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    Day 16 - Cannot. Stop. Crying.

    One thing to pay attention to is the amount of starchy vegetables you're eating. People who experience depression or anxiety often find they need several servings a day.
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    Back Again and Starting June 1st

    Challenge for the day - co-workers brought donuts. Now honestly, I don't even like donuts or how donuts make me feel if I eat them, but the last few times this has happened (and it's happened a lot so far this year), I've caved and had at least 1/2 of one. I set my mind to one rule for this 30 days. NO FREE FOOD. Anything anybody is handing out is not going to be good for me right now. Challenge #2 happens tomorrow with our weekly delivery of snacks in the work pantry. They're faux-healthy things, like chickpea puffs, or popchip-like things made with cassava. Gluten free? sure. actually healthy? hell no! again, same rule applies NO FREE FOOD
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    JenX- Round 3.5 June 2019

    After several years of riding my own bike, living mostly Paleo (and Keto off and on) I'm back for another round. In the past year my menopausal symptoms have been raging: depression along with malaise and general lack of interest, various pains & aches so I don't want to exercise, fatigue, hot flashes and extremely poor sleep. My alcohol consumption has been increasing too which I'm sure is related, and my food has been OFF the RAILS with me putting ALL THE THINGS in my mouth. Over Christmas I even started baking bread! Time to clean it all up again and get back to basics. Goals: Improved sleep More consistent energy More stable mood Get back into the exercise habit June 1- I thought starting on a weekend was going to be harder, but it was actually easier since I had all the time in the world to prep and cook. B- breakfast hash (shredded yam, cabbage, pork sausage) w/ 1 egg and 1/2 a tomato
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    Good points! Today, I looked at the individual bags and realized if I bought two they would be the same price as the giant box, so I just bought the box, but I sneakily picked one from the back of the shelf and it looks better honestly! I think I'll be ok this time. I also had the realization that I had planted some lettuce in the garden too that I sort of forgot about but I need to get out there and do some intensive weeding. This will be another good source for easy fresh greens I totally forgot about! Duh!
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    Day 16 - Cannot. Stop. Crying.

    As a side note specifically related to depression, one thing I find really helps is to get outside for a gentle walk every morning (20-30 minutes). do not wear sunscreen and do not put on sunglasses - you want your body reacting with the lovely morning rays. The combination of gentle exercise and vit. D exposure really help.
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    I weigh myself every morning. I completed my first Whole 30 in August 2017. I didn't do it to lose weight but was hoping to gain control over binge eating. I too am an obesity survivor - I'm 5'2" and weighed 225 pounds in 2008. I was 168 pounds when I began my first Whole 30 and am now 145 pounds. I'm in better shape at 43 than I was at 23. I run and hike and eat compliantly about 95% of the time. I never say I'm doing a Whole 30 because of weighing myself but it keeps me on track and I don't plan to stop. Don't be like me, kids.
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    Hey Everyone Can't believe it's already Day 5. I've been feeling a little foggy brained and tired over the last couple of days. I find drinking tons of water and walking on lunch has helped me get through the day. I also find this great energy at the end of the day that helps me power through my workouts. Not quite Tiger Blood but every day I'm drawing closer. For this program, I've been focusing on a minimalist meal plan. I enjoy cooking more when I'm not slaving away in the kitchen all day. I've been doing egg bakes for breakfast, simple salads for lunch, and hearty soups for dinner. I found some great compliant salsas and dressings which saves me tons of time. I usually have a crazy sugar dragon but I've been conscious of eating too much fruit so try to get through that hump. On my last challenge, I was finally able to kick the sweetened Starbucks drink habit and I now LOVE the taste of black coffee! haha I hope everyone has a great day! We're almost finished with Week 1! Woohoo!
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    Day 16 - Cannot. Stop. Crying.

