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    You know how good you feel when you're eating a compliant diet? And how you can't actually imagine going back to how you used to eat? And how it seems so straightforward and easy and just right? I felt that way from January 3 through to June 30th and then the wheels came off. And here I am, 6 weeks later eating the old way and feeling so awful I can hardly keep my thoughts straight! So, before I go another 6 minutes, Hubs and I are back doing round 3. What happened - my mom was diagnosed with a brain tumour in May - had a week of radiosurgery then fell and fractured her hip. She had a hip replacement surgery the next day and has been recovering from this double whammy ever since. I am her main go to person so, Hubs and I took our RV to a campground near her home and installed me there for 5 weeks. It was really awful. Hubs and I spend a fair bit of time living apart as I spend my Canadian winters in Australia (I have severe, debilitating Seasonal Affective Disorder) but this separation was the worst! It was just a sad, lonely, hard time to be away. In the middle of this, my main client offered me a huge role in their company which I accepted. So, even though that is positive stress, it's still big stress... Long story short - those old habits crept back in WAY faster than I would have thought possible. Hubs and I took an unplanned but much, much needed break last week in France where the wheels on the W30 bus fell completely off (oh the cheese! the wine! the bread! the desserts!) and I sit here today feeling so physically unwell I hardly recognize myself. This is my catalogue of diet related complaints - I'm putting them here in a comprehensive form so I can reflect back when I need to in the future. Hoping that this list will have some influence over my deeply habituated brain! weight regain (rapid!) lousy sleep quality - waking up and not being able to get back to sleep hot flashes return - thermodynamics in general are completely off sore feet - tired, achey, inflammed stomach distress - heart burn, stomach pain, lousy bowels general malaise - lack of energy, muscle fatigue, joint stiffness anxiety - I actually feel more anxious now than I did helping my mother for that first, terrible month when she was so sick and I was eating a compliant diet always hungry! That's the worst - I eat a non-compliant meal and am hungry an hour later! headaches brain fog Okay - I think that's about it. I just generally feel like crap and realise I probably felt this way for years and years before my W30. So, I am home now. My mom is stable (hoping for a nice, long period of stability now but am prepared for the worst which is just realistic) and it's still summer here. We're heading into the best season of fresh, local produce ambundance so, I am looking forward to getting back on the W30 plan and feeling better soon.
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    LadyWolf's Whole 30 Log

    My husband and I had tossed around the idea, once upon a time, of maybe one day owning a bed and breakfast. I could totally see doing a completely Whole30-compliant menu for that, including the offering of "catered" lunch and dinner during the stay for an additional fee. It's one of those things that I figure someone would have to be happy to find out about, since Whole30-compliant means it would fit into paleo as well (just sub in sweet potatoes if the person avoids white ones). Anyway, had to share that
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    Dinner was "da bomb" for my family because I bought them burger buns and let them have some of my BBQ pulled pork in sandwiches. I also made them some baked beans. I will admit- I was more than a little jealous!!! And of course, my 4 year old son only picked at it and said the pork looked like "wood chips" and my almost-7-year-old daughter with her teeny tiny quarter-sized stomach ate a few bites and said she was full. At least my husband appreciated it. For me, I ate more sweet potato with ghee & more pork & whole30 BBQ sauce. So, I kind of ate sweet potato and pork all day, as well as a WHOLE bag of baby carrots, but oh well! That was the sort of day it was.
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    Yay for great sleep!!!! Good luck with getting your walk in! I don't really have a problem with the grocery store too much, because I know as soon as I am done with my Whole30, I am adding in dark chocolate with at least 85% cacao. I don't need anything else in my life- I'm a chocolate girl. I read on facebook about a girl that did an "almost" whole30 for 6 whole months except for very dark chocolate and she lost like 100 pounds. I think that could work for me- haha. I'm especially going to try not to add back in alcoholic beverages, because before my whole30 started, I realized drinking beer was causing me major inflammation and lupus issues. Sorry to hear all the meal planning and your whole30 foods being swiped from the fridge is causing you frustration. And eggs. I really don't understand why you feel like you need eggs everyday, but I remember back to my first whole30 and that is what I did and it really kept me on-track. However, if it isn't realistic for you to eat eggs each morning after your whole30, why do it now? Really, it's up to you, but what are your plans to replace eggs once your whole30 is over? Sorry, I can't be much help with suggestions. I don't make enough food to have leftovers for breakfast. After my last Whole30, I got in the habit of making sweet potato soup (puree) and add cooked chicken breast into the soup. The soup is made with coconut milk. It is DEEEELISH, So I guess I ate that for breakfast A LOT and is my best suggestion to replace eggs. Here is the recipe. It is slow cooker/makes a lot, so it lasts at least half of the week. https://paleomg.com/sweet-potato-basil-soup/ When I got sick of that I would switch over to this puree with added chicken instead. https://paleomg.com/ginger-carrot-soup/
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    Whole 30 (July 2)

