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    Pandora’s Whole 30 log

    I found a spaghetti squash!!! I'm so excited!!
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    Super stressed, about to quit

    Definitely try to get to a nearby store if you can to stock up on some essentials to get you through. That will really help! Even being able to eat a little before you go out to your meals can be helpful so you're not hangry and feeling deprived! It can definitely be challenging to Whole30 while you travel, but also very doable with some preparation and thinking ahead. I am known for carrying around compliant dressings in my purse for situations where there isn't something compliant! Protein, veggies, fat. You can do this!!
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    Soy and peanuts each did a number on me last time, beans were much less pronounced of an effect, and I don't recall peas being an issue at all... but I'm still planning to reintro each of them separately again, just to be on the safe side. I'm also going to split garbanzo beans apart from general beans (I don't do kidney beans at all anyway, but have used a fair bit of black, small red, navy, pinto, and Great Northern ones as times; for that bit, it'll probably be a black, white, and red chili). ^ I keep looking for more options on the little reaction thing, too! ^ Now here's me just wishing I lived close enough to beg some ham off of you... *chuckle*
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    Good Afternoon All, My name is Jorge and I will be starting Whole30 on June 10th. I used to be an extremely active Crossfiter and was in the best shape of my life. That was about 5 years ago. With life changes, moving, school, work... blah blah blah... excuses. My brother's wedding is coming up and I want to get this going. I am planning to post daily on Instagram (@jlp06f) for accountability. I really love cooking and I am excited to cook these healthy recipes. I will be stepping on the scale every day and trying to hit the gym 4-5x per week with a mix of cardio and weights. If anyone is looking to start together and keep each other motivated, feel free to reach out and we can do this together! Height: 5' 7 SW: 231 GW: 215
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    I've had vertigo off and on in the past - the benign paroxysmal positional variety, so bad sometimes that turning over in bed would make me nauseous. Have you tried the at home exercises? I'm sure you have, but on the very rare off-chance you haven't: https://www.webmd.com/brain/home-remedies-vertigo#1 If yours are neurologic this won't help, but if it's the above variety just may. It resolves mine every time (so far). Also, don't discount it may indeed be the legumes, or at least in part. After my whole30, reintroducing peanuts gave me migraine. Feel better!
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    JenX- Round 3.5 June 2019

    If you haven't seen it, maybe look at the timeline. Based on the timeline, it would be prime time for you to bloat up, though it could also be the coconut aminos as you mentioned. That seems pretty common as well. https://whole30.com/2013/08/revised-timeline/
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    Super stressed, about to quit

    Hallelujah There is a Sweetgreen next to the hotel! *I love the guacamole idea but... all the premade guacamole I’ve ever seen has jalapeño or other spicy ingredient which I’m allergic to.
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    Super stressed, about to quit

    Yes! Find a store. Get premade hard boiled eggs for lunch. Cut up veggie trays are also good options (just ditch the dressing). A lot of places have premade guac to dip those veggies in. I find that premade guac can even last a few hours out of the fridge (likely a very high lime content plus airtight packaging). I also feel like a lot of burger places can make you something compliant. I would be careful with the big chains, but I am sure there are others. Lettuce wrapped, add avocado. Some even have fancy toppings to add that can be complaint. One of my Whole30s I did almost exclusively traveling. I had a Whole Foods nearby and ate a lot from their hot/salad bar. Tons of things were complaint and everything had a sign with all of the ingredients listed so you don't even have to talk to someone if you do not want to!
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    Here's to Day 11! I got through the weekend successfully. The first weekend of my Whole30 is always the hardest. My Whole30 essentials start to dwindle by Friday and I have to get creative with meals before my weekly grocery run on Sunday. My sleep has gotten much better. I can fall asleep easily and sleep through most of the night. With the increased sleep, I have more energy in the morning. Not quite near Tiger Blood but getting there. This last week I was really dependent on coffee. I usually like to limit myself to one cup in the morning but had to reach for a second on some days. I'm back to one coffee a day and feeling much more energized. @JenX I'm right with you on the scale thing! I like to see that immediate payoff when I'm taking steps to lose weight but seem to ignore the scale when I'm not as diligent! haha! It's been a little difficult not weighing/measuring. Instead, I've been trying on some of my tightest pants to see if they're getting more comfortable. They're not loose by any means, but they are starting to get more comfortable. Here's to week 2! Congrats!
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    Whole30, Take Two

    Day 30: Last day of Whole30!!! I woke up this morning and could not for the life of me think of a single compliant thing that I wanted to eat for breakfast. Fortunately I'm working from home today, so there was no rush. I just sipped my coffee with unsweetened almond milk while my family ate bagels and cream cheese, got the the girls off to school, and by the time I got home had figured out something to eat. Breakfast is definitely my hardest meal, and will likely be my biggest challenge in staying complaint-ish going forward. Breakfast: Three hard-boiled eggs and a bowl of leftover curried pumpkin/coconut soup (so easy and delicious!) Lunch: I'm thinking I'll make tuna salad with lots of herbs and veggies and homemade mayo for my fat. Dinner: Will be leftover chicken breast (I marinated it in the Thai-inspired sauce that Jihanna suggested--yummy!), basil, spinach, radishes, carrots, avocado. Exercise: Walking has been my go-to, but I hurt my knee yesterday (nothing serious, I don't think, just stepped awkwardly and wrenched it and its a bit stiff/sore today) so may have to lay off today. Maybe I'll do pilates.
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    Where's the "love" button when you need it?
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    Super stressed, about to quit

