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    Lorna from Canada

    Day 30 - It's HERE!!

    This will be the first post of the day - because the day that everyone starts off thinking is never going to come has arrived for the 3 of us intrepid W30ers in my famjam!!! And I'm excited to report on everyone's progress. I'm so glad they both jumped in wholeheartedly to do this with me - it would have been really difficult to do this on my own. My hat is off to anyone who does it on their own without family support. Last night, Hubs and I sat down to chat through his experience since we're not otherwise going to see each other today. His sole goal was to drop 5 pounds which he did (he broke the rules and weighed himself Day24) and his clothes are fitting better. He's a tall (6'1"), thin (177 when we started) and doesn't really have too much in the way of health complaints - unlike his wife. So, he says he can't really tell if anything has changed for him - no tiger blood, no digestive improvements, no change in sleep or brain fog - nada. But those 5 lbs mean a lot to him. He and I were both obese and really sick at one point in our lives, (here's an article from Canada's National Newspaper about us https://tgam.ca/2SniHAM), and neither of us ever want to go back. SO - even though he doesn't feel any different, he wants to make major dietary changes - no more cheese, crackers, cereal, bread, white rice (he's fallen in love with cauiliflower rice) and NO MORE CANDY. I'd say the one thing that has changed is his sweet tooth - he was ALWAYS scouting around looking for something sweet after dinner and that has stopped. So, this morning, I'm doing the clean out the pantry for the Food Bank - there are going to be some carbs heading out!
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    Ya, this isn't good. Somehow, snacking has returned. 3 times today I have found myself staring into the fridge or swinging open the pantry door to have a little look around - because taking a mid-day inventory is a necessary thing. Nope. Nope. Nope. I do not need to be grazing - I woke up at 6AM as usual, had a lovely tomato, onion and kale hash with eggs for breakfast and potato salad and leftover chop for lunch and... okay, I see it. That's really not enough food. The hash is veg and 2 eggs. Then I walk with my daughter to work and return with 9000 steps on my pedometer and I drink a little sparkling mineral water with lemon and wonder why, at 10AM, I'm standing in front of the pantry fondling a bag of Werther's toffee like, if I read the label fast enough, I'll decide they are compliant. I did not see what was happening until I started writing it down just now. I'm not eating enough. Okay then... onward. I hereby forgive myself for plowing through the rest of the potato salad and eating watermelon over the sink like a thief. Got it. More food including a carb at breakfast and maybe a couple of dates and some almonds after my morning walk. In other news, I'm still not really reintroducing anything. I've reread ISWF and have decided I need to define "Worth It" so I can be more confident trying things. I'm still not missing anything either so no worries - things will come back when they come I suppose. I went back to work today - I'm a personal coach with clients all over the world - juggling different time zones is a work out in itself. Taking a full week off for travel and jet lag was a good idea - I felt on top of my game with my 2 clients today. I really feel well - I don't know how to describe it other than to say, I feel really well. Amazing.
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    It may, but sometimes you have to say that you've done the best you can. Because I can't tolerate legumes, I go for the tuna that's *actually* packed in water to be completely safe. But as long as you've done your due diligence, then it's mostly that you've tried your best.
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    @NJdieter Do you have some research on that last part? Everyone needs a varied diet, but I'd hesitate to say dairy and grains are necessary. That sounds like talk from lobbyists trying to sell food products to parents. Pancreatic amylase, which is what you really need to digest grains, doesn't start being produced until all 4 molars are in. And not every child can digest dairy, so it can't be that crucial to growth.
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    Dear H.T. I have had times where I couldn't think of anything that I liked too - not just this food, but ANYTHING. Usually it happens when I am going through a really rough patch with work, family or health. I have learned that for me, taking time to write down what I do like, and focusing on those things helps me get out of (or at least through) my slump. For me, the things I like are reading a good book, an art festival, art galleries, movies, parks, sunsets, flowers, cats and dogs, antiquing, planning a trip, helping somebody, music, etc. and I try to make plans to do some of those things. Sometimes I get crafty, and will make my own greeting cards or dream catchers or knitting (which involves going to Hobby Lobby or somewhere to get papers and supplies), and engages my mind in something other than what is making me unhappy. When my mind touches on what I don't like I make it pop off to something I have set up in my head. My image is a picture of me walking on a dirt path through trees with sunlight all around and a sunset coming up ahead. Right now, I am immersed in finding Whole30 recipes, learning about it, reading other people's stories and what they are doing, shopping for the ingredients and trying out new foods and recipes. Clearly that is not something you are enjoying, but maybe you can find work arounds that make it the easiest it can be for you, like buying pre-chopped ingredients, or simplifying your meals to just a few things that you like fairly well and are on program, and then spend more time focusing on something else. I'm a new-comer to Whole30, so don't mean to be giving you sage advice, but I have read and learned enough to know that this plan isn't just about the physical impact of food, but as much about the mental/phychological impact of food. You didn't say why you started this program, unless I missed it. Is it for weight loss, or something else in addition to that? In my case, I have a lot of pain and am hoping that by eliminating inflammatory foods, my pain will be somewhat alleviated and I will be able to do more of the things I like to do, like walk. I don't mean to be telling you what to do, so hopefully you won't take it that way, I just want you to feel like others understand and have felt like you're feeling, and this is a good program from which to get support for all aspects of making a big life change. Good luck to you! Laura
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    As soon as I started reading, I wondered if you were still following the meal template or if you'd reduced the size of your meals! Load up that plate, lady!
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    That's a really good idea actually, thank you! I was going to make a cup of herbal tea but I like your idea better
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    Lib's NYC Whole30 | 30 days of Fitness

