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    Hey Everyone! Hope you guys are having a great Day 3! The last two days have been tough. I felt so exhausted and hungry that it left me extremely moody. I was able to break through with consistent workouts, meditation, lots of water, and tons of sleep. I feel much better today and looking forward to the next couple of days off of work to relax and get outdoors. @Gryhndlady Welcome and congrats on your first Whole30. This program has changed my life in so many ways and I'm excited for you! When I first started, I thought I knew what healthy foods were but couldn't lose any weight. After reading It Starts With Food, I was skeptical about the challenge but thought, "what the heck!" I had nothing to lose. I ended up extending the challenge to 60 days and lost nearly 20 lbs. The biggest win for me was learning to read labels, cook wholesome meals for me and my fiance, kicking the sugar dependence, and all of the energy I had. This is my fourth challenge over 5 years and every time I go through it, I always learn something new about myself. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions!
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    Pandora’s Whole 30 log

    Woooooohooooo! *dance party*
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    I did it!

    It wasn't even hard after the first 3 days! But the first three days I felt a little lightheaded and just out of it, I increased plated fat and the general quantity of food I was eating and that feeling went away. Day 3 was quite a lot of time in the bathroom. ha ha! But after that it was smooth sailing. I have been telling a lot of people about the plan because it has really helped me. I think so many of our health problems can be simply solved with nutrition. Things I noticed during my 30 days: My brain started to work more quickly and efficiently, it just felt very sharp and fast! My energy was more consistent and stable. I barely drink coffee now, I find I just don't even crave it like I did. My skin looks healthier (though I still need to figure out what is causing my break outs. hormonal? Just need more time on the plan?). And I lost 10 lbs. I want to lose a little bit more to feel more comfortable, so I am going to try Noom next. It seems pretty useful so far! Now that I have healthy eating under control, I think it is time to focus on exercise and caloric intake (I think I am eating too much salad dressing). Yay!
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    Whole 30 (July 2)

