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    @ShannonM816 Oh, definitely won't Eat All The Things! I think I will take your advice and see how I feel on Day 30. If I can do another two weeks without much trouble, I'll go for it. Having completed the first two weeks, I feel like some of the hard stuff is over and it's just an endurance thing at this point. @kristilarson Don't worry, I've only been laughing at myself this whole time! Ive had the Craving Dreams too...the worst was last week after I foraged some wild raspberries and couldn't make my traditional summer pie with them!
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    Definitely keep going, don't use this as an excuse to eat all the things. You can always wait until day 30 and see what you want to do. Often, people find that when they hit day 30, the idea of just continuing for a while longer is not as overwhelming as it may be early on in the 30 days, when you're still getting into the swing of things and haven't necessarily started noticing all the benefits yet.
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    Jane Bruno


    Just found this forum on day 18. I started to support my daughter’s journey but I’m finding this to be very helpful to my mindset. I lost 60 lbs on Ideal Protein 5 years ago, and have Continued to go back every year since then because I continue to gain at least 20 lbs each year. The downside to that is a food fear. I’m so used to eating packaged foods that have no idea how to eat anymore. I am already finding a food freedom and I’m only half way through. Buying potatoes and it’s not a holiday? Unheard of for me! I am already considering making this a 60 day journey because in the beginning, I wasn’t doing it for “me”. And now I am, and loving it!
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    LadyWolf's Whole 30 Log

    Got up this morning feeling a little better but chatted with my husband about how crummy I felt last night. He looked at me and immediately said "Nuts. You had some nuts. Did you check your ingredients?" I told him no that my friend who'd brought them said they were compliant, and I'd completely forgotten about that handful I grabbed. We went and looked at the can of nuts and, right there on the label, it listed soybean oil. I should've known better; I should've checked before I grabbed that handful. My husband was playing golf when we had the snack, so he wasn't here being my lifeline (which he's taking very seriously), and I took someone else's info as my own. I screwed up. Was it a lot? Probably not, but it was obviously enough to make me feel like crap; so, I'm starting over. Back to Day 1 today. I'm really disappointed in myself, but I have to do this the right way to make sure I'm reaping the full benefits of Whole 30. Day-by-Day warned me about complacency with food choices, and I didn't listen. Lesson learned. Another thing I did learn is that my husband, my biggest lifeline, is 100% behind me. He felt bad that I have to start over, but he too said that we're not going to "half-a**" it. We're going to do this the right way. He told me a long time ago that the hardest thing he ever has to do is tell me "no", so for him to really get in my face with tough love, like he did this morning, is super hard. I get it, and he's really doing a great job! And now we move forward once again!
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    How’s everyone doing today? This group has been a great support for me. I check here everyday for the camaraderie. I’m amazed and thrilled to be on Day 15! I know I can finish this now. I was a little worried on days 4-10....
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    Kristilarson, I agree with you- it's been difficult to have to think about ingredients constantly. I thought I was fairly well versed in reading labels but I have never read labels so carefully ever. And sometimes I think, wait, can I have that? And I have to remember some of the details of what's ok vs. off limits. But otherwise for me, it has been going pretty well. I haven't even had fruit the past 2 nights which I was using as a slight crutch to wean off of desserts. It wasn't too hard either. NSV! The past few days have been very busy for me. My brother is visiting and we have been on the go and there were times that I completely forgot that I was eating in a different way. I will be glad to be home tomorrow to regroup and get my weeklong menu planned, get groceries and try to get my house in order. But I am grateful for the down time and staying cool by the pond during this heat wave.
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    Don't be too hard on yourself. It was just an oops! I've only done this in my dreams...once was pasta, the second time was cheese. I couldn't even enjoy the food in my dreams, though, because I knew it was off limits! It's so difficult to have to think about ingredients constantly! We have a work outing on an island this Monday, and I'm going to have to bring all my own food. No open bar for me either.
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    Saturday was definitely a food freedom Day, went to a Christmas in July party and ate all the delicious things. Lots of veg! Back on track tomorrow with food prep Sunday.
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    I would make my whole30 a whole42 so I didn’t feel as if I failed but still got the full benefits of no gluten or whatever is in pretzels for 30 days. But that is just me. There is something powerful with this program when done correctly including reintroduction, I am hoping! With reintroduction we are looking at 40 days at least. Hopefully the moderators will also chime in. @Laura Thank you for your support and I hope you are feeling better very soon!
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    Ohhhhhhhh, guyyyyyyys...I screwed up! I had an appointment to donate blood today--no problem. Brought an apple and cucumber to avoid the post-donation juice and cookies. Was all proud of myself for thinking ahead. Afterwards the volunteers offered a box of snacks that had raisins, pretzels, cheese crackers, Oreos, etc. Again, no problem. I was prepared--or so I thought. I selected the pretzels and ate them without even thinking about it!! I took the raisins, too...and even looked at the ingredients on BOTH packages! ("Neither had added sugar, so I thought hey these are great!") I even ate the apple I brought! It didn't hit me until I WAS HALFWAY BACK HOME that I had just eaten a packet of pretzels!!! You guys, I feel so silly!! LOL I'm weighing out whether or not to start over or just finish out the rest of the Whole30 as-is. I'm definitely not giving up, just a matter of whether tomorrow is Day 1 or Day 16! Thoughts, anyone? What would you do?
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    Happy Day 19, everyone! Hope everyone's hanging in there, we're nearly 2/3rd in! Well, not counting reintroduction, of course. Have a great weekend, all!
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    I made the mistake of not taking my daily omeprazole yesterday. I thought, 'Maybe my heartburn will magically be gone after 10 days without fried foods, alcohol, sugar, etc.' I mean, I know I have the hiatal hernia, but it's a small one, so I thought maybe dietary changes would help knock the heartburn down. NOPE! I thought I was going to throw up during my workout. I took a pill last night, and then my regular dose this morning. I'm almost feeling back to normal. Maybe I'll try it again at 30 days, but I'm expecting more of the same, so I'm not sure it's worth it. Day 12 is mostly over! This weekend could be a challenge for me...I'm participating in a read-a-thon so I know I'll be snacky! I'll be reading 24 out of 48 hours, with the rest of the time dedicated to sleep and meals and mini breaks. I know I need to make a meal plan for the weekend, but I haven't had time yet today.
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    Don't feel bad @KaraS. This is why we're here - to support each other through the good and the bad. I have not been feeling well the last two days. It's been a struggle to eat because I have no appetite. But I make sure that what I do end up eating it's on plan, even if it's not perfect. I hope we all get through these next few days and feel better by Monday!
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    Day 12 and my back pain this morning is so bad I can’t handle it. On my way to the Dr. I have been taking less medicine and I’m sure that’s why. I also think candida die off is making everything worse and I’m going to talk to Dr about that too. Yesterday I had 2 emergency bars which I feel bad about since I should stay away from dried fruit and have been, but there was a birthday celebration and I wasn’t prepared for it and it was the cake or the Rx bar. The best I could do was that. I just want to not hurt. At least I don’t want to eat off plan right now although I don’t feel like eating at all. I am just not in a good place right now and I honestly feel bad about posting something so negative. Maybe if I share the feelings then they won’t take me over and I can get past it. I believe this story will have a happy ending. Healthy eating habits- I have a long way to go...
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    Update: I'm going to make Lemon Garlic Chicken from the No Crumbs Left cookbook! Just found the recipe under the recipe tab and it looks amazing.
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    Whole 30 (July 2)

