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    Hi Ladies! I've come across some potentially helpful information for hair loss...but first some context. Three years ago (when I was 25 years old) I discovered a bald spot the size of an oreo cookie (i know, bad point of reference) hidden underneath my otherwise full head of hair. I had lost thousands and thousands and thousands of strands in probably about 2 weeks without even noticing. This was the first time I had ever heard about alopecia and I was scared. I chose not to use prescribed steroids and looked for natural fixes. It took me a whole year to make the connection to gluten (meanwhile my hair was slowly growing back). So a year later I went gluten free. My hair was still falling out a lot in the shower. Every time I washed it I would be near tears at the hundreds of strands because of the potential of what could happen again (sometimes I literally counted ~300 strands). My dermatologist assured me it was a normal amount of hair (you see, it looked like I had a lot of hair but he didn't understand that I was working from a different reference point than him...it was definitely less). Anyway, about a year and a half later after I had first decided to go gluten free, something magical happened. My hair stopped falling out. It just stopped. I'm talking like 5-10 strands when I washed my hair! I was ecstatic and relieved to say the least. Fast forward to now, today is day 22 of my first whole30. Last week, I noticed quite a bit more hair falling out when I washed it (~100 strands). I got very worried again and it brought all the old feelings back. But, I came onto this forum and decided the solution was to have more starchy carbs (sweet potato, cassava, butternut squash)- I was having zero. I added some to my dinners for a few days and I am happy to report that today I washed my hair and it is back to normal (5-10 strands). I wanted to share my experience in case anyone is going through something similar. I know how devastating hair loss can be from first hand experience and it took me a long time to learn the right diet for me (and I am obviously still learning! This is my first experience with whole30 and even paleo for other issues of mine but I will save those for another day ). Ciao for now.
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    Wow Jim4884 thank you! I'm on day 24 of my 2nd whole 30 and honestly my 1st reintroduction I started with non-gluten alcohol which awoke my sugar dragon and I never regained control of it. I am so very committed to honing a successful reintroduction with insights, like you have shared, into my own Food Freedom Forever!
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    For long, low-intensity efforts, I'd use some real food options if possible (what is the temperature where you'll be? If cold, you could bring anything that sounds good. I once fueled a 100 mile ultra run in part with Well Fed merguez meatballs and Velvety Butternut Squash, but I had a crew meeting me at certain points). Aidell's Chicken Apple Sausage, cold shrimp, olives, pickles - all these are go-to's with some of my fellow ultrarunners. No-Fuss Salmon Cakes could be a great choice too. More portable things to bring: RXbars (tougher to chew if really cold) EPIC bars high-carb veggie baby food packets coconut shreds freeze-dried, dried, or fresh fruit (bananas, strawberries)