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    Whole30, Take Two

    And that's a wrap, folks. Thirty days of healthy living and mindful eating under my belt, I am off to bed, fully expecting flights of angels to sing me to my rest.
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    So, it looks like some new guidelines were published in February 2019 for pre- and post-workout meals. Here is a link to the article: https://whole30.com/2019/02/whole30-pre-workout-post-workout/. Based on my understanding, these are new guidelines that trump what is currently documented in the Meal Template (though apparently there are plans for the Meal Template to be updated). In my own words and based on my own understanding, this is how I interpret the article's guidelines: Pre-Workout: 2-3 hours before workout; combination of protein and high-fiber carbohydrate IntraWorkout (for continuous, moderate-to-high intensity workouts longer than 45 minutes): protein and fruit juice or fruit Post-Workout: within 60 minutes; lean protein, high-fiber carbohydrates, and lots of veggies So, my question is this. Has anyone tried a Whole30 under these new guidelines? How did it work for you? Any suggestions or recommendations? Tips or tricks? Foods that worked well? Also, if anyone can help me understand how the concept of being fat adapted works with these new guidelines, I would love to know. I LOVE It Starts with Food and rely very heavily on all the stuff that just plain made sense to me after reading it. But, now, being fat-adapted doesn't make sense at all. If not fueling pre-workout with fat, then, how does that all work? Anyway, I've referenced some of this information on other threads but thought it would be helpful to have a dedicated discussion about this topic. So, please, let's discuss!
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    Legumes (in moderation of course) are awesome! This is one area where I'm not convinced by the Whole30 science. I'm sure there are some people for whom legumes aren't healthy, but for most of us I think they're just fine. I made some tasty white beans and sausage for breakfast this morning and have been feeling fantastic all day!
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    Super stressed, about to quit

    Hotel restaurant made me an amazing New York strip (hold the frites) and some steamed broccoli last night. I did a happy dance after dinner.
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    I saw my Chiro yesterday. He got me adjusted (atlas and TMJ, but also popped my back and did spinal decompression), but suggested a massage and noted that I might still have some pain either way. I always expect discomfort to some degree post-adjustment, just by virtue of him moving things around in there... but I've never had it last more than 12ish hours, and today I'm still in pain nearly 24 hours later. It sucks He also suggested a massage, so I booked that (with his brother) before I left the office yesterday -- and am off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of massage this morning. I only did 30 minutes this time, so hopefully it'll be good enough. I hope your Chiro gets you sorted!!
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    Day 1 of FFF

    Finished W30, woohoo! I almost chucked it in around day 7 and again day 25 though, having small kids who love baking is a killer! So what did I eat for my very first off-W30 meal? Fried eggs, 3 cups of sautéed veg and half avocado The one huge thing I've learned over the past 30 days is that a template breakfast suits me amazingly well and keeps me going for a good 6h - a necessity since Mon-Sat my gap between breakfast and lunch is 6-7 hours. I wasn't even tempted to change this meal! Planning on having home-made broad bean hummus (with our own broad beans and garlic, yum) with lunch, and a spoonful of natural peanut butter (100% peanuts) with either lunch or dinner. Then 2 days' washout, then probably peas and beans or maybe lentils. I'm trying to re-intro a bit slower than the fast-roll, but need to have it done within 3 weeks as I'm flying out to my brother's wedding, so will hopefully have my sensitivities sorted by then. He's getting married in Vietnam, and the whole menu is completely compliant (except for perhaps condiments) so yay! I'm amazed that I did not dive face first into cake and biscuits today, long may that continue! Though the day's not over yet
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    Hi all, I started yesterday, June 10th. So, I’ve completed 2 days now! I’m doing this program to improve my health. I’m 72 years young! I have many problems with allergies, asthma and diastolic heart failure. I weigh 233 lbs. I have daily headaches that aren’t disabling, but are annoying! So I have many reasons for joining this way of life! I made clarified butter and the tangy Bbq sauce today. I enjoy cooking am enjoying learning new recipes and new ways of eating and cooking! With the help of my 18 yr old granddaughter, I cooked country ribs, potato salad and roasted asparagus for dinner! Thank God for the help of Mac! It all turned out great, even the bbq sauce! Cherries for dessert! I’m looking forward to the next 28 days and the beginning of a new lease on life!
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    Today is Day 1 for me. I did my first Whole30 in October to try and calm down some hives/dermatographia and to see if they were related to any foods. I’m doing a second round as a reset and to continue finding triggers to my hives.
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    Whole30, Take Two

    Woot!! Sleep well!
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    Whole30 Basic Mayo

    Any recipe I've seen has always suggested using homemade mayo within a week or so of making it, but the official Google answer for "How long does homemade mayo last in the fridge?" is 2 weeks. Hope that helps
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    Super stressed, about to quit

    I do order my "purse ranch" through Tessamae's or their packets of dressings through Amazon, so for this trip that might be too hard, but for the future:) Like you, I am also OK with just olive oil and salt most of the time, and I think that's what will also be important to remember on this trip.........let good enough be good enough:) Stay compliant, but don't stress over it too much. If you have an Rx bar and a meat stick for breakfast one day (which is not ideal we know) let that be OK for that day, and try to add more veggies when you are eating somewhere where you can! Just stay compliant, you got this. Is there a Chipotle near you? They have an awesome Whole30 bowl!!!
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    I'm STARVING!!!

