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    It's hard to know how to help here beyond saying - "yes, totally get it, been there" which isn't very useful. Around Day 6 or 7 I wrote my first post about how disappointed I was going to be if I didn't get Tiger Blood and reduced joint pain. I also wanted to lose weight but, since this isn't a weight loss program, I decided to be openminded about that. I was convinced that arriving at Day 30 still experiencing SI joint pain was going to be a huge problem for me - well, you guessed it, Day 30 came and I still have joint pain. Disappointed? Turns out no because the other benefits of completing this program have far outweighed what I expected - namely, reduced anxiety, increased stamina, healthier gut, better understanding of myself and my relationship to food, just generally a feeling of satisfaction and of being in control. Yes, I lost weight - 10 unexpected pounds actually - but that is the least of success. All the Non Scale Victories added up to a hugely successful experience for me. Sounds like you might need to amp up your time in the kitchen and try some new recipes. I bought an Instant Pot for this W30 and Hubs and I both took an interest in experiementing with it. He discovered that he loves cauliflower rice (shocking) and was happy to discover he could eat as much protein as he wanted. All in all, this W30 has reawakened a sense of adventure in the kitchen and we're less likely to ever go back to default cheese and crackers for dinner. I hope you will stick with it - tweak things, try something completely different - eat full fat everything (OMG - the BEST!) and give it 30 days. I've read more blogs about "why the W30 didn't work for me" only to learn that the blogger quit after 10 days and, therefore, didn't even do a Whole 30. Please don't be that person - give it 100% and then decide. Good luck!!
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    I'm finally pregnant!!! Before going into this I had completely given up trying. While only actively trying to conceive for about 8 months, I had really become discouraged. I wanted a change in my life as far as weight and food management goes, so I gave this a try. I ended my Whole30 on Tuesday February 5th. I dropped 15lbs, felt better, had more energy, was healthier, and two days later also got a positive pregnancy test!!! They said the Whole30 would change my life and it did in the best way imaginable. I 100% believe that what this whole eating did for me was make my body a better place for a baby to grow. Thank you Whole30!!!!
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    None of these things that you're looking for are in the spirit of Whole30. We want you to eat real whole foods for 3 meals a day. Recreating pseudo cereals and oatmeals is actually also not recommended. Because these actually run contrary to the program, we wouldn't have recommendations for products to use. For information on the reasons behind our recommendation against smoothies, google 'whole30 can I have smoothies' and scroll down to the smoothie section. I would also encourage you to check out the meal template and make sure that you're making all your meals fit the template. You mention salad for lunch and dinner but don't mention the protein you plan on eating with it and leafy greens when used as your veggie choice needs to be really a wheelbarrow full when you think about how leafy greens chew or steam down to nothing. If you eat 3 meals a day 4-5 hours apart with a variety of veggies, some starchy carbs, some fruit occassionally along with protein and fat, you will get a sufficient amount of fibre in your diet.
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    I am surfacing from jet lag - I woke up this morning feeling like it was morning and I was even hungry for breakfast. Tonight will be my last medicated (weaned dose) sleep - 4 days usually sorts it for me and, here we are at day 4. So, depending how the rest of the day feels, this might be it for my W40. A W38 doesn't sound as interesting though, does it? No worries mate (that's me releasing my inner Aussie), at this stage, I am really keen to get on with finding out what does and doesn't work for me. Doing 2 more compliant days isn't going to make or break the experience so long as I feel like my "normal" self going in to the reintro. I'll keep you posted - the first thing I'll be trying out is wine...
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    Hungry, moody and craving alcohol.

