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    First time

    Jihanna, thank you so much. I actually teared up a bit reading your affirmation. I'm writing it out in my journal with "I am".... and ending it with … with grace and ease." I feel it's going to be a difficult but very important journey.
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    First time

    You've had a pretty full plate lately! (no pun intended, I promise!) Keep taking those deep breaths, and know that you've got this! It is never too late to start making good decisions. It is never too late to start showing some self-love where food is concerned. It is never too late to start over-writing old habits with new ones. It is never too late to develop a guilt-free relationship with food (even when you make a choice to eat a thing you know is less than healthy for you). You can slay your sugar dragon. You can manage stress without food. You can engage in mindful eating, which reduces the tendency to graze/binge. I wish you all the best luck in reaching your goals, but I must say that I hope that final one is a long way off, yet!
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    Starting March 1

    I've been doing research and planning for about 2 weeks now. I plan on starting March 1st and doing this with my cousin. I have been diagnosed with multiple chronic illnesses. All of them stemming from digestive issues. I'm hoping this will help with the chronic pain. If anyone else is starting March 1 I'd love to keep in touch!
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    First time

    This will be my first whole30. I have a horrible relationship with food. I’m in desperate need of a reset. I start March 6. My life is currently in transition. Celebrated my 62 birthday last month; started a new small business a year ago and it’s finally gaining momentum; my octogenarian parents moved in with us; hubs is looking at retirement next year; and my daughter had her 4th baby Tuesday. (deep breath) seeing my parents suffer makes me realize I need to take better care of myself, but I have a love-hate relationship with food. I’m doing everything else right. I exercise 5 days a week, get plenty of sleep, meditate and pray through stress, take supplements, drink plenty of water. But I crave sugar, chips are my stress food, and I mindlessly binge eat at night. I hope it’s not too late to make good decisions for healthy active ‘last years’. My goal is to die young at an old age.
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    Starting March 1

    Hi everyone! Id love to join you all for a March Whole30. I did one back in April of 2018 and I had great results. But I too stress eat, and my stomach issues have come back and my skin is a little blotchy. Ive definitely fallen off the band wagon with eating and exercising since after Christmas so I’m definitely for another Whole30. I look forward to doing it with you guys!
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    First time

    I'm so touched that those words resonated with you the way they have with me. I believe that it's in the hard steps that we learn and grow the most, so I hope that proves true for you as you move forward in this adventure. I'm excited for you!
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    @HealthySnacker I snacked the first week too - was hungry much of the time and fruit with a few nuts was a handy snack. By the end, I found it hard to eat the 3 compliant meals because I was so seldom hungry. I'm 14 days post-W30 and still 95% compliant and I still find myself not very hungry most of the time. (it's very, very strange for me). During my W30, I did, (and still do), eat more than the recommended 2 servings of fruit - likely 4 servings a day. I love fruit. I also love vegetables so fruit does not push veggies off my plate. Fruit does not feed my sugar dragon - I have no urge for sweet things. I haven't had any cravings for sugar, baked goods, candy etc whatsoever since January 1 and I don't miss it. So, because of that, I'm not worried about my fruit intake. I don't think the 2 etra pieces of fruit have had any impact on my results which were amazing. The first week is really hard. It does get better! I felt terrible for 24 days of my W30 and now, I've never felt better in my life. Hang in there, strive for compliance and cut yourself some slack - this does get easier!!
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    Starting March 1

    Hi @Sarah_1982 and @aaronmc93 I'd love to join the two of you! I'm starting a little early (today) however, I am planning to go until the end of March. I have done three W30's and I have LOVED having people along for the journey and for support. I also love supporting others! It makes the experience so much more fun. I have a fairly clean diet now and am not overweight and quite lean (thanks clean diet and lifting weights!) however, I tend to rely on food when I am stressed (which is a lot lately) and I most certainly have become addicted to sugar and flour products (again). I've had a flair up of blemishes the last few days and that's really OFF for me even during PMS. My body is simply begging me for a W30 LOL I did my first W30 in August of 2015 and I have never felt that good in my life. I went a little extreme and gave up all forms of sugar including fruit and all forms of nuts/seeds as I find nuts/seeds tends to be FWNB for me. I understand these foods are allowed on a W30; I just know myself and I wanted to rip the band-aid off. My reasons for doing THIS round are 1, slay the dragon, 2, food freedom, and 3, really REFRESH. I'm looking forward to #crushingit with y'all!
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    I'm on day 30 of my 2nd whole30. The first time around, I started out very similar to you, but towards the end I found the lack of grazing very liberating. This time around, I've really focused on not snacking. I've also cut out almost all fruit because I felt like I was using it to feed my sugar dragon, and I've felt it really has helped a lot with my sugar cravings. Like you, I have a difficult time eating a lot at meals--especially when it's broccoli casserole for breakfast. What I do find though, is that my blood sugar has been stable enough that even if I'm hungry, I'm able to go further between meals that I was before. If I do need a snack, I stick to the meal template and make sure I have protein, veggies, and fat in my snack, but just use a smaller plate. You do what you feel like you need to do, especially during the first week, but I'd think about eating more of a mini meal instead of fruit once you start adjusting. As far as headaches go, I had one last for 4 days during my first week, and I had to go to the ER. Then, I didn't have another for 2 weeks, but it was minor. Typically I have at least one migraine a week so this was pretty good. This weekend I've had another small one, but it's also the start of my period, so expected.
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    Starting March 1

    Hi Sarah! I am also planning on starting March 1st. What a great goal you have-i would love to support one another. My main goal is to get RID of my acne and drop some excess weight. At 25, I’m embarrassed to still have acne, and I know it is related to my diet. Best of luck! :) We can do this!
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    Red Lobster Whole30 Compliant Dishes?