    I'd honestly suggest trying things you're likely to eat... so if you don't typically eat soy in the form of edamame, tofu, tempeh, etc., then it's not necessary (in my book) to test them in that form for reintroduction. If soy's always just in something then reintro it that way. If the idea of testing it with a restaurant dinner is worrisome (considering the other stuff that might be mixed in as well), why not cook it up at home? Doing a quick stir fry of ground beef, cauli-rice, shaved carrots, and shaved zucchini, all fried up with some soy sauce and (if needed) water; or make some "poppers" (small meatballs) and a soy-based dipping sauce. Just some ideas I considered when it came time for me to test soy
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    Starting July 16!! Successes and woes!

    Day 20- So 10 days to go. I have been trying a little to let the day numbers blur together so I don't pay too much attention, but I always still know. So the last few days have been busy with school and sports, etc. Thursday night we had a back to school night at my daughter's high school. On the way there my husband and I got into another fight about left overs. The day before he took the whole30 spaghetti sauce I made, and put it over the kid's regular spaghetti noodles. Why on God's green earth would you do that??? At least put the sauce in separate container, so that it can be used on either the regular noodles, or the spaghetti squash. He didn't understand why I got so upset. I told him this is the third freaking week of this and I have repeatedly talked to him about it. So yes, I maybe didn't use a normal conversation voice, but a loud irritated yelling voice. I said I feel like no matter how many times I talk to him about it, he just doesn't listen to me. Ug! So frustrating. I honestly can't tell if I am just being ridiculous and harping on the same things. That is how many times we have had this discussion. Moving on...Friday was good. Walked early, ate a really quick breakfast (piece of compliant b'fast sausage, and an apple with almond butter), then went to visit a friend who has a 2 year old and 6 month old twins. After that it was straight to pick up my son from school. An hour later went to pick up my daughter from practice. I was waffling on dinner. I was going to do a chicken curry soup, but my husband said chili sounded better, so we did that. I was pretty tired so I went up to bed around 930p. I read for a little, and then was so tired, I just turned out the lights and went to bed. I got 8 freaking hours of sleep last night. I slept hard too. It was pretty amazing. Early morning today with coaching basketball games, and getting my daughter off to a birthday day/night with a friend. Now it is noon, I just finished what will be my b'fast/lunch. I have my crockpot going with carnitas for tonight. I feel pretty together today! I will say that I am having a hard time when I go to the grocery store. I look at things and think, I would love one of those. I can't call it a craving because I am not thinking about it before I see it. I don't like it. As I close in on the final 10 days, I want to be able to walk past bad for me stuff and not even pay attention to it. That is not happening. It makes me think I am going to royally screw up after it is over. I think we will end up taking a few days off when we visit friends, and then starting another whole 30. So it won't really be the whole 60 because there is a few days in between, but it should still be good. Plus, I need a few egg free days. Seriously. Ok off to Sprouts to get some of my compliant meats. I am hoping I convince myself to walk today. I always have a fear that if I take a day off, I will stop doing it all together. Have a great weekend everyone! Stay strong!
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    My W30 log - Starting on August 15th

