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    30 Day Time Machine

    I empathize deeply with your frustration about Dr's and their, often complete, disregard for your health and well-being. I have to fight aggressively to have Dr's hear me and address my issues.
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    Great-thank you for the input! I will work towards eating before work, at home. That seems to make the most sense.
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    Whole30 in May 2019

    Trying to drink more water as suggested -- I think it will help with headaches! I got a mirena IUD yesterday afternoon - this is a first for me and I'm feeling some side effects today/last night - mostly headache and some nausea. I hope that this will work for me because I don't want another baby and my husband is somewhat resistant to getting a vasectomy. I had spaghetti squash with tomato, mushroom and ground beef sauce for dinner last night and also a banana with almond butter and then some seaweed and then some walnuts and dried figs (it was out of control snacking for sure). I will avoid snacks today (fingers crossed). For breakfast I had hash brown potato and leftover spaghetti squash and 3 fried eggs and coffee. For lunch I have a chicken salad made of a can of chicken, homemade mayo, celery and walnuts, with a bed of baby spinach & arugula, avocado, baby tomatoes, and radish. I also brought a can of "fuzzy water" (LaCroix knock-off) as a treat for drinking. Dinner will be the salmon & sweet potato coconut curry, I think.
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    Honestly, the slow cooker is great, but I often think it takes *more* work than cooking other ways. Grill a piece of meat, sautee or steam some veg, slap on some mayo or avocado or whatever. Done.
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    Bargain!! I love lamb. It's so versatile and flavourful. I like making midweek dinners of lamb patties with mint and pine nuts.
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    Pandora’s Whole 30 log

    Excellent! That's so good to hear - and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
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    So I just went onto the prime now app and a leg of lamb is on sale at Whole Foods for $28! 40% off! That’s an amazing sale and I’m hoping to snag one tomorrow or Wednesday.
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    Pandora Black

    Pandora’s Whole 30 log

    I think I have reached the downhill slope of my whole 30. My appetite isn’t insane, my cravings are worlds better, and I’m feeling positive benefits and NSVs. My reflux/nausea is completely, totally, 100% gone. My energy levels are going up exponentially. I really haven’t felt this good in years. I’m very pleasantly surprised. Even my chronic pain is improving! This is totally worth sacrificing a birthday present.
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    Day 1 takeaways

    I struggled hard with breakfast veggies for a long time too. Eventually, I found that scrambled eggs, bacon, and soup is what works best for me! For some reason, a delicious, creamy soup doesn't seem so hard in the morning. So, I basically rotate these three (listed in order of my favorites): Golden Cauliflower Soup: http://meljoulwan.com/2012/10/24/golden-cauliflower-soup/ Silky Gingered Zucchini Soup: https://meljoulwan.com/2012/11/05/silky-gingered-zucchini-soup/ Roasted Carrot Caraway Soup: https://meljoulwan.com/2017/10/07/roasted-carrot-caraway-soup/ Voila! Veggies for breakfast, in a format that hardly seems like veggies! :-)
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    Day 15: I remained in compliance all weekend. Friday night at "Wicked" I enjoyed fizzy water with lime, in a fancy glass because the bartender was sweet. The show was amazing, and it was 10/10 worth getting out. My daughter loved it. Saturday involved a 6+ mile hike with 3k feet of elevation gain, which was amazing. The rest of the weekend involved a lot of gardening, some school work prep for me. It was busy, and I could use a weekend to recover from my weekend, but here we are. Monday again. The weekend was so busy I made no time to go to the grocery store. So the kitchen is close to empty. Fortunately I am zero hungry today. This week I work Monday to Wednesday. I also need to fully pack my other house. Thursday, the movers come. Friday, I close the house sale and am finally, FINALLY finished moving to the new house. I started my grad degree capstone course today, and the workload is about three times as much as every other course in my grad degree, so that's the stuff of nightmares. Assuming I do the bare minimum of writing for each assignment it will still be about 200 pages of written content in the next 8 weeks. I'm already tired. I am finding routine in the new eating habits. Everyone else goes for a soda, I grab a fizzy water. Everyone else goes for dessert, I go for a walk with Audible playing. I like my coffee black, and drink less of it now than I used to. I don't miss sweets as much as I thought, and that's a relief. I am losing weight, although I can't step on the scale to prove it. I feel amazing, and that's a nice. I miss the foods I miss, but I do NOT miss the way they made me feel. Breakfast: egg and ham frittatas; black coffee Lunch: leftover grilled chicken and salad Dinner: grilled salmon and grilled veggies (THANK GOD. It is warm and dry this week, so we will eat off of the grill all week!)
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    I've switched to Nutpods. They've been great in breaking the craving for cream, and for coffee overall.
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    I use canned coconut milk, the full fat variety. I probably use 2-3 oz in a large cup of coffee. If I want something fancier, I will blend coffee, the coconut milk, and a bit of coconut oil, sometimes with cinnamon or even with garam masala which is a spice blend with cinnamon and nutmeg and other stuff in it. (If you do this in a regular blender, take the center piece out of the lid and hold a folded towel over the opening so the steam doesn't make the lid pop off. Or just use your immersion/stick blender if you have one.) Blending helps keep the oil emulsified, otherwise you get a pool of oil on top of your coffee. And the oil helps the whole thing feel thicker, closer to the half & half I really prefer.
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    I reintroduced alcohol first with terrible results. My bad, maybe. I had just straight vodka with a twist. Next day stomach cramps, day after explosive diarrhea for almost a week until I got a probiotic. Was fine for another week and had a glass of red wine with dinner. Same results as before. I was never alcohol intolerant and never had IBS. This is the only thing I have reintroduced in 2 weeks. My system was so regulated before Whole30, now I'm not sure what to do. Apparently, my system will no longer accept alcohol. Sad, as my husband is a wine maker.