    Eating more does not necessarily mean inability to lose weight, especially if your pre-W30 eating habits included plenty of heavy carbs, sugary drinks, snacking, etc. Without increasing my activity level at all, I dropped some weight during my month, and I guarantee you that I ate more food overall -- but what I was eating (and what I was skipping) made all the difference in the world. Although I'm not as active as you are, I do have a mood disorder, and I've found that I function at my best with 2 moderate (slightly larger than my own fist, but I've got tiny hands) portions of starch per day, and one of those must be with the last meal of the day (the other doesn't matter quite so much, but I've found I tend to have less mid-afternoon tiredness if it's with my breakfast rather than my lunch). For mine, I change it up between regular potatoes, sweet potatoes, acorn squash, butternut squash, and carrots. My "dinner" meal template is protein + starch + other vegetable. My plated fat depends on the veggies... if I have a baked potato then I'll add a bit of coconut oil to moisten it up, or if my "other vegetable" is a salad then I'll add some avocado to that. I don't make a purposeful effort to include fruits, beyond just a "hey, blackberries would be awesome on this salad" or using them for flavoring (like lemons in my whole chicken, or apples with a pork roast). Admittedly, I do sometimes make a small fruit bowl to eat alongside a salad, when I dress the salad with something I really just don't want on my fruit Regarding nuts and fruit... From what I understand, nuts are not an optimal source of protein because of the amount you'd need to eat in order to equal what you'd get from meat and the protein-to-fat ratio is different than what meat provides. Nuts are also very much a hand-to-mouth type of food, which kind of inherently makes them a snack (unless they're incorporated into a meal) and reinforces the snacking (and potentially food-with-no-brakes) type of behaviors. Fruits are generally sweeter than vegetables, and can also reinforce the snacking/no-brakes behavior, including awakening a dormant (or not-so-sleepy) sugar dragon. For your quiche, I'd definitely make that 5 servings. Because it's about 2 cups of veggies for the whole quiche, though, I would probably add some kind of vegetable on the side (roasted broccoli or Brussels sprouts would probably be amazing with it, given the ingredients, but even a small side salad could work). For my first week of Whole30, I made a massive breakfast casserole and split it into I think 10 servings (12 eggs and a lb of sausage) but also made a big batch of turkey sausage ahead of time, so each morning I could warm up a casserole square and a sausage patty. Some mornings I'd serve it with a green veggie from the night before, other days it'd be a slice of tomato and some sauteed onions and mushrooms. Good luck to you!
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    Almond butter

    I'm sure a mod will jump in soon to give a definitive answer on this... but as a recovering creamy PB-junkie, I'll chime in also. The ingredients themselves are compliant. Egg whites and coconut oil are (I assume) used to make it creamy, and salt isn't an issue. Adding vanilla and dates to flavor and sweeten, though, that is a significant enough change (especially since it's creamy) to make it SWYPO for me, making it totally off limits. For my almond butter needs, I found a local store with a section of machines to grind your own nut butter. One of them (thankfully) uses just plain almonds, so I can get as much (or as little) as I need for the coming week. It's not super creamy, and it's not decadent, so it's easy for me to incorporate it into meals instead of using it to fire up pleasure and reward pathways in my brain.
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    Detox February - NEW

    Lets test... don't eat fruit and nut butter for two days... if you find that you're very stressed about the idea of cutting that out, you are irrationally angry/crabby about it or your sugar cravings peak crazily then it's likely you've been using the fruit to prop up your sugar dragon and that would be something to work on removing. Also, we recommend eating the fruit with a meal, so cut up that pear into a salad if what you're really craving is pear taste... if that doesn't sound good but two halves of a pear globbed with almond butter and cinnamon does sound good, then you know it's your sugar dragon talking... Make sense?
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    Super Slow Reintro

    Beans in general will definitely not be making a come-back for me, except on a very rare occasion... and it will truly have to be "worth it" for me to want to go through the kind of bloating and gas I felt after having black and pinto beans in one meal (I was hurting for 2 days, and have even stretched the time out before attempting another reintro as result because I needed to be sure my system had normalized). I can't even fathom how much my body must have hated me when I was doing beans in 2 dinners a week and using a can of garbanzos as a quick and easy snack! It's definitely changing how I'm looking at everything, now, because not only do I know how I feel without all this stuff in my system... I know how I feel when it comes back. I'm honestly scared to get to the grains, but I have to try the ones I'm most likely to want to use for something at times. (Edited to add: I'm not scared as in terrified of doing it or putting it off; I'm just anticipating a hefty system reaction so am anxious, but reminding myself that this is information I really need to have for my own health's sake.)
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    Almond butter

    I know dates are compliant, but there's a part of me that wants to say "no" in this instance. It's not like adding a date to a barbecue sauce recipe to mellow the vinegar and spice. It's straight up added in this product to make it sweet while being able to say that it doesn't have added sugar. It does have added sugar; that date is the added sugar but labeling laws are dumb and companies will find ways to skirt them. Per the Whole30 rules, though, that ingredient list is compliant.
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    First Timer - started Jan 28

