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    I'm STARVING!!!

    Omg... those Snackwells...I thought they tasted like poison! Like: if I eat this, I will 100% get really, really sick. I feel the same way about diet sodas! My body is like: this is not food!!!
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    Lorna from Canada

    Silent Reflux

    Agreed. My 2 W30s and near compliance the rest of the time have taught me to see food differently. It's hard to explain but I just don't put very much emotional thought or energy into my meals. "What do I want to eat?" has been replaced with "what's in the fridge and what can I do with it?" Coming to a truce with food has probably been the biggest benefit I have taken from this program. Compliance and healthy eating is easier when you don't have cravings. I now define 'craving' as 'wanting to eat a specific food' no matter how strongly that 'want' presents itself. Enjoy your heartburn free life Pandora!!
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    Bacon Fat as Cooking Fat?

    I often will let my bacon play double-duty by using the fat to help saute vegetables being included in the dish, so I wouldn't see anything wrong with saving it to use later. Obviously it's not something I'd use for every meal (just as I wouldn't use regular bacon grease all the time), but if it's compliant bacon then I'd assume the fat would be fine to use for cooking during Whole30. A mod may jump in and counter that, of course... but I'm from the south, so I'm as interested as you on this one
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    Reintroduction Introduction

    The other thing about weight gain during reintro is that, depending how low carb you were during your round, you may have depleted your glycogen levels (which is stored as liquid in your muscles) and when you eat carbs your glycogen levels restore and it shows up as a weight gain. It's analagous to weighing when you're really dehydrated and then drinking water. It's not fat, and isn't true weight gain.
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    Day 30

    @Sambux89 I have struggled with obsessing over food since I was diagnosed with anorexia in high school. I've been fully healthy for years now (~8 yrs). The Whole30 has actually helped with obsessive thoughts/feelings and that is why I decided to become a coach. Here are some of my tips of things that have helped me: 1. Making meals less about the food and more about the people. I consciously have to change my focus from food to the conversation but by doing this, I find more enjoyment at these events. 2. Planning ahead of time. I find that the weeks that I meal prep and specifically have each meal planned out beforehand, I think less about food during that week. This also goes for going to dinner with friends or a holiday meal. I plan ahead so that in the moment, I have no anxiety about food. If it is a holiday meal, I bring a dish that I know everyone will love that I enjoy as well. 3. Talking back to the inner voice in your head. You really have to focus and practice this! Remind yourself that it is OK to indulge!! Sometimes its hard to hear anything else when the voice in your head sounds so loud. 4. Talk to someone about your feelings or if you don't feel comfortable talking to someone about it, journal your thoughts! Write down how you're feeling and reflect on them objectively! Sometimes it helps just to get your thoughts out onto paper. 5. Intuitively eat. This one can also take practice but there are a lot of great resources out there to help guide you through this. 5. Most importantly, know that you're not alone and that there are a lot of people who support you! Overall, the goal is to be healthy and feel your best! We are all different and your food freedom will look different than others. It's all about balance!
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    Change my Whole 30 Log Title?

    We actually can edit the title, you just need to use the edit button in the first post and it brings up the title @aliem999 - all done
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    Whole30, Take Two

    Kids being sick is the worst. My daughter was sick for about a month like a month ago. Cold turned bronchitis, turned ear infection! I was sick on top of it so I was just drained! Only a few more days to go through! Also, what a relief about your mother. My grandmother died of pancreatic cancer and unfortunately it is one of the types of cancer that is treatable if caught early, but is often only found in the late stages.
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    Pandora Black

    I'm STARVING!!!

    Those Snackwell cookies tasted like cardboard and tears. Echoing everyone else, DO eat the fat!
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    Pandora Black

    Pandora’s Whole 30 log

    Just went to Sprouts for some fill in items and omg they had a lot of Whole 30 items. I got some better half, coconut aminos, tessamaes dressings (ranch and balsamic), and a Primal Kitchen marinade. Also, as I was shopping my previously tight jeans kept falling down. And I’m wearing a bra that didn’t fit a few months ago and feels fine now.
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    Starting June 3rd...

    I've started my 2nd round today, also (after my first went quite well overall, back in January)... and this time, my mom's on board. My dad and husband will eat whatever I cook for dinner, but neither is likely to make any effort to be compliant throughout the day. My at-home kids are definitely not going to be compliant, either; they'll each eat bits and pieces of what I cook, sometimes, but never the whole meal, so at least we're already used to them having a different set of foods on their plates. The biggest point for us is just being at the table together at dinner, so that even if you were hungry enough to eat an hour before the rest of us sat down, you still sit and spend dinnertime with the family. I'm unlikely to post much about my own journey here this time, but will be logging it elsewhere and am sure to visit the forum occasionally to see what everyone else is up to.
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    Starting June 3rd...

    This is my 3rd Whole30. Had a hysterectomy about 9 weeks ago and totally used it as an excuse to eat anything I wanted and could not exercise. Got the okay for exercise and the motivation to get back to eating healthy so I can feel better both mentally and physically! Good luck to us all!
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    Starting June 3rd...

    I'm also starting today!! This will be my second Whole30, so it's nice knowing I CAN do it, but that doesn't really make that first week any easier since I've been an absolute sugar monster lately!
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    Starting June 3rd...

    Me too!! I also have three littles - who I will be cooking non-Whole30 for. My hubby is on board but we will need to work out some kinks!
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    Lorna from Canada

    I'm STARVING!!!

    I have 50 years of dieting experience behind me. I've lived throught the Great Snackwells Fat Free Cookie rush of 1991. My whole adulthood nutrition belief system was indoctrinated with "FAT is BAD". It's been really hard to cook with fat and plate fat since I started W30 but, I wanted a whole hearted effort so I did it. Ghee, olive oil, coconut milk, avocados, olives, crispy salmon skin, nuts... eating them. I haven't been hungry since week 2 of my first W30. Eat the fat.
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    Silent Reflux

    I'm amazed at what diet can fix - I'm on day 2 of round 2, after round 1 (Jan 15 onward) cured the chronic, ongoing vertigo and vestibular migraine that 2 neurologists, 1 optho-neurologist, 1 ear nose and throat surgeon, 2 GPs, 2 MRIs, a cat scan and 6 different types of medication couldn't fix. I was about to give up full time work. About 3 week/a month ago, I kind of went back to eating and drinking "normally" (Easter hit, then I was overseas) and the vertigo and migraine are back with a vengeance, maybe even worse. So it's back to a full round, proper reintro and what looks like might be a future of near compliance.