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  1. Beckha99

    Whole 30 (July 2)

    Ok, I have decided you are my new buddy. Congratulations (Yes, I realize I gave you no choice in the matter). Your timeline is very close to mine (I am one day behind), and I have been dealing with a lot of similar things. Although, I feel like you are MUCH stronger then I am at this point. I don't care if you had to restart a few times, YOU KEEP COMING BACK!!! It is so easy after messing up to just want to say "Screw it!", and then go nuts. But you accept the mistake, process it, learn, and KEEP GOING!!! I feel like that is pretty great. And we can do it this time!! (Even if I kept telling m
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  2. I am on my 3rd Whole30 in 3 years. I love to do it once a year as a cleanse. I’m on day 24 and feeling so good. The last few days I have been getting comments about my weight loss, which is a great motivator! The first week of the timeline rang pretty true for me, but the rest has felt so positive. I had to make it through a camping trip with coworkers where everyone was drinking cocktails and eating camp food and s’mores. That wasn’t so easy .....but the victory is so satisfying ! I can’t wait for Day 30 so I can get on the scale!!
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