    Coconut aminos!
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    Thanks for the feedback! Sounds like I'll just keep trucking along! It was sooooo hard not to give in to those foods, but I knew I would feel so awful and back to square one. I credit whole30 and fat adapting to getting me through that day successfully!
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    My first Whole30: done and dusted!

    Last night was my early Valentine's Day dinner and a cheat treat meal for sure! I had some amazing macadamia chicken, a little of the mashed potatoes, half my broccoli and (most importantly) half a slice of carrot cake. YUM! Of course this was a huge meal, even when I ate only half of it. I didn't feel too terrible afterwards, but as the night went on I did have some stomach bloating and discomfort. Overall it worked out just fine. Today I feel a little off and a little bloated. I still have leftovers so that'll be my lunch today, minus the cake. The mashed potatoes weren't great so I probably won't have much of those. Dinner will be a sheet pan meal with chicken and LOTS of veggies. I'll be waiting a few days to eat the other half of that cake slice! I'm finding I definitely don't feel as well as I did last week. I definitely need to get my meals closer to a Whole30 recommended plate. On Friday I looked at why I'm straying from the reintro process, now I need to work on coming back to it. Hopefully the dinner tonight will be a good kickstart and I'll be able to work from there, but I think another reason it's so hard is because my partner isn't doing it. He just went ahead and started eating what he wanted so he keeps suggesting meals that are non-compliant. I don't want to say no all the time. Smart Goal: I definitely was not under my sugar goal last night, but that's okay because I knew I'd have a special occasion night. I'm back on track today with 22g of sugar left after lunch. A treat once in a while is okay, but I know that sugar shouldn't be a daily indulgence. I don't feel as well after all the cake I had last night and the food I ate in general just wasn't as good as whole, fresh food. I'm glad I had the experience!
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    So, just having some nuts and fruit is a bad plan. It's a hit of sugar along with often tougher to digest fats. Also, zero protein. Could part of the issue just be that you're not prepping an actual template meal for lunch and when you get to lunch time, there's nothing to eat ready? Make the meals, have them ready to go (hard boiled eggs, crudite, and compliant dip of some kind are one of the fastest meals out there assuming you've got the eggs done in the fridge). The effectiveness of the program is impacted when you don't eat enough. Having a snack instead of lunch is effectively cutting your meals by a third and it'll catch up to you.
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    This is the difference between the rules and the recommendations. If you eat ONLY whole 30 approved foods and follow the other rules, you will have done a whole 30. But, if you also follow the recommendations, including: following the meal template eating within an hour of rising eating enough that you can go 4 to 5 hours without eating again no snacking between meals unless you are genuinely hungry (but then start beefing up your actual meals so you can get through without snacks) That is when you will get the best results. So, I'd encourage you to try following the meal template and the other recommendations and see for yourself what results that creates for you.
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    Egg Free Whole30

