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    Lorna from Canada

    Should I restart

    @Omar Khan I'm assuming you are meaning sherry (the alcohol) as opposed to cherry, the fruit? Cherry is compliant; sherry, of course, is not. I personally would not start over given the miniscule amount you consumes and the circumstances but everyone needs to make that choice for themselves. There is a helpful W30 blog post that gives some thoughts: Do I Really have to Start Over I started over after 11 days when I realized I had misread a label and been consuming chickpeas for a week. It was not the end of the world Cheers!
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    Beginning June 1

    Congrats to all! I'm also starting today, June 1st! My husband and coworker are also doing the program, my coworker has done it a few months ago and it has changed the way she feels. I do need to lose a large amount of weight, but honestly I'm looking forward to the discipline aspect, although scary. I have never done a program or diet (although I know this isn't a diet). I have done WW over the years with success but I always struggled with the discipline of keeping myself accountable and actually taking care of my body. I know this time I can do this! Angela
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    Beginning June 1

    This allergy season has been particularly bad. Both my daughter and I ended up with allergy-induced pink eye and my son's turned into a sinus infection. Too much medication has been needed this year. Hope your symptoms have improved! Today is also day 1 for me. Doing a Whole30 with an online group makes it more enjoyable for me, and helps with accountability. I would love to hear updates on how everyone is doing this month!
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    Kay Murphy

    Beginning June 1

    Today's my Day 1 too! It's my first time around but I'm super excited to start!
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    Rob Rogers

    Beginning June 1

    I am starting today also. I've had success with it once before and I'm looking forward to success again.
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    First, remember that a strict whole30 is just 30 days plus your reintroductions, it's not forever and isn't intended to be. Those occasions with friends are where your food freedom will come into play, once your whole30 is over -- then you get to decide if a glass of wine is worth it, or if you'd rather stick to something non-alcoholic, and you get to decide if it's worth it to you to sometimes have non-whole30 foods while you hang out with friends. Sometimes it might be, sometimes it might not, but it will be completely your choice, not some rule that someone else has set for you. Sometimes it is easier when you know you can have these things if you want them, but you decide that you don't. It may help to find things to do that aren't centered around food. For instance, you could go to museums or shows. For me, I met most of my close friends taking craft classes and we still go take classes or hang out and craft. Or you could hike together or enter fun runs or 5ks. Go learn rock climbing or take dance lessons or archery lessons or axe throwing. If you do tend to get together for meals or snacks, find places that have foods you can eat, or invite them to your place for a meal or a movie or a game night. If you tend to always go to the same one or two places, see if you can talk to the chef or someone in charge (at a time when they aren't busy), and see if there's something they could come up with for you that would work so there would be something you can order when you do want to have something to eat.
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    This made me tear up. So much love between you and your mom, and every sip of that wine was 100% Worth It.