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    Am I doing this wrong?

    My experience sounds very similar to yours! I, too, am a complete sugar addict. When not being mindful, I eat sugar by the family-sized bag, tub, etc. I've now done a complete Whole30 twice and have done a few other attempts and mini-resets of varying lengths. I never experienced pretty much anything from the timeline. I didn't experience any of the adverse stuff like the carb flu or hangover or kill-all-the-things. Likewise, I never really felt like I got tiger blood or any of the other really positive things. However, after doing a Whole30 and going back to poor eating habits, I started to really notice the stuff I did get. Because, once I lost it again, I recognized it for what it was. So, for me, the changes are subtle but kinda significant once I lost them again. Here are a few of them that I experienced: Less pain in my joints (sometimes my knees or elbows ache when I hike or climb a lot; this happens less when on Whole30 but sometimes I don't recognize that because it was never really severe pain in the first place and never stopped me from doing those things) Less of a morning and 3:00 pm slump (I never really got that increased energy that people talk about, but I did feel less tired if that makes sense; I started to lose the super sleepy slumps I would sometimes get driving into work and a few hours after lunch) Clearer skin (I generally have pretty clear skin but it's much more "glowy" when on Whole30 than when I'm not) My resting heart rate decreases My heart rate doesn't go as high when doing exercise So yeah, they weren't super dramatic for me, but they were significant and do actually affect my quality of life. A whole lot of subtle things add up to me truly just feeling better when I eat cleanly. But it was always hard for me to see during the transition. So, maybe this is you. And hopefully this will help you dig a little deeper and perhaps recognize some things that might not be so obvious but are still important to you... Best wishes!
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    Starting April 15

    This is my first time to do the Whole 30. A little intimidated but ready for a change in my stomach and energy levels. Hopefull.
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    Starting April 15

    I'm on my second one and am not feeling nearly as badly as I did on my first. I was on a much more Whole 30 like diet between the two than before my first one despite the occasional donut. So I'd say if you're used to elimination diets or your diet has been somewhat like the Whole 30 recently, that's probably why you're not feeling anything. And even on my first one, I didn't want to kill all the things :).
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    Starting April 15

    I started my first round April 14th as well! I definitely felt the hangover and "what have I done!" on day one. But other than giving up coffee (can't drink without milk or sugar) it hasn't been too bad. I just caved and had my first snack, a cashew Larabar. I am intolerant to almonds so that is the only one that works for me. Also living in Canada there are less buy-able Whole30 products! I did find a compliant caesar dressing but I'm not too sure about it yet... I'm worried I'm eating too many potatoes. They are the only thing that seems to make me feel full. Sweet and white. I am eating very large portions but like I said I had my first snack today.. anyone else worry about too many potatoes or too large of portions? Excited to join this for support! Doing this one on my own.
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    Starting April 15

    Welcome, we're glad to have you! Just take it one meal at a time.