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    Starting March 18

    Hello! I am starting the Whole 30 March 18th too and looking for a few others to do it with! This will be my second time doing the Whole30. I completed my first whole30 Feb 2018 and it was life changing- difficult- tiring- challenging to say the least but I felt the best I have EVER FELT!! It is so worth the time and effort to take care of our bodies by eating healthy food. It also helps immensely to have accountability partners which is what this group offers! So here I am- my name is Jennifer, in Raleigh NC. 49 years old mother of 3 teenagers wife of 23 years to my husband who is also going to be doing this along with me for the first time. Looking forward to a new start with you both at feeling great again!
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    Garlic and ghee! Plus some salt and pepper. I always thaw first, they can overcook if you try to cook from frozen. Easiest way to thaw them fast is throw them in a colander under cold running water, then dry them on a paper towel when they're thawed. It only takes a few minutes.
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    I just do salt and pepper and then throw the in a frying pan with clarified butter, about 2-3 minutes on each side (a little more or less depending on the size). I always cook them thawed. They are so simple but delicious and easy to throw on a salad or with a side of veggies and sweet potato. Shrimp this way (or salmon cooked the same way) are staples of mine on nights when there is no time to make a more involved meal!
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    Compliant bacon - FOUND!

    @SugarcubeOD, do you have a reference for sodium erythorbate being a sugar or sweetener? I see Erythitol on the sugar list under sugar alcohols, but I don't see sodium erythorbate on that list. They are not the same thing. @Izzydee83 - the Appleton Farms bacon from Aldi you found looks compliant to me. There is a similar thread about bacon and sodium erythorbate on the forum from 2015. The conclusion in that thread (SugarcubeOD was part of the discussion, as was another moderator) is that containing sodium erythorbate would not make a bacon non-compliant. There are other reasons (like the bacon manifesto) to avoid bacon or minimize the amount you eat, but you can eat the bacon you found at Aldi if you want to. Eating any bacon, even complaint varieties, is strongly discouraged by the bacon manifesto and by the mods here on the forum. Eat some compliant bacon now and then if you want to, but please don't eat a lot, and don't eat it every day. It's allowed by the rules but not good for you.