life. Whole30 is meant to make you healthier. If it is not doing that for you, which it sounds like it isn't, this may not be a good time for you to try it, or it may just not be the right program for you to do at all. This has a little more about trying to do whole30 when you have a history of ED: https://whole30.com/2014/06/dear-melissa-eating-disorders/
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    Sorry you're not having a great time of it. You're at the 'pants are tighter stage' which you can read up on in the timeline linked in my signature below so that might be helpful. Also, it's a 30 day program so expecting to see weight loss, especially if your diet has been great previous and you only have a very small amount of weight to lose is maybe not realistic. You also aren't eating enough. You ate 3 eggs total as your protein for the day?? And you go 8 or more hours between meals? You may want to have a look at the meal template and see how you can better make your meals match the template and then aim for eating every 4-5 hours. It's also not entirely surprising that you're hungry again after you eat your meal 1 because you have no fat or protein which are critical to satiety. Fat is what slows absorption of protein and protein is what you need to fuel your body so you're lacking there. If your husband is eating the same meal composition, then it's not surprising that he's miserable... he's not getting enough food and that is also indicated by you sayiing he's dropping weight like crazy 7 days into a 30 day program that is NOT designed to be a weightloss diet.
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    Red Lobster Whole30 Compliant Dishes?

    I go to a network group every Tuesday and stressed over the food so much.... not much was complaint or if I wanted something that was … was way more than my work would pay for (plus, I don't want to spend my money but the network group deal is that everyone orders). Anyway, I noticed another person always just ordered a plain salad (which for the restaurant was basically a bowl of lettuce). I took my own whole30 dump ranch and did that. Was it great? Naw, but I focused more on my networking and discussing than what I was eating. Maybe the same idea? Focus on conversation? Not the ideal solution, but it does work for me so I thought I'd share.
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    Aw, thanks!! I often think I'm in the wrong business, I'd love to make food for a living. I do still have 9 days to do, thanks to the days 1-4 sulfite debarcle, but I'm kicking along really well so it doesn't seem to be too much of a struggle! I did make plans for next weekend, thinking I'd be on alcohol reintro, but I won't be and that's ok. I'll make all the complaint nibbles I was going to (hot wings, lamb meatballs with garlic tahini dressing, crispy pork belly bites, maybe some duck breast) and just forego the alcohol. I'm not really missing it anyway. Day 25's food: Breakfast: 2 poached eggs with The Goods Spicy Kraut Lunch: Chicken green thai curry Dinner: Chilli Lime Prawns on cauli/brocc rice with sauteed boc choy
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    Almond butter

    I know dates are compliant, but there's a part of me that wants to say "no" in this instance. It's not like adding a date to a barbecue sauce recipe to mellow the vinegar and spice. It's straight up added in this product to make it sweet while being able to say that it doesn't have added sugar. It does have added sugar; that date is the added sugar but labeling laws are dumb and companies will find ways to skirt them. Per the Whole30 rules, though, that ingredient list is compliant.
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    Well, how's it going @Ryan Oakford Posen? I've arrived in Adelaide after a brief touch down in Vangroovy for an overnight. Couldn't watch your video when you posted it - all those public WiFi sites are so limited but I remembered to watch it today - you're a super cutie! Hope you are, in fact, NAILING this!
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    You would be surprised how you can adapt to eating savory meals in the morning, but you have to be willing to try. Maybe start with soup -- a chicken and vegetable soup, or a creamy butternut squash soup that you add some seasoned ground beef or diced chicken to. Or eat eggs every day -- when you're tired of plain old scrambled, fried, or boiled ones, try having pad thai (http://meljoulwan.com/2011/05/08/paleo-pad-thai/) or these: http://meljoulwan.com/2011/08/18/comfort-noodles/ or look for a whole30 shakshuka recipe.
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    Looking for some guidance on deli turkey. I read the most recent Whole30 update that Applegate Farms now has compliant products, and that they are listed on the website as such. It says the organic oven roasted turkey (which I bought) is compliant, and the website has the whole30 logo on the description. However, the ingredient list includes potato starch. Is this really accurate that it’s compliant? Seems like potato starch is sometimes ok, sometimes not. Attached photos of the description from the Applegate Farms site and the ingredient list from the package I got. Guidance appreciated! Thanks in advance.
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    Starting Feb 11th

    Good luck to you! It has been hard for me to find the compliant bacon and sausage links at times. Sometime I feel like I am cheating when I use a store-bought compliant condiment. It is so simple to make it myself. Most of the time I am making enough steamed or roasted veggies that I can mix and match different stuff to make it different each day. But sometimes, I go for the frozen sweet potatoes, canned green beans and Dole fruit cups.
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    dehydrated pea shells

    actually yes... this would be like eating snap or sugar peas where most of what you consume is the shell and not the problematic pea portion itself. Good find!
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    It seems like a far future start date, but we are nearing the end of nursing school for my fiancé who is earning an LPN. As someone who has completed courses up to my masters I know better than to start anything like this smack dab in the middle of a final semester so we are waiting for her to finish. As for myself, I teach orchestra at 2 middles schools, play violin professionally, play in the percussion section of our community band, on occasion sing in church choir, and I am in the second semester of helping run a youth symphony in our community. I have hit my stride in my 5th year of teaching, and cut having to do masters degree work (since Im finished) and teaching privately on top of the other activities. My days really aren’t as difficult as they sound, unless I don’t get enough sleep. I’m excited, but also going to hate myself in the morning. I don’t know if it’s the added sugar in my coffee, my ADD, stress, my increased screen time, the fact that our first youth symphony rehearsal of the second semester is “technically” today, me excitedly tearing through all the resources I didn’t read the first time (big mistake, I Leroy Jenkins’ed my way into my first whole 30) or all of the above, but Im not sleepy. I am tired, but not sleepy. Side note: I am also slightly bitter about the being able to eat all potatoes thing because after my first whole 30 in 2014 eating only sweet potatoes, it is safe to say that I still hate sweet potatoes to this day. I’m glad I can eat other potatoes and I’m sure I’ll get over being bitter, but I also had to laugh a little and think to myself, “Well, at least I have more potato options now.” Anyway, I’m glad to be here and so is my fiancé. It’s been cool to go through this process together and talk through how we are going to spend the next 2 months in preparation for it. I am trying to mentally prepare myself for the food dreams. The one I had on my first one was about a garlic bread-soft pretzel hybrid slathered in that cheese sauce they served with pretzels on top of the melted cheese that can come on garlic bread. I know it probably wasn’t that bad but I can almost remember being in a hot tub of this bread that I’m not sure truly exists in reality, but it felt like the bread and cheese hot tub did happen. I’m not discounting it because I have this dream on occasion where Goku helps me stop the apocalypse. I’m also pretty sure that movie Hot Tub Time Machine was in theaters or still heavily into the previews. Thanks for reading all of this!
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    I just wanted to add that ice cream is going to be hard, because that was the gateway food. Honestly ice cream has been a reward and comfort since I was being potty trained. I don’t know how much money my sister spent on Braums ice cream throughout that period, but obviously it worked. I almost want to cry over the ice cream, but I found dairy iswhat’s causing my medical bills to go up between 2 nasal sprays, 2 inhalers (one Breo and the other the emergency inhaler), Zyrtec, allergy shots, sinus wash and Omeprazole for the post nasal drip/acid reflux from heck if I don’t take them.