    I don't track my cycle that closely, and honestly eating Whole30 threw mine off last time so I wouldn't trust what my tracking app tells me (last time I wound up about 2 weeks late compared to my "normal" cycle)... but I can definitely agree that extra starchy stuff and extra protein are both necessary when my body starts feeling like it's gearing up for the monthly adventure. I tend to look more at my symptoms to gauge what I'm needing, though, rather than looking directly at where in my cycle I am (I'm also bipolar, so this might be part of why I look at symptoms to give me an idea of what's going on, since I'm used to gauging my moods that way).
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    I've also found that a bag of baby spinach won't go bad as quickly as spring mix... there's something in the spring mix that starts to wilt early compared to everything else, and it starts getting everything else in the mix nasty. If you find that even a small bag of spring mix (if you want to keep buying and using it) goes bad before you can get through it all, it's worth seeing if any local places have a good salad bar you could pull a serving or two from -- since the greens are so light, the cost is negligible (we usually grab things like sprouts and spring mix from Earth Fare's salad bar, since we use those less often than romaine and spinach).
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    Mixed greens, spring mix, and baby lettuces will all go gross a lot faster than the heartier salad greens like iceberg and romaine. They're more delicate and tender so it takes less to make them icky. I bought a 3 pack of romaine 2 weeks ago and finished it yesterday. Not a leaf went bad. If you really prefer the more tender greens, you'll need to buy them in smaller packages more often. I decided that I didn't like them *that* much more and switched to the romaine. It's saved a bunch of money and wasted food.
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    Day 16 - Cannot. Stop. Crying.

    In my (limited, non-medical) understanding it's fairly complex to diagnose & treat hormonal balance issues unless there's something dramatically out of sync., so that route could take a while to find anything and, even in the UK, there is a tendency for GPs to want to prescribe rather than investigate - in the past I've had anti-depressants pushed onto me on more than one occasion, which for me absolutely fails to address the cause(s) of the problem (though obviously everyone is different and this may well be exactly the right approach for someone else). I found that insufficient food in general was contributing to low mood in the week before my period & deliberately choosing to include starchy veg (esp. after ovulation) and being careful to eat enough of everything in that final week of the cycle seems to help a lot. I also started supplementing with magnesium a couple of months ago and have found that it greatly reduces the bloat & physical discomfort and also seems to help with emotional symptoms, but again that might not be an option for you depending on what other medical conditions & medications, etc. you might have.... In terms of getting enough food I sometime play a 'game' with myself where the aim is to maximise the nutritional value of every meal and snack, e.g. trying to get as many different types of veg into a meal as possible, obvs. that's an underlying aim of a W30 but I find it helps to keep me focused on the fact that eating well is a good thing and that overly restricting food is not a very nice thing to do to yourself.... but again that's based on my experience and a history of constantly striving to eat fewer calories rather than aiming for optimal nutrition... I hope you feel better soon
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    Whole30, Take Two

    I'm so relieved for you!!! I can imagine you would have been frantic. Hubster has pancreas issues and that's always terrified me. Your day looks delicious!! I hope your kiddo feels better soon!
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    Your strawberry chicken salad looks delish!
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    Congrats on the finished kitchen!
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    Not that symptom, but W30 can really play hell with your hormones, I have a Mirena IUD and haven't had a period in 4+ years save for both Rounds when lo and behold, the W30 managed to override hormonal birth control!! It better not get me pregnant!! haahaa. But much sympathy to you, that's got to be so frustrating.
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    Feeling Hungry Often

    Your breakfasts have 0 veggies involved, and chia pudding is not permitted on the program. There's a pretty in-depth forum topic that covers the subject, which might be beneficial to look over. The meal template (https://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-meal-planning.pdf) is our friend too, and I think if you can tweak adapt meals to fit the template a bit better, you might be able to last longer between meals. If you still feel hungry while following the template, don't be afraid to increase portions while keeping the proportions close to what's suggested. It can take time to get the hang of it, especially if parts of the program go counter to what you've always been taught about healthy eating... but it's worth it to give over entirely to the suggestions and see what happens.
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    Drinks and snacks with friends

    When I go out with friends, I order a sparkling water with a lime. This makes me feel fancier than if I were just drinking plain water. If we are just hanging at someone's house, I'll bring my own Whole30 approved appetizer and some of my own seltzer water. If it is a holiday event, I make sure to offer to bring a dish! Remember, this is your journey! I would also recommend being open and honest with your friends so that you can gain their support. Maybe tell them that going out to eat is really stressful for you right now because you're trying to focus on your health. Tell them about your personal goals so that they understand where you're coming from. Then you could then suggest a movie or bonfire night!
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    Coconut Milk

    Ok thanks it was the only option at my grocery store. I’ll look for other options!
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    What a great NSV that is!! I think the key to a good W30 is variety and being adventurous. I love to experiment and try new foods, combinations and cooking methods. Cooking genuinely makes me happy.
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    Did you experience any surprises??