    Time for some planning ahead and getting ready! I have decided to start on the 15th because I don't have to work on August (so I hopefully won't be feeling any side effects while back to work) and I'll be back home (so I feel more in control of what I buy/eat). GETTING TO KNOW W30 - Up until now So I'm reading The Whole30 book, and by now I realize I should have started with It starts with Food. Because I'm an stubborn person I'll finish it before I start the other one, but yeah, this is not what I was looking forward reading. Today I've told my husband about W30. He asked if I expected him and our 4yo to join me, but I said no - I'm gonna try to keep changes in the family routine to a minimum while still sharing the same meal most of the time. I think it's feasible. I've just gone thru my blog recipes to find those that are compliant and I'm afraid I've got only 18, but I believe many of the other ones are easy to fix - remove peas (I love peas!) or that spoonfull of flour to thiken the sauce and you are done. And my plans for the next few days... GETTING READY - August 13th Back home in the afternoon, unpacking and grocery shopping. I have an old little notebook at home which I think I'll use as a daily journal. I want to note down all the changes that I feel, good ol' pencil and paper feel like the better choice for a nightly self-evaluation. I will also keep this log because I feel it could be useful to plan ahead (as I'm doing now) or share some thoughts - and I may need somewhere to shout my desperation in the middle of the day (hopefully it helps me get distracted from craving!). DAY 0 - August 14th I'll start with W30-compliant breakfast already, because I love omelette and tea for breakfast. Probably toss in some carrots or a piece of fruit. We have some errands to run in the city, and we'll either eat out or at my in-laws. In any case I'll try to easy into the plan ordering a no-grain, no dairy-meal and pass on bread and choose fruit as dessert. I'll leave a potato salad ready in the fridge. DAY 1 - August 15th Let's rock the Whole30 For a few days I'll have the same plain breakfast: unsweetened tea, omelette and whatever raw veggies I have around (or potato salada leftovers if any). My cousin will be visiting, we'll have a simple lunch: roasted chicken, baked potatoes and pepper, and a simple salad. I can offer either fruit or plain yoghurt as dessert, although I'll have to stay away from the latter. For dinner I'll be eating a piece of skate which I have frozen already cooked, and the rest of the family may enjoy spaghetti - I think being the first day it won't be too hard. I'll also be making my pork loin confit, because it's good to have some already-cooked preserved meat in the fridge for those days the rest of the family has a different kind of meal. And it's time to meal plan the rest of the week!
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    Day 22 still weak.

    My initial reaction to this post and your other post about Day 15 was that you aren't eating very much at all. Of course it's hard to tell from the internet and without know your personal context, but your meals seem small. Are you have 1-2 palms of protein, 1-2 servings of fat, and a 1-3 cups of vegetables with every meal? It may feel like a lot, but it might be worth trying to eat at the upper end of the meal template for a while to see how that makes you feel. And definitely don't fear those starchy vegetables! Though I've heard the moderators recommend that you have one first-sized serving a day and eat it in the evening to avoid the sleepiness that can come with eating starchy vegetables. So maybe that could help too? Of course, if you're active, you may want more... I hope this helps and I hope your exhaustion improves!
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    New Member

    You may lose weight, you may not. It depends on what you weigh now, how different a way of eating this is for you, if you have illnesses or injuries that your body might prioritize healing over weight loss, hormonal stuff -- a whole bunch of stuff we cannot accurately predict for you. I would encourage you to think about things a little differently. Consider that if you work on getting healthy, your weight will get to a healthy point. It may not be a quick-fix, lose xx pounds in 30 days program, but it can, if you embrace it, help you find a healthy way to eat forever. And have a look at this article and see if maybe there are things other than weight that might help to motivate you: https://whole30.com/new-health-scale/
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    Starting July 16!! Successes and woes!