    I applause you for being straightforward with yourself and starting over! YOU CAN DO THIS!! I hope you have amazing camping trip and an easier time staying dedicated after this little bump. I honestly think you'll feel even better once you get to the new Day 30 now, since it'll pretty much be 44 days of clean! I really liked Jihanna's view of a Whole45.
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    Whole 30 (July 2)

    Oh no! That is such a bummer! I think starting over is probably the right thing to do! Those labels are so tricky. I hate it when you do your due diligence and ask what is in something and then you find out that is not the case (you with the muffins and me with a black iced coffee at starbucks, though I was able to just take one sip before I figured out they added sugar) I hope you can figure out what affected your mouth. Maybe just add those items individually to your reintroduction at the end? I am curious what you packed for camping. We may try to go on a trip this fall/winter and if I can make it "better" than I definitely want to do that. I know there are a bunch of pasts related to it, so I will search for those eventually....
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    This is my first time starting the Whole 30. It feels so good to enter Day 17. I honestly can’t believe that I feel sooooooo much better in this short time frame. I’ve been journaling daily and recording all of my NSVs! I can tell I’ve lost weight and/or inches too. I know I shouldn’t be looking forward to hopping on the scale on day 31, but I am. I guess I just want to validate my progress even though I shouldn’t care about that damn number. I know that I’m in shock that I feel so much better after only a couple of weeks of eating this way. Here’s to successfully finishing the program. I have not cheated one time and I don’t plan to either. This feels too good.
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    Food freedom... means I'm having a glass or 2 of sparkling wine tonight because we're celebrating But it also means I came home and ate my pre-planned chicken casserole and NOT the pizza we walked past on the way home., and tomorrow is back to normal. Because that's food freedom!
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    I have followed a previous student, who has found such personal success after starting and maintaining a Whole30 lifestyle transformation. After meeting with her this week, I immediately bought the Whole30 book, which arrived today, and I am reading, taking notes, finding resources (including this group), and wish to jump right in. This seems to be especially perfect timing, as I have just over 30 days on summer vacation before returning officially to school. Since July 4 is 15 minutes away, and I have read that it may take a few days to get prepared, a start date of July 8 seems perfect! So glad I found this site and this group!
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    You're absolutely on the right track! Reading your response made me think about how reintroduction provides an opportunity to pay close attention not just to how food affects us physically (bloating, tired, skin reactions, etc) but maybe even more importantly -- how it affects us mentally and emotionally (cravings, anxiety, feeling depressed, feeling out of control, guilt, shame, etc.) It is super hard to lean into that process in the moment and really be present and willing to be honest about that with ourselves, but I think it's so valuable!
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    Hrrrrm. I had a friend suggest that maybe the salt wasn't doing the trick because it wasn't iodized (was using sea salt only). I read up on it and it turns out, we humans need the iodine, and all of the processed foods I cut out contained loads of it. I bought some last night, cooked dinner with it, and bam! Problem solved. Also added some red potatoes with dinner last night and I feel much better today.