    @Lorna from Canada After completing my first Whole30, I felt like I could actually say with confidence that I am a good cook. Whole30 taught me how to experiment with my meals and how to cook with all different kinds of fats. I have learned how to emulsify, roast, sautee, spiralize etc. Before my first Whole30 I had no idea what a emulsifier was!
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    Not to hijack this thread, but I bought a glucose meter and went to see a doctor. My blood sugar was dropping below 70 a few hours after eating. It turns out I was experiencing reactive hypoglycemia (extremely low blood sugar) which can sometimes happen when you start reintroducing carbohydrates after a prolonged period of no carbohydrates. Essentially, your insulin is working TOO well. The typical treatment plan for hypoglycemia (if you're diabetic? I'm not sure where the logic comes from on this.) is to sort of drip-feed carbs throughout the day, eat small meals, abstain from alcohol, and eat a low-fat diet so that your blood sugar doesn't spike or crash. A lot of people who have RH have switched to a paleo diet instead because they've found that the best way to avoid hypos is to avoid eating sugar in general. So if you are finding yourself falling asleep or getting REALLY sluggish with reintroducing grains, it isn't necessarily a food allergy. It could be that your pancreas is adjusting to your new diet. In general, see a doctor. Apparently, falling asleep after eating is not a good sign.
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    I'm a little bit jealous of the fact that you have roast lamb just sitting around ready for you whenever you're feeling a bit peckish!
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    Should I restart

    My other question would be was it sherry or sherry vinegar? Sherry vinegar is fine and I can't imagine putting sherry in a dressing, but sherry vinegar is delicious.
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    My W30 ended 10 days ago - not that you'd notice if you were watching me. I've had just 2 moments of being "off-program" since then. I picked up a pralined bit of pecan that had fallen off a muffin and popped it into my mouth - so, a smidge of sugar has passed my lips And, one afternoon last week my mom and I had a glass of wine together on a lovely, sunny afternoon. Funny thing about that wine. I didn't really want it. I could have passed on it quite easily. But, in that moment on that day, it was Worth It. After my last W30 ended, I spent days contemplating this concept of "Worth It" because I believe Food Freedom for me ultimately comes down to making decisions about food as opposed to falling back on old habits that don't serve me well. Like popping a bit of pralined pecan into my mouth without thinking about it. While it was the tiniest sliver of pecan, it definitely didn't fall into the category of Worth It. I'm not sure why I ate it. I'm glad I had no desire to eat the entire muffin! But that glass of wine that I didn't really want? Totally Worth It. My mom, 89 and generally in great health, has a benign brain tumour that is making itself known. She has developed an unsteady gait, receptive and expressive aphasia, some minor memory loss and emotional lability (sorry - I used to be a neuro nurse - can you tell?) - in layman's terms - she's a bit of a mess. I'm her primary support and have been called upon to manage her care while we wait for the steroids to kick in and the radiation to begin. Last week, on a lovely, sunny day, I ferried her out to my Airstream (in which I am living as a way to be close by) for the afternoon. She was a lifelong traveller and owned several RV's so, I knew she'd enjoy it. She and I have always loved to chat over a glass of wine. She's not much of a connoisseur (she once famously stated "well, after 2 glasses they all taste the same!") but she appreciates the ceremony and specialness of having a glass of wine with friend and family. I had a beautiful South Australian grenache rose in the fridge that I've been saving and, that afternoon, with her tears and fears and my hope and care - it was simply the right occasion to crack that bottle and share it. Worth It. Totally Worth It.
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    The only specific thing that happened to me that was truly surprising was that every time I eat bread (wheat) I get sleepy like narcolepsy. I cannot avoid it or deny it and must sleep (anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours). The first time it happened I was driving and had to pull over. Yesterday I ate a cookie I thought was made with dates, ghee, and almond flour, and then passed out. So, when I woke up, I called the bakery, and found out that it was made with a combination of almond and wheat. For me, that confirmed it. I don't know how much more 'testing' I need to do. Has anyone else had this happen?