    Day 22- What the what?? I can't believe it is day 22. I am torn between so excited that I can see the finish line for this round, and freaking out about what I am going to do after day 30. Next Tuesday is supposed to be my last day. I am thinking I will just keep rolling through to Saturday, working on some reintro. Our anniversary is on Sunday, so we might have some wine. Then back at it again that Monday thru Friday. We are going out of town for Labor Day, and I am a realist. There is no way that weekend will be compliant. I don't need to be swimming in a vat of cheese while shoving oreos down by throat, but everything being complaint at my friend's house is not gonna happen either. I am ok with that. Then I will start again the next Tuesday. It is a good plan, but I am afraid I am going to just say screw the next round and lose it. HOWEVER, the thing that I think might help me is how I feel after not eating compliant for several days. Kind of like when you drink too much and the next day you say "I am never drinking again!". I think my body will shout louder than my brain on this one. Let's hope anyway. So let's talk about lunch. Saturday I had a pain in the butt game time. It was 10am. It was also picture day so we had to be there at 915a. That meant that after sleeping in a little, I knew I would have to eat b'fast after the game. I was ok with that. When we got home it was 1130/noon before I was able to eat. I had 2 eggs with sautéed veggies, salsa and 1/4 avocado, 1 sausage patty, and 2 little hash browns (all compliant). Does that sound like a ton of food to anyone else? I don't know sometimes. So since I ate around noon, I figured that would be brunch. I had a snack of apple with almond butter. Then I would just eat dinner (carnitas). It seemed like a solid plan, but at dinner I ended up being really hungry. So I feel like I ate more than usual. Same sort of situation happened on Sunday. Lateish breakfast around 11am. Apple almond butter snack, and then dinner. Dinner was Thai curry chicken noodle soup. I ended up having 2 bowls because again I was hungry. Then I looked at the nutrition info and it said a serving had 560 calories!!! I know I shouldn't look too much at calories if I am eating clean, but 560!!! Plus, I was still hungry and had about 2/3 cup of cashews!! I felt guilty about it the rest of the night, still do to be honest. Good news is I realized that I HAVE to eat lunch. I can't skip or it affects the rest of my food for the day. Bad news is I feel like I can't tell if I am eating too much. I think it is the start of the freaking out of the last week of the program. My breakfast is always similar 2 eggs, sautéed veggies, 1 sausage, hash browns or a small bowl of fruit, and 1/4 avocado. Lunch is a smaller amount of the previous night's dinner. And then dinner is usually a normal serving of whatever w30 recipe I make. I am seriously hoping that the being more hungry lately was because of the few days of missed lunch. Otherwise, why would I want to eat MORE now? I have still been walking my 3 miles a day. I took a break from swimming Friday-Sunday because I don't like to fight the increased numbers at the pool. My feet have been hurting A LOT!! Mostly the balls of my feet and the bottom of my heel. It has been several weeks since I started walking. I don't know why they are hurting so bad now. I have to keep walking though. It is a part of my OCD where I feel like if I stop doing something, I won't ever start again. Even if it is only a day. A lot like I feel about W30! My brain has some serious issues with some things. OK well hooray day 22. I need to go walk before my client's come get their dog, so I am off. I hope everyone has a great day!
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    LadyWolf's Whole 30 Log

    That is such a great idea, @Jihanna! Thank you for sharing! If y'all every open a B&B, we'd totally come for a visit!
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    Yo Schod! Had a little read through - catching up and getting ready for W30 v3 starting today. My mom's sudden illness and tremendous care needs (brain tumour, radio surgery, fall leading to a broken hip and hip replacement surgery!) have me off the charts for the past 4 weeks. Hubs and I took a week off to go to France where, if it's possible, we didn't eat/drink a single W30 approved food for 8 days (is it possible to eat W30 in France?? Serious question. The cheese - OMG the cheese!!) I also took on a new role (Training Director - Global) with my Aussie based company and am up to my eyeballs in stress so, my eating has been a return to pre-W30 - awful, awful, awful. I remember when you came back from Bali - I feel like that. So - here I am again - raring to go. Hope you can get to bed soon without vertigo - I feel that way about my foot pain. I know it's related to food but impossible to totally figure out. It's back now but there's been so much wine, cheese, bread and dessert over the past 4 weeks so, what to say? Alright - off I go then - just thought I'd pop by to say HI!
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    OK, got home, cooked dinner, made up with the hubster, and feeling a lot better. Added a serve of olives. I never realised how much a serve of fat goes towards keeping me sated. Evening snacks were my thing, even when losing weight, because I'd eat my low fat meal and still be hungry. Now a handful of olives with dinner and I'm all good. If I don't have them with dinner, I have them shortly after. OH!! And no vertigo today!! First day since round 1!!
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    Day ten

    Day 10 is when lots of people quit, there's something about this point in the 30 days. You haven't really started to feel the full benefits, the newness has worn off, you're probably getting tired of cooking and washing dishes, it's just a time when lots of people stop. There's no way to know whether it was dairy or gluten that caused your tummy trouble, other than to start over, do the 30 days, and then do careful reintroductions. You might Google Whole30 sheet pan dinners for ideas that are easy and can use a variety of meats and vegetables and seasonings. Or think about what you cooked before and see if you can make it whole30 compliant.
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    Didn't end up getting the cauli rice for my lunch, the soup was enough on it's own and I'm down enough to not be hungry. I just want to go home and go to bed. ETA: Won't, though. Will go home and make dinner.
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    I'm so with you here; it's happening to me too! And like you said, it's not even something I'm craving but once I see it, oh my gosh! It's been really overwhelming, and I've also been really worried about messing up post- Whole 30; so, I'm really going to try to be methodical in my reintro plan and am hoping that'll keep me from doing something (or eating something) I'm not ready for. Hang in there! You got this!!
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    LadyWolf's Whole 30 Log