    @FabFitB4_40 Haha, I get you. That article blew my mind a little bit when I first saw it! Because, well, It Starts with Food and the Meal Template are like my Whole30 holy books. And now they're wrong! *Gasp* Generally speaking, what I got from that article is this: Pre-Workout: 2-3 hours before workout; combination of protein and high-fiber carbohydrate IntraWorkout (for continuous, moderate-to-high intensity workouts longer than 45 minutes): protein and fruit juice or fruit Post-Workout: within 60 minutes; lean protein, high-fiber carbohydrates, and lots of veggies It basically sounds like fat is eliminated as part of pre-workout and replaced with carbs. And there's some good guidance on intra-workout, which is nice because I never understood that before. Otherwise, it seems pretty similar. Note, I also asked about the Meal Template after first seeing the article and I was informed that it would be updated. But, who knows how long that will take... For now though, I'm planning to go with what I wrote above. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm planning to start my third round of Whole30 soon and will give it a whirl when I do! Also, note that I started a new thread on this topic so we don't hijack this one: https://forum.whole30.com/topic/57089-new-pre-and-post-workout-guidelines-has-anyone-tried-it/. :-)
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    Super stressed, about to quit

    Tessemae's brand does some packets of dressing, but you'd probably have to order online, so that's more something to remember for future trips. Wholly Guacamole brand makes some options that are just avocado, or avocado and salt, which you might find in the produce section or possibly frozen in a grocery store. They have a store finder on their web page: https://www.eatwholly.com/products/chunky-avocado/wholly-chunky-avocado-minis/
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    Rice concentrate got me, help!!

    First, breathe. I'm assuming that you haven't bloated four sizes larger or blown up entirely, so that's a good sign. Second, being willing to start over is a good thing, regardless of whether or not your schedule would really make that a feasible thing to do. The fact is, you're aware of it now, you'll stop using it, and you're willing to accept that there may be some effect from it. So what to do? I'd move forward, continue the Whole30 as planned, counting the days without starting them over, and evaluate how I feel at the end and decide at that point whether or not I want to extra days to make sure I've gotten the best possible starting point for reintroduction. I'm big on the idea of "adding time" rather than "starting over" anyway, so I know beyond doubt that's exactly how I would approach the whole thing. In the mean time, maybe be a little extra watchful of how you're feeling (physically and otherwise) to see if there might've been some noticeable effect to your system that fades/ends over time to indicate that it could've had something to do with the rice concentrate.
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    Hi All, I started yesterday and I am already missing Dairy. Being an Indian, dairy is an integral part of our cuisine and I am a dairy lover. I am doing good otherwise since I cook most of my veggies in Ghee, its just the dairy! But hey, I got all of you for support, I know I will get through this hiccup easy! All the very best to fellow Whole30 beginners!
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    R1D1 down! Spent the day cooking. Felt a little hungry, but I was able to distract myself. How did everyone else do?
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    Vegetables for Breakfast

    LOVE the green eggs idea! And for me, leftovers for the win! Leftovers with an egg on it (or not!) always works for me since most of my leftover meals have veggies in them. And then of course, #throwaneggonit
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    Vegetables for Breakfast

    I'm with you. Veggies in the morning is tough. But here's where I landed. Soup! For some reason, a delicious, creamy soup doesn't seem so hard in the morning. So, I basically rotate these three with my scrambled eggs on the regular (listed in order of my favorites): Golden Cauliflower Soup: http://meljoulwan.com/2012/10/24/golden-cauliflower-soup/ Silky Gingered Zucchini Soup: https://meljoulwan.com/2012/11/05/silky-gingered-zucchini-soup/ Roasted Carrot Caraway Soup: https://meljoulwan.com/2017/10/07/roasted-carrot-caraway-soup/ Voila! Veggies for breakfast, in a format that hardly seems like veggies! :-)
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    Day Zero

    I've just read over your log here, and had so much fun imagining it spoken aloud in my mind's... ear?... with an accent. Ahem, anyway, sorry for that bit What I actually wanted to say is that I'll sometimes make latkes if I'm wanting pancakes, even when not doing Whole30. They're not flapjacks (or what I'd call pancakes), of course, and taste nothing like them... but they're veggie-packed and delicious, and there are definitely some compliant recipes out there for them. As long as the recipe has minimal flour/starch and all compliant ingredients, it should be fine. If you don't know what they are, they're basically vegetable patties that are fried up in a bit of oil, similar to cooking a hamburger patty on the stove. I'm actually scrolling through latke recipes this morning myself, hoping to find a new one for this week's meal plan.
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    Pandora Black

    I'm STARVING!!!

    Those Snackwell cookies tasted like cardboard and tears. Echoing everyone else, DO eat the fat!
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    What do you drink?

    I've said this on the forum a few times now, but he honestly just needs to suck it up (man to man here/tough love). I drank a minimum of 60 oz of soda per day. It went down something like this: 44oz soda from the corner store in the morning to get me to lunch. Water or a 20oz soda at lunch. One or two 12 oz sodas at home in the evening. I took to Spindrift my first Whole30 and also found a compliant Spearmint Hot Tea to give me a bit of caffeine help. I had horrible headaches for a few days but then the SpinDrift and Water alone were fine. By the end of my first Whole30 I could no longer stand the tasted of diet soda. Now when I absolutely feel like I want one I'll oblige myself with one regular sugar soda but otherwise it's water, sparkling water or SpinDrift. During my current Whole30 I have had tea once or twice a week and drink at least 80 oz of regular water and (2) 12oz Sparkling Waters of various types a day. Yes it sucks, but it will likely change his perspective on those drinks. This is still one of my biggest NSVs of Whole30 and it has lasted over 6 months!