    i think it depends on what you're trying to determine by eliminating eggs and/or a full AIP program. AIP is definitely more challenging than the regular program altho since you've done two already, if you've stuck pretty close to the Whole30 protocol between rounds, it's usually easier to then take it a step further for AIP. Tiger blood or the lacktherof is often contributed to more by the meal template and whether you follow all the recommendations than removing more foods from your diet. If you don't have a medical reason to be eliminating eggs or doing AIP then that might not be your best bet for getting that energy you're looking for. One thing to think about also is that Tiger Blood doesn't necessarily mean that you're running around like your tail is on fire all your waking hours. For some people it's just feeling 'good'. Feeling like they can go for a walk after dinner or being sharper at work or during their hobbies. Melissa has written some new articles on tiger blood recently because of this very problem of people thinking they've done something wrong because they didn't turn into Tigger on the program. I think if you google 'whole30 tiger blood' you should be able to find some articles as well as past discussions about what it is and isn't. In the meantime, before you decide to go AIP or egg free, if you have a recollection of how your meals were composed on the last round and can give some reasonably specific detail about how and when you ate, maybe there are some tweaks in there on the standard program that you can try before you go to eliminating additional foods. Thoughts?
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    I've been pretty off track with my reintro too. I think my "why"s are that it's my first time doing it and my Whole30 was really rough. Like you said, not an excuse, but I think if I'd felt better during the process I would be better at sticking to my reintroduction plan. That said, I think I'm feeling much better by adding the little bit of non-compliant food that I eat, but not going overboard. Hopefully you'll feel better today after the non-compliant food settles a little!
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    Have you done whole30 and reintroductions before? If not, you should do the reintroductions before you decide. Do dairy reintroductions, and also at some point do a day where you use the coconut milk with carrageenan. Then you can take into consideration any reactions you have, and if you don't have reactions to either, you can choose based on which you prefer the taste of. This page has links to reintroduction instructions and other post-whole30 information: https://whole30.com/finished/
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    I'm sure a moderator will chime in with a wonderful, factual answer, but I thought I'd chime in with my two cents... This is meant to be an experiment! That's what I love so much about this program. So, go forth and experiment! The template says 1-2 palm-sized portions. So try different combinations and see what works for you! The goal is to feel satisfied for 4-5 hours between meals. So, if that means eating on the higher end of the template for you, then so be it. If that means eating at the lower end of the template for you, then so be it! There are some very black and white rules, but the rest is figuring out what works for you. So don't be afraid to be a little playful and try new things and find something that will be great for you for the short and long term!
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    I suffer from both severe GERD (I’m not really overweight) and overlapping autoimmune diseases. I haven’t felt well in years. I did my 30 days and I have to say, I may have felt better but not great. I slept better for sure and I lost a few pounds which didn’t hurt but I wouldn’t say I felt WELL. I’m 7 days into reintro but I pretty much eat Whole 30 anyway because I like it. Only difference is I don’t go too crazy if there is a small amount of natural sweetener in something. I did try a little milk in my tea but it tasted gross so I didn’t reintroduce dairy. The reason I’m posting is that today I woke up and NOW I GET WHAT TIGER BLOOD IS. I did read it sometimes takes longer if there is chronic illness but man I am glad I stuck to it another week. Just in case you are discouraged!
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    Texas De Brazil

    I know this is an old topic, but I wanted to share our experience at Texas de Brazil. We told them up front we were dairy, sugar, soy, and grain free and our server confirmed it with us when he poured our water. He asked if we wanted him to accompany us to the salad bar to point out the items with weren't compliant. He also made sure to point out the meats that we should avoid due to marination. We rarely go out to eat but it was our anniversary. It was a great experience for all of us - even our teenager enjoyed herself.