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    ALM Grandma

    Starting March 6 for Lent

    Last night made beef stroganoff with left over beef from St. Pat's really yummy but a lot of work for one dinner. Put it over a bed of zucchini "noodles". http://cookprimalgourmet.com/beef-stroganoff-whole30
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    Starting March 6 for Lent

    Day 18. YAY! Slowly seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Not missing certain foods at all. A craving creeps up every so often. My husband is doing the Whole30 with me so we are supporting each other. We almost never eat out. Only on special family occasions. We also very rarely order take out, so I cook A LOT. My mom helps out sometimes, she cooks a couple days a week (mostly stews) and makes extra for my family. She is great about adapting to be Whole30 compliant on those days. I am not bored with the food, I am not craving non compliant food, but I am really really sick of being in the kitchen all the time. I am either prepping, cooking or cleaning up. I feel like all I do is spend time in the kitchen. For me that is the most challenging aspect of the W30 - the amount of time spent in the kitchen. I work full time so between shopping for fresh ingredients, prepping, cooking and cleaning up I am exhausted and frustrated. I lose all that free time for me - to just sit and read, go for a walk etc. I can barely fit in my trips to the gym and a couple of times I had to skip those because I would not have time to prepare a meal for my hubby and myself and for my two girls. I know that it is about time management and that I should do more on the weekends to prepare for the week but it is still challenging and exhausting. Looking forward to having a couple of days a week when I can just sleep in 15 minutes longer and have cereal or put together a quick pasta meal for dinner.
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    Tomato Paste

    Yes, this is fine. All fruits and vegetables have naturally occurring sugars, those are fine. What whole30 prohibits is added sugar or sweeteners listed as ingredients.
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    I gained weight on WW and felt so much shame at meetings when you get weight and they're like "oh, well, you have to pay, and you'll do better next week" without actually explaining anything about the "why" or "how"....
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    Lorna from Canada


    @Bootsie1947 I just came through a similar situation in that I lost >85lbs (between 2004-2009) and maintained that lost until 2014 when menopause really kicked in and I started dropping stitches in my own life knitting. Regains 30 lbs quite quickly. I decided to go back to WW since that was a big part of how I'd lost the weight originally. I started and restarted that program 6 times before finally trying hard enough by starving myself to lose dribs and drabs of poundage (avg loss of 1.5 lbs a month on approx 900kca/day). I quit that, of course, 900kcals/day is unsustainable. The W30 came along quite unexpectedly for me as I hadn't heard of it before. I had, by this time, quickly regained the losses from my futile WW project (ugh) and was feeling so miserable. I was standing at a table popping homemade chocolate covered peanut butter balls into my mouth like they were breath mints. I was feeling so physically ill (it was Christmas time and there'd been the customary onslaught of super rich, calorie laden food) and so guilty when the W30 logo on a bottle of sugar free ketchup caught my eye. It struck me that the absolute and strict rules would appeal to me - a right and proper challenge. I took that as a sign. Then, I did what I encourage all of my life coaching clients to do - I started with my commitment. I know that if I am going to make a change, I need to be committed to it. I need, as Shani said, to start with my why. My WHY was to feel physically less awful - I'm 59, I'm tired of feeling so terrible with out of control IBS, asthma, joint pain... So, my WHY was rock solid. I wrote it on a card and stuck it on my fridge - that was the first step. After that, I had to commit to this W30 thing - so, in order to do that, I had to look at all of the other things I might be committed to and decide how to manage those things that were in conflict. One thing I'm very committed to is having an easy life - little or no stress. My work is hard enough, I don't want to have a hard life too. So, this shows up in lots of little ways like not wanting to make dinner as I am too tired and just want to sit on the couch and watch TV. I prefer to sit and chat with Hubs over a glass of wine and a plate of cheese and crackers. Right off the bat, I know I can't be committed to that easy life and doing a W30 at the same time. Another commitment I have was to my social group and our ways of having fun - involves fancy restaurants and definitely non-W30 foods! Once again, I had to think about that commitment vs the one I wanted to make to W30. I did all this work in my head before I ever embarked on my first W30 on January 3. It takes some effort and thought to decide which committment is going to win out. We are always committed to something - as my coaching clients figure out, sometimes our commitments are hard to see because they are buried (it took me a long time to realize I am truly committed to just sitting and watching TV every evening!) So, long story but maybe you're taking something away from it. I know that once I truly committed to the W30, it was easy to stay on program. I lost 10.7lbs on it and am still losing weight as I manage my postW30 experience. I don't want to go back to feeling terrible because of my diet. Cheers, Lorna