    R1D22 (33) What a nice Sunday! Got a little lazy and slept in past 8:00, so my morning schedule was completely off. Didn't care. I had a lot planned for the day, and I was committed to having fun with it; so, I felt like a little extra time in my comfy bed was warranted. Plus I got some kitty snuggles! Food prep day! I started prepping my mis-en-place while cooking breakfast and enjoying the heck out of the pot of coffee I made. My kids always make sure I have a steady supply of Tim Hortons on hand. I read through the recipes twice to make sure I had everything timed to the day's schedule, and I started by cleaning and organizing my counters. Oh my gosh - it's felt so good to have my kitchen workspace back in order. I've let the family just accumulate their stuff all over it, and it just got out of control. Not anymore! Since breakfast was late, I decided to skip lunch, but that's okay. I wasn't hungry anyway, and I had calories in the coffee from the coconut milk. It worked out. While I was prepping everything for the Vietnamese beef stew, I had to get the beef in the marinade, and that called for me to bruise, peel and finely chop some lemongrass. If you have never smelled fresh lemongrass off the stalk, all I can say is it's aromatherapy in the kitchen. It's so fragrant and has such a clean smell; I just love it! (It also makes a wonderful tea that has antibacterial properties). After the beef had finished marinating and I started browning it in batches, my husband came downstairs from the bathroom reno and said the 'smell was calling him'! Lol! The house has smelled so good all day! So, stew is done, chorizo filling for my omelettes is ready, strawberries are sliced and salads are packed. I didn't get the sriracha made, but I can do that tomorrow after work. Mission accomplished! The hubs and I are going to watch some Lost in Space on Netflix, and then it's off to bed. Next week is already shaping up to be a crazy work week and I have 8 days to get my reintro plan in place! Breakfast - chorizo and veggie omelette; coffee with Nut Pods, coconut milk and cinnamon; strawberries Lunch - skipped Dinner - grilled steak; baked potato with ghee; steamed brussel sprouts
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    LadyWolf's Whole 30 Log

    I'm right there with you - I read and drank some chamomile. I also moved my diffuser in to the bedroom and ran some lavender through it. Worked like a charm!
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    Thanks for being honest on here! It really helps to know we are all different people and no one is perfect, and we can all make adult decisions about what works and what doesn’t for us. I remember a few years back I tried another whole30 and used this forum...the feedback I got made me give up because the moderators were chiming in that I wasn’t doing things right and it was too much stress and pressure and not enough support. I’m so happy they changed the forums. What I know about being on here...it is hard to be 100% honest in my posts because I’m still scared of being judged even without the moderators. However, as long as I am on here and posting most days, I am living a healthier lifestyle, regardless of a few slip ups or rule breaking here and there. I have found that avoiding sugar 100% of time and recreating things or eating paleo foods that are restricted on the whole30 (SWYPO) are the hardest struggles for me on this whole30. That aside, the amount of healthy fats, proteins, veggies, and fruit I am eating now during my whole30 is a total life changing success and I know it’s going to help me long term. The weekends are more unstructured for me too...totally relate. We’re still in this together, though, and you are doing great!!!!
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    Whole 30 (July 2)

    Aww, that sucks about your ear! Unfortunately, there is always one thing or another that crops up from time to time. Hope it isn't serious! Sometimes when I wake up my ear hurts and I just figure it has something to do with my bad jaw alignment while I am sleeping or something, and it goes away after a little while. I've been meaning to ask the doctor about that. I've already asked the dentist about my jaw, but they didn't really offer any good suggestions. They couldn't even tell anything was wrong with it when they checked it one time, it wasn't clicking or anything that day. Good idea to take break from the coconut since that seemed like the culprit of some issues. I'm doing the same thing for walnuts & almonds. Have fun with your family game night!
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    Day 27 Breakfast- Banana Lunch- Pork & whole30 BBQ sauce, baby carrots, sweet potato and ghee Dinner- Thinking about having a pork salad with some sort of dressing that I still have to figure out. Mayo mixed with BBQ? Who knows. Going to think on it.
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    Newbie Starting Aug 5!