    Hi @Oaklandish1! I actually did a quick search on the NYC topic (where you'd responded about your trip) earlier today... I didn't go into a ton of detail, and of course NYC is huge and I'm not sure what's near you and what's not (I've spent about 45 minutes in NYC total during my lifetime, and that was back in 1993!), but it's something to work from and hopefully it'll help. There does seem to be some pretty good options in the area, at least. Good luck!
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    SO, this is why I keep a food log of my Whole 30 and my reintro - I just went back and looked and after eating soy last time I actually DID end up with sore innards. It's something I get from time to time - it feels like my lower intestine is inflamed and it actually hurts when I move too fast or tense my lower stomach muscles. So today is definitely non-soy legume reintro and I might do another soy on its own after non-gluten grains. I did also note in that log that I had been drinking wine, and that was one of my issues with previous reintro - I basically started doing "reintro with wine" which completely buggered up my results. No alcohol until reintro is over, this time!
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    That's actually a really jerky thing to do. I can't quite understand why people feel the need to blatantly disrespect the way someone else is eating, especially if it's healthy and well founded. I find I'm very hard pressed to remain civil in situations like that. Well done you for not just cutting her down.
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    Super stressed, about to quit

    Steakhouses and seafood places are likely to be able to accommodate you pretty easily. If you know where you'll be going for a meal later, you could check online and see if they list allergens, or call ahead at a non-busy time to ask questions so you know exactly what to order once you get there. In general, look for meat or fish that's grilled, ask if they have an option that hasn't been marinated, if they can season with salt and pepper only (or ask about the seasonings they use), and if they'll either dry grill or cook with olive oil. Be sure to specify no butter. Vegetables may be limited, but most places will have salad and baked potatoes. You'd either need to do oil and vinegar or lemon juice on your salad, or get to a store and find a compliant dressing to carry with you. For a baked potato, you could ask for some olive oil to go on it so it wouldn't be dry, or again, if you can get to a store, pick up some ghee to carry with you. If you do get to a store, look for compliant jerky or Epic type meat bars, packs of almonds or other nuts, vegetables like baby carrots and snap peas that you could eat raw and that would hold up reasonably well for several hours at room temperature, packets of compliant almond butter, packets of olives. This way if you go out and there's not something you can eat, or if you are late getting to a meal, you can have some options with you to get you through.
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    Vegetables for Breakfast

    I'm with you. Veggies in the morning is tough. But here's where I landed. Soup! For some reason, a delicious, creamy soup doesn't seem so hard in the morning. So, I basically rotate these three with my scrambled eggs on the regular (listed in order of my favorites): Golden Cauliflower Soup: http://meljoulwan.com/2012/10/24/golden-cauliflower-soup/ Silky Gingered Zucchini Soup: https://meljoulwan.com/2012/11/05/silky-gingered-zucchini-soup/ Roasted Carrot Caraway Soup: https://meljoulwan.com/2017/10/07/roasted-carrot-caraway-soup/ Voila! Veggies for breakfast, in a format that hardly seems like veggies! :-)
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    I've found that it tends to be people who are insecure with their own food choices that need to sabotage others. They know they eat too much crap, and either (1) want to change but don't feel they can, or (2) don't want to change but know they should. And getting others to eat the same crap they want to eat justifies their bad choices. Good for you for handling the situation!
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    My name is Trish & I'm starting today too! I am 55 years old, moderately active (I play tennis) but am tired of hurting & just not feeling my best. I've been dabbling in Trim Healthy Mama for about a year, but wanted something to really give me a re-start. I'm looking forward to this journey.
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    Hi! My name is LaDonna and I’m starting today, the 10th, as well. This will be my first time doing Whole30. I’m 56 and have a few health issues, T2D, high blood pressure, and some autoimmune issues. I need to lose a lot of weight, but my main reason for doing this is to try to figure out what foods trigger my pain. I’m hoping weight loss will be a nice side effect. I’m 5’8” and weigh 241. I’d like to weigh 165-175. I’ve already lost 40 pounds doing something called Trim Healthy Mama. I’m a scale addict so I’m going to do as suggested and not weigh during the 30 days.
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    I will be also beginning June 10th, along with a friend. Good luck to you!
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    Starting Sunday June 9th

    I'm brand new and starting Monday, June 10th. Saturday will be shopping day and Sunday food prep day. Let's do this!
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    You might like Hint Water! I agree that you should probably get your body and taste buds used to drinking regular water so that you can form better habits for the future. Maybe you can make a challenge for yourself like drink "x" ounces of water this week and then increase it to "x" the next.
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    Carbs needed for energy

    @Lorna from Canada Wow, thank you so much for the thoughtful and thorough response! I'm definitely dedicated to giving this a go! I really want to do stuff like kale chips and other variations of vegetables because most backcountry meals have very, very few of those and I always crave them! I'd be curious to hear more about how you do the coleslaw vegetables! And I'm also going to try cauliflower rice! Your comment about the Ramen kids made me laugh. Haha. Though I don't think I have to worry about that! I don't do National Parks (we have dogs and my babies aren't welcome in NPs) and we generally seek out less crowded spots so the dogs can enjoy offleash freedom! I'm pretty sure no one will be smelling our meals, let along ogling them! LOL.
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    Eating out

    For me, eating out was possible when unavoidable, but not anything I'd do if I could avoid it. Sure, I can pick the menu down to its composite parts and have a meal, but what turns out to be a very plain meal costs me eating-out prices and the whole exercise was stressful, from thinking about what was on the menu, to asking all the questions, to hoping the answers were right, to eating my super boring meal around people eating all the nice food. I love to cook, and I can be really creative at home, so the idea of deliberately going out to order, and pay $$$ for plain steak, plain baked potato and a salad I need to bring my own dressing for was just depressing.