    I go to a network group every Tuesday and stressed over the food so much.... not much was complaint or if I wanted something that was … was way more than my work would pay for (plus, I don't want to spend my money but the network group deal is that everyone orders). Anyway, I noticed another person always just ordered a plain salad (which for the restaurant was basically a bowl of lettuce). I took my own whole30 dump ranch and did that. Was it great? Naw, but I focused more on my networking and discussing than what I was eating. Maybe the same idea? Focus on conversation? Not the ideal solution, but it does work for me so I thought I'd share.
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    Hey all! I'm also marathon training. I'll be honest I have finished the Whole30 but decided to keep going after a week off. So I've reset. I did a long run of 12 this morning at a 9:33 pace. This is pretty good for me seeing as I am 11 months out from having a baby. For pre run breakfast it's either 2 eggs with some sweet potato, apple, onion hash or a banana with almond butter. During my run I stop for 30 seconds or so and drink water (I mix in a little coconut water before for added electrolytes) eat a date and 5-6 salted dry roasted almonds. Half way through my run I will have half or a whole larabar. Post run I have 2 or 3 eggs, spinach sautéed with a tomato or some more hash. My body feels good, I feel fueled and hydrated, and my energy is good throughout my run. Hope this helps!
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    Type 1 Diabetes

    @spitzerphillips if you can find something compliant to treat your low blood sugar, great -- but if you can't, or if it somehow gets low enough that you need a definite, tried and true treatment, use your glucose tabs and don't worry about it. No, it's not compliant, but we don't want you passing out either, and in this case, it's more like taking a medication that you need, and Whole30 isn't going to tell someone not to take medication that they need.
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    It sounds like you have read some of my posts -- the link below goes to the whole collection of them, if you haven't read them all.
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    Affording Whole30 on a Budget

    I don't have children, but I have been living paycheck to paycheck the last year on a very strict food budget. I did one Whole30 during that time, and I just started a second. A couple tips that really helped me after my first whole30 grocery store trip told me this wasn't sustainable financially. 1. Prioritize the foods that you are going to splurge on and stick to it. I only buy a handful of items organically or at Whole Foods, (Avocado Oil, nut butters, rotisserie chicken when I'm in a pinch, 6 packs organic eggs for mayo) and that's it. Everything else is bought at my discount grocery store. 2. Do you have an Aldi near you? I love Aldi, so many vegetables and meats, and some of it is even organic, and it's so incredibly inexpensive. As a single person, I spend $30-$40 every two weeks on groceries and I make meals that my coworkers are jealous of. 3. Don't buy organic if it's not in your budget to do so. I might get yelled at for saying this but hear me out. My boyfriend, his family, and several of my friends are constantly telling me how important it is to eat organically, and to keep the dirty dozen in mind when I'm shopping. My response is to ask them if they are willing to pay my grocery bill. Until I make more money, buying organic fruits and vegetables, and grassfed organic meats is simply not in the budget. I don't pay for much beyond rent, food, utilities and gas so there isn't much wiggle room for me either. I understand the importance of organic and prioritize it where I feel comforable but beyond that I'm buying the cheapest meats and produce, and I don't feel bad about it. Eating regular chicken or beef is 10x better than eating processed junk. Even the whole30 shopping list says those things are fine, just that it isn't preferred. At the end of the day, you have to be okay with the fact that it isn't going to be perfect. But that doesn't mean you aren't going to experience the positive effects of eating healthy, and isn't that what's most important? I know I'm not cooking for a family but I can understand living paycheck to paycheck and being frustrated when something that is necessary, like food, is making you exceed your budget.
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    I am in marathon training --- before my long runs, I have been having 2 HB eggs, coconut milk in my coffee, and 1/2 avocado. During my long runs, I have been having great luck with coconut water and dates stuffed with homemade cashew/almond butter. If you choose to do the dates, you make the nut butter, spoon it into a ziplock bag, cut off a small corner and then squeeze it into each pitted date (I fill it from both ends to get the most into it I can). I will then wrap 1-2 dates at a time in wax paper (like how caramel candies are wrapped). I keep all of them inside a ziplock bag of its own so that if any of the nut butter oozes during my run, the mess is contained. I also keep them in the freezer until I leave for my run. Post-long run, I'll have 1/2 sweet potato and a can of tuna. I know that doesn't sound very appetizing but its my best/quickest option for lean protein, as I have a 3yo & 5-month old to tend to as soon as I get home. I'm also going to start getting all-natural/organic sweet potato baby food pouches for quick post-WO carbs as well, instead of having to steam a sweet potato each time. I have also started using nuun tabs... I break them each into 4 pieces and chew them throughout my run. They have artificial sweeteners in them, so they're non-W30 (I'm not currently in W30), but its been at 100% humidity and low 70's for all of my runs over the last several weeks, so they have been somewhat necessary. I chew instead of put them in my water because of the sweetener - in case it has a negative effect on my stomach, I haven't sacrificed a bottle of water. I got this idea from ultrarunnergirl who posts throughout the forums. Hope this helps!
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    Endurance Athletes: What Do You Eat?

    This is a tough one since coming up with whole, natural foods on the go to fuel a workout is so not supported by the "performance fuel" industry. Your diet you showed above looks spot on and it isn't surprising you had success that day. Steamed turnips and cauliflower blended with some ghee is also a nice starchy addition post-workout along with your protein. It can be made in advance and keeps a few days. So tasty! Pemmican is handy during cycling since it tends to not bother the stomach. I would not use it running though. Sweet potato with ghee is excellent during a long run. Just like a gel. Coconut meat with nuts is great too. But nothing replaces experimentation with your own system. I've thought I was going to just pass out a couple times until I realized I need way more food than I used to. Good luck!