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    Bacon! Please Help

    All you're worried about is the ingredients list. As long as all the ingredients are okay, then it is okay to have. Many foods, like any kind of fruit or vegetable, will have naturally occurring sugars, and those are fine -- but they mean ever can of tomatoes you look at will list grams of sugar in the nutrition info, even if there's no sugar in the ingredients. That's fine. Bacon tends to go the other way, it'll show 0 grams in the nutrition info, but the ingredients list will include sugar. That is not okay to have.
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    This should be fine. Sulfites are not allowed, but sulfates are ok.
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    Beef & Mushroom

    We'd rather teach people how to read labels than just give blanket yes/no statements so let us know what item it is you're concerned about because to me it looks like all vegetables and spices/herbs which would be approved.
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    Smoothies are not recommended but they are not technically against the rules.
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    Starting Monday, February 25th, 2019

    The halfway mark finds me rolling along quite happily! I am wrapping up a 7-day x 20-minutes exercise challenge today, and am ready to tackle another, upping my activity to 30 minutes per day, which is proof of my increased energy. I think the most surprising thing for me is how satisfied I feel eating good food; I don't feel deprived at all. I'm even considering extending this into a Whole60!
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    Starting Monday, February 25th, 2019

    Day 16th how's everyone feeling? I must say I'm feeling great. My digestive system is working the way it should. What a huge change, I'm not missing anymore sweets, I'm enjoying the food we eat, I'm enjoying the way I feel, and yesterday was my first workout from 3 weeks ago and I felt so much energy. Keep up the good work you guys!!
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    I'm sorry to hear you and @SchrodingersCat have had such a hard time! I have basically gone off the deep end already. I've had a steady stream of events and birthdays that have completely knocked me off track, not to mention living with a partner who is very impulsive and doesn't seem to care about the reintro. I'm already planning to do another W30 starting in April! That said, for me something is "worth it" if I can control my portion enough to not feel horrible after. I don't feel drawn to heavy cheesy carby foods because if I have too much I know I'll feel ill. However, if it's something I love like mac&cheese, I'll have a few bites and really enjoy them. There are some things that are off-plan that I eat every day, but I try (often I fail) to make sure they're beneficial. I've been eating one to two servings of grains a day, but I aim for them to be 100% whole grain (steel cut oats, 15 grain bread, etc.) to keep me full and add fiber to my diet. I have dairy almost every day, but in the form of plain Greek yogurt, to add protein without meat and help balance my digestive bacteria. So far I haven't found that beans or soy were worth it, so I haven't had them except in the small amounts that they're added to other foods. I think the only alcohol I've had was one glass of mulled wine. I was never much of a drinker even before Whole30 so that's not really worth it to me. There are a few things that are definitely not worth it, but my sugar dragon thinks otherwise. That dragon did not go away or even shrink a little during W30 and it's very powerful. Cake, ice cream, and chocolate all fall into that category. What I'd say about those things is, if you can control the dragon, have one serving. If you can't, just stay away! The events and birthdays I previously mentioned have totally ruined me. I find that I deeply enjoy the sugary foods to the point that my body never says "too much!" I have to really be on my game to keep myself in check. If you don't mind counting calories, My Fitness Pal is a great resource and keeps me accountable. Something is "worth it" if it's not going to totally destroy my nutrition goals for the day and I really really want it. As of now, my tentative April start date is the 7th if anyone wants to join me!
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    Beautiful insight and self discipline @SKUtah. It's very difficult to give up our mindset and those practices that feed it. Scales and tracking calories and nutrients are stressful activities and no way to live. (I once said to my husband, "we can't stop for lunch here because my phone is dead and I can't look up the menu (I was translating menu items so I could make "good" choices) or track it" We were at the most gorgeous cafe on the coast of Italy - I still cringe to think of my rigidity causing us to miss out on that experience.) I took 5 years to lose 85+ lbs using a variety of methods but mostly tracking and obsessive attention to detail. After a couple of years maintaining (I maintained the loss for 7 years) by tracking, I lost interest in keeping the meticulous record all the time. I was okay for awhile but then weight crept back on. When menopause hit 3 years ago, things went haywire and I regained 30 lbs. A return to tracking and my typical so-called healthy diet (SO well described by Melissa and Dallas in ISWF (pg 56) ) meant I was down to 900 kcal/day and virtualy unable to lose weight - about 2-3 pounds a month. This was not sustainable! So, I quit that and, 6 months later after a very quick regain, I discovered W30. I lost almost 11lbs in 1 month following W30 to a tee. But, it was REALLY hard not to weigh myself or count calories. I do know that I am eating more heartily than I have in years and I stop when I want to - not because I've put so little food on my plate and put severe restrictions on myself but because I am full. I even eat second helpings if I'm not full. SO STRANGE! I am probably 30 days into reinto and am eating 98% W30 compliant. I am still losing weight although I refuse to weigh myself. I feel fantastic (like, really great) and I am eating well and I don't ever want to go back. I do hope you experience a similar result and are able to give up apps and scales for good!
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    Hi, asharn! Nice to "meet" you. Finished up my grocery shopping for week one-- will prep lots of goodies tomorrow. I saw your pother post about brunch on St Patty's day-- I'm sorry to tell you most restaurants I have encountered use soybean oil, so are out for whole30. I wish you luck, though!! When in doubt, bring your own homemade salad dressing and order a salad with only veggies. Or, use olive oil and a squeeze of lemon and a dash of salt if you forget your own dressing. I have spent many phone calls speaking to restaurant managers about things-- it is easiest to call ahead of time so you are prepared.