    So I am just going to do it. I am going to start tomorrow. I have been trying to get through the program forever and keep doing excuses to not start or to stop 1 to 2 weeks through. I have competed 1 30 day and 1 28 day. So I know how to do this. I have had things prepped for months now. No more excuses. My niece is moving in with her dog this coming week and with my asthma and allergies I am going to be miserable and I KNOW this helps and is the best decision. I just need to do it and the hard line is NO CHEATS!! I have some supplements and meds that have things in it but they are meds so I am not going to use that as an excuse. I only have to get rid of a few things and my kitchen is set. I will be using the coconut secret aminos and teriyaki sauce because I test fine on it. There will be no night shades veggies, onions, garlic and the only citrus will be for my guacamole. So this is Day 0. My goals are to do my stat sheet with what I am taking supplements wise, the food & sleep log and I am combining that with the day by day log daily. This way I can see what I am doing when I feel shitty or great. I know the 1st week will not be relevant because of the transition phase. I will post the day by day and food here.
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    Oh, Schrod, how on earth do you accidentally cater for 45 instead of 6? This sounds like a story that I really need to hear, if only because it sounds like something I'd manage to do...
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    Timing and duration

    Personally, I see such marked results (positive changes) in my system when I'm compliant, so I'd opt to be compliant when I can control it and then stick close but not sweat it when I can't... that's what would make me feel my best, and even a 2 week reset right before the first trip might be beneficial. I guess I'm just more of a "let's do what we can now and move forward however we have to" kind of girl on this. Doing 14-18 days on and a few days off, then 21 days on and a few days off... sure, that's not a "real" Whole30 because there are breaks, but it DOES constitute real resets. I'm assuming (since you've done a couple of full rounds) that you've completed a full reintroduction, so know which foods are likely to cause you the most distress during your "can't control it" periods, and that's really where the duration of Whole30 is needed -- to give a very controlled gut environment in preparation for testing/experimentation (reintroduction). Since you've done that already, my guess is that you're looking more for the return to how you felt while on a compliant round, and that's where the often-shorter resets are helpful. None of that means you can't do a longer period of compliance later, either. I just wouldn't want to delay my own start just because the timing wasn't perfect for the typical timeline, because I know I'm going to feel better after a week of compliant eating... and I know what to avoid during non-compliance so I don't completely undo the good when I don't have full control.
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    Candida Questions

    Candida is tricky, and while Whole30 cuts out a number of foods that can contribute toward its growth, there are also a number of compliant foods that really should be avoided while Candida is an issue. Dried fruit and fruit juices are high in sugar and feed Candida, regardless of any positive effects they might also have. While Candida's an issue, it's suggested that you remove these from your diet (which means skipping emergency snacks like Larabars). Instead, enjoy fresh fruit (but try to limit that to about a cup per day). Starchy veggies (like sweet potatoes, acorn squash, even spaghetti squash) get broken down into sugars that feed Candida, also. Although W30 does suggest a fist-sized serving of starchy vegetable every day, I'd personally try to limit it to that or maybe half that while you're battling this. It might not be possible to reduce it much or any (I know I'm an absolute bear and don't sleep well if I reduce mine), but it's worth checking to see if that's an option for you. Mushrooms (and other fungi) can actually be confused with Candida by the body and immune system, which can cause you to have a reaction (inflammation) to mushrooms that interferes with treatment. Fermented foods are another thing that are suggested (by Dr. Amy Myers) for avoidance during a Candida battle. The reason is that Candida can feed off the fermented foods. Dr. Myers suggests getting the yeast population under control first, and then using fermented foods to help restore good bacteria in the gut. There are some foods that are helpful in fighting Candida overgrowth, also. These include coconut oil, garlic, apple cider vinegar, cruciferous veggies, ginger, olive oil, cloves, cinnamon, wild salmon, and lemon juice. Luckily, ALL of those can be used during W30! Here's the Dr. Myers page I used as reference, though the suggestions she gives are echoed on numerous pages where I've looked for info and suggestions regarding Candida -- https://www.amymyersmd.com/2016/07/9-foods-to-avoid-if-you-have-candida/