    Hey Emma! I read your recap of Day One and I just wanted to say congratulations on completing your first day! It sounds like you did exactly what you were supposed to do...you stuck to Whole30 the entire day! That's something to celebrate! Give yourself some grace when it comes to snacking. No one is perfect, and you took the time to reflect on it after the fact. You chose a Whole30 compliant choice over beer or wine, I call that a win! Change is always hard. But you're doing it! I could so relate when you said that you wanted to exercise and planned to go the night before but then didn't get up in time etc. That was me for so so long. I had the best of intentions, but I didn't plan for success. Can I share what finally worked for me? I definitely agree with prioritizing sleep, so I finally realized that if I wanted to get up an hour earlier to get to the gym...I had to go to sleep an hour earlier! (Obvious, I know...but it took me a long time to put that into practice!) I also realized that I was way more likely to follow through on my gym plans if everything was ready and laid out ahead of time. So I started filling my water bottle and sticking that as well as my pre-workout snack and prepped breakfast in the fridge the night before so it was ready to go. I laid out my workout clothes and shoes, had my outfit for work ready to go, coordinated with my husband so that he would stay with my son until I got back, and set my alarm. All of this simple prep work, combined with getting to bed earlier, made it so that I literally had no excuse NOT to go when my alarm went off in the morning. Most of us go out of our way to keep commitments we make to our partners, kids, friends, family etc...but we don't think twice about bailing on plans we've made with/for ourselves. The biggest thing my first Whole30 taught me was that I CAN keep a promise to myself. Whether it's successfully completing a Whole30, going to the gym when I said I would, keeping the plans I made with myself to take a bath or go to yoga or spend ten minutes meditating...it's so, so important that we keep the promises we make to ourselves. Doing so helped me build so much confidence in myself and my ability to finish what I start and take myself seriously! Anyhow....sorry for the long rant I hope some of it was helpful for you. I want you to know I am cheering you on from afar and I know you can do this! One day, one meal, one bite at a time! Don't break this Whole30 promise to yourself. You are worth it!
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    Hi Erinn! Thanks for the suggestions and support! I am reading Food Freedom right now. I am inspired by the idea of feeling that freedom. I am also scared of the work that I know I have to do to get there. But the unknown is always a bit scary and I know that I can do this! I like the perspective of the uncomfortable parts of the Whole30 being signs of success and not failure. I am also looking forward to the reintroduction phase. I feel like I know how food effects me physically but I've never truly done an elimination/reintroduction program before so I have no idea what I might discover. I am hopeful that this Whole30 will set me on the path that I have been trying to find for many years now.
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    Yes. That's not my situation, but I have seen logs for people that are premenopausal and that seems to really mess up the timeline. They still see results, but it's more up and down. Also, take a step back and think of NSVs. You mentioned suppressed cravings, so that's a really good thing!
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    Hello all. I just started on July 1st as well. It made sense. First of the month AND a Monday. This is my very first time starting the Whole30. Yesterday, I spent a lot of money on protein, veggies, and fruit. So I’m ready to feel better and live life better I am excited to start this journey toward my improved health. I need to do something. I am definitely looking forward to the support I’ll receive from you all. Thank you in advance.
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    Hi, @AdamzW30 -- there are some new guidelines about pre and post-workout foods that might be helpful for you: https://whole30.com/2019/02/whole30-pre-workout-post-workout/. If you felt like the previous guidelines were working for you, you could definitely keep following them, but since you mentioned your runs being sluggish before, you might try the new one guidelines and see if it's any better for you.
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    Hello Everyone! I will be joining everyone for the July Whole 30. I've done it once before. Loved everything about it. I have a sugar problem and need a reset. I'm a runner too. I remember having a sustained energy issue while on the whole30, but I upped my sweet potatoes/potatoes intake and that really helped! I'll stay connected Below is a link to the Whole 30 Calendar in case anyone wants to print it off to mark the days off! Cheers to everyone on this journey! Adam https://www.google.com/search?q=whole+30+calendar&rlz=1C5CHFA_enUS809US809&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjkh8SXqZPjAhWWWM0KHbIADNUQ_AUIECgB&biw=1280&bih=666#imgrc=hd6UekPRoS7yWM:
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    My name is Katie. This is my first time trying Whole 30. My doctor recommended it as I have major bloating and constipation issues. That may be TMI but gotta keep it real to keep me motivated. I am starting on July 1st and ready to change my life!!!
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    I would love to join you! I am around 150 pounds and hate it...also 5’1”. I did whole 30 once before and loved it. Then there was a death in my family and I went right to wine, sugar and carbs. I need to jump start healthy eating again!
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    Pandora Black

    Happily Ever After?

    I love that your weight loss goals are reasonable. So many people expect to lose tons of weight right away and expect to hit like 120 lbs. Personally I’m 308 lbs at last check (in the hospital). I’m hoping to lose 150 lbs total, to hit 150 at 5’4” which is still slightly overweight. But I’d accept and be happy with even 200 lbs. I’m not weighing myself at all, but my clothes already fit better. Legumes are also first on my list for reintroduction!
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    Eating a lot of fruit could be part of why you didn't experience withdrawal, at least on the sugar front -- starving sugar dragons go through withdrawal, but fruit feeds it. Not having a healthy balance with meals meeting the template can definitely affect your overall feelings of wellness (or unwellness), too, especially if that happened often because nutrition is cumulative (meaning it takes more than just a day or two to correct an issue even if you're taking drastic steps). If you're still not feeling it at the end of 30 days, I'd honestly suggest giving it a short bit longer and make sure that you follow the meal template fully. After that, if you feel like there's not been enough improvement and still think it could be food sensitivities at work, it might be worth having a discussion with your doctor and/or looking into low FODMAP as a next step. Just because a food is Whole30-compliant doesn't mean that it's a healthy food for every single body, since some may have sensitivities or even allergies to compliant foods. Just as an example, people who feel bloated often might have to reduce their cruciferous veggie intake (which can be hard if they've been substituting cauliflower rice into a bunch of woulda-been-rice dishes). In terms of seeing changes after reintroduction, though, that's where half the magic happens. The elimination phase allows your body to get on a solid ground to work from, and reintroduction is about determining if you're going to react to any of the food groups that were cut out for the past 30+ days. So I'd say that yes, many of us have seen definitely effects during (and even after) reintroduction. Good luck to you!