    Welcome. It takes a certain kind of courage to move from considering something like this into actually doing it, so I hope you'll keep that in mind on days when it gets harder. Part of what made me keep taking it one day (and sometimes even just 15 minutes) at a time was being certain that I would be changed in the process, and come out the other side with a new perspective. And I was right Moving on. The first thing I want to suggest, since you're coming into this with pain during the basic steps of cooking real food - the prep work, the cooking process, and the clean-up -- prepping ahead of time might be a really good idea. For me, there are three types of prep... -- on-the-fly: this is what most people think of when they think "I have no time to cook", because it involves making time prior to cooking for all of the prep work to get done. I've done this, and still do often, and sometimes I get started on things 2.5 or 3 hours before "meal time" is scheduled, just to get it all done in time! I do NOT suggest a heavy amount of that for you! -- prep & store: this is when you do things like pre-chopping your bell peppers, broccoli, herbs, etc., and then saving them for later use. The "store" part of this could mean you've got them in baggies in the fridge or freezer, or that you've dropped all the items in a gallon bag and it's in the fridge/freezer until time to drop it in a slow cooker, or that you're freezing little cubes of herbs in oil, and so on. The point is that you're doing the prep ahead of time, so you have less to do when it's time to cook. -- cook & store: unlike prep & store, where the idea is to cook it later, for this type of prepping you're actually doing the cooking now and then saving the cooked food. This might mean you're making little meal trays with a protein and some veggies to keep in the freezer or fridge for use over the coming days, or you might have some large baggies of roasted veggies ready to pull onto a plate to heat up, or have a bag of meatballs ready to be baked, etc. Again, this is where you've cooked ahead so you do less work before eating. Ideally, we find what works best for us and go with it. Because of your pain levels, I think it might be worth considering a combination of prep & store and cook & store methods. For example, after getting groceries home and feeling up to prepping, go ahead and get veggies ready to roast but leave them in bags in the fridge for a bit before cooking them and storing them for later use. You could even shop one day, then the next morning do your prep, and maybe wait until lunch time to cook them. Then you eat what you want and store the rest, either in separate baggies or in plates to reduce the work you do before eating your leftovers. I saw in some other topics that you're already getting bored with foods and are looking for some new ideas. A good place to start in terms of an internet search would be to Google "Whole30 freezer meals" or "Whole30 meal prep" (or "Whole30 sheet pan meal" is another good one, especially if you're only needing to cook for yourself). If you want to give some idea of what you have been eating that you're sick of, though, I'm happy to try to give some ideas that might help you get a little more variety going
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    Hello to all of the Whole30'ers out there. I started my journey on January 1, 2019. My husband was supportive and started with me, although he was reluctant to do so. Today is day 29 and we both have seen tremendous changes in our health, personal outlook and appearance. I think one of the biggest accomplishments I have seen in my husband is that he will now read a food label other than the price tag! He has come to understand the importance of knowing what is in his food. He has lost weight, he has more energy and he tells me when he uses the stairs at work he no longer gets winded. For me however, this journey has been life altering. I have lived my life on a diet since around the age of 8-10 years old. I have reduced intake, counted calories, fat, exercised to exhaustion and been an anorexic/bulimic. I have taken over-the-counter diet pills as well as doctor prescribed diet medication (amphetamines). I have weighed as little as 113 pounds (I am 5 ft 7 in) and I continued to perceive myself as obese and unattractive. We don't even need to discuss self-esteem because there was none. With all of the damage I've done to my body over the years from food restriction and excessive exercise I have several auto-immune diseases as well as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. I have been on medication for both form of arthritis since the age of 32 (currently 57). I have been on blood pressure medication since I was 26. Then along comes the Whole30. I read and researched for two months before I started my 30-day program. I wanted to make sure this was not some other "fad". After reading the book twice, looking at the forum comments I was ready to commit to the 30 days. I am now a self proclaimed Whole30 Guru. Even though I am still on my arthritis medication I am in more control than I have been since the age of 32! I'm even wondering if I can reduce the medication or come off of them. On the day I started my W30 my blood pressure was 149/96. I took my BP on day 27 and my BP was 117/74. That is an objective indicator of my success. I have not felt so well since I was in my late teens/early 20's. For the first time in my life have has self-esteem, confidence, and can look at my body and not feel discuss and disappointment. I assume I have lost weight, although I do not know as I have not been on a scale; I threw my scale away. However, my abdomen is totally flat. I do Pilates and Gyro exercise and my abdominal muscles can now be seen. I wish I would have take a before picture so I could see the actual difference but I did not due to how much I loathed my body. So really want to send a thank you to everyone out there who designed and wrote this program. I thank the people who produce and supply the compliant meats. Thank you to the organic farmers. Thank you to everyone to posts on the form, I have read a lot of you comment/concerns. I will embark on my phase 2, reintroduction on on Thursday January 31. I plan to take it very slow, there are many foods I do not want to reintroduce at all. I'll be back to let you know how things are going.